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ReShade for MacBook Pro SUCCESS!

I figured out how to get the ReShade files to work for Macs. The Bin file does not exist on a Mac, but the necessary files are available.

Go to the Drive where your Sims 4 app is located > Using two fingers on the track pad click on the app one time > This opens the menu popup > Select 'Show Package Contents > Select Contents > Select MacOS > Place your ReShade presets. The activation process of doing through F2 on a PC does not seem necessary here. When I start my MBP it's immediately got the look of the preset.


  • AmberEclipseAmberEclipse Posts: 1 New Member
    This didn't work for me... Any advice?
  • LexLennonLexLennon Posts: 134 Member
    Not sure. Did you get an error or something? My friend put it together for me. She did open the game on her MacBook using Parallels o build the files, then she gave me the files and my game looked different; more vibrant like when she'd opened it in Parallels.
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