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Improving current packs ideas (free updates)

Mak27Mak27 Posts: 264 Member
edited April 13 in The Sims 4 Ideas Corner
Get to Work:

New career rewards: lie finder (detective), surgical training station (doctor) and biotech station (scientist)

Get Together:

Attraction system

Wood chopping system (using the same shed for store)

Cats & Dogs

Playable pets

Dog houses


Composting bin

Functional radiators

City Living

Break dance mat (from TS2 - Apartment Life)

Saxophone as new instrument and skill

Get Famous:

Pool tables (x3)

Swimming pool cleaning system: leaf skimmer, chlorine dispenser and underwater filter

Island living

Scuba diving lots instead a rabbit hole, a new lot type and release all the debug decorations and sorting those in build as plants/marine.

Discover university

Drums and bass as new musical instruments and skills

One gambling item: possibly roulette (with drinks)

Eco Lifestyle

Water heating, in three versions: propane (bad footprint) electric and solar (good footprint).

Also propane tank system for stoves, heater and ovens.

Snowy Escape:

Karate skill

Wooden dummy and break board

Outdoor retreat:

Log rolling and axe throwing from The Sims 2 Bon Voyage


Telescopes (x3)

Dine out

Juice squeezer

Deep fryer


Zodiac system

Spa Day

Zen Garden

Jungle Adventure

Pottery skill: pottery table


Train model table
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  • ChazzzyChazzzy Posts: 6,641 Member
    Some of your suggestions I don’t think fit the theme of the pack you list.

    Regarding functional radiators, did they ever add heating to the radiator that came in the Vampires pack? I just remember them saying it was an oversight when Seasons came out but idk if they actually went back and fixed it.
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  • Mak27Mak27 Posts: 264 Member
    Chazzzy wrote: »
    Some of your suggestions I don’t think fit the theme of the pack you list.

    Regarding functional radiators, did they ever add heating to the radiator that came in the Vampires pack? I just remember them saying it was an oversight when Seasons came out but idk if they actually went back and fixed it.

    How don't fit? Many items and gameplay systems comes from TS2 and TS3.

    Get to Work new items are based in TS2 reward items for the same careers.

    Get Together attraction is based in the same system from TS2 Nightlife and wood chopping to have some sense with the decorative woodshed inside the pack.

    Cats & Dogs playable pets are a must and dog houses are abscent in both pets related packs

    Seasons composting is also a item based in TS2 Seasons EP, and the functional radiator will be a upgrade for the decorative radiators (from Vampires or a new one)

    Get Famous pool tables can be the perfect way to have billiard items, because pool tables are expensive AF and celebrities should have a dedicated pool room in their mansions. Swimming pool cleaning system should fit with Seasons, but i think celebrities haves their pool cleaning employee for their huge swimming pools.

    City Living break dance mat is also a reference for TS2 Apartment Life, and the saxophone to fit with the other musical instruments street artists.

    Discover University drink roullette can introduce gambling and a variation from the table tennis drinking item. And drum and bass can fit perfectly with university bands.

    Eco Lifestyle water heaters can fit with the eco footprint system, with propane tanks as cheap way to have hot water between propane and electric and solar.

    Island Living scuba diving fit perfectly with TS3 diving lots. Not a rabbit hole anymore.

    Snowy Escape karate and related items fits with the japanese culture.

    Outdoor Retreat new activities are also based in TS2 Bon Voyage.

    StrangerVille telescopes can add also new legacy items and fit with the storyline of the GP.

    Dine Out deep fryer can make the return of TS3 Store item, and the juice squeezer from TS2 Seasons can add both new drinks and dishes.

    Vampires zodiac system should enhance the attraction and traits for both vampires and sims.

    Spa Day zen garden it's another feature from TS2 Bon Voyage, that also haves meditation and yoga.

    Jungle Adventure pottery is related with central american pottery works, like the ones in the GP.

    Parenthood train model comes from TS2 Freetime, as a activitie for both parents and childrens.
  • Atreya33Atreya33 Posts: 2,014 Member
    I would love for them to improve current packs. What I would like to see improved

    Realm of magic :
    - interaction with familiars like pet them and feed them
    - children can use wands, even if it is just for practice
    - magical leyline lot trait, similar to the one we got for vampires

    Island living :
    - allow two sims on boats, one of them being a toddler or child
    - add an underwater lot. This can be a secret lot like the mountain top in snowy escape

    University :
    - add bicycles for children

    Get to work :
    - add the option to run a store from your home lot
    - allow sims to live on sixam

    - give an alternative ending, depending on the choices our sims make
    - give special options to plantsims and aliens.

    These are just a few that pop into my head but there are definitely more packs with room for improvement. But I would rather have them improve those features already in the pack and not so much adding completely different features. As much as I would love additional skills, I fear they will be added in new packs rather than being patched into packs ea already sold.
    Some of the suggestions in the original post are more suited as base game update like an attraction system or zodiac signs.

    But I'd like many of the suggestions made.
  • ChazzzyChazzzy Posts: 6,641 Member
    edited April 10
    The theme for Get Together is basically clubs and partying. Woodcutting doesn’t make sense. That would fit more under Outdoor Retreat in my opinion.

    The theme for Snowy Escape is basically living in a snowy, mountainous Japan doing outdoor wintery activities. Karate doesn’t make sense.

    The theme for Discover University is basically YA Sims going to college and having fun. A gambling/roulette table doesn’t make sense. It’s not Vegas nor are they criminals.

    Vampires and zodiac/astrology going together doesn’t make sense.

    Pottery and Jungle Adventure doesn’t make sense. The theme is about going into the rainforest essentially and digging for treasure. What does that have to do with Sims creating pottery in their backyards?

    Pool tables for Get Famous is a stretch, but I’ll sort of allow it. Insert any item that’s expensive I guess.

    Is propane good for the environment? I would think just using the fireplace or a little heater would be a more Eco friendly option than a potential explosive propane tank.

    The rest are ok.
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  • bixtersbixters Posts: 1,752 Member
    I would also add these to your list:

    City Living: Being able to build your own apartment buildings

    Island Living
    : Managing and staying at hotels and resorts

    Get Famous: Modelling career, singing career. More lots in Del Sol Valley

    Get to Work
    : Being able to place hospitals and police stations in the world. Letting sims visit hospitals and police stations.

    Eco Lifestyle: Trash in other worlds
  • thatpinkcoconutthatpinkcoconut Posts: 157 Member
    Chazzzy wrote: »
    Some of your suggestions I don’t think fit the theme of the pack you list.

    I second the motion.

    Also, I don't think they should be adding more to the packs. Rather, they should do extensive fixing and cross-compatibility adjustments across all packs and the base game.
  • EA_LeelooEA_Leeloo Posts: 1,948 EA Community Manager
    Hey there! FYI: I moved this thread to the Ideas Corner section. :)
  • StrawberryYogurtStrawberryYogurt Posts: 2,156 Member
    Id like different color roller skates! I have turquoise ones irl and i wish my sim could have the same.
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  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 3,587 Member
    Get to Work: CAS Aliens with a copy to Human Guise like in Vampires. Scientist Career merge with the Strangerville Scientists.

    Get Together: CAS Medieval Royal/Peasants Outfits/Accessories. A Shakespeare Global Livable/Playable Theatre. Knight Joshings.

    City Living: World remade like Bridgeport. City Festivals scheduled at different times than Outdoor Ruin Parties, Island Festival & Snowy Festivals.

    Get Famous: Has Bands, Singers & Acrobats.

    Island Living: Hotel Venue with Hotel Lot Traits. A Hidden Livable/Playable Mermaid World.

    Snowy Escape: More Asian Cultures like Kung Fo, Playable Dancing Fans.

    Vampires: They can make all foods with Plasma. An added World more like Moonlight Falls.

    Realm of Magic: The Alcemy Big Book back from Sims 3 into Sims 4.

    Parenthood: Great-Grandparents, Great-Aunts/Uncles, Second Cousins, Half-Siblings, Step-Families, In-Laws & actual Adopted Families.

    Outdoor Retreat: Granite Falls to become a Residence World/Lots.

    Jungle Adventure: Selvadorada to become a Residence World/Lots.

    Journey To Batuu: Batuu to become a Livable Residence Planet with actual Alien Lifestates living on it. Jedi/Seth Powers.

    Strangerville: A Toggle/Menu Options to turn off the Strangeness in Strangerville. The ability to actually delete the Motherplant in the Secret Lab.
    The Secret Lab can turn into the Scientist Career Lot.

  • ChadSims2ChadSims2 Posts: 4,169 Member
    Get to Work
    - Working cash register
    - Changing room
    - Clothing rack and displays with folded pants and so on

    Dine Out
    - Hire household to fill jobs like chef and waiters

    City Living
    - Build your own apartments any world

    Island Living
    - Resorts
    - Open water all worlds

    Military obstacle course like the Sims 2 object

    Eco Lifestyle
    Not a mini game all worlds have its game play

    Cats and Dogs
    - Strays in all worlds enough of features being locked to only the world they're in
    - Dog houses
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