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Oh My Goodness!

I don't use mods, and I have been playing TS4 lately so this stuff has to be in updates. Before, I would always play a while and get bored and go play either TS2 or TS3. But oh my goodness I'm enjoying it! I'm noticing multi-tasking and having needs filled to the point that I can actually play the other parts of the game now.

I understand that when The Sims came out it was a breakthrough game and it was all about getting it right and lets face it, basic needs are the essence of the Sim, it only made since to make filling needs the core of the game while they worked on developing more.

So, I queued my Sim to have a conversation with another sim but noticed she was hungry after she was moving, so I added food. Well, she goes and starts the conversation (he was in the kitchen already) then, while keeping the conversation going she picked up a plate and started eating while still talking about interest with the other sim. It used to be that she would have the conversation while almost reaching starvation, or have to choose food over conversation. There were several other things before this but this one made me stop and actually come here to share it. Now a few more thoughts and I will go back to the game lol.

Now it is good to see that EA can back off the consumption of a Sim's day being used for basic needs and let us do more in a day with a Sim and multitasking is really paying off to accomplish just that. They have created a lot of content to get into and my main drag with the game is, just when I was really getting into exploring the game and getting my sims developed a new edition of the Sim Game would come out.

Now if they would only come out with an easy way to save the game and its progression. TS1 was easy to backup, TS2 I lost everything and TS3 is bulky and has a lot of content, CC wise. I have no clue how to back up TS4 but I did figured out to put my Sim families and houses I built in my library.

I do want a Generations themed expansion pack, I'm really missing it when communicating with other sims in the game, it would be nice if family connection was listed somewhere on the panel, not buried, also while I'm talking about stuff there is way too much empty space in the needs menu and it is always getting in the way of watching the game, but I need the info.

So, that said, thank you EA for working on this game, I'm seeing your effort.


  • thatpinkcoconutthatpinkcoconut Posts: 157 Member
    I'm glad that more and more people have been enjoying the game than before. I mean, that should be the case since TS4 is already in its 7th year! They have been doing plenty under-the-hood changes, and this could be a good sign of hope!
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