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So pets can't go in motorboats/boats?

I just made myself a second house on an island, a little home away from home.

I purchased a boat, but they all took the taxi boat to the island (including the dog) and I thought hmm well it's weird, but maybe cause the boats were moored elsewhere.

I go to the island and realize my pet cant board the boats??? ❤️❤️❤️❤️? I could have sworn they'd board the boats or I atleast seriously assumed they could. Is it just glitching for me or can cats and dogs not board boats? I am NOT talking about house boats, but motor boats and sailboats.


  • SPARKY1922SPARKY1922 Posts: 5,759 Member

    I just loaded my game to see if I could play around with this and so far the only way i can get my sim to go anywhere with pets including over water is with using the the go here command and choosing the destination first so for example i sent my sim who owns a speedboat and a motor vehicle to the small island from the mainland in IP. The sims and the pets all got into the motor vehicle and headed of towards the water where they all got out of the motor vehicle and got into a water taxi (one each-) to the beach on the island at the other side. The sim did not use her own speedboat in this example at all. I have tried a few more times and it's always the same way the sims never uses her own speedboat. I have sent animals on their own to the island and they will run to the water side by themselves and get a water taxi to wherever they are going. I hope another player might come along with a solution as I would like to know of one now lol
  • shakeninsaneshakeninsane Posts: 518 Member
    Yeah! This is what happened to me too. Kinda odd, tbh - that they didn't let pets (dogs and cats atleast) sit in the motorboats/sailboats etc? I get that they cant get in and out of the water by swimming (another weird thing but ok, fair enough) - but they could just teleport. Especially since they apparently can use the watertaxi? Make it make sense, lol.

    I figured a work around was to make a tiny houseboat as a "main vessel" between mainland and and island. And use the motorboats etc for "fun" around the ocean.

    In the houseboat, you can have your pets join you.

    The next issue I ran into was that the houseboat moor needs SO much space that I couldn't figure out a way to get a port placed on that teeny island. And apparently you couldn't have a houseboat port on a residential lot, so I tried making a port next to the island home, and even though I somehow managed to get the port to fit, they wouldn't go to the port.

    Also, for some reason, when I put a port up on the island...people showed up on that lot, like, wanting to just hang around there. I dont get why a port isnt also sort of "no visitors allowed" since it's a private port. God this expansion is really finicky.

    I tried just parking the houseboat near the lot of the island home, which resulted in a taxiboat coming to pick up the dog so it could get to the island......a few feet away. (instead of just magically teleporting of course). While the other used motorboats.

    It's just so frustrating. The only way to transport pets across the ocean is apparently by a taxiboat or a houseboat. And the houseboat is SO finicky to get moored, while the taxiboat is so useless, considering the fact that you could do that stuff yourself.
  • SPARKY1922SPARKY1922 Posts: 5,759 Member

    The mini houseboat going back and forth is a good idea. I have made ports before ages ago and if you google it you should come up with a tutorial that should help. I once downloaded a house that had the houseboat attached but I have no idea how the creator did that. I even had a little search to see if there was a mod that allowed pets on speedboats but could not find anything so maybe it's too hard to configure something like that. At this point i suggest teleport lol it will be a lot less frustrating although they are not technically together as a group doing it that way either when they all get where they are going..On the bright side it is one of my most favorite worlds :)
  • shakeninsaneshakeninsane Posts: 518 Member
    lol yeah I ended up going for the teleport. I mean, I use the houseboat because it's a bit nice atleast to get them out and having an adventure, lol. But teleporting from the houseboat to the non-ported lot was the easiest, haha. Bless the teleport!!

    But the more I play with IP-stuff (boats mainly, and resorts) the more I realize how unpolished, wonky and rushed it is. The boating experience (sailboats/motorboats etc) is rushed and lacking when there's 1+ sim, and it's weird that you can't tether boats to an anchored houseboat in the ocean etc. (or maybe you could, but I couldnt seem to do it atleat.) The waterski feature is kinda funny, but you're in for a trip if it's the boat driver who wanted to waterski. Too fiddly for the game to switch between drivers, etc. And I'm sad there's not more to do on the boats. Or why there's no like, those big donut things you can pull from the boat. Would be so cool if you could have a bunch of teens on those donuts at the back of the boat.

    Anyway, that was beside the point, haha.
  • SPARKY1922SPARKY1922 Posts: 5,759 Member
    Hi @shakeninsane

    It sounds like you have not played in IP long and yes there are some issues but with a little patience they can be overcome. It's one of my favorite worlds because I love taking the houseboat around the whole of the map stopping at the various dive spots and living the beach life like i was once used to living myself lol

    Going off topic a little.

    If you are suffering lag this world is known to have issues with some of the builds that sims get stuck using plus the ports are a constant source of stuck sim issues. @ciane spent a lot of time recording and changes builds you can download to solve those sorts of issues and she even has a world save file where she has removed as many bugs/glitches she can (I use this save then tweak it to my liking)

    Using Nrass mods also help and she mentions which ones on the info.

    I agree that some further features could have been added alongside water skiing but thankfully we have a lot more to do than the S4 version of the game so i am very grateful for that..

    I mean the views alone :)


    and the water activities :) (one of them-)


    If I can be of further help with IP just PM me :)
  • shakeninsaneshakeninsane Posts: 518 Member
    I played IP back when it was new (the world, I mean.. I also have IP in my game as an expansion haha), and didn't think much of the lagging there. Maybe I was just lucky. I mean, it lagged now and then, but nothing that made it unplayable. It was indeed a beautiful world with a unique ambience, but after a long time, I just thought it was a bit lacking or not my style. The resort stuff was amazing, I loveeee making resorts (with mods because well... they need to work properly) but the resorts also lacked a few things I thought would be really immersive - and I'm a bit sad they didn't plan ahead and make it more versatile.

    If I ever go back to play it, I'd have to get one of the fixed versions or something.
  • SPARKY1922SPARKY1922 Posts: 5,759 Member
    Hi @shakeninsane

    If I am not playing in IP my sims are in a big city somewhere travelling to IP for frequent holidays using the traveller mod. next is rflong7's massive supernatural world for all my occult playing and last for now another world where everything is pets and nothing more so i can concentrate and play animals fully. All these worlds have at least one resort in them but it's not the same for me if there is no beach lol I hope as some point you manage to find a way to enjoy Ip :)

    what is your favorite pack? or what theme do you like playing the most?
  • shakeninsaneshakeninsane Posts: 518 Member
    I usually play medium/small worlds. I dont know how I would describe the gameplay, haha. I guess very casual. Mostly I will have about 1-4 different saves I play. I've got one I've prob clocked around 200 sim days in, if not more. (Sure feels like more.). I keep the seasons loong, around 20 days of spring and summer I think at least. Shorter fall and winters, lol. I keep my age spans epic, too. I just like having a casual, loooong and slow haul with my sims. I can't be bothered with starting from scratch and all that, hehe oops. I like building functional, a bit "retro inspired" homes with the money cheat lol, and just cruise through life.

    I think I've clocked the most hours (lately atleast) in rflong7's "dark harbour". It's such a great world. Haven't noticed any routing issues, not too small, not too big, etc. A little bit of everything almost. It's a good base for the type of worlds I like. A bit of beach, city, suburbia, haha. As for favourite pack, I have no idea. I dont think I could enjoy it that much without any of them. Maybe Into the future. The future-gameplay doesnt interest me at all, but I like a lot of the furniture atleast.
  • SPARKY1922SPARKY1922 Posts: 5,759 Member
    I play massive worlds I am terrible for them lol however lately I have scaled back a little because instead of playing it takes weeks to do everything I want to prior to starting gameplay-) I am the same much longer summer/spring seasons and less time in autumn and winter although this does depend on what world I am playing. My families have massive long lives because I like to explore their characters fully not be running headlong into the grim reaper :) I also play my sims how I feel without the necessity to be rabbit hole working or following a fixed route (I don't mind the careers we can go with our sim sometimes) but my sims love the beach and the bars, plus travelling on vacation and generally enjoying life to the full lol Then occasionally i will take a single sim and explore one career fully just to see what i missed (if anything) I love the jetpack dancing from ITF though. It seems we pretty much play the same way then-)

    I love Rflong7 worlds and have many saves and current gameplay setups with her worlds. Her supernatural world is just fab but massive so it has taken me forever to find the right lots but now it looks awesome and i play all my vamps, faires. witches and genies there..

    A sims friend of mine is renovating and updating an old medium size world made ages ago (with permission of the original creator) which is IP style but sort of a cross with a lush looking Sunlit tides which I really liked the look of and am waiting impatiently for it to be released lol The way she has updated lots and placed them in the world I think this is going to be the first world I will not be changing anything..if you are interested have a quick look..


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