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Nightblaze Legacy (Updated 8/7)


  • FeroshaCoutoraFeroshaCoutora Posts: 125 Member
    Me: Finish working on your current chapter before you start a new story.
    Also me: Okay fine, you can read three chapters.

    I don't have blogger so I'm going to leave my comments here. First of all, good on Zelda getting herself out of that house STAT. I didn't know exactly how quickly she'd be leaving so I was reading that whole first part thinking: YOU IN DANGER GIRL, GET OUT OF THERE.

    And then she packed her bags and peaced out immediately :D

    Now, I have to confess that I love a villain so I'm already drawn to Meredith. But I like an underdog, so we'll see how things shake out with Zelda.

    TBH I am living for Saoirse's hair. Its gonna lull me into a false sense of security, I can sense it (maybe she's good, but I start out every story being suspicious of everyone).

    I'm going to hold out before I judge Braeden.

    I'm also already suspicious of Zelda's background. Did she end up in Glimmerbrook by accident or does she have some secret magic in her bones (ugh, I know I'm really behind and this will prolly be answered lol).
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  • FeroshaCoutoraFeroshaCoutora Posts: 125 Member
    DeafSimmer wrote: »

    Thanks for your comment. And regarding Saoirse, she's a good lady. In both stories and real life, people might seem suspicious sometimes until you get to know them and then decide how you feel about them. And regarding Zelda winding up in Glimmerbrook...
    She has secret magic in her bones.

    Gah! I knew it. I love a secret. I’m going to catch up on a few more chapters before I my other predictions (which will prolly be wrong) lol

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  • Julyvee94Julyvee94 Posts: 6,693 Member
    I can see you were inspired by The Blackwell Chronicles and their feedback questions :) I can't say too much yet since I haven't read all of your story, but I'll get to it when I can.
  • mercuryfoammercuryfoam Posts: 1,147 Member
    Congratulations on finishing a generation! :)
    1. Is the story different from what you expected to see? If so, how?
    I’ve been following your previous family for 13 generations. There are some similarities in plot and as is the case with legacy stories, similarities in ending. Also I’m used to your writing style so I’m afraid I’m the wrong person to answer this question. But I did find the antagonist’s background chapter refreshing. I wrote a lengthy comment about it so I’ll spare you reading twice.

    2. What part of the story do you like the most? What's your least favorite part?
    I like the part where Zelda and Ayame deepened their friendship. I thought it was a very sweet moment and a nice breather from all the drama happening around them. There were other chapters that were peaceful to read too. But this was a highlight for me because it featured a budding friendship.

    3. Were you able to connect with the characters on some level? Were they believable?
    On some level, yes. The main characters were more fleshed out so it’s easier to see them as complex beings. Most of the important supporting characters had at least one aspect highlighted in them so I can connect with their emotions and motivations. Personally, I’m not sure how to answer the second question because legacy stories tend to be short and sweet, so there’s not much room for character depth and conflicts resolve rather quickly without much consequence. This may not be a bad thing. I tend to read legacy stories for their idealistic quality and almost guaranteed HEA at the end. But it depends on what you’re going for, of course.

    One character I cannot connect with at all is Ragnar. I thought I could after his background was revealed, but as the story went on he made lesser sense to me.

    4. Do they feel similar in terms of personalities and dialogue? Or are they different?
    Zelda and Braeden’s personality were very distinct. I love times when their personality clash and they take the time to resolve their differences. Despite being different, they are quite supportive towards each other. There is a quality that they both share and I’m not sure if it’s on purpose or not. I explained it in question 5.

    5. Which character do you relate to the most?
    I think Braeden and Zelda are relatable for the reason I highlighted in 3. But I like compassionate characters, so their nonchalance towards taking lives is a disconnect for me. This trait is shared not just by them but the rest of the cast as well. No one expressed sympathy or sorry for the characters that died. And there was no funeral nor mourning period. I’m surprised Braeden and Saoirse received no repercussions for their actions. Even Ciara's anger at her husband's death seems to be more for selfish reasons than because she loved him.

    6. Do any parts of the story feel too quick or too slow? What do you think of the story's pace in general?

    I think the pacing is good. I didn’t feel that any parts dragged. I do have a preference for details – for example Ch30. Zelda was visited by some old bullies and it was a sudden introduction of three new characters whom I expected to become important later on, but they kind of disappeared and were pretty much insignificant to the main plot. So for chapters like that, I find myself wondering of the mystery behind it.

    7. How do you view the wordless parts/scenes? Were they hard to understand, or did the pictures speak for themselves?
    The wordless pictures were self-explanatory. :)

    8. What do you think of the flashback scenes? Did they help you understand the characters a little more, or were they unnecessary to the plot?
    I like the flashback scenes very much. They helped me understand the characters and why they turned out that way. I would say they enriched the plot, but at the same time, I also found that they contradicted the plot too. For example, Braeden’s flashback painted Saoirse as a powerful Guardian of the realm who killed three spellcasters on her own, but against Ragnar who was easily defeated by her son, she couldn’t hold her own. Aine was supposedly the mastermind who orchestrated the whole drama in Ragnar’s flashback. She even defeated Saoirse, but somehow fell by Ragnar too.

    9. Season 2 is coming up soon. What are your predictions for the upcoming season?

    10. Which characters do you hope to see more of?
    Hmm.. I’m hesitant to give predictions. I like to be surprised. :)

    I'm pretty much a newbie writer giving my two cents so please take my feedback with a grain of salt. :)
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