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The Trash into Treasure Extravaganza

emilyofspielburgemilyofspielburg Posts: 48 Member
I love dumpster diving in The Sims 3. It's probably my favorite hobby to save my Sims from getting stir-crazy. (Maybe we can all relate right now!)

I've been thinking about doing this idea for a while and finally took a break from my legacy family (wedding planning is so overwhelming). I originally called this a challenge but it's not really a challenge as much as it is a gameplay idea.

General Guidelines for the Dumpster Dive Extravaganza Gameplay:
1. Purchase a new home unfurnished (you are allowed to keep any furniture/fixtures that have come with your unfurnished home) and decorate it with 2nd hand items (dumpster diving or rummage through trashcan throughout town).
2. You are allowed to create your own Sim household or use premade Sims. Any inventory items they have in their personal or family inventory is allowed. If Sim moves to new lot from old lot, they must sell household objects prior to moving.
3. All members of your household are allowed to collect items through dumpster diving or rummaging.
4. You can have a job or earn money however you see fit.
5. You can alter the style of anything you find through dumpster diving. (Bonus: do not change style, use as found.)
6. Use it or lose it! You may choose to sell nothing and use everything you find or sell what you find to add to the household fund. Anything not used can be stored in family inventory. You can redecorate/replace old furnishings as you gain new inventory.
7. If you are gifted any items, you may use those items to decorate as non-dumpster bonus items.
8. Cheats to add money to the household is not allowed. Lifetime rewards can be applied to games except "No Bills" reward. Items found dumpster diving can be sold or repo'd to pay bills.
9. Remodeling/altering your lot is allowed as long as you have the funds.
10. Non-furnishings and furnishings can be treated as you wish (insects sold or mounted, metals smelted, given as gifts, displayed on shelves).
11. You may purchase items sparingly, the majority of your furnishings must be found.
12. If you have a mooch or klepto Sim, anything they obtain can be kept and used.
13. Items received through opportunities and work can be used.
14. Expansion packs are allowed.
15. Normal gameplay and story progression are allowed. Dumpster diving should not interfere with daily life. Turning off aging/story progression is also an option.
16. Please play responsibly! If you have a baby/newborn and are not able to find a 2nd hand crib/potty chair, please purchase these items. Or not, your choice.
17. Extra fun-ness, play as a Sim with the Slob or Neat trait. Start with a slob Sim and marry a neat Sim, have neat or slob offspring, have them contribute to your dumpster driving trips. "The family that dives together, thrives together."
18. Hoarding is encouraged, but beware HOA fines and failure to meet fire inspection safety.
19. You are required to go dumpster diving at least once every Sim day. There is no limit on how many times your Sim(s) can dumpster dive in one day. Rummaging through a trashcan does not count toward dumpster dive total. Only one Sim (not every member of the household) is required to meet daily dumpster dive quota.
20. Missed dumpster diving days will rollover to next day (Ex. Missed dumpster diving on Monday and Tuesday, you will need to dive 3 times on Wednesday to catch up).
21. Additional dumpster dives in one day does not credit to the next day. (Ex. Dumpster dived 3 times on Saturday, you will still need to dumpster dive on Sunday and Monday).
22. Purchasing and selling through junkyard/consignment store is allowed.
23. If you want to add extra dumpsters to your game, this will be allowed. Dumpster can only be added to businesses or community lot or multi-family dwelling or dorm where there is currently not a dumpster. Only one dumpster can be added. If a lot already has a dumpster, additional dumpsters are not permitted. If dumpster is added to a park, dumpster must be enclosed and not out in the open.
24. You may initially choose their original outfits but please refrain from making any new outfits or added outfits until they obtain a dresser.
25. If items are collected by household pets, this is allowed.
26. Sim is allowed to make upgrades to any objects they acquire.
27. Sim can still use services, such as babysitter or maid.
28. Up-cycling, crafting, inventing is encouraged. Ex. For wall art, it is best if Sim can find 2nd hand easel or Sim can use easel from another lot and then take the painting to decorate their home. If neither of these options are accessible, easel can be purchased as non-dumpster bonus item.
29. Sims is allowed to freely spend money outside of buy mode (taking classes, becoming a business partner/owner, etc.).
30. Purchasing non-dumpster bonus item through buy mode should be used sparingly and after other methods are exhausted (Ex. I have only made two buy mode purchase within 30 Sim Days.)
31. Sim should refrain from changing their appearance after initial Sim creation if they do not own a mirror. If they do not own a mirror and want to change their appearance, they will need to utilize mirror outside of their lot (neighbor's house, gym, etc.)
32. If your Sim wishes to buy something or spend money, refrain from making buy purchases. (No Sim-retail therapy.)

Anyone, please feel free to share your stories or any suggestions for additional fun gameplay idea to this non-challenge challenge!

"If you want to strive, you have to dumpster dive."

Happy treasure hunting!
Formerly The Master Thief of Riverview, currently a ghost. Beloved wife of world renowned surgeon Dr. Jebediah Wilson, mother to Caroline and Brady. My descendants know how to creep because of me. | Trash to Treasure Gameplay

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  • emilyofspielburgemilyofspielburg Posts: 48 Member
    edited November 2020
    I have nominated Constance Shelley from Riverview as my Trash into Treasure Extravaganza contestant.

    After getting a complete makeover, she decided that she needed a complete change of scenery so she packed up her Sim bags in Riverview (with its scarce dumpster diving opportunities) and moved to the Land of Many Dumpsters (I've found 7 so far!!): Sunset Valley.

    Her belongings she packed were her high school diploma, her trusty XS 4258p laptop, and a novel she purchased at the Sim airport to read on the long plane ride to Sunset Valley. The book she bought was "I'm Still Cool". (Yes, Constance, you are still cool but you're going to be smelly too!) I found out after playing that she has a Yomoshoto Evasion sedan (not sure where how she smuggled it in undetected, she either stole it from some poor unsuspecting schmuck or it was in a dumpster.)

    But being a neurotic Sim, she was too nervous/excited the entire time that she couldn't even get through one page of her new book. I mean did she even remember to check the stove after selling her old place??

    Her job is in the Journalism field as a Freelance Writer. Her household funds were $59,697 Simoleons after selling her home in Riverview. She purchased beachside property in Sunset Valley (Myrtle Bungalow: 1 bed, 1 bath). Her neighbors are Claire Ursine and the Wan-Goddard household.

    Starting funds after buying her home are $40,093.

    Unfurnished lot came equipped with 3 simple porch lights, 1 fire alarm, 1 Cowpoke Steve stove, 1 squatter sink, 3 country fried counters, 1 Chillgood fridge, 1 bargain john toilet, 1 simple shower, 1 plain basin sink, 1 swinging light chandelier, 2 porch torches, 1 Weffelhousen sconce, 1 parking space.

    Traits: Neurotic, Absent-minded, Bookworm, Perfectionist, Clumsy
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    Formerly The Master Thief of Riverview, currently a ghost. Beloved wife of world renowned surgeon Dr. Jebediah Wilson, mother to Caroline and Brady. My descendants know how to creep because of me. | Trash to Treasure Gameplay

  • rubyskywalkerrubyskywalker Posts: 1,174 Member
    edited November 2020
    What about the items that can be found at Junkyards and repaired to use?
    I've done that once or twice if my sims can't afford a new dishwasher or something and find one there.

    Might try this challenge if I get bored of the Queens fam, My AP save, and My sort of alphabetical save.
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  • emilyofspielburgemilyofspielburg Posts: 48 Member
    edited November 2020
    @rubyskywalker I don't have Ambitions EP so I didn't even know/consider junkyard items. I will say yes, as long as it is obtained 2nd hand, it is allowed! I've added it to the list as guideline #22. There are probably many things I am missing since I only have 2 EPs (WA and Generations).

    My Sim did find a dishwasher while dumpster diving!

    I have not been able to find a bed through dumpster diving so I allowed my Sim to buy a sleeping bag. I also allowed her to buy the water sprinkler because watering each plant individually was taking up too much of her day.

    I would love for you to play this gameplay. I'm really loving it. At first, I was making my sim sleep on benches and community lots.

    I will post pictures and updates when I get a chance.
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    Formerly The Master Thief of Riverview, currently a ghost. Beloved wife of world renowned surgeon Dr. Jebediah Wilson, mother to Caroline and Brady. My descendants know how to creep because of me. | Trash to Treasure Gameplay

  • emilyofspielburgemilyofspielburg Posts: 48 Member
    edited November 2020
    (I played for 1 Sim week and then my game crashed so I had to start all over from Sim Day 1 again. This storyline will combine both aspects of the crashed and restarted gameplay. Happy reading!)

    Day 1 Arrival
    Constance Shelley, signing in. So I might have forgotten to mention (I do that because I'm an absent-minded Sim) that I grew up in Sunset Valley. I totally failed to mention that. I actually didn't even remember until I went around asking a bunch of people where their alma mater is and they said Community High School and I'm like, “Wait, you went to CHS?! I went to CHS too!! What a small world!”

    I mean I do look a lot different now after my makeover than I looked before so why would they remember me? Before when I was just “mousy Connie Shelley” that was always trying to be “perfect”, I would get bullied for being so “ditsy” or being a trip. They would say things like “Hey, Connie Shelley, did you remember to check the sink after washing your hands three times?” or “Hey Connie Shelley, you just ate lunch, don't you need to brush your teeth twice before 4th period started?” or “Hey Connie Shelley, did you forget to change for P.E. class again?” or “Connnnie Shelley, did you forget you were eating lunch while eating lunch? HA!”

    Kids can be so cruel...

    That's one of the reasons why I moved to Riverview and started having people call me by my full name Constance so they would take more seriously. But after living in Riverview, I started to miss the small town feel of my hometown, missed the beach, the library, getting chili fries at Hogan's. I mean there's a Hogan's in Riverview too but they just do things different. Even the shakes taste different. It could just be the nostalgia.

    What was I talking about again? I forget...

    So I took the taxi from the SV Airport to my new humble beach abode and the first thing I notice when I look around was how empty the house was. There's a fridge, stove, toilet, shower, sink, some lights, but that's about it. I'm happy that it's at least partially furnished and not completely bare. I didn't live by the beach back when I lived in SV.


    When I was younger, I remember going to the beach, smelling that wonderful salt air for the first time and then a gust of marine wind blew sand everywhere and I freaked out. “It's in my eyes, it's in my mouth! Blegh, blegh, blegh...I can taste the granules!!!”

    That was my first and last trip to the beach but I mean I'm a new person now. This new Constance Shelley, she might even LOVE the beach!

    Formerly The Master Thief of Riverview, currently a ghost. Beloved wife of world renowned surgeon Dr. Jebediah Wilson, mother to Caroline and Brady. My descendants know how to creep because of me. | Trash to Treasure Gameplay

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