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Physical release of Snowy Escape? Does it exist?

Target doesn't even have a place for PC games anymore it seems. They're all just sitting on a shelf mixed together at the end of an aisle. Has anyone heard any confirmation on if it's digital only this time? Or has anyone found a boxed copy? I know it's usually just a code in a box but I like collecting them for display.


  • EternalSunshineEternalSunshine Posts: 24 Member
    According to the Sims wiki, SE is the first expansion pack not to have a physical release & it can only be purchased digitally.
  • AprilDawnAprilDawn Posts: 716 Member
    I got a physical copy of SE at Walmart - even has a disk!
  • EternalSunshineEternalSunshine Posts: 24 Member
    That's good to know about Walmart. I guess wiki was wrong again.
  • fullspiralfullspiral Posts: 14,649 Member
    I got the physical copy from amazon.ca. It had the disc which had to be put in and then add the code in the box when prompted.
  • GordyGordy Posts: 1,495 Member
    I got one from EB Games, which is like the Canadian version of Game Stop.
  • emluckysunshineemluckysunshine Posts: 56 Member
    Just adding to the list, I bought mine from Best Buy because I like collecting them too (even if it is now just expansion packs that have cases). But mine included the disc as well. I personally don’t think they will ever just stop selling the physical expansions in stores because with people buying those and seeing those, it will lead to other smaller digital purchases of stuff and game packs. It’s advertising for the game in some way in the more digital age. Also, they started including discs in them again instead of just a code in an empty box. There were a lot of complaints that it took too long to download from origin, so that could be why. I do know that they are harder to come by though, at least right after release. Best Buy only put the physical copy up about a week before release and I preordered to pick up in store. Amazon had the listing but they didn’t know when it would be shipped because they sold so many. But they usually end up back in store a few weeks after release. Hope all this helps you!! ;)
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