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    Camouflage Pattern Link below

    Silly me did I forget to say how awesome it is not only default but in so many color combo's

    Yupp just put it to the color you want on the color wheel and lighten darken to your taste

    Making her modeling debut the newest sim I told you I made a few days ago showing color examples

    Farrah <3





    That is lovely and all but what if I want it in black and white can it do that :#



    Download Link


    I Play Sims 3 On A Potato

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    I'm debating whether to restart my "selfacy" or not. 4th reboot? Because a) I can't seem to find my mojo with this...and b) I guess, let's just say that I am planning to write a tome...as in my chapters are between 10 to 12 pages in text format - as in posted on Fanfic.net (no pictures) but posted on Blogger with pictures.
    When they finally found a place, River looked over at Haruo who was still sipping his Coke and smiled softly at him. "This has always been our place, hasn't it?" It was more a comment than a question.

    After a long moment, Haruo answered her, "We've been here a lot. And it seems so much more peaceful to me when we are here than at home." He looked out towards the lake, the air was still, not even a breeze to interrupt this moment as they stood contemplating the vista before them.

    "I wish we could have this kind of feeling forever." River sighed wistfully.

    Haruo put his arm around her and River lay her head on his shoulder. Haruo turned her towards him and she nestled into his arms. "Me too..." he whispered, his warm breath on her lashes. "I love you, River, sweetheart...".

    "I love you too..." River said looking up at him. "...oh so much...". Their lips met in a tender kiss that seemed to make time stop for the both of them. River had her fingers running through Haruo's hair as they tightened their embrace. Their kiss deepened into a much more passionate one as River pressed her body into Haruo's as they hungered for each other's caress.

    But they broke off before it could get to the point of no-return. Haruo looked at her. He wanted her so badly, but he knew that they needed to wait for the right time.

    They both knew that it would be foolish to end up doing something so irrecoverable as not waiting for the proper time, but it still did not prevent a sigh for what could be.

    "I don't think we should go...all the way...at least not yet..." Haruo said an amorous look still on his face. He wanted River so much it was uncomfortable.

    River smiled a knowing smile as she brushed him lightly, her hand caressing his chest through the t-shirt, her voice a soft growl, "Oh, you don't know just how bad I want you right now...".

    Haruo's eyebrows nearly met his hairline while his lips curled up in a wicked smile thinking of all the plays on those words that his erstwhile chaste mind, after having taken a rather direct path straight into the gutter, could come up with, no pun intended.

    But a more serious conversation ensued as their discussion turned towards the future. Their plans in the immediate future was to travel and see new places, but what sort of travels that the two of them planned and where they might go.

    "I've always wanted to further my kung fu and eventually get my black belt." Haruo stated. "So I guess Shang Simla is also on the list." He grinned.

    River nodded then gave him a poke, "And you...have to teach me kung fu too."...along with a sweet smile with each punctuated soft poke on you, teach, kung-fu and too.

    "Yes, Ma'am". Haruo stepped back and gave her a salute along with a wide grin while River laughed. But a cloud passed over his countenance as he looked away for a brief moment.

    "What is it? Love...". River asked. "Is there something wrong?"

    Haruo sighed and for a long moment he gazed at the lake. Then startling River, he asked, "what do you think of my mother? He looked at her.

    River was taken aback by the question.

    "Just tell me the honest truth." He said.

    "You really want to hear my honest opinion on her?" River asked.

    "Trust me," Haruo said, "Your opinion is probably not something you haven't heard me mutter under my breath about her myself." He looked up at the low hanging branches of the conifer trees they were standing under and picked at one branch absently.

    River stood for a long minute trying to think of a diplomatic way to couch her opinion of that insane old bat that was Haruo's mother. She turned the problem of doing so around in her head in multiple directions: upside down, at various different angles and side ways...but ultimately she failed. Simple was best: "To tell you the god's honest truth, sweetheart, I think she's a total narcissistic self-important ~insert expletive of your choice~ who thinks that everyone in the entire world is at her beck and call." She paused for a moment. "I know that she doesn't think I'm good enough for you and frankly, she hates my guts." She said, a wry grin and a little bit of evil merriment in her eyes.

    Haruo raised one eyebrow and nodded as if to tell her to continue.

    "And frankly, as long as I can be a thorn in her side, by loving you, that'll give me absolute pleasure in putting one over on that hag." River stated, an malevolent smirk on her face as she just absolutely reveled in the idea. "Just watching her squirm, when I kiss you is the highlight of my day in ticking her off."

    That elicited a laugh out of Haruo; and it was a cue for him. He turned to her and said, "Well, I'm sure she's going to get one hell of a coronary out of this...then."

    Not expecting that response out of her frank disclosure of how much she hated Mayumi's guts, River looked at Haruo, jaw open. Haruo had dropped to one knee reaching into his pocket and said, "How would you like to go on brassing my mother off to no end for the rest of our lives?" He grinned up at her, a questioning look on his face, with an expectation of a reply.

    "What?" River had a dawning realization of what was happening.

    "River; you've been my friend; my best friend in the world for the past fifteen years. Through every stage of life we've been together. And I have had the most wonderful times in my whole life just being with you. You've made me more complete than I ever could have imagined." He said, reaching out to hold her right hand. We were friends all through high school, when I had tough times you were always there by my side. We found out that we cared about each other more than friends and that we wouldn't be complete without the other as we went into our lives as young adults trying to find our way and what our path in life is. We've confessed to each other that we love each other. Now, River Annette McIrish, will you do me the honor of joining your life with mine; to walk life's road together?" He lifted the box, opening it to expose the diamond engagement ring.

    River held her hand to her mouth in shock; she hadn't expected this at all, at least not this quick. But in a split-second, she knew what all these years together meant and the future of her life was kneeling before her holding out what she had wanted in her life for all these years. Her companion of fifteen long years, her boyfriend and the love of her life had just asked her to marry him and to become his wife.

    River rarely ever got emotional, but this was absolutely overwhelming. She knew that she loved Haruo and that he loved her but she wasn't expecting to find him moving from boyfriend/girlfriend status to engaged fiancé/ fiancée status that quickly. She was floored and happy and tearful at the same time; hell with happy; she was ecstatic.

    Haruo was waiting and starting to worry when River enthusiastically started repeating, "Yes, yes...yes, I will...". Haruo then removed the ring from the box and slid it on the fourth finger of her left hand giving it a brief tender squeeze when he was done. "Oh, my God, is this really happening...". River exclaimed as she looked down at the ring on her finger. "Am I..."

    "No...you're not dreaming this..." Haruo reassured her, "it's one hundred percent real."

    River threw her arms around Haruo and gave him the most passionate kiss to date that she could have ever given him. And they held that kiss for as long as they possibly could; as snugly as possible, just drinking in each other's presence.

    "Tell me I'm not dreaming this..." River said, still emotional, with happy tears running down her face, "I'm engaged, I really am engaged." She stared at her left hand hoping that the ring wouldn't disappear off her finger if she blinked. It didn't.

    She clung to Haruo just basically babbling anything that came to mind as he whispered sweet "I love you" repeatedly in her ear and they lip-locked repeatedly to reassure each other that they had just taken the most significant step in their relationship that they would ever take at least until the marriage bed and having children.

    Haruo couldn't look at River without wanting to kiss her. And well River was quite willing to accommodate that desire since it fed directly into her own desires. Of course she cursed the fact that they were reliant on oxygenation via their nostrils as she felt nothing more than to want to stay in Haruo's arms forever and kiss for as long as possible. Well love was an addiction, so they said and River and Haruo couldn't get enough of it. Especially now that River had said yes and they were betrothed.

    How long had it taken to get to boyfriend/girlfriend and now with a herculean leap they just went from that to engaged to be married in the space of a few months but deep down, River knew that Haruo loved deeply and didn't want to let a chance like this get away. She was also overjoyed at the fact that they were going to spend the rest of their lives together. As much as she hated to admit it, she felt that she wasn't as pretty as some of the other girls in school and to have her best friend who'd been with her for so long fall in love head over heels was just the icing on the cake.

    He was silent about their relationship for so long over the years that she was afraid that she had been relegated to friend status only. Their heart to heart had really cemented their feelings for one another and opened up the both of them to this relationship and its possibilities and now the budding flowers had bloomed. River sighed as she snuggled into Haruo's embrace, 'Together, forever'; she thought. 'It would be everything' she dreamed of, '...and more'.

    They spent several hours just drinking in the ambiance of Pinochle Pond and just enjoying each other's company; most of it being spent in each other's arms; nuzzling and just being as close to each other as long as possible however hunger and the desire to abate that feeling in the pit of one's stomach, sent them back down to Central Park to get some eats. The were lucky that the Summer Festival was on. They strolled hand in hand down to Central Park and turned into the park just as the clock turned three PM. The smoky smell of the grill cooking up typical fair edibles was enticing and River' mouth began to water as they walked towards the kiosks. The odour of the cooking burgers was absolutely delectable. River and Haruo both got Chili Cheese Fries as well as a Coca Cola each. They sat down to enjoy their meal.

    Yeah...I know...wall of text and all that. But I have a feeling that I could probably get a good story out of it if I just put a little effort into it. y'know...like the first seven chapters which I re-wrote.
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    @emorrill The mountains in ML make for a nice background, yes. Other than that, most of the town is flat as a table.
    :lol: at your handling of the alien. I don't think I ever had an alien pregnancy, probably because most of my sims are witches.
    Lovely shots.
    Don't worry about the Tardis, cure elixirs are easy to make and usually cheaply available at the elixir consignment store (may take a few visits though).
    emorrill wrote: »
    @Turjan You make me want to visit the Crumplebottom's home and check out their furniture if it's that good! ;)
    Eh, I was mostly fond of their armchairs in different colors, with the armchairs not being anything special per se. Their house is a bit dark, but I guess that's fitting.
    emorrill wrote: »
    Oh, Alice Fitzgerald, so pretty - and so mean. In my game, she first got toadified, and then she got killed in a fight. R.I.P.
    Miriam Hoppcraft is the #1 reason for the need of marriage counseling in my game :lol: .
    ^HA HA about Alice! :joy: I wish I could've seen all that...
    Hmm, I don't think I took a pic of the toadification - it was just one of too many times she walked up to Marcel to insult him for no reason - but this was her last stand against Serena Durwood, which Alice lost.
    Obviously nobody had been kissing her, as she had been toadified for ages at that point.
    emorrill wrote: »
    And ditto about Miriam, sadly. :( I could totally sense that she felt disrespected as a wife and was limited in the things she could say or do to protect their "status."
    I'm afraid you got the dynamics wrong here. Miriam is the manipulative element in that relationship. She's the evil snob who likes to kiss other couples' husbands in front of a big audience. Talk about judgmental looks (she had just kissed Param Singh).
    Anyway, she dumped her husband James and hooked up with the vampire Dante Morganthe (they just got a child), and Dante takes care of the education of that cute fairy toddler, Alfred Hoppcraft, who grew up into a less cute teenager :lol: .
    Anyway, enough from my game :lol: .

    @Silverofdreams30 I like that hairstyle on Dani. Fits her well.
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    @Turjan : Entworld has great buildings for supernatural play, there are special buildings for witches, fairies and werwolves, some are tree houses, some are caves, some are worn down old Victorian houses. The whole world looks gorgeous, buuuut: it has awfully routing problems.
    I wanted some Sims stay in that house I´ve pictured (it was a bit recolored by me, in original it looks darker) but it wasn´t possible to play more than a few days in it. The world comes populated and Overwatch constantly reported stuck Sims at the borders/edges of their lots.
    I´ve played just a few days in the world and then got Error 12 while saving, something which happens to me only if I´ve played weeks in an overpopulated world, so I had to abandon my idea of leaving some Sims in this world. :'(
    Furthermore Traveler doesn´t reckognize the world correctly, when you want to travel back to Entworld sometimes the nhd.file is gone from the save, so before travelling you have to look if the file is in your save and have to put it back in it again from the save which still has it in.
    Which is sad, because there aren´t much worlds out there which are so focused on the supernatural theme.
    Btw, I like to read about your Sims, they look very good and the pictures you post are great, like the one with the illuminated garden! :D
    I have never seen such big fireflies!
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 9,093 Member

    @Silverofdreams30 Love your recent updates on Dani and Jayden. I love how intense sims are when singing karaoke!
    Thanks for the comments! :smiley:
    They are both very photogenic.

    @AlexaKry Beautiful pics of Entworld. Loved the update on your thread!

    @emorrill I really didn't think David Cook was cute in any way. He was kinda rough around the edges. I loved his voice though.
    I've always loved the houses in Moonlight Falls!
    Great pics from your random save!
    Damien looks adorable.
    I'm still not crazy about the 'old' man t-shirt. :lol: I think it bugs me because it is cut so low on the sides.
    Unicorn! With the rainbow waterfall. Cool!
    lol at poor Damien getting attacked by the bees.
    I use 'go here' so I remove all the llama's from my games. The mod and the llama's don't play well together.
    Plus am not crazy about them turning into the sad clown.
    Linda is the wife in my cc testing save. I remade her a little too. Your's looks fabulous.
    Damien's cooking is always fun to see.
    Damien showering is even better. :grin:
    Lovely scenery pics in your update.
    Nope, don't like white lab coats! Not a turn on! :grin: Yes, I just said that!
    lol, you didn't want Damien to get preggers!
    love him playing in the puddle!
    You should read the backstories of the sims in Moonlight Falls. Linda's is mixed with another family. They got her human child.
    Cute pictures of Damien playing with her and playing with Mom too! lol

    @MamaSimTee Thanks for loving my Victor! More pictures coming in a future update! :grin:

    @CravenLestat Bummer about the egg hunt. I'm glad you didn't kick Mary! She's feisty as a ghost and would probably kick back! You should talk to her about her wedding, not yours! :grin:
    Your Linda is very pretty. I'm using her in my cc tester save. She has a huge family and a genie hubby! :grin:
    pretty camo pattern.

    @Karritz Thanks for commenting on my update! :smiley:

    @Nikkei_Simmer Your quote from EKR is spot on! Memories have a way of sneaking up on you a year or more later. Sometimes they make you laugh, sometimes you smile and sometimes you cry.

    @wolfkomoki1 pizza is always good!

    @GraceyManor Doing well here. Hope you are better! Miss you and your stories.

    @Brandontaylor Glad things are going well work-wise. The good part of working is having more money to buy sims stuff! :grin: The bad part is not as much time to play and enjoy. You are missed!

    @Turjan Thanks for the comments. I was lucky I had the hair in the child category. I don't like it for teens though so she will get something new when that happens. :smiley:
    That is a lot of meditation going on!

    @deafsimmer Cute pictures. Hope this one doesn't glitch.

    I've been looking at Rflong's Supernatural Island. This is a shot from the mermaid area.
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    @DeafSimmer Always nice to see you pop on here and share your stories. I enjoy them. :blush: (Especially since I love MLP and Legend of Zelda. :p )

    @CravenLestat Did you see my PM? ;)
    Yay for sharing the camouflage pattern! I added it to my game. 👍 You're so talented with patterns and very sweet to share them all with us who will never be that talented. :lol:<3
    Farrah is pretty. :)

    @Turjan True that the rest of Moonlight Falls is flat. ;) The world reminds me of Utah...high, snowy mountains and flat everwhere else. (At least in the Salt Lake Valley. :p Here in the Northeastern part of the state we have a few little hills.)
    :lol: at your handling of the alien.
    ^I was cracking up the entire time! :lol: It was a good laugh.
    Glad to know Cure elixirs are easy to make a readily available at the Elixir store. :) I have so much to learn still...
    Ha ha! Toadified Alice pic! :lol: Was she also as old as Serena there you just can't tell cause she's a toad? (What level in magic do you have to be to Toad someone? :p )
    I'm afraid you got the dynamics wrong here. Miriam is the manipulative element in that relationship. She's the evil snob who likes to kiss other couples' husbands in front of a big audience. Talk about judgmental looks (she had just kissed Param Singh).
    ^Oh boy. :neutral: guess I did have it wrong... :p Perfect shot you captured there with the ladies giving her the stink stare. :lol:

    @bekkasan I thought David Cook was rough around the edges too. That's why I liked David A more. :blush: He was so sweet and innocent (plus I felt like we were kindred spirits with him being Mormon and all. :p ) David A sang the youth theme song for our church this year and it's just beautiful. <3 So spiritual and inspiring! If you feel like giving it a listen - I think you'll like it - I'll throw it in a Spoiler here:
    I'm still not crazy about the 'old' man t-shirt. :lol: I think it bugs me because it is cut so low on the sides.
    ^I understand, normally I don't care for them, but this one just looked sexy to me. :p
    I know, I felt so bad for Damien getting attacked by those bees. :cry: I wanted to kiss his booboos and make them all better. :smirk::p
    I have Go Here so I should remove the llamas as well. You mean the Mascots right? They annoy the heck out of me.
    Thank you for the compliment on Linda. <3
    Darn right I didn't want Damien having an alien baby. :lol: I was so excited that trick worked! Did you know about it? I don't know why all these years I never thought to do that. :open_mouth:
    I did read up on the backstories...sad that their babies got switched. :( That'd make a great story, reunited the kids with their real family.
    Cute pictures of Damien playing with her and playing with Mom too! lol
    ^Hee hee, thanks. :blush:
    I need to check out Rflong's Supernatural island. Lovely rainbow and that building! :star:
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,600 Member
    @bekkasan and @Turjan

    Thank you for the comments.
  • rubyskywalkerrubyskywalker Posts: 703 Member
    Karritz wrote: »
    @rubyskywalker I'm sorry you lost your singer sim. If you have World Adventures, a singer sim can benefit greatly from having a pocket full of shower in a can.

    I'll remember that for when Maxwell becomes a singer.
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    @emorrill the 'tardis' looking teleportation devices are called llama's. Not the uni mascot! :grin:
    I use debug to reset my sims if I need to do it. It's not as harsh a reset as the ea one.
    Beautiful song and yes, David A had a great voice, but he was just so young.
    The building in the picture is from Hidehi who made a lot of venues and homes for the Supernatural Island.
    Can you imagine giving up a toddler you raised from birth though? I couldn't! I wouldn't want to, and not sure I could write that story either. :cry:
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,860 Member
    @Silverofdreams30 Geez...my brain was thinking I responded to you already... :confounded: Forgive me...

    Loved the pictures you posted. :love: And Sims do make some fun faces while watching TV. :lol:
    Hehe, here I thought the spoiler had another photo :DB)>:)
    ^Sorry to disappoint. :lol: I probably would've thought the same. ;)

  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,860 Member
    bekkasan wrote: »
    @emorrill the 'tardis' looking teleportation devices are called llama's. Not the uni mascot! :grin:
    I use debug to reset my sims if I need to do it. It's not as harsh a reset as the ea one.
    Beautiful song and yes, David A had a great voice, but he was just so young.
    The building in the picture is from Hidehi who made a lot of venues and homes for the Supernatural Island.
    Can you imagine giving up a toddler you raised from birth though? I couldn't! I wouldn't want to, and not sure I could write that story either. :cry:

    @bekkasan ^Oh lol! I didn't realize. :lol: Geez... :p
    Ooooh yeah, I forgot about Hidehi. He/she builds lovely and stunning buildings! :star:
    I really couldn't imagine giving a child up after raising them from birth. :cry: It would be a hard story to write. My take would be that the switched girls somehow find out their mother's aren't their real ones - which naturally would be a huge shocker - so they set out to meet their real moms and get to know them and stuff. :) I wouldn't have them get separated from the mothers who raised them, cause they love their "moms," just that they would know who their real moms are and everyone would be adopted into one big "family." I dunno. :mrgreen:
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    @AlexaKry Thank you very much for the detailed information about Entworld. It looks to me as if it weren't a good idea to install that one in my main installation. Sometimes, talented builders aren't equally talented on the technical side of world building, which is a pity, given they put so much effort into their nice buildings. Hmm, looks as if the world doesn't have a unique ID but one from the existing worlds. That's sad you couldn't make use of it any further. And thank you very much for the kind words. I'm glad you like some of the stuff I post :smile: . I have been reading part of your story, too (very dramatic), and I enjoyed it. Admittedly though, I rarely go to the story forums.

    @bekkasan Thank you very much. Another beautiful rainbow pic :smile: . Hmm, I had been looking at Rflong's Supernatural Island, and somehow, I draw blank regarding the building in your image. I may have to go there again one day :smile: .

    @DeafSimmer I enjoy your pics, though I have no idea of the Zelda story (stone the heretic! :lol: ), so I guess I'm a bit lost. Anyway, you seem to have fun, and that's the most important part. I like your sims and hope your game holds up.

    @emorrill Thanks. Yes, Utah is a beautiful state. Of course, the highlight is the southern edge, but the Salt Lake area is also pretty.
    Yes, have a sim learn some alchemy, which goes very quickly. Lots of very useful elixirs in the array (and lots of useless ones, too :lol:, but there are 44 total). Witches learn alchemy much more quickly, btw. For spellcasting, get a small pet (a bird in the inventory works best), otherwise it takes a long time to level. Toadification is only a level 4 spell, so it's already there for dabblers to have fun. I'd use Retuner though to put a break on some autonomous uses, as that can get annoying. The love spell is also level 4, and witches just love to throw that one around. The hilarity quickly wears off.
    Alice was either YA or adult, so pretty young still. I guess I had some weird setting in my NRaas personality modules, which caused all those lethal fights.

    @Silverofdreams30 You're welcome.
    Meditation under a full moon...
    ... or finally getting to know the locals.
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    Oh...no... the poor sims are being attacked by a jiangshi.
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    Mary Kendall, A Ghost Story
    Back to Work

    Damien sits on the floor and plays with Lia for a bit before starting his day. Lia pulls the birdie down and lets it go. The toy springs up and down making a whistling sound as Lia bats at it trying to capture it again. Damien laughs at her antics.

    He finally gets up off the floor and reads the paper. The paper has published his findings in the death of Mary Kendall. The editor has spoken with the local police department. The chief of police issued an official statement that an investigation is underway in both her death and the police department's culpability in the investigation. He contacts the editor to thank him for publishing the article. The editor assures Damien they will stay on top of the investigation and make sure nothing gets swept under the rug this time. "I may have another story for you soon regarding a murder that was disguised as a drowning. I hope to be collecting the last pieces of proof soon."
    "I would like to send my journalist with you?" asks the editor. "We may need to interview your sources for the story."
    “I’m sorry, you likely wouldn't believe me if I did divulge my sources. I would rather wait until I have the absolute proof. I don't want the murderer to be tipped off accidentally and escape." Damien chuckles thinking about a journalist meeting Betty and the ensuing conversation.

    Mary slept in for a change and awakened well-rested. She enjoys a quick breakfast and goes back to her room and makes a few adjustments to her brain-enhancing machine. She is hoping the new tunings will allow her to identify exactly what makes her different from the other ghosts and possibly repair it, so she can become human again.

    Lia captures her toy mouse and decides she is ready to try to grab a real critter. She stalks around the yard scenting her prey and delivers a sneak attack! The fight is on. Alas, her inexperience rules against her. The battle is lost.

    Damien visits the local junkyard to examine Betty's boat. The insurance investigator met him at the lot. The submerged boat had been salvaged and taken to the yard. Examining the wreckage carefully, he collects a few samples. He opens the live well and makes an interesting discovery. A lead pipe. The insurance man is shocked by the find. They both carefully photograph Damiens discovery and it is placed in an evidence bag. They deliver the samples and the lead pipe to the science facility for analysis. By late afternoon he receives some preliminary results. The remnants of the cushions were contaminated with fuel and the fuel is not marine fuel. It is standard fuel used in lawnmowers. There is one set of prints on the pipe and old blood was found on the pipe as well. Damien calls the insurance investigator and he will have the samples and pipe taken to the police lab for further study.

    His next destination is the former home of Betty. He observes a car in the driveway and settles behind some bushes to observe. He watches as a man goes in and out of the back of the house. He is hauling loads out but going back empty-handed. "I guess I'm going to have to come back after dark and hope no one is home."

    Now that the holiday is over Liam was able to complete his findings from his examination of Mary. They settle in the living area to discuss his findings. Mary had asked Damien and Jamie to stay and hear what Liam has to say.
    “Mary, you are not at all typical of the average ghost I’ve tested over the last few years. I had already determined that you were different, but the new tests definitely confirm it. Your ectoplasm is very different from the other ghosts I've examined. Somehow after your death, your spirit was trapped, and you didn’t move on. At the same time, you are only able to be on this plane in winter, and that is very different from other ghosts or spirits. Even the ghosts tied to the ghost gnomes are around most of the time. Most other ghosts have free will and can return to the netherworld if they desire. You are bound to the whims of Fate it seems. The reason is only known to the Fates. They apparently desire something for you or from you.”
    Liam takes a deep breath worried that Mary will be upset as she was in his office. The others shift in their chairs waiting for what else he has to inform them.
    Mary looks at him and shrugs. “I’ve railed at the Fates every year when I’ve returned wondering why they are doing this to me. They don’t answer.”
    Liam is happy that Mary is much calmer now and not upset and crying.
    “I spoke to an ancient fae here in town to obtain his opinion. He thinks you’ve been selected by the Fates but for what purpose we don’t know. I’ve initiated a search on the computers at my lab on the Fates and what it means to be bound by them. Many of the ancient texts have been imputed into the computer systems over the last few years. It will be a faster search than trying to read the texts myself. If the search does not give a specific answer, I am hoping it will at least lead us in a new direction.

    Lia, tired of all the talking going on and wanting some attention, jumps into Damien’s lap. They all laugh and smile at her antics.

    Mary describes to Liam her adjustments on the brain enhancing machine and what she expects to discover and be able to accomplish with the machine. Liam thinks they should examine several types of ghosts on the device. Ned volunteers to be the first and they set him up for the scan. All goes well with the test and Ned’s scan is complete. The machine continues working even after Ned is allowed up. The data from the scan are automatically correlated with the parameters set up by Mary. It will continue working for several hours before the next subject can be scanned. Liam will have a few of the local ghosts come by the house for testing over the next several days. He plans to return to perform the testing on Mary, who will be tested last.

    Mary and Damien enjoy ice cream as they talk about his visit to the junkyard and plans to search Betty's house. Jamie arrives back from his last job of the night and grabs some leftovers out of the fridge. They sit with him as he eats. Jamie is a little concerned about how Mary is handling things given her history. "Mary, you seem to be okay that Liam didn't find anything specific to help you."
    "I am hopeful that with all of us working towards the common goal that we will find something. My anger, rage, and misbehavior were not productive at all. I hope I've left that all behind me. I'm not going to give up on my dream. I am going to live while working towards that dream.
    Jamie finishes his meal and sets his fork down. "That was delicious. Thanks for saving me a plate Damien. The books my brother sent finally arrived, as well as my other things. I will start going through them. A few are quite old and rare so might have the information we can use."
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,665 Member
    Hello All. I've been busy. And it's HOT here. Not quite so bad today as it's been and it's going to get hotter as Summer arrives.

    Today I finally posted 30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt Part 14 to YouTube.

    It is fairly busy with sims getting up to all sorts of things. Basically we see 3 imaginary friends move out to live on their own. There is a graduation of Lynette and Felecia.

    I will be so glad when both Felecia and Alecia have become married and moved out to their own homes. The game gave the names to the 15 babies when they arrived and I just accepted them. Most of the names I'd never heard of before. I'm sure I wouldn't have come up with having two with such similar names on my own.

    Robbie is trying to free his genie and we see him work through the 'Free the Genie' opportunity chain. He fails on his first attempt. Possibly because he got mauled by a bear while taking the lamp underground. He still has the opportunity to take the lamp underground. I've got control of his genie because I got frustrated and used Master Controller to add her to the household so that could be a part of the problem. Also there's already about 20 sims in the household. So there are several possible reasons why the genie isn't being freed. The only drawback that I can see is she has the needs of a mummy. If I can't get Robbie to successfully free her I might try removing her occult state and giving it back to her with Master Controller.

    The Imaginary Friends are being given major makeovers and are moving out very soon after being made real. We do see them for a short time though so we will be able to recognise them around town later on.

    I hope you are able to find time to watch the video. It is gradually working towards the arrival of lots of grandchildren.

    Happy Simming

  • rubyskywalkerrubyskywalker Posts: 703 Member
    My game is going well. Rosalie aged up to adult. Now in less than 6 SimDays the twins become teenagers.

    However, I have a small problem. When I had Rosalie start to go out with Branch, the "confess to cheating" option comes up. How do I get her to remove her previous relationship with Derek from the picture? He does not show up in her relationship panel anymore. I have his urn set up on a table in their house, but I'm yet to see his ghost. Should I move it into the yard somewhere to turn it into a gravestone?
    I really don't want to continue to further her relationship with Branch until I can clear the problem.
    Origin ID and TS3 Username: DollyGizzy
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  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,600 Member

    Thank you for the comments,
    no worries <3.


    I loved the update, Lia is such a cute
    kitty, Damien is adorbs with her.

  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,665 Member
    Hello All.

    I am having major internet problems today.

    As some of you may have noticed, I added a new video to YouTube yesterday. Actually I loaded it a couple of days ago, but when I watched it the sound was so soft the music I took some trouble adding was not audible at all for most of the video. I'm adding music here and there in my videos now and trying to keep it sufficiently soft to enable you to hear my narration over it without having to strain. Anyway, I wasn't happy with what I heard so I turned the music up slightly louder and reloaded the video. Loading a video with the wifi speed we have here takes literally hours. About 5 hours. I use my tablet because it keeps loading while it has a power supply. My PC requires me to sit at it and keep doing things to keep it from disconnecting from the internet. And even now, today, with all of my problems it's the PC that is disconnecting every one or two minutes (or seconds depending on its mood of the moment). The tablet seems to stay connected.

    When I make my videos I am careful to have my sound set at 13%. I have done this since at least 2017, and possibly earlier. I used to be able to watch my videos on YouTube with the sound on my PC set to 13%. I used to be able to watch most other people's videos with the sound set at 13%, sometimes I need to turn it up a bit. But now I find I need to turn my sound up over 40% to hear anything. Even when watching my own videos on YouTube. I don't watch my own vidoes often but I like to check to see how it sounds or looks occasionally. All I'm trying to say here is that YouTube seem to have done something to drastically reduce the audio on videos. But maybe it's just my PC that is suffering from this and everyone else might be just fine.

    Another thing about changes to YouTube that I discovered yesterday is a lot more disturbing. I have a tiny channel. I have significantly less than 200 subscribers. To monetise my videos I need to have over 1,000 subscribers and have 4,000 hours of watch time in 12 months. I have no clue what my watch time is over 12 months. Because of this I've been happily going along knowing no ads appear on my videos. People who are monetised can have ads on their videos and can have some say of the type of ads and how many ads appear on their videos. Since I am not monetised and am never likely to ever be monetised, up until recently, my videos don't have ads on them. However, that has now all changed. YouTube is now putting ads on videos of small channels that are not monetised. They are NOT sharing ANY of the revenue from those ads with the creators of the videos on which the ads are showing. So if you make a video and put it onto YouTube your viewers may have to sit through ads they can't skip and YT can put as many ads on the videos as they want to and the creator of that video can do absolutely nothing about it other than perhaps stop loading videos to YouTube. I'm considering stopping putting any new videos up because of this. I don't want to have people being forced to sit through multiple ads just to watch my videos.

    If you have read this, and have watched any of my videos, please let me know if you are seeing ads on them. It seems almost pointless for me to continue putting videos onto YouTube because I get so few views, but if the ads on my videos are going to cause people to rage quit watching them due to the number of ads on them, then I suspect I ought to just stop making videos for YouTube. I do have lots of other things I could be doing. Such as playing the game, responding to your posts here on the forums, doing more of my art work, keeping my house tidier etc... At this point it is taking me most of my time every day to make and edit the videos.

    I'm currently working on the next video in my 30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt series.

    Happy Simming
  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,266 Member
    edited November 2020
    @Nikkei_Simmer Heh, yes, it looks dramatic. Of course, in reality, nothing happens. But I'll be quiet about that :wink: .

    @bekkasan Aww, Lia is such cute cat. Hmm, that meeting reminded me of many meetings I attended in my life :lol: . At least they went on to perform tests :smile: . Eat ice and enjoy the ride. Mary is taking it very well that she will be the last to go. Which is good.

    @DeafSimmer Well, that was a puny attempt at roasting the inhabitants :lol: .

    @Karritz Hmm, at least when I look at your video, me watching it was one of three views and the only "like". The video came even in at #1 of my recommendations. I didn't notice any technical issues.
    Unfortunately, I'm not the person to ask regarding ads. Or, in other words: "YouTube has ads?"
    This was at a party, where the host hid somewhere (I failed to see him), but this is his wife: Maura Morris
    I really like that dress on her.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,665 Member
    edited November 2020
    @Turjan thank you for the feedback. I suspect only people who don't pay for their YouTube viewing will see the ads. So it may not affect many videos in the end. I suspect the video was recommended to you because you have watched my videos in the past. I do get stats telling me how many times YouTube has offered my videos to people and it can eventually get up into a few hundred after a few days. Thank you for the like. Apparently having likes and comments on the videos increases the chance that YouTube will offer videos to others.

    That party dress looks nice on your sim's hostess. I think it might have come from Movie Stuff. I like the colour in you pic.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,665 Member
    @DeafSimmer I have found it is useful to post stories in this thread as more people are likely to see them. But tgey get buried very quickly and if you ever need to go back to an earlier post it can take a very long time to find what you're looking for. Because of this I also have a thread for each story in the stories and legacies section. This helps me when I want to go back to see what I 've previiiusly posted.
  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,246 Member
    @Turjan : you´re welcome! Suum Sims him/herself wrote on his/her side that Entworld had some routing problems when I remember right. What t´really is a shame, cause the world is soo beautiful.
    Thank you for reading my story! <3 Unfortunately just a few forum users visit the story section of the forum. :D
    I really like your rare pictures, would like to read more of your boys!
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