Not So Berry Legacy Challenge


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    I started this challenge a while ago and I finally started playing again. I am up to the fourth generation. Every generation the Sims get cuter! Here is the family tree so far:
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    I'm finally almost ready for generation 2 :smile:

    How many other people have recently started this challenge? How are you going with it? I have completed everything for the mint generation now except for the's taking me ages
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    I've completed the mint generation as well (little late to this challenge) and I loved it soooo much! :smile: Will continue with the other generations. Here is a summary in 3 minutes from my journey (I make weekly 3 minute videos).

    The scientific career was definitely a long time but also a lot of fun to play, because there is so much unusual stuff that happens. The element collection was way less challenging than expected and the mischief aspiration is so much against my usual playstyle. A lot of challenge here and a lot of drama. The scientific career matches well with the element collection.

    Will update you on the next generation later :smiley:
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    I started this challenge a couple of weeks ago and it's great! I started playing on SimLicy's save file - here is a link to the DL if you want to use it in your game; I get tired of playing with the same townies so I have different save files I start from!
    SimLicy Save File Link -
    I am a LONG time player of this franchise but have been a voyer/lurker up until now. I don't have the ability to post photos yet but one day I will and on that day you will see my sims!

    Mint-Generation 1:
    My founder's name is Mikayla Berry and she met Dirk Dreamer online and it was love at first text! She was pushed into marrying him by a text from a family member stating that she would receive an inheritance so long as she married within 7 days. She spoke with Dirk about it and they decided it was time to get married and start their family! First, they had Madalyn and afterwards came Mae; Madalyn grew up fast and was already moved out by the time they had Mae, but she visited often and the sisters were friends. Mikayla achieved her dreams of becoming a mad scientist and collected all of the elements in the Simverse!

    Rose-Generation 2:
    Mae Berry is the heir to the Berry fortune and it's her time to shine! She knew that she wanted to be a politician from a young age and this drove her to master the Charisma skill early in life. She uses her smooth-talking skills and strong work ethic to push herself through college and meets several lovers along the way.
    Mae met Josef Pancakes at her time attending Birchester to acquire a Distinguished History Degree; she thought he was handsome enough to date, at least for a while. Mae made the mistake of not using protection and she found out she was pregnant with Josef's baby before they were even exclusive! For the sake of Maxwell, she put her own feelings aside and asked Josef to marry her so they could be a family together; her own selfishness got the better of her, though, and in front of all of their friends and family she left him at the altar. Mikayla and Dirk raised Maxwell until their untimely deaths while Mae attended University; Mae continues to show little to no interest in Maxwell and he is learning very quickly how to fend for himself as his mother is too busy fulfilling her own life goals to worry about him.

    That's their story so far! I absolutely love how this challenge allows you to be creative and make these cool storylines by having these characters' personalities pre-programmed. So fun! I'll update with photos and more story soon hopefully!
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    So I have recently started playing the challenge again. I left off when my pink gen just became a young adult. She is now an adult and has completed the postcards and wellness skill. She has kept a nice garden and makes about 2400 from it. She also has fulfilled her aspiration. She is now at a level 8 in her dream job as an author. She has been unlucky in love but has managed to have two children Georgia(gen 8) and Cobb.
    Cameilla Pink Generation

    I have started working on the peach generation who is still a teen. Going to have to move soon per the rules.
    Georgia Peach Generation

    Good luck everyone and look forward to your updates!

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    Well I was enjoying this challenge. That is until I accidentally killed the founder without a living heir and no one in the household to beg for her life. Definitely starting over again lol
  • ShadamiShadami Posts: 4,341 Member
    Oh noooo! :O hope the start over goes better!
  • LuclyluLuclylu Posts: 397 Member
    Shadami wrote: »
    Oh noooo! :O hope the start over goes better!

    So far so good! Her boyfriend has moved in now and they are focusing on their careers currently.
  • xboxS4_challengeblogxboxS4_challengeblog Posts: 1 New Member
    I have just recently started playing this challenge (little late, I know). Weekly updates from 4pm GMT on my Wordpress (, Faceboook & Twitter pages, if you would like to check it out.

    Hope you all still enjoy enjoying your versions on this challenge, too. Many thanks to @alwaysimmingg & @lilsimsie for creating.
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    Picked this challenge back up! This is my foundress, Julep Fizzle~
  • SynnamintwistSynnamintwist Posts: 6 New Member
    I am doing this challenge but man things have not gone as I expected. First off my founder bot pregnant by a mermaid(merman?) and so my gen 2 and all her brothers and sisters (she has 4!) and her child are mermaids! Then Gen Primrose died on Christmas but luckily her mother pleaded for her life and brought her back! Primrose went to leave someone at the altar but my hubby called me and so she married. I ended up having her get divorced instead! I guess I failed that generation. Here is hoping Sunny (gen 3) will do better! lol!
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    In all my years of playing the Sims, I do not recall ever having triplets naturally (without cheats). I start this challenge and finally complete Rosalina's (2nd gen) aspiration, career & skill and decide to work on her 1 child. I get triplets....
  • ShadamiShadami Posts: 4,341 Member
    I haven't had triplets in game yet either but wow that makes me worried for when I get to that gen xD .
  • Chris_McSimsChris_McSims Posts: 115 Member
    Can't believe I'm about to finish the 10th generation 😭🎉
  • easypeazeeasypeaze Posts: 140 Member
    @Chris_McSims congrats! I will be starting my gen 9 shortly.
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    edited January 2021
    I am now starting on my Green generation(9). Georgia(Peach) just finished up all her requirements.

    Meet Ireland Hargrove
    50856536032_e7beb1f073_z.jpgIreland by Caro Roe, on Flickr

    1. Pepper
    2. Cinnamon
    3. Lemon
    4. Grace
    5. Violet
    6. Poppy
    7. Camellia
    8. Georgia
    9. Ireland

    Maybe Gen 10 will finally be a boy!
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    I loved this challenge so much that I'm not stopping at Blue. I'm doing it all over again with Blue's descendants!
  • easypeazeeasypeaze Posts: 140 Member
    @1Kim115 Congrats on completing the challenge! I was planning on changing up the challenge a bit to add in some new things we got but this first run through I am going to complete it as is and then change it up on the next go around.

    Ireland has graduated and now has a job in the tech career. She has made tons of friends and one enemy. Good luck everybody!

    50863916221_139d0b3899_z.jpgIrelandGrad2 by Caro Roe, on Flickr

    50863211408_56f169c899_z.jpgIrelandGrad1 by Caro Roe, on Flickr
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  • CaleSimsCaleSims Posts: 196 Member
    I started this legacy a little while ago!
    First Generation: Mintzi Berry
    Currently maxed Mischief Skill, Level 5 in Logic, Level 6 in Scientist Career. Needs 2 more elements to complete the Collection.
    Currently dating Nathaniel Monroe, who is an astronaut. They're not engaged, though I plan to have them be soon.
    They have two children, Rozi Berry and Denver Berry. Rozi is 7 years old, having just aged from a toddler. Denver is 3 months.
  • easypeazeeasypeaze Posts: 140 Member
    @CaleSims looking forward to hearing about your progress. Good luck.
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  • Sha2520032003Sha2520032003 Posts: 2,219 Member
    It's so awesome seeing everyone's Not So Berry Sims/Legacies and screenshots.

    I started this challenge back in 2018 & made it all the way through generation 3. & I was having a blast with the 1st 3 generations. & as Gen 3 started to come to a close, I wasn't excited about Gen 4 and took a break.....well the break turned out longer than expected....but here I am, ready to pick this challenge back up & complete it.

    So here's a little recap as to the Berry Legacy:

    Gen 1 (Mint)- Ireland Berry & Dylan Berry: they had 3 kids, Saskia, Soren & Ari. Soren would be heir for Gen 2 - Rose

    Gen 2 (Rose) - Soren Berry: she had 1 kid, Juniper - Gen 3 heir
    Soren & her mom, Ireland

    Gen 3 (Yellow) - Juniper Berry
    Juni ended up marrying her childhood best friend, Jagger (who is alien):

    Juni & Jagger have 5 kids (Jaida, Jai, Jael, Joie, Jaceon) but ended up divorcing after Jagger cheated on Juni with Juni's aunt Saskia (long story).

    Fast forward to today: Juni has completed all the goals for her generation & the heir to Gen 4, Jaida is still a teen and will age up in 3 days. Here's a few pics of some makeovers I gave them after all these years lol:
    Juni - 8GOD8q5.png

    & the upcoming heir for Gen 4, Jaida: TMxBuj1.png
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    @Sha2520032003 Good luck and hope to hear about your progress!
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    I want to give this a go, but I want to find ways to incorporate all the new stuff too. Maybe switch some things around that still follow along the same lines/similarities in regards to traits/skills/jobs. Hmm????
    Owlenmoon is the house which most values creativity and wisdom. They're intellectual and introspective, and can find poetry in situations that may appear irrelevant to others. They're also good at making things more complicated than what they're supposed to be.

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    I want to give this a go, but I want to find ways to incorporate all the new stuff too. Maybe switch some things around that still follow along the same lines/similarities in regards to traits/skills/jobs. Hmm????

    I will add more generations with the new stuff if the challenge doesn't get officially updated when i get there.
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