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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,413 Member
    This will be pic heavy, so under the spoiler tag some of it will go:
    So, I took some more pics of Valentyna that I really like:


    Do you guys remember Desmond Wolfe? He was the brother I made for Thornton. So, my idea with the last few sims I made are that they are employees of his newest business venture. Desmond is a sleazy businessman so what that business venture is maybe might be on a blog I make for stories maybe some day i don't know severe depression and all that. Anyway, my brain canon for this is that Desmond contacts his brother about this exciting new business venture. Thornton is a bit apprehensive because he knows his brother. :lol: On a recent business trip, Thornton met plastic surgeon, Gavin Pinkerton. Gavin, having spent a few years living in quiet farmlands, is eager to get back to more comfortable city life and start his business anew. It just so happens that Desmond is currently living in Boroughsburg, a city Gavin has had his eye on for awhile as a potential new home. Gavin hears of Desmond's offer to Thornton and offers to accompany him since he wants to get a feel of the city anyway.

    Thornton feels more comfortable going with someone else, so he (still a bit reluctantly) accepts Desmond's invitation. At this point in their marriage, Morgana doesn't trust Thornton much, especially around his brother, so she insists on tagging along. And thus starts the adventure into probably just a copious amount of drama and betrayal. :astonished: So that was a lot of exposition just so say teehee i took a pic of Desmond with the girls I've currently made. :lol: From left to right: Tereza, Valentyna, Desmond, and Lidija

    Okay, back to SV makeovers. I was very busy last night. :lol:

    First off, we have Lolita Goth! Our first resurrected sim. :open_mouth: She's adorable and I didn't have to change much.




    Moving right along, I call this part of the process - elder appreciation time! First off, Resurrected Prudence Crumplebottom. Who I also did almost nothing to because she is precious and I love her.



    Moving right along - Resurrected Kitty Landgraab! Who I also love deeply.



    Next up, we have probably a lesser known dead person in SV - Nida Khan! She has awful traits and looked like a witch, but I made her look almost identical to one of my high school English teachers and it blows my mind. RIP Renee you were the best teacher in the world and a truly amazing person :heart: I'm glad a random sim could remind me of you. :heart:

    Her traits at play because one of my resurrected sims is a child and she hates children. :lol:

    But otherwise she looks heckin' cute now. I love her.



    This household of dead sims has I think 3 or 4 more sims in it, but my game said NEIN because I was in-game for like 2 and a half hours so it was just about memory crash time. :lol: So they will have to wait. :tongue:

    If I'm not mistaken, coming up we have makeovers of: Enola Green, Gertrude Flansburgh, Queenie Landgraab, and Opal Saurley. :smiley:
    หยาดฝนโปรยปรายลงมามานะ เธอลุกขึ้นมา :star:
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  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,607 Member
    I have been looking through my Imgur account, and I found a few older screenshots I wanted
    to post here.






    Ty and Audra as teenagers



    Bree as teenager


    Bree as adult


    Ty and Audra as adults



    classic Ty

  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,674 Member
    @bekkasan I think I'm going to have to send someone to Egypt soon to have a good look around inside that Palace. I don't recall being inside it but might have had a quick look a few years ago. I was reading your story last night. A few posts from December 2017. I'm getting there. I like to know about what happened before so that's why I've gone back to the beginning.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,291 Member
    Kristen: Liam? I didn't think I'd get to talk with you again.
    Liam: Believe me, trying to dodge possessive fans, overbearing manager
    and crazed paparazzi's wasn't easy, but worth it .I wanted to see you again.
    Kristen: Well, I'm flattered.
    Liam: Might be hard to get around, but let's go out somewhere?
    Kristen: Aren't you afraid of getting caught.
    Liam: If we are I'll handle it. Lets go.=)

    Liam: I have never seen someone eat clam chowder that fast.
    Kristen: You should see me on thanksgiving. :D
    Liam: Tomorrow I have a performance, would you like a backstage tour?
    Kristen: Absolutely!
    Liam; Great! I'll send a cab...but want a sneak peak?

    Liam: Another summer day has come and gone away in paris
    and Rome, but I wanna go home...Maybe surrounded by a million people,
    I still feel all alone, and I miss you home.And I been keeping all the letters
    that I wrote to you.I would send them, but I know its just not enough, my words
    are cold and flat, and you deserve more than that.

    Liam: Another airplane, another sunny place, I'm lucky I know, but I want to go
    home.Oh I got to go home.Let me go home, I'm just too far from where you are, I wanna
    come home.

    Liam: And I feel just like I'm living someone else's life, its like I just stepped outside
    when everything was going right, and I just know why you could not come along with me,
    this was not your dream, but you'd always believe in me. Another winter day has come
    and gone away, and And in Paris and Rome, I wanna go home, let me go home.

    Liam: And I'm surrounded by a million people, I steel feel alone. Let me go
    home, I miss you home. Let me go home...I had my fun, baby I'm done, i got to go home.
    Let me go home....I'm just too far from where you are...let me come home.

    Liam: Dang, the paparazzi already! I got to get you out of here.
    Kristen: They don't know me..
    Liam: they will if they keep spotting you with me.
    Kristen: Don't worry, I can get home, probably should split up.
    Liam: For now.. but are you sure you can go by yourself?
    Kristen: yeah, I'm fine.
    Liam: Okay, text you tomorrow.

  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 680 Member
    Moonlight Falls: Lysander and Hermia

    Lysander was a genius Sim, and so he enjoyed playing chess on the computer. It was more fun than playing by himself on a real-life chessboard, and less stressful than playing against another Sim in real life. All the same, he was considering buying himself a proper chessboard, so he could play with Hermia. Chess wasn't her strong suit, but he would enjoy teaching her.


    Hermia was not a natural painter like her mother was - she much preferred cooking - but it was important for her degree, and it was always fun to experiment.


    At noon, they went over to the Student Union to meet other students. They decided to play table tennis together.
    "So, are you looking forward to classes?" Hermia asked, serving.
    "Yeah, should be fun," Lysander replied.
    They hit the ball back and forth a few times, before Hermia hit it particularly well and Lysander couldn't return it.
    "Dang it!" he laughed. "You're too good. Anyway, one thing I'm not looking forward to so much is that handiness is a key skill, and... well, I'm not my dad. I'm not a naturally handy person."
    "Oh well, university is designed to be a bit of a challenge," Hermia said.


    That evening, Hermia cooked spaghetti.
    Wow, this is really good! Lysander thought. Having a chef for a girlfriend will be awesome! But I reckon I should learn to cook, too.


    Their first classes were due to start at 8am the following morning, so they went to bed fairly early. They enjoyed being able to share a bed.


    Most of the other students at the university were ordinary Sims, and Hermia felt a little out of place in her obvious fairy clothes, with large wings poking out of her back. No-one was judgmental, though, which helped her relax.


    Though the athletic skill was not a key part of the technology degree, it would still be useful to Lysander in his chosen career, so he did a cardio workout after his classes had finished. Hermia continued to work on her painting skill.


    On Tuesday, Hermia only had a lecture. She spent most of it taking notes, as did most of the other students.


    Lysander had a class activity, which mostly consisted of sitting in his brain enhancing machine. It was quite a relaxing way to spend a couple of hours.


    Later, he had an opportunity to practise his handiness skills, by fixing the sink. He was successful, and felt pleased with himself.
    "Well, I might not be exactly like Dad, but maybe some of his skill rubbed off on me," he said to himself.

    Sims 3 Families: Sanchezes/O'Connors, Fairy Friends, Jenningses
    Sims 4 Families: Fosters/Matsumotos/van Beerses, Harper-Joneses, Mastersons
  • rubyskywalkerrubyskywalker Posts: 705 Member
    Today Rosalie and Derek welcomed their fifth and final child: A baby boy named Lukas, who also happened to get the fairy genetics. So 2 out of 5 of the Queens-Khan Children are fairies, the rest human (for now anyway. ;) )
    I have found Lukas's favorites quite interesting: The Color Red, Kids Music, and Frog Legs (Ew, they don't taste like chicken, from my experience, but it's been a while.)

    I have still been keeping an eye on Nikki and Dayvid. I spotted Nikki at the gym helping another sim with a workout. I also got a sp notification that they got a loan to pay bills. However something's really got me confused - I'm still having Derek do sing-a-grams, and twice he's done a Cheer Up Sing-agram for Nikki. I'll have to keep a close eye on things.

    I also sent my sims to the park the day before the baby was born to get a family photo. Rosalie even invited her mother Julietta over so she could chat with her a while. I had her invite Nikki and Dayvid too, but Nikki didn't want to come, and Dayvid couldn't come either.
    Looks like I'm going to have to have Rosalie see her sister for some One on One Sisterly Bonding time (Their back to acquaintance so I need to get their relationship up.) That way Rosalie will be able to invite her over more often so the kids can see their aunt and uncle at least.

    Jaxon becomes Child in 7 Sim Days. All that's left is teaching him to walk.
    Then they can focus on baby Lukas.
    And soon, when I feel the time is right, I'm going to have Rosalie switch from being a stay-at-home self-employed artist to becoming an actress at the new local film studio, which is kind of her "secret" dream.

    I'm pretty excited for Lacey's, Willow's and Maxwell's LTWs to be worked on: Lacey wants to rescue a bunch of strays, Willow wants to become a Star News Anchor, and Maxwell wants to become a famous Singer like his dad. Wonder what Jaxon's LTW will be?

    Origin ID and TS3 Username: DollyGizzy
    Hoping to complete the Brunch at the Old Mill set for CYS. 16 items left.
    My Sims 3 Store Wishlist: https://store.thesims3.com/myWishlist.html?persona=DollyGizzy
    My TS3 Blog: https://rubysasimslife.blogspot.com
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    I got my game to work on my older Mac, yay! Today my sim started sims university with a science major. She also finally moved out into her own studio apartment in Bridgeport after finishing her 2nd term at university, and her love interest Horace game to visit, which eventually ending in them officially going steady! Now she is in her last term of school and is trying her best so both study but also party and make the best of the last of her college years as she can!
  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,275 Member
    edited November 2020
    Hello, everyone, I hope you are all well. I left my likes & awesomes, but comments will have to wait for sometime later. I thought I'd post a somewhat normal update for a change.

    This time, we look at Marcel Flinders, a game I started when I originally bought Supernatural, and he's the first witch I ever played. It's this scrawny guy, who just got a new haircut etc.
    This is also the first game where I tried my hands at pets. Meet Rocky (sleeping) and Hardy.
    I got Rocky as a kitten, and after some "rocky" start (ha ha), he became a very nice companion. Marcel adopted a second cat in order to make caring for pets easier. I didn't want to deal with kittens ever again, so it's another male who already started with good traits.

    When I started the game, Marcel invited Bianca Crumplebottom over.
    One of his actual romantic interests is her sister Belinda, here with his oldest son Diego, and the oldest Crumplebottom sister, Beatrice, at the steering wheel.
    The Crumplebottom's are a hardy bunch. Amazing what you can achieve by just clenching your cheeks a bit tighter. And shirts for toddlers are optional above -30 degrees F.

    The local library, with Diego reading, Belinda being pregnant and Olivia Goth showing off.
    She isn't the only one though.
    "Look at me!"
    That's Patty Younan, from one of the big pre-made townie families whom the game moved into houses before I used SP.

    Talking about showing off (Olivia with Chauncey Grimm)
    Patty took a pic of the scene.

    Marcel was listening at Belinda's tummy.
    He also gave her a massage.

    Time for some photographs.
    Belinda looks a bit like his mom, although she isn't really that much older. However, she already crossed over into full adult, and I guess my edit of her doesn't do her justice, anyway. I should probably try and bring her original back.

    I looked only a few seconds away, and I saw this while Belinda was in the restroom.
    Yeah, but this didn't go much further, as Patty has a boyfriend. At least that's where it ends for Marcel.

    To be continued...
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,674 Member
    edited November 2020
    Hello all. I'm about to turn the computer off for the night. It's just after 11 pm at my place. I had a busy day. Morning and late afternoon and evening I was working on my Butler household. I moved Judy and her children to Sunlit Tides and over the past few days I've been setting up the house and having birthdays and making imaginary friends real. There is only one IF left to be made real and its owner hasn't yet made the potion.

    I've aged up from child to teen: Charlie The Plant Sim and his IF made real as well as Anne and her IF made real.

    I think I'll age Bertie and Benjie and their IFs made real next time I get into the game. I need teens to help with the garden and Charlie, Anne, Bertie and Benjie have all been children for a very long time.

    Terry King just turned his IF real. That was a bit of a mess. Hesper went missing. He seemed to have joined the Homeless Household. I used Master Controller to get him back. It took a lot of determination on my part to do it. I reset him and tried to get him to join the household numerous times. Eventually, to my surprise, he did join the household. He was in the portrait panel on the left of the screen and yet he was still not real. But at least he was now on the lot and Terry had the potion in his pocket so he offered it to Hesper and Hesper drank it and became real so he then should have been in the portrait panel so that little problem was solved.

    I gave Hesper a new name, Harry, and he got a new skin and outfits. He still doesn't have a bedroom but he can sleep in the big tent out in the back yard until I launch the game again and build him a bedroom.

    The only IF left to be made real belongs to Donna Dutiel. She has started making potions. At least her IF is following her around so hopefully it'll stay with her until she finally gets that potion. She's getting the 'When Dreams Come True' opportunity but I won't accept it. It's easier to make the potion and she gains logic while she's doing it.

    I was relieved to see Ruth age up and she doesn't look too bad. She has a very long narrow face with a pointy chin but she doesn't look terrible. Just before I aged Anne up I remembered she's a witch. As soon as she became a teen she vanished. I found her in her bathroom practicing magic. So that means there are 2 witches in the household.

    It seems there is a romance developing between Judy and Joe. I've not done anything to encourage or discourage it. I've been too preoccupied with getting IF's made real and keeping that garden from dying. Fortunately Judy has the green thumb and is able to revive dead plants. There have been a lot of dead plants due to neglect. I've given the Green Thumb trait to 3 of the 4 sims I aged up to teen. Ruth got Gatherer instead. I thought I can't give them ALL green thumb. I need green thumbs to revive the dead plants. Once they have all got their gardening up to 10 I'll hire a gardening service.

    I don't really want a garden, but Joe is in the gardening career and his LTW is a bottomless nectar cellar. He needs to sell produce to advance in his career and he needs to use produce to make his nectar.

    I'll share pictures tomorrow as I'm too tired now.

    It was Melbourne Cup Day today and I went out to lunch with my cousin and her friends. It was nice to get out of the house for a while and have a nice lunch and talk to some people and also watch a horse race on TV.

    That's it from me for now.

    Happy Simming all.
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    edited November 2020
    Belinda called Marcel to a date on a completely empty lot.
    Marcel: "Hmm, as I remember it, Diego looked already a bit older last time I saw him."
    Belinda: "Ha ha, very "funny". This is Somer, your daughter. Where were you when I had to go to the hospital?"
    Marcel: "Errm. In the garden, I guess. It's hard to hear the phone between all these loud plants."
    Belinda: "You don't even try..."
    Marcel: "Did you keep the receipt? Maybe, we can return her."
    Belinda; "[...] You are insufferable today."
    Marcel: "You're so cute when you are grumpy."
    Not sure why, but she falls for this every time.

    Fortunately, the phone rang at this point, and both went to a party by Patty, that girl from the library. She lives with Chester Swain for some reason (they aren't in any relationship), who is one of Marcel's oldest friends.
    Someone else was going into labor at that point.
    Marcel excused himself and went to the hospital.
    Bianca: "Funny how fast you got here."
    Marcel: "I have my moments."

    Marcel snuggled his daughter.
    Bianca: "Just to make this perfectly clear: She may be your daughter, but that doesn't mean you can suddenly move in here and boss everyone around. Especially not me."
    Marcel: "Let me assure you, I had no..."
    Bianca: "Yeah, yeah, spare me the details."
    Marcel: "No, really, I..."
    Bianca: "The answer is: No! First you can't just stretch in your bed anymore, then there's beard hair all over the sink and dirty socks lying around everywhere you look."
    Marcel: "Err, okay? Wanna try for baby?"
    Bianca: "I thought you'd never ask."
    Sometime later...
    Belinda: "I'm still surprised you actually showed up."
    Marcel: "That's about the tenth time you said that, and I'm starting to regret it."
    Belinda: "Well, it's a bit late for regrets."

    Say hello to Jesse.
    Those faces... :lol:

    To end this on a happy note: The two gnomes I finally thought of putting into the world, Dana and Fergy, also got a little one.

  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,607 Member

    That male sim of yours is very hot <3
    Great looking sims.
    That story sounds fu ntoo.
  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 2,891 Member
    Roxie arrived at the house and picked Link up. He had swiftly changed into his everyday clothes. Just as they left the house, Zelda spied on them from the balcony. What was interesting about the relationship? Was Zelda just longing for romance? She hadn't said anything regarding her views on romance. She did mention refusing to settle down, though. He was sure that by now, she was either working out or practicing her martial arts skill. Once the couple arrived at the theater, they bought tickets for a movie.


    "I'll have to work in a bit," Roxie said.

    "I'm pretty sure you do," Link replied.

    "So, the lady at the house..."

    "She's a roommate. Why do you ask?"

    "I've seen her around town a few times. Most of the time, she's investigating mysteries. Alright, let's get the popcorn and the soda. Then, we'll enjoy the movie in silence."

    "Is holding hands allowed?"



    Later on, Link returned home. "Before you ask, the movie is fun."

    "I'm sure it is," Zelda said. "I've gotten a bit more money. Just enough to go on an adventure. Let me guess. The two of you-"

    "Are you mad?"

    "Mad at what? I'm just curious, okay? And I'm tired."

    "I guess you're putting on that tough-girl act."


    Zelda snorted. "It's not an act. I happen to be a brooding person. Also, this mystery man is still on the loose, and hasn't been caught yet."

    "Of course. I'll train for the next horse racing competition in the morning, and then I'll go there in the afternoon," Link said.


    "Night, Miss No-Nonsense Lady."

    Zelda rolled her eyes. "Is it supposed to be a compliment? Roxie seems like she could be a sassy girl, too."

    Link chuckled. "She is."


    Zelda changed into her nightgown and slipped into bed. As she drifted to dreamland, she became aware of the branches gently tapping the windows. There was the occasional hum of a vehicle whizzing by. However, the night was quiet for the most part. A vision crept into her mind, and she began tossing back and forth. She saw the man again, and it wasn't the first time. She had already lost count of the many times she had encountered him in her nightmares. This time, she heard a distressed scream. As she turned her head to the right, Link was burning to death. The whole time he was burning, the larger man cackled at his misfortune. Then, the scene transitioned to an overhead view of Riverview, then many other towns and cities. Finally, she found herself staring at the Earth, and it shattered into several burning pieces.

    Zelda awakened with a start, panting. What did it mean? Collecting her thoughts, she figured out what the explosion meant. The large man would destroy everything in his path in an effort to rule the world. Unless someone rose up to stop him, he would succeed. His name flashed into her mind; Ganondorf. She closed her eyes and tried to get back to sleep. Yet she couldn't.


    When the morning came, Link mounted Epona and rode off into the open field. The faint light of dawn spilled into the eastern horizon, illuminating the distant hills. He let out a subtle yawn. Just then, he remembered his dream. It felt so real, he thought it was actually happening to him. Why did the man seem familiar? Perhaps he watched the news too much... or read too many stories in the newspaper. Even listening to radios could have caused him to have a nightmare.


    Zelda walked outside as soon as she awakened. The cool breeze rippled through her waist-length hair as she placed a few boards on the two pedestals. She pounded the boards, then stretched her toned limbs. She had a feeling she wouldn't be the only one going on adventures. Not that she needed assistance when it came to exploring tombs and ancient temples...
  • MadIrisMadIris Posts: 539 Member

    Before the feast party:


    After the feast party:

  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,413 Member
    So, what feels like 5000 years ago, I said something about making over some of my older sims. And I finally have something to show for it. :lol: This sim is named Natalia Darby. I think I posted about her exactly once, so I'm sure all of you have fond memories of her. :tongue: Anyway, she used to look like this:


    I wanted to keep the pink hair, but not entirely pink like before. The style I was going for was like late 90s alternative. :lol:




    หยาดฝนโปรยปรายลงมามานะ เธอลุกขึ้นมา :star:
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  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 5,991 Member
    Okay I ended up doing some awesomoing while I'm slow on the uptake today but real quick.

    @CravenLestat and it's a nice house too ha, I let your girls I lifted from you live together and since one of them is currently full zombie can't say much will come of that but she's kind of like an alarm system for her new mummy friend.
    @Brandontaylor congrats on the job I understand, there will probably be good and bad days but it sure feels nice to keep bills out of the way while getting a few things here and there to make things better.
    @Emily4331 Lolita is so cute...I don't really know any of those sims but I like how they all look lol.
    @bekkasan it's always fun to corrupt the sims which is how he became my own lol,
    Now next time I'll probably share something else and put this in my other thread but thought you'd want to see some of Lev and Cinnamon's early days.
    Keeping him from fire Cinnamon let Lev clean up from dinner last night while she made breakfast.
    While they were eating Blake called to invite them to a little party she was having and I thought my save was damaged because I could not get them leave at first. Then I remembered I locked the front door....ugh lol anyways they got to enjoy it a little bit and spend some time with family. Lev went right up to his mother to talk to her belly he couldn't believe he already missed them, no matter how excited he was to have his life with Cinnamon and move on. Blake may never know how valued she is and why what she did was wrong but then that's the case with people like her isn't it. Never the less they are a tight bunch....as for Quincy there he likes Cinnamon she smells like sugar or whatever he thinks it smells like and is a walking barbie ha.
    That night after woohoo I had my first abduction in a long while now, maybe they are curious how the toy lives now, see Lev look what you did, you made your wife an alien's science project.
    They went about their morning normally after, they have had worse I guess.
    Anyways they went to the spring festival as soon as it seemed warm enough Lev was so excited about the Easter egg hunt.
    Cin played along and found a fancy egg but mostly she wanted ice cream and no eggs at all.
    They were marked blazing hot by the love tester.

    "See babe I told you we were perfect together."

    "Pfft Levvy please I know this, man."
    I need to get them some new outfits as well, but they are too cute, oh they also have some celeb stars as I cheated their relationship with Blake and Bert's friends just cause they have had a lot of parties and grown up around them.
    work it work it.
    Lev is just too precious, the deer doesn't care for him but the tiniest things make him all giddy, I interrupted their dinner for this.
    Admiring the egg his wife got she would have put it in storage but as he wanted one so badly she left it on display for him.
    And finally we're getting gen 3, guess which one is pregnant.

    Not hard I guess ha.

    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second d..lol
    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
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    Update. I've been working on setting up the Butler household from Dragon Valley in their new home in Sunlit Tides. There is still a lot to do but I think, after today, I'll have enough of the setup done to put it away and start work on my next video. That next video will be a continuation of the 30 Grandchildren Badge Challenge. I'm hoping to complete that series and put it away for good before moving on, but that will only happen if the badge is awarded. If the badge isn't awarded then I'll stop for a while and approach it from a different angle.

    Today I'm posting a few pictures of the game in Sunlit Tides.

    Firstly, the location of the home lot is where the horse racing track is.


    This lot is always wasted in my games as I don't often play with horses and I have no plans to do so in this game. So this time I bulldozed the lot that comes with the world and placed the new Butler house on that lot.

    I have tried bulldozing that lot previously, a few years ago, and the original lot kept on appearing to still be there from map view, but this time their house seems to be visible. I liked the central courtyard of the Dragon Valley house so I did it again in Sunlit Tides. This is a completely new build and is quite different from the house in Dragon Valley.

    The thing I've been doing so far is getting the house furnished - that isn't quite done yet but it's getting there. I like to decorate and add to my builds as I play so I may not get much more done to this house until I play it again.

    I'll now show you pictures of the current occupants of this house. I've aged some up. There are some new imaginary friends made real. Some of the sims I'm about to show you are familiar to anyone who's been watching my Isla Paradiso Bunch videos, and some of them are totally new additions to the household.

    Judy Butler, a witch, is the founder of the entire Isla Paradiso Bunch game. I have moved her and her 6 children and their imaginary friends made real to Sunlit Tides as the original Isla Paradiso Bunch household has grown too large for the game to be played. I'm using NRAAS Traveller mod to allow households to live in many different worlds in the same game and continue to interact with each other. All relationships have been preserved between the sims left behind in Dragon Valley and this new household in Sunlit Tides.

    If I start a new video series on this story there will be a few households living in a few different worlds. I'm only setting this one up for now. The others will happen eventually.

    Here's Judy. She's in her new TV / Living room.



    Judy's traits: Angler, Loves the Outdoors, Friendly, Handy, Neat plus Green Thumb. Her LTW is: Zombie Master. I've never achieved that lifetime wish and think I might make it a goal for this game.

    I made a new sim for this household. His name is Joe Hart. His traits are: Adventurous, Loves the Outdoors, Natural Cook, Handy, Gatherer. His LTW is Bottomless Nectar Cellar. He needs a garden to grow grapes and things for his nectar. He hasn't started learning about nectar yet but he has a basement garden with nectar making machines and nectar racks all ready for him. Only the low growing plants are in this basement garden. Trees are in the open at ground level at this stage. When Winter comes I'll probably enclose them in a greenhouse.

    Joe has been learning the gardening skill and handiness skill. He's been gardening and upgrading some of the sprinklers to Auto Water. Sprinklers don't work in the basement so they have to hand water because I won't buy them Swift Gro Gardening Stations. They all have to work hard in the gardens until their gardening skill is to level 10. That'll be a while because some of them are still children and will be children for quite a long time. At some point I'll hire a gardening service to take care of their gardens.

    I've had Judy and Joe working in the garden together. They've started getting the Attractive Sim moodlet. I'm wondering if some sort of romance might be happening there. If it does I will go with it. They only have 1 trait in common. Oops - I just realised they have 2 traits in common Handy and Loves the Outdoors. I guess Romance is in the air. This could get interesting.

    If they do get together I would hope they may have a few children together. That's something else that may happen if I continue with this series of videos in a new playlist.

    I've been getting them to start a medium sized garden for Joe. Unfortunately Joe isn't exactly dedicated to gardening. He seems to have developed a fixation with the climbing wall I put into the basement. That might have to go.

    The garden was in danger of dying from neglect - again. I went looking for Joe and found him here.


    The Group Science project, Tree of Prosperity and Climbing Walls are all in a deep corner of their basement. I'm trying to keep their basement smallish so I haven't extended the deepest parts all over the lot. It's just in one corner.

    I eventually managed to get Joe back to his basement garden. Judy helps him with it a lot.

    I found the existing gardens were too much for Judy and Joe to manage on their own so it was time to age up some of the children to teen. Teens can help with the gardening, children can't. I know there is a mod to have children gardening but I'd rather just age a few of the older children up. I've had Charlie the Plant sim as a child in various games since 2013 and I've never seen him as a teen. So he aged up to teen first. By the way I've got video of all of this just in case I do make another playlist.

    Charlie was the first plant sim I ever made and the only plant sim I had made for a few years. Judy made his forbidden fruit seed but her housemate at the time, Dora Lake, picked Charlie. That was when I discovered the sim who picks the plant sim baby is the sim who is the parent. I wanted Judy to be his mother. Sometimes I have Charlie in households with Dora when I'm playing her, and sometimes I have him with Judy when I'm playing her. I moved Charlie into the Isla Paradiso Bunch from Dora's house in Dragon Valley just for this story. (Dora is in the Witches Village in a different Dragon Valley save. She's not in the current save.)

    Before moving to Sunlit Tides all of the children who had gone to school for a while were A Grade students. But when they arrived in Sunlit Tides they reverted to C grade so it took them a few days to get back up to A Grade. I used that time to have them discover potions, make their imaginary friends real and allow the imaginary friends to do their child skills and advance to A Grade at school. They were all A Grade before all of the child skills of the IFs made real were completed.

    Here is Charlie as a teen. I didn't take him into Stylist yet.

    Charlie's traits are Athletic, Loves the Outdoors, Easily Impressed - he got Green Thumb on aging up to Teen. His LTW is Master Acrobat.

    Judy was the only one in the household with the Green Thumb trait and she took ages to revive all the plants that died of neglect so I gave a few of the teens that trait when they aged up.

    Charlie has an imaginary friend made real named Peter Lake. Peter quickly did all of his childhood skills so he could age up on the same day as Charlie.

    Peter's traits are: Virtuoso, Coward, Loves the Cold, Green Thumb. His LTW is still a mystery. I was pleased to age him up from child because of his coward trait. At night, while still a child, he constantly fainted from terror due to looking for monsters under the bed. I didn't change his traits when I initially took him into CAS to give him a makeover. I changed just about everything else about him. My Imaginary Friends made real in this household are getting a major redo.

    When I chased Joe from the climbing wall to his garden I was surprised to find Charlie and Peter had autonomously gone down there and had started tending the garden.

    Joe joined them - eventually.



    A day or so after Charlie and Peter aged up I aged up Anne Butler.

    Now, Charlie was the first plant sim I ever made, but Anne was the first clone I ever made. They both happened within weeks of University Life being released. I first made Judy at that time too. Judy took a sample of her own DNA and cloned Anne from it. She's always been in Judy's households - except for the Isla Paradiso Bunch because it wasn't supposed to ever become an actual game. I've been constantly looking for a way to get Anne and Charlie into Judy's household in the IP Bunch and grabbed the opportunity when I set up the new household in Dragon Valley.

    I aged Anne up to teen.

    This is Anne with her Imaginary Friend made real, Ruth, and her little plant sim brother Benjie Butler behind her.

    Anne's traits are: Absent Minded, Loves the Outdoors, Disciplined, Green Thumb. Her LTW is still a mystery. Undecided.

    This is a better look at Ruth. She is the first Imaginary Friend made real that I decided to give a major makeover to and she changed completely from her original appearance.

    Ruth's traits are: Loves the Outdoors, Disciplined, Gatherer, Eco Friendly. Her LTW: Undecided. She got Gatherer when she aged to teen. I don't think I change the traits she got when she first became real as a child.


    By the way, this was Ruth as a child.

    I'll post more later showing you the younger sims in this household. The rest of them are all still children. Only Donna Dutiel has to discover the potion to make her imaginary friend real. Bertie, Benjie and Terry King have all found the potion they needed and turned their Imaginary Friends real.
  • sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 589 Member
    Hello Everyone! Thank you for the lovely condolences for my grandmother. I appreciate them so much!
    @emily4331 I envy your sims’ makeovers! They all look so amazing!!
    @silverofdreams30 I enjoyed seeing your sims screenshots!
    @graceymanor It looked like Liam and Kristen had a good time despite the paparazzi! I am sure Kristen enjoyed Liam’s song :)
    @lucy_henley How are you liking the University pack? I am thinking about getting it but I want to explore some of the other packs! Lysander and Hermia are a really cute couple! I’ve enjoyed watching their progress through college! :)
    @rubyskywalker Congrats to Rosalie and Derek on baby #5! They sound like a very dynamic family :)
    @turjan Your Marcel is gorgeous! I enjoyed seeing the updates of him and Belinda! I haven’t played their household yet but what I can see of them around Moonlight Falls, they seem like a
    riot! Looking forward to updates!
    OMG! He’s now with Bianca too!! Loving it lol!!
    @karritz I enjoyed reading the update on your sims! How do you make the IF real? I’m still learning the Generations pack:)
    @reddestiny92 Good to see you here again!! I really enjoyed reading your update on Cinnamon and Lev! And is that tea service from the Store? It looks so fun!!

    So last time I played, I was hanging out with my sim family I created, the Ravenhalls. GMdRwsm.jpg
    They just had a baby Catelyn. Daddy Gideon was so happy (he was the one who wanted to expand the family). Mom Francesca of course was happy too, but she still had to do all the work. I think Catelyn is going to be a vampire like her dad.v5qIagZ.jpg
    Anyway I was getting bored so I have been visiting some of the other families around Moonlight Falls. The Wolffs! I haven’t played werewolves before! Its been a trip so far lol. I started out with supposed town founder, Pappy Wolff. Not gonna lie he’s kind of boring. All he does is fish all day. PfIZP7T.jpg
    He visited his son and grandkids. I was laughing at the “show off teeth lol” interaction JNqRD5e.jpg
    Dwayne Wolff and his family seem nice. 6o8yGyT.jpg
    I fell in love with Waylon, the teen son. The proper trait is a riot. Waylon is like a little old man stuffed inside a teenager’s body lol. Anyway, he’s crushing on Emelie Van Gould, the little vampire teen from the other side of town. They talk all the time on the phone. He’s cute, but I kind of like his werewolf form better… GYlePQW.jpg
    Like really crushing on her DQdVLfd.jpg
    He invited her over. They had prom coming up! He asked her to be his date. Don’t mind Emelie’s weird costume. My game thinks its Spooky day all the time and Emelie and her brother Tristan keep running around town trick-or-treating. 40diUHL.jpg
    She said yes! And he felt emboldened enough to venture a first kiss. She didn’t shove him away so I guess that’s a good sign. 2KjZmCL.jpg
    And they are officially going steady! pDHqSnb.jpg
    I know that based on their bios and relationship status, that Waylon and Ayden (Emelie’s vampire dad) don’t like each other, but based on their traits, I think they’d get along rather well. We shall see!
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    edited November 2020
    @sarabeth2984 to make an imaginary friend real you firstly must make sure your toddler plays or sings nicely with their doll. I like to use the dolls as babysitters for toddlers. Once they've done their toddler skills I try to get them to play with the doll a lot.

    When the toddler ages up to child they need to continue playing with the doll. Eventually your child sim will get a message that their doll wants to come out to play. ASAP after this message pull the doll from the child's inventory. Place it on the floor. The doll will then come alive and follow the child around. It is only visible to you when the owner is the active sim.

    There is an opportunity your child will be offered. When Dreams Come True. If you accept this opportunity you will be required to do a few things that take forever to do and eventually your child sim will receive a large sum of money that they take to the Science Facility and get a potion that the Imaginary Friend needs to drink. They won't drink it if you child isn't sufficiently good friends with their imaginary friend.

    The thing I prefer to do is refuse that opportunity. I get the child to discover potions until they find the potion to make an imaginary friend real. It costs about 4,500 simoleans but the first one made is free. Once your child sim has the potion they need to play and chat with their IF to get the relationship high enough to get the IF to drink the potion.

    One thing to remember though, once the IF has become alive it is now an actual sim and can not be deleted without corrupting the game just as would occur if you were to delete any sim.

    Once the IF becomes real they are like any other sim. They are a member of the household. Just like sims with the Bot trait IFs made real have two forms. They can appear as a human sim or as a toy sim. The menu option is available when you click on them.

    If you were to watch some of my recent videos of the Isla Paradiso Bunch or Perfect Genetics Challenge you'll see a lot of Imaginary Friends being made real.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,674 Member
    edited November 2020
    Here is the rest of the household I started showing in my above post.

    If you've been watching the Isla Paradiso Bunch videos you will know Bertie, Benjie, and Terry.

    Bertie and Benjie are twins - because Judy picked them both at the same time.

    There is a 50% chance of getting a Plant Sim baby or a Forbidden Fruit when a sim plants a Forbidden Fruit seed.

    Now the trick is that percent chance applies to each seed without any regard to any other seeds that were planted.

    You'd have to plant thousands of seeds to see the result of a 50/50 mix of baby or fruit being produced.

    Anyway, Judy really wanted one plant sim baby so she decided to hedge her bets and planted 2 seeds. She got 2 babies that both needed picking at the same time because she planted her forbidden fruit seeds at the same time. You would have seen them being planted and cared for and picked by Judy in a few of the episodes of the Isla Paradiso Bunch.

    When I built the house for this group I left a huge courtyard in the middle. This is a playground for the whole household, but the children have most use of it. I'd like to keep most of these children as children for a while. Bertie and Benjie and their Imaginary Friends made real will age up next as the plant sim twins have been children for a long time. But I haven't played them much as they've been living in Isla Paradiso and the game there was getting progressively more unstable for a long time. The second playlist of the Isla Paradiso Videos were mostly about adventures and tomb walkthroughs with very little time spent at home with the family. Towards the last few episodes it was almost impossible to play them at home. I took the children to France or China occasionally just so we could see them and let them develop skills.

    Bertie was picked first - I changed his hair to blond as I could never work out which was Bertie and which was Benjie. I also experimented with their skin colour by sliding their slider as far as possible to the left.

    Bertie's traits are: athletic, eco friendly, green thumb His LTW is Illustrious Author


    This group includes Bertie, Donna and Pippa. You'll meet them down the page a little.



    And this is Benjie. His traits are: Good, Loves the Outdoors, Loves to Swim His LTW: Become a Creature Robot Cross Breeder


    This group are left to right: Donna, Pippa, Bertie and Benjie.

    Here are Terry King playing with Pippa.

    Pippa is Bertie's Imaginary Friend made real. Pippa's name as a doll was Peaches.

    I didn't like the traits Pippa arrived with and changed them. She started out with the traits of Evil, Slob, Never Nude. She might have been entertaining to play, but I was tired at the time and didn't want to contemplate what she might get up to. At another time of day when I was less tired I may have just chuckled and left her alone just as she was. However I did change her traits and now she is: Good Sense of Humour, Loves the Outdoors, Equestrian.

    Good Sense of Humour and Loves the Outdoors can both be excessively annoying traits but I hope they are not going to drive me crazy with Pippa.

    Since I deleted the race track because I didn't want to play with horses I thought it a bit ironic I now have a sim who has the equestrian trait. I think I gave her that trait because she has a hidden trait that has something to do with loving horses. She may never get to ride a horse, but then, when she grows up she might move to a different world where she can do whatever she wants with horses. And there are lots of horses roaming wild in Sunlit Tides. It has plagues of wild horses.

    Pippa's LTW is still to be chosen.



    Carl is Benjie's Imaginary Friend made real. Carl's traits are: Adventurous, Sailor, Dog Person. LTW still to be chosen.
    Carl's name while he was a doll was Cuddles.




    Anne and Terry are chatting here. Terry is a mermaid. Both Anne and Terry are clones. Terry is the clone Judy made from a DNA sample she got from Triton King. Anne is a clone Judy made of herself.


    Ruth, Terry and Anne

    Just Terry.

    Here are Benjie, Carl and Harry

    Harry is Terry's imaginary friend made real. Harry's original name was Hesper.

    I had a lot of trouble caused by Hesper. He was happily running around after Terry after he became live. Then I didn't notice him for a while. When Terry got the potion to make Hesper real there was no sign of Hesper. His picture was still in Terry's relationship panel but Terry couldn't interact with him. This led to panic on my part. I'd gone to all the trouble of getting Terry to make that potion and now his IF had done a runner. Apparently he was well on his way out of the world and existing with the homeless.

    I used Master Controller on countless occasions to reset Hesper and to add Hesper to the household.

    I tried the cheat ResetSim Hesper a few times too.

    I don't give up easily. I kept it up well beyond the point when I should have given up.

    I was thinking I was going to have to shut down without saving and put myself through the tedium of Terry making his potion again plus lose progress other sims had made.

    I tried again to add Hesper to the household. As soon as I did it I thought I shouldn't have done that because Hesper wasn't made real, he wasn't ready to appear in the portrait panel on the left of the screen. He was live but not real.

    Anyway I had one more go at adding him to the household knowing it was futile when suddenly his portrait appeared in the portrait panel. This was a bit of a worry - he shouldn't be there. I just wanted him back on the lot running around after Terry. Then I spotted him just inside the front gate and Terry was with him. Terry had to be active for me to see Hesper.

    Terry was already best friends with Hesper so they ran all around the outside of the house to where there was a bit more room and then Terry offered the potion to Hesper. He drank it. This was a relief as he now belonged in the portrait panel. When he became real I named him Harry.

    Harry's traits are: Can't stand art, virtuoso, heavy sleeper. I don't like two of this 3 traits but I'll live with them. He hasn't chosen a LTW yet.

    Finally there is Donna. In these pics she's playing tag with Charlie. Donna is a clone Judy made from a DNA sample she got in France from Lea Dutiel. Donna was cloned in France and this process was shown in one of the videos of Playlist 2 of the Isla Paradiso Bunch.

    Donna still needs to discover the potion to make her Imaginary Friend real.


    Poor Riley is having trouble keeping up with Donna. In this pic Riley is standing next to Harry but of course, Harry can't see Riley as until Riley drinks the potion and becomes real only Donna can see him/her. And I can only see Riley when Donna is the active sim.


    That's it for now. There is still much to be done with this household but I probably won't do much more until I'm ready to start making more videos on them. I think at least one or two people have indicated they might like to see more of this household.

    Since there seems to be a romance developing naturally between Judy and Joe there might be babies born. Eventually I'll expect the children to age up to teens in future episodes and the teens will probably age up to Young Adults and might move out to set up their own households. But before that happens I want to enjoy some of the children playing in the big courtyard full of wonderful things for their enjoyment.

    Only time will tell. Happy Simming all.

    EDIT; I'm thinking of using this picture as the thumbnail for future videos when the videos are about the household in Sunlight Tides.

  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,970 Member
    Just popping in to say remember how a couple of months ago I said I lost everything and had to start again?

    I just got an old USB stick with a few package files on them...

    Will have to give that a try later and see who I can salvage! :smiley:
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,607 Member
    I created a new male sim and so also made a photoshoot.
    I'm especially tagging @Emily4331, @emorrill, @bekkasan
    @TinySpaceFox, @coco, @meerkattime









    Jordan Landis, Bridgeport

  • ilikethesims30ilikethesims30 Posts: 530 Member
    I'm trying to do some sort of couples vacation with 3 of my Sim couples, but my game won't cooperate. It keeps on shutting down when it's transitioning from regular world to vacation world? What can I do?
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,871 Member
    @Silverofdreams30 Jordan is a cutie. <3 Love the photoshoot. You did well with it. :star:
  • Rhiannon58Rhiannon58 Posts: 772 Member
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    I had a kitty that had wondered off while I was busy getting my family settled in a new house. I noticed that the kitty wasn't at home so I clicked to send them home. I noticed that it said the kitty was on the way home but sitting on a boat. What? So I clicked to see what was happening and apparently my kitty was way far away from home because they took a water taxi to get closer to home. Water taxi? I had no idea!
    Post edited by Rhiannon58 on
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,607 Member
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    Thank you


    I am glad you enjoyed it.
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