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Supernatural Misadventures: Story 2 Chapter 24 [Updated 10/25]



  • lone_catlone_cat Posts: 417 Member
    Thanks!:) I figure not everything would get answered, and Hailey doesn't really have the means to solve everything in this story, so there will be some loose ends for her. There will be an epilogue that will explain some things. :)

    Can't say too much about the three of them, but you'll find out soon enough. ;)

    So far, this is what I have planned for locations (this could change because I'm indecisive, lol). There will be an interlude that will be around ten chapters. That will be set in Windenburg (I know, really random, lol). Then the next story will probably be in San Myshuno/Newcrest with a little bit of Brindleton Bay toward the end (BB is about five hours from San Myshuno in my lore). The story after that I'm planning for Strangerville with a little of Oasis Springs.
  • ThePlumbobThePlumbob Posts: 4,971 Member
    Ooh yes, I remember you mentioning the Windenburg miniseries/interlude - very excited for that! It will be fun to get a change of scenery, and maybe perspective :) I can see Brindleton Bay being relatively close to Newcrest. Sim geography and where the world might be in relation to one another weirdly fascinates me, even though it's completely disregarded by the game mechanics haha.
  • Sims4MagicalTalesSims4MagicalTales Posts: 4,609 Member
    I just started reading your story. I love the screenshots, and the Sims look good.
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