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Twinbrook world not available

To preface, I bought a new computer a year ago and have just now started moving old saves back in.

I started to do this for Twinbrook but found everything greyed out. Twinbrook isn't an option.

And now I remember a few years ago the same situation, probably when I had to reinstall because of replacing a hard drive, and there were many, MANY people who also couldn't access Twinbrook. It's been a lot of years so "google" doesn't seem to have the answers I was able to find way back then. Seems like there was a problem with the world not creating a *.world file in the appropriate folder. If I'm not mistaken, I believe that those who did have the game were able to send a copy of their file and everything would work. There's nothing about this file that is personal or is a reflection of an individual game, so it doesn't infringe on anyone or EA.

That said, wondering if someone wouldn't mind sending me a copy of their file so that I can get to playing it! Much appreciated.


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    SimLibbySimLibby Posts: 668 Member
    Check your messages please.
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    columbia93columbia93 Posts: 319 Member
    Thank you so much for your help. As it turns out, I did a few things and got it working. I copied the world file into the main folder alongside Sunset Valley. Twinbrook showed up but it crashed the game, of course! So I deleted the world file in the EP02 file, leaving the copy in the game folder, and then NONE of the Expansion/Stuff packs were showing in the Launcher. Sheesh!!! So I moved that file (that I'd copied) BACK to the EP02 folder and, VOILA!, it now works again!

    I really appreciate that you responded to my request and, at the same time, glad I didn't have to bother you further... LOL!
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