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Brainstorm Ideas

vessmevessme Posts: 479 Member
It sounds like the new stuff pack is one that I will really like. I like all of the stuff packs, but the knitting and crafts may become my favorite. In the sims 2 a hobby based stuff pack came out and it was so much fun! I'm looking for to the crafty stuff pack. I wanted to put out some ideas for the future based on some of the things miss from previous sims games. I miss the bird watching hobby introduced in the sims 2. It sounds weird, but I do. We have the birds all we need is the sims to have a pair of binoculars. Volleyball and the pool table would be nice too. Scooters or skateboards would new and fun as well. I have so many thoughts that excite me, but I want to keep it short.


  • Soup1621Soup1621 Posts: 1 New Member
    I'm sure that I'm not the first to mention the idea of super powers in the sims but hear me out:

    A metropolis type city with new types of jobs as "origin stories" I.e. Journalist, Genetic Scientist, Nuclear scientist, ect. a few days after you start the new "origin story" your sim gets into an accident relating to each "origin story" your sim develops a new skill called something along the lines of "super powers" or (Super power name here) some powers. as an example the journalist investigates say a new museum exhibit and gets bit by a prehistoric mosquito and develops the skill "Dino Strength" they can train their newfound skill by using a Super Sim Training Kit. Once you get the super power the "origin story" job ranks up into some kind of super hero job line, at a high enough level of job it can split into two path's offering a super villain line and a Professional Hero line or something of the like.

    other smaller stuff:
    you can now build secret doors out of stuff like book shelves and fireplaces that can be used to access a secret lair area or even just be able to buy a mansion or house with a secret lair under the house.
    your sim can make another sim starting from age teenager and up into a side kick or henchman.
    your sim can open and run a comic store and browse the internet looking for comic books to trade and buy and can even make their own with the writing or art skills.
    your sim can reveal their secret identity to sims they trust but be careful! talkative sims will expose them causing your sim to be embarrassed for a few days.
    New clothing items including masks and super hero costumes. you can even make a disguise for your sim so perceptive sims won't get suspicious of your sims secret identity.
    New objects like costume display cases for sims to show off old costumes and attire. super trophy cases to hold collectible items and villain gadgets and even a Super Sim Super Computer which they can use to access hero work from home or become a powerless free lance hero.
    Tinkerer sims can make a handful of super gadgets like a smoke bomb and a grappling hook with the new Super Sim Gadget Bench or even make their own costumes on the Super Sim Costumematic.
    Super Sims can even develop wacky weaknesses such as cheese or a special kind of rock.
  • CourtandAlCourtandAl Posts: 68 Member
    I would love to see an adoption agency in Sims4. Something where you actually go to the adoption agency and choose the child you wish to adopt, get to hear their story and so on, and even where you could run an adoption agency and do checkups on the adoptive family as you would actually do in that career.
    Smile bright and shine your light, give another heart something to feel happy for tonight. :smile:
  • HollowsGraceHollowsGrace Posts: 2 New Member
    I have a few Ideas that I would like to see added to the Sims 4.

    1. Create a Sim: I would like more period accurate clothing and a way to select which decade of clothing choice, this would allow for Legacy decades challenges to be more immersive and add a richer depth to the story telling. I think this would be very popular with a lot of simmers not just me as The Legacy and the Decades challenge are 2 very popular play challenges. I know I can't be the only one who would enjoy this.

    2.Gameplay: I would also like the ability to create farms and Homesteads. Making Farms/Ranches and Orchards that could be a homebased business. Pick which livestock you wish to raise if any {Cows, Chickens, Ducks, Goats, Sheep, Horses and Pigs possibly some other more exotic livestock} For example if you want to have a fully self sufficient homestead to support your family a little of all of the livestock or if you just want to be a cattle farmer or Pig Farmer or own a Horse Ranch etc.. Raising Cows/Goats for either milk or meat; Chickens/ Ducks/Turkey for eggs or meat; Sheep for wool and meat; Pigs for meat; Horses to ride and perform in Races and or Rodeos or for herding livestock depending on how in depth you want to play it. I also wouldn't mind having more pets in general too like Birds, Ferrets, Hamsters/Gerbils, Guinea pigs, snakes or lizards etc.

    3. Building: I would love to build spilt levels with having the foundation showing as my "Split level" is actually not a room for the lower portion. and the option to change the height for some walls on the same floor like a medium height portion of the walls back down to regular height as well as the ability to build walls on half square not just full square tiles.
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