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What year did you start playing your first The Sims game?


  • DyingLightDyingLight Posts: 309 Member
    I played The Sims for the first time before its first expansion came out. It was the year 2000 and I was 12 years old. I played Sim city 3000 before I played The Sims. It was a very exciting and nostalgic time for me. The Sims was such a fun and addicting game. It brings so many good memories. My mom loved the game too.
  • Shellyrae593Shellyrae593 Posts: 18 Member
    Goodness guys, my smile is so big right now going down that memory lane😁. My son first introduced me to the game, though it was my sister who really got me playing. I use to play this game so much that I would dream of my Sims! I loved playing and going to the forum to read what other Sim players were doing. Often someone from Max is would come on to chat and ask what we wanted. We loved them and their work was on point!! The Sims 1 was fun but when they come out with The Sims 2!!!! Wow. 3&4 are good because of its graphics. Enjoyed 3 way more than 4, color wheel but 2 is still my favorite.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 7,989 Member
    edited September 2020
    2017 (started playing Sims 3) - after suffering a near-fatal bout with pneumonia (near total lung-blockage); was too busy raising a family and earning money till then. I was a thirty year old adult when Sims 1 came out (working in real estate); My wife @Featherbelle had our second child the year Sims 2 came out so I was too busy helping to raise our children back then to bother with Sims 2. Started a photography business in 2006 and was busy with that through 2009 when Sims 3 came out. Still was too busy with photography in 2014 when Sims 4 came out.

    Won't buy Sims 4 at all. the lacklustre and linear "drag players around by the nose" gameplay gives me no interest and I'm not tossing money into the garbage. Especially not one red cent of what I worked my *** off for.
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  • Dragon_KweenDragon_Kween Posts: 43 Member
    I literally only got the sims 4 in 2018 because I got so bored in my English classes, that I had to buy something to do. Not the best investment with the trainwreck it's become, but no regrets. I still enjoy what I have.
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  • FairyGodMotherFairyGodMother Posts: 7,374 Member
    Played since the beginning <3
    Sims3 is my love. I own the store. I am known as charlotteprice on S3 store. I don't go to the store or forums here much, but I will throw gifts out when I can!
  • GramcrackersGramcrackers Posts: 1,160 Member
    My family got me started. Husband and youngest son bugged me to play saying I'd like it. Well I loved it and became obsessed. When my oldest found out I was playing The Sims he shared his creations. My grandsons started playing at age 4. I ended up the only one playing and having no one to talk to about it I started coming to the forums and tried different chat groups. Life became busy and I got away from the social and creative part but always played at least a little. Loved The Sims Medieval and still play that. Gave up on Sim City and other stuff. Had everything that came out for playing the Sims and hated throwing the old games away. TS3 was my favorite because I loved Create-a-Style. Made hundreds of wallpapers and flooring for the game.
  • alyssasim87alyssasim87 Posts: 1,271 Member
    it was new years eve 2003. i couldnt decide between the sims 1 and a cd. i picked the sims 1. best decision i made in my life. it changed everything for me.
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  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 25,010 Member
    Class of 2000 :smile:
  • SleepstarSleepstar Posts: 532 Member
    2006 for me, with The Sims 2 (Though I played a Save my cousin had borrowed from a friend in late 2005 when I was spending a week at my grandparents')
    Currently aiming to get all harvestables produce in The Sims 3 (On the Store now)

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  • SweetieWright_84SweetieWright_84 Posts: 1,611 Member
    I think it was around a year or so before TS3 Supernatural came out. Supernatural was the first pack I ever bought.
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  • Ericabadu2Ericabadu2 Posts: 4 New Member
    Iv'e always wanted the sims games but my mother just didn't let me get the sims like until a little while before my 11th birthday. When I started playing, I fell in love you know? The gibberish the sims speak, just puts a smile on my face! o:)
  • DanielroxheapsDanielroxheaps Posts: 33 Member
    My cousin owned the game and as a little kid, I absolutely adored it. To the point where I now have a ridiculous amount of Maxis-branded 'Sim' games :D
  • GuillaumeSnowGuillaumeSnow Posts: 87 Member
    I don't remember exactly how but i got a *cough* illegitimate *cough* copy of Sims 2 in a disc. I feel in love with it immediately, back then non-genuine Sims 2 games had build mode disabled, meaning you had to deal with playing with just EA's premade homes 😂
  • Ray_TraceRay_Trace Posts: 324 Member
    I'm 25 years old, this very year in March I got into the Sims lmao. I tend to leap onto games years after release. In fact, I didn't even know I would fall in love with the Sims to this very extent, it's among my favorite games of all time now. I love the flexibility and sandbox aspect of the game, the humor it has, and just how overall how chill they are. Reading patch notes always put a smile in my face.
  • Renato10Renato10 Posts: 406 Member
    edited October 2020
    I feel kinda sorry for who doesn't know and/or played this franchise since TS1 or TS2 because those people missed a lot. They don't saw this game evolving and maybe thats why for me and other older players that TS4 is sometimes a hard pill to swallowl :D
  • simesmerizedsimesmerized Posts: 192 Member
    edited October 2020
    I got Sims 1 in December 2003 after seeing a commercial for it. As a kid I loved playing with my dollhouse. I’d spend hours coming up with stories for them. I had to have Sims 1. I played it a couple months before I found a Sims fan made forum where everyone was talking about Sims 2. I dove in and loved every minute talking about the upcoming game and later playing it.
  • Ray_TraceRay_Trace Posts: 324 Member
    Renato10 wrote: »
    I feel kinda sorry for who doesn't know and/or played this franchise since TS1 or TS2 because those people missed a lot. They don't saw this game evolving and maybe thats why for me and other older players that TS4 is sometimes a hard pill to swallowl :D

    I did see ads for the Sims 3 when I got Spore but at the time back at 2008, I was still a kid and I wasn't too interested in the human life. Today, though, yeah, now I wish I went into it sooner lol. The Sims has virtually everything that appeals to me: sandbox, creative freedom, and mod support.
  • windweaverwindweaver Posts: 7,355 Member
    1999 (TS1 pre-release tester)
    I was in undergrad, Simcity-the original.
    My Origin Name is: Cynconzola8
  • mustenimusteni Posts: 4,591 Member
    edited November 2020
    I'm not completely sure of the year, but guessing it was the early 2000s. I was in high school when I first watched my friend play sims, but then it took some time to get our own game.
  • FreechheitFreechheit Posts: 116 Member
    I remember installing Hot Date and my sim getting slapped by Miss Crumplebottom. Oh, sweet memories. Must have been in 2001.
  • Felicity1169Felicity1169 Posts: 577 Member
    It was definitely after The Sims Unleashed was released because I got it for Christmas but my mom didn't know it was an expansion pack so we had to go to the store and find a copy of the Sims base game after the holidays were over.
  • TokyoesTokyoes Posts: 4 New Member
    The Sims 3 in 2011-2012 when I got Sims 3+Generations for £16.99 for both as a deal and my family was going through a rough patch and it was Christmas time. I'm now 23 and I still play the game even though I have Sims 4. The Sims 3 just relaxes me and gives me nostalgia - my comfort game.
  • stewbystewby Posts: 79 Member
    Grew up playing Theme Park, Roller Coaster Tycoon and Simcity.

    Spotted The Sims in PC World one day and boom, addicted. Loved and had every expansion pack for 1, 2, and 3. Working my way to collecting all of Sims 4 but have fallen out of love with it a bit.
    The game just doesn't have the same playability for me. 1 and 2 I could lose hours playing, 04:00 easy back up at 08:00. Oh to be young again.

  • MareahMareah Posts: 686 Member
    It was either 2008 or 2009 but i think It was probably 2009. Sims 3 got released that year but i didnt know about it right away, sims 2 was my intro to the series which is why i am not exactly sure if i started playing in late 2008 or first half of 2009. It is funny to me how late i find out about an iteration. I started playing sims 2 when it was probably already over, and while i did start playing sims 3 the same year it came out i actually only bought 2 eps during its run, and when i decided to buy more i found out that sims 4 was already out and i think it was in its second year even lol! Anyway, i wish you put 2008 and 2009 in the same option so i would know for sure what to vote lol.
  • Sorak4Sorak4 Posts: 3,483 Member
    edited November 2020
    It would've been around 2003-2004 if I remember right. Started with the 1st Sims game though (or the console one) Sadly never got to witness all the pre-release era where the faces were all sideways and had emotions. You know, like this classic bug in 1?

    Sim People 1 was great.
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