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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    Thank you all for the warm welcome! I am enjoying everyone’s stories they have posted:) Here's some comments :)
    @silverofdreams Its good to see you on this forum too! Ooh Jayden is quite handsome!! I really like Danis painting of him! Is that how paint from reference looks like in Sims 3 or do you use a mod (if so I would love to get ahold of it!)
    @brandontaylor I am so sorry for your loss. Sending much healing thoughts and prayers your way
    @jonny522 Congratulations on Lawrence graduating to valedictorian!
    @reddestiny92 Thanks for telling me about the bistro! I am waiting for it to go on sale! But I am having fun exploring other game elements in the meantime! :)
    OMG I love your Hyde and Olive couple. They look so weird and creepy and amazing. Its awesome and I am in love with both!
    I like your version of the Goths! OMG Cornelia! She scared the ghost!! XD
    @emorrill Thank you for the welcome!
    @cravenlestat That house Oyon visited on pg 4032 looked amazing! Did you build it?
    I like your sim (I didn’t catch his name). Colette is very pretty and I hope things go well for them! Too bad about the “short date” message even though they spent a lot of time together earlier! :)
    Oooh! You can do that with spirits!? I will have to try that out next time I play Dante’s household! Thank you for the tip. And yes, the ghostbusting career is so much fun!! I would love to see it in Sims 4 but knowing our luck it will be bugged to no end lol
    @elanmichael Ohh I will getting Dragon Valley next! I liked your description next! I want to send Gideon and Francesca there:)
    @nikkei_simmer Athena is such a cute kid! Ahh the joys of schooldays;)
    River has such gorgeous green eyes!!
    @bekkasan Thank you for such a warm welcome!! And I appreciate the link! I will be looking into downloading NRAAs soon! It sounds like a really nice mod to have! Did you build that house because its gorgeous! I loved your update with Damien and Mary and their time spent skating on the pond. :)
    @karritz That is such a cool screenshot of the red sunrise! I liked what you are doing to liven up the lots of Midnight Hollow. I don’t have that lot yet and its got me intrigued! :)
    @duvelina Hello!! Go Daniel! Its nice to see Don helping out Daniel with his workout!
    @tinyspacefox OMG that’s a cute baby goat!! I totally approve!! Thank you for the warm welcome! Thankfully Gideon has accumulated enough lifetime points to get the immortal trait! Which he is really happy about considering he loves to spend as much time outside as possible.
    LOL Dante is a hot mess and he’s my boi! XD The guy definitely has a problem in the romance department. Now he has a baby he’s gotta care for. So far he and Belinda seem to be hitting it off pretty well! XD I had to switch to my main family just to get away from all the drama lol XD

    Ok its me again! I left Dante and his new baby in a good spot and switched back to my main family, Gideon and Francesca Ravenhall!
    Gideon is a vampire and Francesca is a fairy. I love the fairy occult! lL3XFvD.jpg
    Apparently I am a glutton for punishment because the difficulty level on this family is like max! They have 2 kids, a horse, and a dog. Cody and Cassidy are both really good children. 5dlr22w.jpg
    Gideon befriended a dog and brought it home. His name is Hank and he is an Australian Cattle Dog q7vXyHl.jpg
    I love watching this family. They are so cute together. I played them for several days. Both children just made honor roll and their parents are so proud of them. Meanwhile it’s finally the weekend but they don’t have time to rest lol. They own a small homestead on the outskirts of town. They have a chicken coop, some cows, and garden. Gideon is usually the one to milk the cows. Fortunately he built up enough lifetime points to get the immortality and sun proof reward! So now he can hang around during the day! rTh8oVz.jpg
    Francesca tends to the garden and her appaloosa stallion Rio. If she looks a teeny bit different its because I gave her a makeover. I redid her hair, ears and jawline. I wanted a softer look to her face
    They don’t have any spring blooming plants at the moment so she gathered up all the produce they have, as well as eggs and cheese into her inventory. She rode Rio into town to give him some exercise. vVdXk8n.jpg
    She stopped at Sam’s Market Diner to sell their produce W5gEuSh.jpg
    Meanwhile Gideon spent some quality time with the kids. Playing catch with Cody 8C6EFX8.jpg
    And chess with Cassidy. I missed that part, apparently Cassidy had changed into the princess outfit from the costume box. g5Wgg62.jpg
    Cody has already maxed the logic skill so they are working on Cassidy’s right now.
    Selena Durwood invited herself over later that day with her 2 hellions so they could have an impromptu playdate GKxJ3F8.jpg
    It was good, Gideon and Francesca are newcomers to Moonlight Falls and need to make some friends 6yvTGM1.jpg
    The weekdays roll around and it's time to go back to work and school! Francesca has picked work up as a private investigator. She took a case for a fairy named Oakley Bean
    Oakley had her favorite prized gnome vandalized and wanted to know who did it! Francesa decided to help her out. YFmGjSg.jpg
    Clues led her to investigate Gladston Farmwell’s place. She went through the dude’s trash PoKsgLy.jpg
    Yep! That did it! She found some damaged boots with paint scuffed off the gnome. Apparently he kicked it. She confronted him about it. Hv2VoyN.jpg
    He confessed he did it and apologized. Case solved! She felt a tad uncomfortable because Gladston apparently found her attractive (he had the attractive thought bubbles popping up over his head) and started flirting. She made a quick getaway.
    Which is fortunate because when she got home she got the eternally faithful and a pure reputation! Like I said they are a really cute couple
    Later in the week, Wilhelmina Wolff invited Cody over to play after school 9SzCwOn.jpg
    Cassidy has suddenly become a daddy’s girl and is constantly pestering Gideon fKYdkLb.jpg
    Gideon took a job as a firefighter! He needs some more practice with the fire pole ZD2xTTu.jpg
    But since he has maxed handiness skills and the tinkerer trait, he’s really good at working on the firetruck HKoaeTc.jpg
    Uh oh!! Emergency! M7o79nF.jpg
    He put out a small house fire! 4A5dfym.jpg
    He managed to get a promotion! The first thing he did when he got home was tell the good news to Francesca! IFhrxYv.jpg
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    Happy Sunday everyone! Goodness, my time is being horribly spent reading this new fantastic and witty book called "The Doctor and The Midwife." :mrgreen: It's like a modern day "You've Got Mail." :blush: It's Mormon literature, but hey, there's not much religious talk in it so someone not of our faith could totally enjoy it. I can't freaking put it down! :smiley: (Not to mention I'm pleasurably learning some new writing terms. :) ) But alas, a girl's gotta eat, feed her child, and check out the thread. ;) So here I am. Reply comments. :)

    @Silverofdreams30 I'll hold you to the promise of more pictures. ;)
    Yeah AC does get repetitive unfortunately, especially if you've completely built up your island. Try putting down more Nook Miles decor, DIY decor, and a bunch of flowers if you want that 5 Star rating. :kissing_heart:
    I don't dare try Love Link...I might get addicted as well and I've got too much to do for that. :p
    Great shots you did for @CravenLestat,
    you always find the best working poses, great job.
    also, the sneak ones were very nice indeed.
    ^Aww, thank you girl. You're so sweet. :kissing_heart: I try. :p
    I'm glad you liked the sneak peeks as well. I knew you would. :blush:
    Okay, so I gotta ask: Who looked hotter? Shane or Harvey? :mrgreen:;):p

    @AlexaKry Lol! :lol: Totally understandable. I feel the same because I'm not very computer literate so the forum has been a Godsend in sharing my stories with the world. :) WordPress sure can be hard to navigate, heck I'm still learning it, but YouTube videos and info-sites have helped me with it. :blush: I like having a place where all my stories are compiled and I can easily go in and edit them. :) Keep up the great writing. :star:

    @CravenLestat Huh. Insightful. Thanks for sharing with me. <3
    Beautiful pic of Oyon. I love her sweater! :star: Pattern of yours I imagine? ;)
    Wow, that's a beautiful Mongolian woman. You did well capturing those features and putting them into Oyon. :star: (I mean, is there nothing you CAN'T do in the Sim creation department? :blush: )
    I did not ignore the pirate dude thing I just simply haz not been in game for any length of time to get him prepared.
    ^Oh that's okay. No worries buddy. <3 I know you're busy. Take your time. It fills me with happy that you are willing to share him with me. :blush:
    I couldn't help busting out laughing when you said this to TinySpaceFox:
    So David who is angry at everything gets the hearts with the ladies :s and my sim is the rejection MVP.
    :joy: Your poor SS...

    @Nikkei_Simmer Enjoyed the tutorial you gave of how you makeover River. 👍 Awesome.
    PralineSims does indeed have lovely makeup choices. :)

    @Karritz Oh...whoops. :grimace: Well, you did an amazing job with the interior of the house. :)
    I thought I remember you posting a close up shot of Oyon and I was like, "Aww, she remembered me." :blush: appears gone now. :( (It's okay. I understand why you took it down. 👍 Craven wants us all to be surprised. ;) ).

    @TinySpaceFox Aww, baby goat! <3 We went to the Corn Maze this weekend and daughter LOVED their petting zoo! :smiley: There was a little brown goat that jumped up on her like a dog, begging for the food in her hand. ;) It was adorable!
    It wasn't fun when the alpaca spit on her face! :joy: (She said it stunk so bad and I believe it! :grimace: ) Or when one of the ponies nipped at her finger and pulled on it. :( (I told her to cup her hand out to it while feeding it, but...kid's gotta learn somehow.) *Sigh* She talked once about becoming a Vet, but later she said she didn't want to see animals suffering or deal with blood :( so she's decided to be a Zookeeper now. :grin: (She's 9 if you're wondering. :) ) I admire you going into a profession that isn't an easy one. :star: It takes very special people and you are clearly one of them. <3
    Anyhoo, Thank you for the compliments on my dressing up and posing of Pandora and Kanya. :blush:
    Oh we've been very fortunate here in our neck of woods too during this COVID Pandemic. Since it all started we've only had 310 confirmed cases in the Tri-counties. Very small number. Blessings. 🙏
    Yes, hats off to teachers everywhere. :star: That's great the graduating class will graduate on time. 👍
    My fam and I are doing fairly well, hanging in there. :) Hubby lost his job back in June - laid off cause the oilfield tanked during the Pandemic - so he's been hard at work looking for employment and has landed a few interviews, but hasn't gotten any offers. *sigh* :( It's okay though, it just means we haven't found where God wants us to be yet. We're trying to have faith in that. Thanks for the well wishes. :kissing_heart:
    Oooooh! David scrubbing the counter there half naked! :love::lol:
    Lol! His constant angry face. :lol:
    Martin as a doctor and in scrubs!!! :love: (I don't care that they are pink. :lol: )
    I can't figure out which of the two has my different ways they both do. ;)
    He hit it off with Goodwin Goode (whom I honestly think is one of the better-looking Sims in a town full of ugly...)
    ^Ditto girlfriend! :star:
    Puddings on Parade! :joy:
    Man David looks handsome in that new uniform. <3 I'm such a sucker for a man in uniform.
    LOL at Martin's boss coming over and sitting by him. :lol: Awkward!
    Hope we see more posts from you. :kissing_heart:

    @bekkasan Darn, I meant to get a close up of Shane's shirt when I was last in game. *facepalm*
    Yeah I meant that the logo on the shirt under the jacket should stand out to a few folks my age. ;) Cause kids in high school were wearing that logo often! It's Tommy Hilfiger. :) Here's a couple of examples:
    Next pic might be huge so I'll put in a Spoiler:
    Ask T about it, he'll probably remember. ;) Sorry to confuse ya there. <3
    He is cute but I like him in his boxer's just fine too! :grin::love:
    ^Tee hee, me too. :mrgreen:
    Thanks. <3 Hopefully I'll be down 15 or 16 when I weigh myself in the morning. 👍

    @Jillbg Oh no you and daughter got COVID? :( I'm sorry to hear that... Thank the Lord you both have recovered and are doing well. 🙏 <3
    I'm glad to hear you still lurk. ;)

    aw swooning over Shane is the best part.
    ^Hee hee. :mrgreen:
    What? You don't think Harvey is swoon worthy??? :p;)
    Thoroughly enjoyed your post! :grin:

    @sarabeth2984 Welcome! :) I'm not sure if I said that to you yet... Oh lol! Looks like I did. :lol: You're welcome. :)
    I've enjoyed your posts. :blush: Welcome to the world Penderghast! (Such a great name! :mrgreen: ) Pretty pink skin color he has.
    My gosh Rio is a gorgeous horse! :open_mouth::love: (Dang I feel like I said that already...My brain these days. :confounded: )
    Gideon looks great as a Firefighter. <3

    @nilanius Adorable little tot you have there. <3 She aged up into a pretty child as well. :)

    I took many more pics in my game for Chapter 10. :mrgreen: I'm getting super excited to write it, but for now...I gotta return to my book. :p

    Happy Simming my friends. <3
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    @sarabeth2984 I thought I commented on all that ghost vampire drama now I can't remember, shame on Violet cause Dante is one of my favorites, yeah it's like that lol. I like her relationship with the kids Em does look like a peach to me ha they'll be the best of friends, I'm glad the guys are working out I don't know what to do with Violet would be funny if she got Dante. Cause of his job lol, the baby is better without her I say.

    Yeah good to wait for sales, you should look at the make me a deal option there isn't a guarantee it'll pop up but I've scrolled through and gotten some nice ones, usually when I don't have the cash to spend but still. :D I actually haven't decided who to pair Olive with though I love her I finally looked and the doll's name is Katerina, they are quite and odd pair her and Lucien...I didn't know his name either I'm apparently bad with sim names ya see. The goths got lucky I could have ruined Bella and Morty but gave them a pass cause of their parents mmhmm. I love that family it's nice to have a chill one and let them grow.
    @nilanius love that house.
    @Karritz it was a lucky catch then, yeah it's nice the dark isn't too hard on my eyes so I don't mind it dark...I'm a dark mode person, yet I can appreciate some brighter homes and sims standing out it's oddly pleasing.
    @alanmichael1 they really are a cute couple.
    @TinySpaceFox I think David is making that face cause he knows those abs are gonna get him some fans, he's thinking "creepy humans, how I hate them" <3 hehe. Martin looks good in pink now lets try yellow, funny the interests that pop up in that career mine hasn't had any attractions but he does have one coworker that always hunts him down when the firetruck and bell need maintenance they may need to go out for a drink to be better at their job ha.
    @CravenLestat best pic ever where he's concerned, it's a really cute hair
    @emorrill hmmmmm maybe in the hot air balloon which could be a good or bad thing lol, glad you liked it cause I have more nonsense.

    So I went and got way too many pics, like fifty something as I was setting up the story so I got rid of thirty something so big post...again next time I'll post less but I got it to keep it's flow is the best I got.
    Kat tried again with Lucien we'll call her that when she's not in a mood, they seem to hit it off he even liked her flirting with him, then he made a mistake.

    And just left.
    He would regret that, no her eyes aren't bugged it's just their shading but she looks wonderfully possessed doesn't she? The doll is not pleased.
    He didn't understand the pull but he came back as she finished eating and was ready to leave.

    "Foolish boy." she mumbled.
    She worked her charms and this time he let her kiss him and he's just as surprised as he is completely dazed, no one rejects the doll.
    The next morning she woke up and enjoyed a lovely breakfast "made" by her dear friend Pinky.

    That is she knows Pinky didn't actually make it.....she can't reach the stove. :*
    I cheated her some money cause why not and got her a car...cause also why not, she went to the toy store to get a new...roommate? and was excited to see another girl in pink, pink was so nice especially on dresses....yep more pics I had to cut.
    While Kat was somewhat excited he was on time for their date after her trip she was much happier to tell him all about Patches, her new...roommate and of course she had to tell him about her tales from her playing the night before she likes to play with her dollhouse before bed.

    "A dollhouse being played with, with a doll in a dollhouse isn't that just wild Lucy bear?" she squealed.

    He chuckled slightly.....reeeeeaaallly wondering why he liked her when he couldn't even tolerate other goths.


    "Why don't we go backstage while no one is looking?" she asked her tone suddenly much more fitting for her age...he was thinking.

    Though it didn't matter which "voice" she was using she had his attention now.
    They did this the whole way to the restaurant...and he stayed to eat this time so Kat was pleased.
    She even decided to go and tell Mr. Limb she didn't want to be his doll anymore...the dude is too good looking he must have someone.
    Now I know this is a dark pic but all you're looking for is the brightly colored white bit there saying he didn't take it well, he was sobbing watching her go guess the doll got to him a little bit....yep.
    She turned up the charm again to get Lucien in the house though he rejected going any further and she wasn't particularly happy, the doll decided to invite him to tea. A special tea she made just for him and now instead of a nice evening well he was stuck the moment he walked over with her.
    In fact, try as he might to deny her he did go in her house I had her ask him to stay but she "put up" a fence to keep him locked in and locked her door he wouldn't be leaving so easily.
    At the moment he didn't seem to mind, he used the computer for a bit while she made dinner but they weren't all that hungry so she set it aside and saw he was trying to leave the tea must have been wearing off.
    "And where are you off to handsome?" the doll asked, though rather than be creeped out and on guard...this place was his home he was used to the freaky....which was unfortunate for him.

    "I have to get my clothes and head out"

    "Nonsense...why don't you go have some tea instead, I mean, you are frightened of the dark wouldn't it be better here, with us?"

    he blinked as the last of the tea worked with her words he felt a shiver up his spine, had he always been? He couldn't remember but he nodded slowly.

    "Er I..."

    "Oh don't be embarrassed, I wouldn't want you to play brave for me you're safe with me here go and relax."

    He nodded and did as he was told.
    I didn't originally have the tea as part of it but he didn't sleep he just kept going back outside for this almost like she really had put something in it, not that she could but...well yeah you get it.
    While thinking of coloring one of her dolls in to match Lucien she hoped she made enough tea he was just so stubborn that wouldn't work for her new favorite toy.
    After another bit of fun she even got a rare smile he was much cuter like that and he was lucky she didn't mind the black or he'd be in pink too by now.

    "I'm off to bed, you're welcome to join me."

    "I'm not that tired...all that tea."

    "ah yes...perhaps you'd like more while I rested? with a mother helping of dinner?" she asked slowly.

    "...yeah okay." it was good tea..and he was a coffee man so that said something, to his confused mind anyways.

    The next morning she had him join her for television he really seemed out of it and she was glad to have some quiet time not that he spoke very much but she didn't want him to be influenced by too much talking that wasn't any fun. Patches there is her new favorite.
    like really...
    She decided to finish her trapping and fresh off the tea he was more than happy to say yes.
    Of course she found she didn't need a wedding he was trapped they had a little doll on the way, she removed the extra fencing and let him go she had things to prepare.

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    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
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    @RedDestiny92 - Brooke being evil, like her husband, Evil_Haruo, is really good at making it appear as though she's concerned, but really...she couldn't care less about Jared's plight. In fact, I'm certain that she'd probably just check her nails to see if they got damaged if a meteor came down and crushed Jared and Connor to a pulp right in front of her...and then get a "Fiendishly Delighted" moodlet.

    @sarabeth2984 - Welcome back to Sims 3. :) to you and to all of those returning from Sims 4.
    I love Athena too, I used the RandomGenetics mod and they gave her a nice little blend of her father, Haruo (not Evil_Haruo :D ) and her mother, River.
    The fact that River is were in that save probably accounts for the "glowy" bit but I used PralineSims eyes. Can't remember exactly which eyes I used since she has created quite a few eyes that I just went and downloaded (just to confuse myself even further than I already am).
    If you're getting Dragon Valley, make sure you get the Gold edition...since that comes with the Black Dragon. I have yet to get that myself. But that's next on the list of things to get at the store.

    @emorrill - that TSR is dangerous. I spent pretty-much the entire freaking night on that site and downloaded nearly everything PralineSims produced. And I'll probably go back in to check out more options. (I'm a guy...and in RL...when my wife drags me into the store, I stay as far away from the make-up section as possible - y'know...typical guy response to "female" stuff).

    Wife: Honey, I'm going to need to pick up some foundation...
    Me: OK...I'll be the entertainment section looking at the latest games...
    Wife: That's halfway across the store? What if I need something from you...
    Me: Just holler.

    ah, twenty years of wedded bliss. :mrgreen::D

    Since my wife works over-night shift over at Amazon Fulfillment, I have to be nocturnal if I want to see her at all.

    Last night; I costed out a computer system that could potentially play FS2020 with 32GB of RAM (the bare minimum to play that new realistic flight sim).

    Component Selection Price
    CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT 3.8 GHz 6-Core Processor $239.00

    CPU Cooler Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler $34.99

    Motherboard MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX ATX AM4 Motherboard $124.99

    Memory Team T-FORCE VULCAN Z 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory $98.99

    Storage Western Digital Caviar Blue 1 TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive $44.99

    Storage Samsung 860 Evo 1 TB 2.5" Solid State Drive $114.99

    Video Card Asus Radeon RX 5600 XT 6 GB TUF Gaming X3 EVO OC Video Card $319.99

    Case Cooler Master MasterBox MB510L ATX Mid Tower Case $54.98

    Power Supply EVGA BQ 600 W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-modular ATX Power Supply $72.99

    Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OEM 64-bit $139.88

    Total: $1245.79 - $1395.00 USD or therebouts with the Great Stupid Tax (GST) and Perennially Stupid Tax (PST). It's actually "General Sales Tax and Provincial Sales Tax"

    It would be more like $1836.91 CDN. Not bad for 32GB RAM and hardware that can play FS2020 to recommended hardware requirements and it'll practically blow away DCS: World, Cities Skylines and Sims 3 in performance. It should handle most of the newer games with relative ease and since I rarely play anything taxing on the system, that it should do me for a considerable amount of time.
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    "The only conceivable use for a vampire is as a sharpened stick tester." ~ Haruo Chikamori, werewolf
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    Mary Kendall, A Ghost Story
    A Kiss Remembered

    Jamie and the house ghosts have a great time at the winter festival. Jamie is soaring and learning to do several tricks on the snowboards without falling and injuring himself. The ghosts enjoy the various winter activities and very few of the townspeople at the festival were frightened of them.

    The ghosts are hungry and Jamie is as well. Breakfast was a long time ago, and all they had since was delicious snack food at the party. The food booths are closed at the festival. Jamie decides they will all go to the local diner rather than go back and cook. He is not a good cook and it has been a fun day and he doesn't want to head home and work. He texts Damien and invites him and Mary to join them at the diner for a late supper.

    Damien reads the text from Jamie and talks to Mary about going to the diner. "Are you hungry? The others are going to the diner to eat and would like us to join them."
    Mary takes a deep breath as she recalls her decision a few moments ago to live fully. She nods her head. "Yes, I'd love to hear how much fun they had at the festival."
    Damien smiles and he cannot resist. He hugs her to him.
    The ghosts turn the jukebox on and with the permission of the manager move a few tables and dance while they wait for their meals. Betty gets Jamie to dance and teaches him how to swing dance. Damien and Mary watch and try to follow Betty's instructions laughing as they make a few mistakes before getting the hang of the dance. They enjoy a delicious and fun meal and Jamie leaves a big tip that makes the manager and wait staff very happy for working on Snowflake Day.

    Back home Jamie and Damien place the gnomes outside and the ghosts return to them after thanking Jamie and Damien for a fun Snowflake day. Damien is greeted by Lia who demands some attention after being left alone all day.
    Jamie senses less fear and anxiety in Mary and observed her closely while they were at the diner. He watched his buddy Damien as well and knows he has lost his heart completely. He is not quite sure about Mary. "So, how was your day Miss Mary?" he asks with his customary charm.
    "It was the best Snowflake day since I was a little girl. I cannot thank you and Damien enough for making it a special day for the house ghosts and myself." Mary looks over at Damien who is petting the cat and her face softens as she looks at him.
    Jamie watches her and smiles with satisfaction.
    "Goodnight Jamie. Goodnight Damien. Thank you again for a wonderful day."
    Damien smiles up at Mary as he continues petting Lia who is purring loudly by now. "I will see you in the morning. I'm fixing fresh pancakes for breakfast.", he teases her and Jamie. "Don't be late!"
    Mary floats up the stairs to her room rather than through the ceiling.
    Damien continues hugging and petting Lia who seems to need the attention this evening. He tells Jamie about skating with Mary and her breakthrough moment when they fell on the ice.
    "I felt less fear and anxiety in her this evening, so the fall was a blessing in her finally accepting her fate. You seem to be content with how things are between you."
    "I guess I'm better at hiding it from you than I thought I would be. I love her Jamie. I need her to be mine more than I've ever desired anything in my life. I love Mary as she is right now, a ghost. It doesn't matter to me what she is. I hope she will come to love me as well. I fear it is too soon for her, though. We only have a few more weeks of winter. I don't want to rush things and frighten her away. I'll stay her friend and pray she will fall in love with me as I am with her."
    Jamie looks concerned as he watches Damien petting the cat. "Yes, she needs a friend, but she needs to know how you feel too. You can be both. She's shy and is not going to make the first move. I know that about shy girls, trust me!"
    "I did kiss her under the mistletoe." Damien smiles in remembrance. "It was just a little kiss and she didn't back off or run away. We went skating after that and laughed and chased each other. We had a great time together and Mary seemed very relaxed and happy to be with me."
    "Good, just keep working your way into her heart. How can she not love you?", Jamie teases him. "Goodnight, don't stay up all night working or worrying."
    "I won't! Thanks for the advice, Jamie. You are right about her being shy and not making a move first."

    Mary changes into her warm long johns, lights a fire, and sits in the rocker contemplating the day and how her life has changed this winter. I don't want to be an angry, bitter ghost anymore. I don't want to be the shy, awkward, geek I was at university either. What do I need to be? I have a chance to become something more than I've been. A better person, well a better ghost.
    Mary closes her eyes as she rocks. She sees Damien's smiling face with his tender eyes gazing at her in concern. His smile warms me inside and out. What does that mean?
    Her body relaxes as she keeps his image in her mind. I am actually content with who I am right this minute. I might be a little unsure but I am a ghost with a new chance at life. I have new friends that I trust and old friends like Emmaline and the house ghosts who were loyal no matter what I did. Hmm, maybe I can help Damien with his work so they can be free. I will always be a geek because science and knowledge are important to me and I'm okay with that. Being a geek could help him with his research. I can work on the shy thing by being friendly to others even if they start out a little scared of me. I would have been frightened of a ghost too. That should help my social awkwardness as well. Maybe I can get Damien to stand under the mistletoe. I will have to watch him closely while we are downstairs together. She falls asleep as she rocks dreaming about the kiss Damien gave her under the mistletoe.
  • jillbgjillbg Posts: 4,495 Member
    @Silverofdreams30 @Karritz @Mikezumi Thank you for wishing us well! Time will tell if there are any sequels, but at the moment the immense fatigue is very unnerving. :D
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 7,928 Member
    @jillbg - glad that you and your daughter pulled through COVID coming out the other end. Keeping fingers crossed that you don't have to endure another round of this since they say that "immunity is fleeting" with this virus.
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  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,474 Member
    Hi. A few things before I spam pics of my makeovers of the recent simmies @CravenLestat sent me. Including the Mongolian girl whose name I keep reading as "Onion" so, to me, she will forever be Onion. Nothing against Mongolia as the people of the steppes are the coolest and most underrated cultures. I mean, have you heard Mongolian throat singing? It's nuts. If you haven't, this video is adorable so please watch it:

    It truly never fails to amaze me how some people can not care, or dislike other cultures. If you ask me, that's the most marvelous aspect of Earth - the diversity of people is beautiful! :3 Hey, while we're talking about the Eurasian Steppes you kids wanna know a fun travel tip? The Uzbek So'm exchange rate is absolutely hilarious if you're ignorant of it. In that, if you plan on taking a trip to Uzbekistan and you think "I'll just take out $200 or so" then, congratulations, you now get to figure out where you're going to stuff the now 2,000,000 So'm you have in your possession that you will likely never spend anywhere because things are quite cheap in Uzbekistan. :lol: For example, you could probably eat at a restaurant with 4 of your friends and have a multi-course meal for like $30. So, kids, if you ever plan to visit good ol' UZ, please keep this in your mind pocket. Unless you like chaos, then at least make sure you bring a large bag to carry your immense amount of So'm bills. Literally, nobody uses the coins or the big bills, in fact most places probably couldn't break the big bills soooooo ya gonna have a lot of bills, dear. :wink: Thank you for coming to my TED talk or something.

    Oh, and @TinySpaceFox a.) hi, b.) welcome back, c.) i hope you're having fun with your other ventures, and d.) I still ship your boys together and every time I see them and they aren't smoochin', a piece of my soul dies. 1 smooch = 1 soul. :lol:

    Okay, here's my makeovers. They're boring, but I'm sorry it's just because I am boring and I can't help it. :bawling:











    Would you look at the time! I better go crawl back under my rock.

    หยาดฝนโปรยปรายลงมามานะ เธอลุกขึ้นมา :star:
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  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,454 Member
    @emorrill : thanks for liking my writing!!! <3
    Well, building a blog at Wordpress would be much easier for me if it was in German, it is in English and I just understand half of the instructions and the good youtube videos of using it are in English as well, so when it gets complicated, I´m lost!
    Maybe I shouldn´t be such a scrooge and pay for a German side where I can get help and where they prepare the blog for my liking! :D

    @jillbg : good to hear that your daughter and you are getting better! I hope you´ll fully recover from it!! <3

    @bekkasan : another great update! So heartwarming, despite the winterly pictures!
    bekkasan wrote: »
    Nice picture of Jamie!!!!
    Full comment on your thread as always! <3
  • CravenLestatCravenLestat Posts: 13,596 Member
    edited October 2020
    @Emily4331 First thing lets get it out the way now

    "To me, she will forever be Onion"


    And did you say those pics are boring? Are you crazy they are So good why do you short change yourself you take such pretty modeling pics it is why I bug you all the time.It's a compliment <3

    Going to say the first pic you did of Oyon is my absolute favorite but they are all great really good lighting and can't go wrong with black background.And did you love the Latex thing?

    @Nikkei_Simmer Just a reminder that staying with the same person is good,either you are doing something right or she hasn't figured out how to slip through the bars in your basement dungeon.Lets hope it is the first and for another happy 20.

    @bekkasan I demand a peer reviewed study into how a snowball fight between two ghosts happens exactly and how do you even keep score and who really wins :| I have so many questions And luff the story!!!

    @RedDestiny92 I think you win "The greatest Create a style ever" award for that bear.I am not kidding that is so cute I love it,the patchwork is adorable and she is carrying him around <3

    @emorrill I need to try to go in game tonight

    @sarabeth2984 Why thank you,truth is I iz a gud builder but bad spelr LOL anyway I do build but that is a sims 3 store build it is the Grims Ghastly Manor where you can play guitar battles vs him etc

    Is like 20 bucks but I love everything Sims 3 so is worth it to me 3 of the female outfits with the set are sooo good and detailed plus I love the windows and the spooky dead tree.Grim is a master guitar player better be prepared cause you dont want to lose the battle

    This is a build of mine a mini shopping plaza


    This is another






    I cant find my build pics is hard to keep oranized

    I Play Sims 3 On A Potato

  • nilaniusnilanius Posts: 1,980 Member
    To all who commented on the house, yeah I love it too but I didn't make it. It was a D.N.A. request build some time ago. I wanted a house that would serve as a legacy and thought I could make horses work but yeah the horses really need way more attention than I thought and my poor sims just aint had time to do it XD
    My current feelings about The Sims 4. Here is hoping The Sims 5 can restore The Sims franchise.
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,474 Member
    @CravenLestat I did like it, but noticed very quickly it looks like poo outside of CAS because it is basically mirror-esque reflective. So I changed the shader on mine. Lost some of the shininess, but it looks a lot better than it did before. Since...well, this was before:


    Might look cool in certain circumstances, but most of the time it's reflecting a blank room in my game sooo :lol: And short changing myself is genetic, I swear. :lol:
    หยาดฝนโปรยปรายลงมามานะ เธอลุกขึ้นมา :star:
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  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,917 Member
    edited October 2020

    I had to google scarface being a Swede I had no idea what that was haha,
    I might try with them ob boss stuff though that is easier.


    Those are not bad at all, you do wonders with those


    Yeah AC can be very repetitive so pauses
    are needed to play other stuff got more games than that and sims to play lol.


    Damien and Mary are so cute together,
    they both look so happy together.


    Yeah, this is more my home area as I play s3 more
    really hehe.
    I enjoyed the update.


    You have lots going on there.

  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 25,000 Member
    I decided to send some Sims back to University :smile:

    The 2019 household are taking the test


    8 Sims will be going to Uni this term!


    Tammy looking cute as always


    Simon books the taxi


    My Sims will be staying in Malan Hall as always




  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 7,928 Member
    Such an idyllic location for a day spent fishing.

    Scooter the fox.

    Roast a "goldfish" they said... That must be one effin' big goldfish.

    Never...stick a camera in a werewolf's face. You might be eating it.

    River: "Now how the heck does this thing work?"

    Disaster or not, Yellow Cab always operates. :mrgreen:

    River & Haruo always are together...and absolutely enamored with each other.

    River: "OMG...that's a pink diamond..."
    Love. :D:mrgreen:
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  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,917 Member

    How cute that baby goat is. <3
    Lovely to see your boys again, they seem to
    be going strong.
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 25,000 Member
    Rooms have been chosen:

    Tammy and Megan


    Anna and Humara


    Simon and Jamie


    Nick and Warren


    And of course more toilets for the girls which will be handy with all the parties planned!


  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 7,123 Member
    edited October 2020
    Morning my Sim friends. :)

    I don't know why I'm going to share this since it's not Sims related, but I'm gonna anyway. :p

    I was poking around YouTube last night, listening to music like I usually do on there ;) , and remembered some music from an old Disney TV movie. If any of y'all are familiar with this rad music (and/or the movie) well, you rock! :star: Major brownie points to you. :blush:

    Anyhoo, I was randomly playing my game the other day and this dude popped up as soon as I entered CAS and I gender switched him so I could check out the new lady clothing cc I just downloaded. He turned out to be one heck of a pretty female - at least I think so:


    I went into CAS again later after adding in some Teen cc clothing and this chica popped up...

    ^She has a unique look. Kinda reminds me of one of those prissy popular girls back in high school. :lol:
    I saved her to the Sim bin just in case I ever want to use her as an antagonist in a story. :p

    And lastly, Shane gives off the most adorable pouty and woeful faces in game when he's doing nothing, I just can't get enough of it. :blush:

    ( @bekkasan Guess I did get a somewhat close up of his shirt. ;) )

    Comments. :)

    hmmmmm maybe in the hot air balloon which could be a good or bad thing lol
    ^The hot air balloon scene was SO adorable and romantic. <3<3 Wish I could've gotten a better look at the kiss, but 16 bit being what it is... :lol:
    I wouldn't say your update was nonsense. :lol: It was very entertaining. :grin: That stride of pride always cracks me up!

    emorrill - that TSR is dangerous.
    Oh I know it! I was just telling bekkasan a couple of weeks ago that I seriously needed to get off there because I discovered a treasure trove of children and teen clothing and I was clicking Download buttons faster than a cheetah on the hunt! :lol: (I REALLY don't need any more cc in my game! :confounded: But oh how I love! <3 )
    Lol! :lol: Yeah shopping isn't exactly my hubby's thing either, unless it's buying gun parts. :naughty::p (He builds them)
    That fox is adorable! Daughter would love him. :blush: She's WAY into foxes!

    Including the Mongolian girl whose name I keep reading as "Onion" so, to me, she will forever be Onion.
    ^ Ha ha!!! :joy: Oh man that was a good laugh!
    Actually hubby showed me Mongolian throat singing for the first time about 6 months ago. It's way cool! :smiley: That was a super cute video. <3
    Boring? HECK no! Your pictures are PERFECTION! Always. :star:

    @AlexaKry Oh. I see how that could make things complicating. I didn't realize English isn't your first language. :)

    @CravenLestat *Waits pleasurably in patience* :blush: Hee hee.

    @king_of_simcity7 More Uni adventures huh? Sweet! 👍

    Happy Simming my friends. :)
  • ohmyohmyohmyohmy Posts: 614 Member
    hey again everyone :) here is what's been going on in my game

    Halle grew to a teen and she's super adorable. she has Cori's nose but tbh I think she looks like George. I think she got her hair and eye color from her grandparents.



    Riley grew up as well and I think she's adorable too! it's hard to tell who she looks like now but I like that she got her parent's hair color and George's eye color.


    Spooky day came along so I decided to have a costume party because I love costume parties haha.
    Cori invited her coworkers and her BFF Fiona.



    I thought everyone had great creative costumes except for George who dressed up as his profession. pfft lol



    He seemed rather pleased with his costume though.. lol.

    The party was going great until Cori's BFF Fiona suddenly died during the costume party on Spooky Day of all days.


    Poor Cori was distraught :(


    The event was too much for one of the guests.

    later on, Cori completed her lifetime wish to become a CEO but she was sad when it happened because of her friend's death. aww


    Riley grew up again, I think she favors Cori a lot and she even got her hairstyle. she's super cute!




    Cori and George's birthdays finally came along too. I was sad when they grew to elders but it's nice to see them grow up. :)





  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,917 Member

    Forgot to answer, I loved both of the sneak photos, they do look


    It's how that effect looks so no mod.

    so @CravenLestat Found me a male sim, I did an edit of the said male sim, no changes to his
    facial features.


    Papaya Cruz, sunlit tides before




    I also created a girl as I needed a house to search for said sim





    And also a bonus for @emorrill cause she asked nicely the other day.


    Her Damien sim

  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 7,123 Member

    And also a bonus for @emorrill cause she asked nicely the other day.


    Her Damien sim

    @Silverofdreams30 Ooooooohhhhh! :open_mouth:


    You are too good to me. :blush: Thanks chica. :kissing_heart:

    This is a fantastic photo too. <3

  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,351 Member
    edited October 2020
    Ah, this thread became really lively again lately. Nice :smile:

    @bekkasan Thank you. Yes, it was silly. However, your skating scene on the ice looked much better :smile: . After the last episode I wonder whether you plan on keeping Mary around as a ghost. Damien doesn't seem to mind anymore, and the whole ghost family is basically already on the way of healing. Well, I will see, I guess :smile: .

    @emorrill Thank you. No worries, I don't take my sims that seriously, and if they look ridiculous, that's how it is :smile: . Looks as if you had some fun with Shane and Harvey. So what do you like most about Harvey? The puppy eyes?

    @Emily4331 Oh well, what to say - extraordinary shots, as usual :love: .

    @RedDestiny92 Ooh, that's some dark story. Very nicely set up. I also enjoyed the completely different installment from the time before.

    @TinySpaceFox Hey, that's a nice family you have there. Sometimes, the grumpy or hot-headed ones are quite fun to play.

    Oh well, I guess I could go on for hours here... so much awesome stuff lately :smile: .
    As for my game, I traveled back to SV to keep up with what happens there. I don't think I mentioned it in this thread, but my SV founder's family had their first babies in generation 4, after probably one year in real-time :lol: . Oh well, I play it slow. One of Paul's, the second son of my founder Marcus, sons, Adrian, had two children. Here he is reading with Harley, the younger one.
    This is Alexander, the older one of the siblings. Both had IF's that came to life at some point.
    I was already mentally planning on looking for Rainbow gems or having someone use the chemistry lab, but when I looked at the household inventory, I noticed that Adrian had basically stolen all of his parents' stuff when he moved out, including their celebrity cars, dozens of expensive paintings, all kinds of ingredients and, most importantly, lots of different potions and elixirs. And voilà, there we had two Imaginary Friend Metamorphium potions. I don't even remember who made these. Anyway, we got a simultaneous turning to life:
    Meet Petre and Ragnar. I have to think about what to do with them. I usually strip them of their occult state, give them to some other residents and mix their genetics with those of their new parents. Instant offspring. For the moment, they can still play with the real kids.
    Whom I didn't put into CAS. Sue me!

    Their uncle Leroy needed some help, as his family had moved into the Jolina house of all places. He also needed a guitar for his lifetime wish, and for some reason, Leroy and Kyra still hadn't started thinking about children - which meant I gave a little push. And moved them to the Wainwright house. Anyway, here he is playing with his new guitar.

    Last not least, my SV founder Marcus had originally got some surprise quadruplets with Morgana, and those were due to age up to teens now (yay, still generation 2!). Here, the family is spending the last night before the quadruple birthday with reading and on the computers.
    It's surprising how that many people can sit together and completely ignore each other. It's like on the tube.
    I noticed Marcus needed a workout. It's funny how that works instantly in the game.
    Anyway, here's the tail end of the birthday, with Helena going last (for some reason, the game insists on listing them in reverse order of their birth).
    Yeah, they look a bit like a circus, as the RAM use was already a bit too high to risk CAS or the Stylist. But Morgana finally finished her lifetime wish, surrounded by family! That took a while (slight understatement).
    As usual, the main person was already done before the last family member could actually sit down. Helena, this isn't an eating contest, dear.
    Anyway, I posted the edited versions of Stella, Irene, Hendrik and Helena in the "Genetics" thread (Edit: here), plus their four IF's (yes, they all had one of those, too...). So, this is slowly getting somewhere.
    I assume I will move Marcus and Morgana somewhere else when the kids are gone. No additional kids anymore, please.
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  • jonny522jonny522 Posts: 179 Member
    edited October 2020
    Despite my dislike of writing conversations, I thought the one I did under the spoiler was ok. What do you guys think?
    Selection is intensifying, and Lawrence is having a tough time with it and keeping up his workouts during the weekends.
    It's time for Ryan's old car to be replaced, it is over 30 years old by now.
    A little summer Water balloon fight amongst family and friends.
    And it turned out to be just a little too much, Lawrence suffered a back injury during selection and(for obvious reasons) was failed. He's still an officer in the Army, but right now he's on sick leave.
    Ryan consoles him, most people who try to join the Parachute Regiment fail on their first attempt.
    Ryan and Lauri discuss the failure and what it means.
    (Long conversation in Spoiler)
    "Well, the doctors checked him on site and sent him to the local hospital, they said nothing was broken and that there would be no permanent effects" R
    "But WHAT exactly happened anyways?" L
    "Well apparently during one of their hikes Lawrence's back just went, he just fell right there and couldn't move" R
    "So a hike did his back in?" L
    "Well, that and the 40 lb rucksack that he was carrying." R
    "What do you think he'll do, do you think he'll try again?" L
    "I hope not" R
    "But why do you say that dear, I mean I should be the one who's against this and you convincing me or quietly encouraging him" L
    "You're not my mother" R
    "No, but I am his, and your wife, so what is it that you know but won't say? There isn't preparation for a war is there?" (Her eyes show a flash of grief and fear) L
    "While I'm not supposed to say, no there isn't" R
    " So why do you wish he didn't join, from what little you've told me, you fared quite well in the Army" L
    "(sigh) It's not that, but I'm not sure if it'd be best for him" R
    " He seems interested, and besides I'm won't stop my son from doing something he genuinely loves, and you better understand that I'll stop you from doing so." L
    "But he doesn't genuinely love it, he'll enjoy it, but I can see it in his eyes he won't love it. He's a daredevil." R
    "All the more reason he would love it" L
    "And that's why I'm against him joining, he has intelligence, he has other interests, he enjoys excitement. But if he injures himself in the Army, what do you think will happen to those interests? What you think he'll be able to do? Do you think he'll ever go hiking again if he loses his legs? Do you think he'll be able to fish again if he wounds his arm? And what about that beautiful intelligence in him, what will he do if he suffers a permanent back injury when he's 40? We may be dead by then, and one of our sons is going to have no work and insufficient education?" R
    "So why was you joining ok?" L
    "Because I wasn't a daredevil, my father joined the Army out of need, he had no University degree, his high school grades were good but not excellent, and his mother had died. I joined because I idealized him when I was growing up, a strong healthy man jumping through a window with a rifle in hand does that to a kid. But I think he knew that I wouldn't stay forever, that I'd stay for a bit, enjoy my time, learn what it was like in that type of world, but then stop. I'd know what it was like to shoot a gun, I'd know how to survive if I came under fire, I'd know how to defend myself, I'd know what type of bond it is you form with those who save your life and you have to rely on, and I'd get all of this whether or not I ever saw proper action." R
    "How?" L
    "My father knew I was smart, he never boasted it, but he could see it in me, he knew that if I joined I'd either see that bond put the test, or I'd see those who had. He knew I'd see just how special it is. And he knew that whether or not I ever saw service, I would be trained to defend myself" R
    Ryan takes a deep breath and then continues.
    "But Lawrence won't be like that, he won't know when to stop. If he joins the Army he'll see a million dares to win, a thousand competitions to be better at, a thrill that no other job would ever give him, and he'll continue to stay until he retires.

    But I know he doesn't have that deep love for the Army, I can see it clear as day in his eyes, that bond is undeniably special, but if you took the thrill out of it, he wouldn't stay. And he's not like my father, it was work in a regular job or get to see the world. Furthermore my Father had a lifeline that Lawrence doesn't have" R
    Lauri responds quietly "Your mother".
    "Yes" R
    "I don't want us to come back as ghosts and see one of our sons injured and dejected, I don't want the thrill of the Army to take away his chance at his true interests, the things he loves and would do whether or not he was a daredevil, I don't want it to cost him his life or his livelihood" R
    Lauri bites her lip, while her hands remain frozen. "Ok, so what do we do?" L
    "Let me talk with him, he's going to be at home for at least 2 weeks, so we've got time" R
    "Ryan" L
    "hmm?" R
    "I love you dear" L
    "And I love you too, come here" R
    And they fall asleep in each other's arms.
    A bed with a TV and a daily bubble bath are the doctor's orders, well the latter is, Lauri thought the former would be a good motivator.
    Ryan goes to Mona's house (his sister) and informs her of the accident. He asks that she look over his medical file while he prepares dinner for them.
    "Well the X-Ray is clean, there's no broken bones or visible damage to the spine, his CT looked clear as well, no evidence of nerve injuries, palpation revealed minor pain around T2 and significant pain around T8. But you say he was walking the day of the injury?" M
    "Yes and he manged to stand while talking to me" R
    "Was he in a lot of pain while doing so?" M
    "I don't think so" R
    Mona gives him a smiling but nudging look, which if translated would read "come on"
    "Ok. He wasn't in pain" R
    "You know your deductive abilities are nothing to be ashamed about, I mean how did you know that Kimberly was going to be fired?"
    "I just observed" R
    "Well you were right, god that child sometimes, I don't know where she gets it from!" M
    "You?" R
    "I get excited over bones and anatomy, not the wild parties and screaming matches that she seems to take a particular specialty in" M
    "Any wild men that she's gained a specialty in?" R In which he gained an appropriate glare from his sister.
    "But seriously, is Lawrence alright?" R
    "If he was walking and without significant pain then it was just the muscle being over worked, it probably isn't even torn. So there should be no complications, if he complains of a chronic pain near the area, get an MRI, but he shouldn't" M
    "So smooth sailing and sunshine from here?" R
    "Yep" M
    "Goodbye Mona"
    "See you Ryan"
    He tells his wife of the news. She's relieved.
    While Wray continues studying for his final exams.

    @emorrill She is pretty, what do you think about the eyeliner, do you feel a lighter (or no) eyeliner would work better with her golden hair? (Genuinely curious)
  • KNORearKNORear Posts: 435 Member
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    I should really post pics from my current Perfect Genetics Challenge, especially since I'm not recording it. So far I've made it closer to the end of Gen 2( I have a Gen 3 heir, she's just a toddler at the moment). Today was mostly a few age-ups and A Snowflake Day Gift-giving party, so not super interesting. However, at the end of the party, Nutmeg(the gen 2 heir) lost her childhood dog who she took with her when she got married and I legitimately felt a little bit bad for her.


    However, She still has her other dog, Bruno. I adopted him shortly after Anne(the childhood dog) became an elder.


    Next time I play, Bruno will probably get him a mate and so Nutmeg will have even more dogs to love(she's a dog lover).
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  • PuddinroyPuddinroy Posts: 4,175 Member
    @KNORear: Great update. Aw, sweet puppy.

    @emorrill: Hello. :)

    @Emily4331: Awesome pictures

    @king_of_simcity7: Nice pictures of your sims at University.

    @TinySpaceFox: Hello. Adorable baby goat.

    @CravenLestat: Awesome sims

    @Turjan: Hello

    @Nikkei_Simmer: Awesome pictures of the island.

    @Sharonia: Pretty pictures.

    @Silverofdreams30: Hello

    @Brandontaylor: Hello

    @Shadow_Assassin: Hello

    @AlexaKry: Hello

    @RedDestiny92: Awesome pictures.

    @bekkasan: Loved the updates. Pretty ice skating picture.

    @Karritz: Awesome video. What an awesome birthday present to watch.

    @ohmyohmy: Cute pictures

    @lisasc360: Hello

    @PalmArrow: Hello

    @jillbg: Glad to hear that your daughter and you are feeling better. This covid-19 is so unnerving to me. My anixety is up. :)

    @sarabeth2984: Welcome to the thread.

    @jonny522: Hello

    @Mikezumi: Hello

    @all Thanks for letting me read your stories/videos/pictures.
    :) Smile!

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