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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • MamaSimTeeMamaSimTee Posts: 800 Member
    I just found my last Great-Grandma passed away in Extended Care about an hour ago. She’s my last great grandparent which only leaves me with her daughter, my Grandma, for grandparents.

    @Brandontaylor I'm so sorry. You were so lucky to know her. *hugs*
    <insert inspiring comment here> :)
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 9,430 Member

    Mary Kendall, A Ghost Story
    Mistletoe Kiss

    Mary helps Damien with the clean up from the Snowflake party. In no time at all the chairs are put back in place. The wrapping paper, boxes, and ribbons are tossed in the trash. Damien finishes the dishes and turns around and notices Mary watching him from the doorway.

    Damien walks to the doorway with a mischievous grin on his face and points up to the ceiling.
    "Look at what you are standing under."
    Mary looks up. "Oh, the mistletoe is so pretty."
    Damien bends towards Mary and brushes his lips softly against hers giving her a brief kiss.
    His lips tingle from the kiss and his heart skips a beat or two. He smiles at Mary hoping she felt something too.

    The magical mistletoe blesses them both. Mary blushes with warmth from the kiss. She wants to reach out to Damien and have him kiss her again. She was never good at this boy-girl stuff when she was alive. She has certainly not improved as a ghost. Her heart races with her nerves flying on edge. Damien would love to kiss Mary again. Perhaps this time with more than a brief touch of their lips together. He can sense Mary is nervous, so he doesn't try.

    "Would you like to go to the festival?" he asks her.
    "I would love going out, but maybe not the festival. Will you go with me to one of my favorite places? Do you have skates?"
    "I'd love to! Yes, I have skates!"

    Mary leads him into the woods, and they follow a path that takes them deep into the woods that surround the town. A pond at the base of the mountain is frozen except for a small area where a waterfall splashes into the depths. Mary puts on her skates and skates to the center of the pond and shows Damien how she has learned to spin. She laughs joyfully, exhilarated by the speed and perfection of her spin.
    Damien loves seeing her happiness and obvious glee as she spins faster and faster and then gradually slows down. She is so very beautiful as her face lights up and glows in the moonlight. He could stand there and watch her for hours.
    "Put your skates on and join me," she calls to him as she slows her spin and stops.
    Damien puts his skates on and carefully joins her on the pond. It has been a few years since he has been skating. He hopes it is like riding a bike and it comes back to him.

    He joins her in the middle of the pond, and she takes his hand and she tells him how to use his body to speed up and slow down the spin. Things are going very well as they spin together. "This was a great idea. I've not skated in years," he tells her. "You skate beautifully."
    "It is one of the few things that I enjoy from my endless winters."
    Damien's confidence grows, and he is soon skating easily. They skate, chasing each other around the pond laughing and teasing each other as one or the other gets closer. Mary turns the tables on Damien just as he reaches out for her and starts skating backward away from him. He watches her for a moment and soon mimics her backward skating. They come together in the middle of the pond and join hands to do some more spins.

    Somehow Damien's blade connects with a thin crack in the ice causing him to stumble. He falls forward on his face causing Mary to land on her bottom. He laughs as he awkwardly stands back up and reaches out to help Mary up when he notices she is shaking. His laughter quickly turns to worry.
    "Are you OK? Mary, are you alright?"
    She can't hold it back any longer and giggles erupt out of her until tiny tears fall from the corner of her eyes. She wipes her eyes as she tries replying to him and the fits of giggles start again.
    He stares at her knowing full well he will never completely understand women. He loves hearing her giggles though and takes her hands in his as she continues trying to stop the giggles.
    "I'm fine Damien. This is the most fun I've had in years since you came into my life, and I want to thank you for helping me to laugh and live again. I've been bitterly angry at my fate and with the Fates for so long. All I've known is anger, rage and yes, even hate towards others who are alive. I forgot life was what you make of it. Landing on my bum and you on your face in the midst of our perfect spin made me realize we are meant to fall at times. Our strength comes from getting back up and moving forward and not looking back, except to learn from it. I think I got a fit of the giggles from realizing such a momentous discovery from a fall on the ice. I've been very weak and stupid and missing out on what I could have had. From this moment I will look forward to my life such as it is. If I only have winters to live then so be it. I will experience each winter to its fullest. I hope we can come up with a way to resurrect me, but if not, I will deal better than I have in my past."

    Damien realizes this is a pivotal moment for Mary, and he is so proud of her. "I will always be here for you, Mary. I hope you know that."
    He hopes in his heart that her acceptance of her fate will allow her to understand his feelings towards her. He will not rush her. She needs a friend, and he will be that friend...and maybe get her under the mistletoe for another sweet kiss.

    "I do know that Damien. I am very happy that you didn't run off with the tricks I played on you. I'm happy you are still willing to help me after I was so mean to you." She tucks her head in sorrow and shame not willing to look in his eyes.
    He loosens one of his hands from hers and lifts her chin with his fingers. His look is so tender and caring it causes a few more tears to fall from her eyes. No one other than her parents ever looked at her like that.
    "My dear Mary, those tricks you played were a cry for help. No one else understood as well as I did. I told you, I know you. I didn't know 100% that it was you, but I suspected and hoped it was. Jamie knew as soon as he came. We just had to wait for you to be ready for us to help."
    He used his glove and dried her tears. "Are you ready to try that spin one more time?"
    "Lets do it!" She places her hand in his and they skate out to the middle of the pond and spin together.

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    edited October 2020
    Need to let my id out to play... ~evil laughter~
    Evil_Haruo is back... and so is his equally evil missus... Brooke.
    Together they're going to raise ❤️❤️❤️❤️ in Sunset Valley. >:)

    Nothing like diverting a few space-rocks from orbit...right onto the Frio house.
    Guess the Frio brothers will need a new interior decorator, considering they both have furniture that seems to be stuck in the 50s.
    Brooke: "Gee, Jared, that's a goddawful mess you got right there. Pity; sure hope you're insured." ~evil chuckle~
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    Another update of my story of my Helmquist family.

    @bekkasan : Told you you didn´t have to wait long! :)
    bekkasan wrote: »


    Aww!!! <3
    Great update!
    (Full comment on your story thread!)
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    well would of posted this yesterday but was exhausted. So here is the update on the sim fam!

    The first born son aged from toddler to child!

    And his sister aged from baby to toddler too. So with him being more independent, the nanny plumbots (I now have 2 of em) and the new butler that is actually useful are having less stress

    Current plan is to have the first son grow up to be a ghostbuster basically XD Leaning towards an Egon style. Suppose I should also have him collect fungus and spore samples lol
    My current feelings about The Sims 4. Here is hoping The Sims 5 can restore The Sims franchise.
  • CravenLestatCravenLestat Posts: 13,596 Member
    @nilanius You left out molds :s

    Egon is easily triggered


    I Play Sims 3 On A Potato

  • nilaniusnilanius Posts: 1,980 Member
    @nilanius You left out molds :s

    Egon is easily triggered


    I knew I was forgetting something! Thanks for the reminder lol
    My current feelings about The Sims 4. Here is hoping The Sims 5 can restore The Sims franchise.
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    Lawrence is continuing to train, he (as Bekkasan guessed) is applying to the military as a potential Commissioned Officer. Since he only completed some of the officer training in school, he'll have to complete the rest before he joins.
    Ryan and Lauri go out for Breakfast and a small game, nothing fancy, but time together is time together.
    Lauri wakes Ryan up, she has a bit of a plan in mind.
    "Ryan dear, wake up" L
    Ryan stumbles out of bed, walking straight into the room's centre out of habit.
    "No Ryan over here" L
    "Oh, oh, morning" R
    "Morning Dear" L (She stares at him with an accidental smile, tinted slightly red)
    "So, umm why'd you wake me up? It's only 4:30 in the morning, and there's no court today." R
    "Well....umm... You know how I have a meeting this afternoon" L
    "Yes yes I know with the department heads of shipping and distribution, but I don't exactly follow" R
    "How do you mean?" L
    "Well you're not presenting and......... (Ryan's face noticeably scrumples as he quickly eliminates numerous reasons for his early waking)
    Just why exactly did you wake me up?"
    "Well, you know how I want to try on that old Business skirt of mine?" (Her tone of voice was unusually playful for such small talk)
    Ryan simply looks expectantly.
    "Well, this darned shirt, it seems to have gotten just a little too small" (She makes an exagerated hand gesture at the shirt before laying her hands on her abdomen.
    Ryan still waits, he knows what's coming but she has to pull the punchline.
    "So I thought you might help me take it off?"
    The first week of physical and intellectual tests are over, Lawrence has successfully passed Officer Training, he just needs to get through the equally arduous task of completing Paratrooper selection and training. Fitness must be maintained and improved upon.
    As the week progresses, contrary to the norm, Ryan not Lauri expresses concern and disapproval of Lawrence joining the Army. Both Lauri and Ryan converse over it, and they agree to put a pin on it for future discussion, as it's a moot discussion if Lawrence fails or drops out.
    Kimberly (Wray's cousin) comes over after school. In my opinion that dress doesn't work on her, agree/disagree?
    After another housefire, Ryan and Lauri finally decide enough is enough and get a top of the range cooker, which is self-cleaning and fire immune.

    @bekkasan How'd you guess? :smiley:
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    So, I went back on my Montoya Family save, prepared to move the family to the sim-bin and figure out how to move it into a new save, when I noticed the Full Moon problem had fixed itself.
    I know for a fact it did, because one of my sims still had the "kissed under a full moon" moodlet, but the moon phases was back to normal.

    Now it's onto my next problem. I have 8 Sims in my household, why is why it won't let Rosalie & Derek even try for a fifth. I don't know how to fix this, other than move Nikki & Dayvid out, but I'd be too sad to make them inactives that I can't control. Any suggestions on what to do?

    In the meantime, I'm moving onto my save with Aquata, Alaina and Brendon. I am still on Aquata's journey to diving enough to collect kelp and become a mermaid (I think that can happen?)
    And I still have the family in AP I started and haven't continued.
    Origin ID and TS3 Username: DollyGizzy
    Hoping to complete the Brunch at the Old Mill set for CYS. 16 items left.
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    Hello all. My internet seems to be behaving itself again. I ended changing the usb port it was plugged into.

    @bekkasan thank you. Yep. I got her and there is another one here now too.

    I continued playing my game in Midnight Hollow. I meant this game to have 4 sims in it but somehow another young lady escaped from @CravenLestat and she made the fifth member of the household.

    When I launched the game this morning I was greeted with this sky.

    I decided I couldn't cope with all of the black and dark grey everything in this world. I spent some time converting the colours of a few lots, including the home lot, to the usually sunny colours I'm accustomed to. I actually like this patchwork effect. The light is very bright in Midnight Hollow. It is just that everything in the world has been painted some version of black or grey.

    Even at midnight the sun appears to be bright, but not quite as bright as it is during the day. Here is their repainted home at 11 pm.

    Three of the resident sims are in the gardening career. I am playing this game rather strangely. I think it's because it's getting hot here and I'm getting a bit cranky. So I'm making them struggle to earn their simoleans before they can get their basement.

    But - Penny had a few items in her inventory that she picked up from Craig and Judy when she helped them move their stuff from the tombs they did in France to their new home in Dragon Valley. The versions of Craig and Judy won't be actually going to Dragon Valley as they have their own original selves already being at home there. There were a few items she didn't leave behind in Dragon Valley. So she managed to inherit a Collection Helper and a Malleable Mimic Voodoo doll, a lucky coin, an insect sample and 4 death flowers. Plus about 120,000 simoleans.

    She used the simoleans she had to buy the 4 bedroom house. She couldn't afford to buy a furnished version of it though. Then when I added each of the extra sims to the house they had enough for most of the renovations I wanted to do but I suspect I may have cheated them some extra simoleans to furnish it. I don't remember doing that but I'd be surprised if I didn't as they have quite a lot in their house. They've currently got 54,682 Simoleans. I think I remember how they got their extra cash. Selling wildflowers and consigning harvestables.

    I've had them doing a lot of collecting. They now have a huge collection of insects, some of which are valuable. I haven't been selling their insects or gems but have sold all of the space rocks they've found.

    The main cheaty thing I've been doing is I mostly teleport from place to place when collecting and there is a huge distance for the sim to run to the next thing she has to pick up. I also got a bit annoyed with Annette who was doing most of the collecting today. Every time she landed on the spot and was supposed to stand and wait for the insect to finish spawing she'd turn and run away. So I got a bit mad at her and went into Options and took away her autonomy. Just the active sim or active pet's autonomy is now gone in this save. I've never done that before and other sims have annoyed me but today I just did it. The others are all left fully autonomous - that way I don't have to worry about them dying while I'm out playing with one of their household members.

    No one has been fishing yet.

    Penny is in the Fortune Teller Career. She's at level 2 and works at the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Caravan in the Supernatural Park that I made and reuse in most of my games.





    For some odd reason, I love the way the normal green grass contrasts so strongly against the black/grey grass of the world.

    Oyon is from CravelLestat. She is dressed in an interesting outfit and I've kept it on her. She had some handiness skill when she arrived in the world.

    Oyon got an opportunity to repair a stereo and return it to its owner. Of course I forgot until I found Oyon wanted to invite someone over.

    Clarissa Patterson turned up at the locked front gate.

    Oyon got to work and fixed the stereo in the front yard.

    Their fence is well inside the boundary of their lot so they have a large empty green area around the outside of their fence.

    Then Oyon returned the stereo to Clarissa.

    Oyon is currently in the gardening career.

    After getting her stereo back and paying Oyon for her efforts in repairing it, Clarissa decided to hang around near their front gate and was eventually joined by Annette, Penny and Oyon. The ladies seemed to be enjoying a lengthy getting to know each other session.


    Amy and Annette had been tending their growing garden.

    Pandora helps out with the gardening when she can. Her career is the Film career as she wants to be a Distinguished Director.

    Amy set off to deliver her great harvest to someone in town

    After delivering her harvestables, Amy stayed to get to know Olive, Samantha and Viola


    Later that night Amy, Oyon (wearing her default everyday outfit) and Annette enjoyed a gossip in their living room.

    Pandora sat reading at the other end of the living room.

    Later they went to bed. Oyon and Pandora share a room. Pandora chose to continue reading in bed.

    Oyon was exhausted and went to sleep in spite of the light being on.

    Here are a few extra pics.

    The ground floor of their home

    The house isn't fully furnished yet but they have most of what they want. All they need is there. If I continue to play with this game extras will undoubtedly be added to their residence.

    I removed all of the haunted plants in their garden including the haunted waterlily in their pond.

    The University Welcome Kit arrived as did the portal to the future.

    I managed to add my amended version of the Stones Throw Greenhouse. I changed the default grass from the world to green mowed grass.

    The greenhouse lot sank below the ground surface a bit. For about half a second I considered using the cheat to lift it up to be level with surrounding terrain. Then I remembered that'd take a while and I may not continue playing this little save so I left it. Sims can get onto the lot without a problem.

    That's about it.

    Thanks you for the two new sims CravenLestat.

    Happy Simming

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    On TSR looking for eyebrows for my sims. Found PralineSims range of eyebrows - in process of downloading them...ALL. Guess I know what I'm doing for the REST of the night. :neutral:
    See y'all in the morning.
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    Hi all, just a sign of life. I haven't been playing much lately. I have been reading the thread though and left my L&A's. There were some lovely updates to old stories, and it's nice to see some new people have posted their stories, too :smile: . I have been enjoying the read.

    I didn't really take many pics lately, either. However, here's a glimpse at Lucas from one of my rotational families. I had just been rotating into the family and was busy with checking on all the girls at home, when I got the message that Lucas had mastered the skating skill. I'm sure he's the first one to have ever done this of any of the sims I played, and he obviously did all the skating when I was playing other families. I guess it helps when you live right next to the festival lot. He was now performing pirouettes and skating backwards like a pro.
    I must admit I had to laugh at the sight, because this combination of beard, casual athletic shorts and pirouettes looked quite funny to me.
    Anyway, I sent him home afterwards because the house needed a restoration spell, and he's the only witch in the family.

    I hope you all have much fun with the game :smile: .
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,917 Member

    I love those ice skating screenshots, looks so nice
    with the snow and everything around.
    They seemed to have a nice time.
  • DuvelinaDuvelina Posts: 2,339 Member
    Don wasn't easing up on poor Daniel.

  • SleepstarSleepstar Posts: 511 Member
    Decided to try again with starting a new Save in Twinbrook.
    Currently aiming to get all harvestables produce in The Sims 3 (On the Store now)

    Aiming to complete a Legacy
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  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 7,123 Member
    Hey friends. :)

    I have some comments to make on your posts and will get to that after this :kissing_heart: but I'm just DYING to share these sneak peeks of the next chapter in my story with you! :smiley: ("What? Sneak peeks? Emorrill doesn't do that!" :p ) Well, I'm feeling generous today :blush: and excited! :mrgreen:

    I spent 2 hours last night in game playing, staging, posing and taking pics for Chapter 10 and I was enjoying the heck out of it! :smiley: Mostly because I got to dress a few sims up again because there will be a time jump for this chapter so I needed to show them in different outfits to represent different days. :)

    This first pic isn't really a sneak peak of an event in the chapter, but I had to share how I dressed up Shane on a certain day. Anyone recognize the shirt he's wearing underneath? (Sorry it's hard to read, but the style should stand out to many of you 1990's-2000's teen folks. :p ) I'm totally showing my age here!!! :lol:
    But man...I haven't usually swooned over Shane, but him in this outfit... *fans self* <3


    This next picture is a sneak peek of a small event. Maru's outfit I've totally fallen in love with, but even more so...Harvey's getup! :love:

    I was just casually throwing clothes on him in CAS thinking he looked hot of course, but when I saw him in LIVE mode - and in "action" :smirk: - I was swooning SO bad I about fell off my chair in a lovesick faint! <3<3


    Woo! (Okay, pull yourself together emorrill... :p )

    I recognize some of you may not agree (I just have the super hots for Harvey.🥰) , but here's the pic anyway:


    Oh heck, let me throw in this hot kiss between him and Penny as well...


    <3*Pleasurable sigh* <3

    Anyhoo, that's all the sneak peeks I'm going to share! Don't want to spoil too much. ;)

    In other news, it's been looking like Fall around here for about 2 weeks and I am just loving it! :love: My favorite season! 🍁🍂

    However that brings the inevitable falling leaves piling up in the yard that you have to rake up... :neutral: Not fun. So here I am staring at said leaves just outside our back door shadow was making me look pretty darn good. :blush: (Although I'm not quite that skinny yet, but I have lost 14 lbs in a month! :star: I'm so so proud of myself cause it's not easy for me to do! ) Anyhoo, my point in sharing this: You gotta always look for the little things in life that validate how well you're doing and compliment your efforts. :) #Positivityforthewin !


    Keep calm and sim on my friends. :kissing_heart:
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 7,123 Member

    I think I'm going to give myself some free time to play but I won't be sharing anything for a little while.
    ^That's totally okay sweetie. <3 You take all the time you need for yourself and we'll always be here when you feel ready to come back. {{{Hugs}}}

    @AlexaKry Do you have a blog that you post all your stories on or do you just use the thread? :)

    @GraceyManor I'm glad to hear you're hanging in there anyway. <3 I hope you and your fiancé were able to patch things up. It's so so hard when there's tension in your relationship. :cry: Going through a bit of that now with hubby being out of work and tirelessly applying for jobs and getting a couple of interviews, but nothing has seemed to work out yet. He's so discouraged... It's hard, but together - and with selflessness - you can get through anything. :star:
    I gotta go for a DR appointment that a lot of people dread...
    ^Hmm. The letters O-B-G-Y-N are coming to mind. Is that it? :lol:;) You really don't have to confirm that, I'm just being silly. :p
    Your hard work sure paid off on Liam! :love: He's perfect!

    @CravenLestat Your reaction to my pictures fills me with happy. :blush: I've been known to pick out a few rare, awesome poses that look great and realistic, but most of the time I kinda stink at staging. :grimace: Or at least that's how it comes off to me anyway. Oh heck, I have gotten better with them, but some are a real pain!
    I look forward to checking out Oyon. :grin: That's a unique name. How did you find it?
    I had a smile on my face the whole time and laughing in some parts reading your Lucky Palms update. :lol: You crack me up!
    Seen another of my male sims emorrill I was heading in and used my stalker vision cause I spy hottie sim I have not thirsted on yet.Colette is sooo cute the girl behind him.
    ^Colette, huh what now? Sorry, I was checking out the cute guy reading. :mrgreen::p
    YAY! You finally got hearts for someone! :smiley: About time huh? ;) She's very pretty.
    OK this game is evil shortly after that pic got a wish to write a love letter to Cori,it is like that devil on your shoulder saying haha forget her Cori is the girl for you,sure she didn't fall in love and has no interest in you but go for it and lose everything including the only girl who paid attention to ya right now Colette.I almost think the programmers are evil,cheaty wishes and deadly fire birthday cakes are not coincidence.
    ^Yup! True dat! 👍 We've all been there at least once. ;)
    We parted ways after my sim ended the date and I got that whole "It was short we hardly spent any time blah blah" pop up cause I was stoopid.
    ^LOL! :joy: It's all good!
    Oh my gosh the magic portal! :smiley: I forgot about that! I think I've only encountered it once because my sims don't dig much.
    This picture rocks! :lol:
    And then I gave her my cooking skill book as a gift she gave it back the pop up said maybe next time spend a little more before giving me a gift :#
    ^ *Gasp* :open_mouth: Sims will actually reject gifts like that?? How did I not know this!?
    Harold Ramis. :blush: Can you believe I actually had a mini crush on him when I was a kid and watching Ghostbusters for the first time? :lol: I guess I've always had a thing for the intelligent nerds. :mrgreen: Great actor. May he rest in peace.

    @Nikkei_Simmer This is a very hot and romantic pic my friend. <3
    I went on an eyebrow shopping spree as well years ago on TSR. The game very much lacks in nice looking ones. Have fun checking them out in game. :mrgreen:

    @Silverofdreams30 Hee hee! :mrgreen: You're very welcome. :kissing_heart: More pics please! :p
    (Get off Animal Crossing! ;);)<3 )

    Um, Damien is now Mary's, (sorta) not yours. :lol:
    ^I guess that's true. ;):p
    Hey, HS was the first Store world I bought too. :grin:
    Thanks for the compliments on my pictures of Craven's girls. <3
    ok...leather bustier and you didn't share THAT link with me when we were looking up leathers. LOL
    ^It's cause there wasn't a link to share. ;) That's a Late Night top. I didn't do anything to it, promise. :)
    Rainbow over the Manor! :open_mouth: LOVE!

    @nilanius Been enjoying your posts. :) I just have to say that I saw your epic (and deserved) comment back to that person on that one thread who was like, "You've said you've left the Sims 4 community so why does it matter how you feel about the unfixed problems in the game" - something along those lines - "just asking..." Yeah, they were rude. :( I awesomed the heck out of your reply and there are hundreds of others who feel just the same way as you. <3
    (If that wasn't you and I mixed you up with someone else, please forgive me. :grimace: But I'm pretty sure it was you. ;) ).

    @jonny522 Enjoyed reading your story update. :)
    Bekkasan is just awesome like that. ;)

    @Karritz Really enjoyed your post. :) Pretty pictures! <3
    Aww, I wanted to see a more close up look of Oyon. ;) I'm too anxious to see how pretty she is without booting up my game to do it. :p j/k
    You're such a great builder. 👍

    @Turjan Hi buddy. :) Always nice to see you pop in and that you're doing well.
    Lucas looks so pretty! :lol:
    I must admit I had to laugh at the sight, because this combination of beard, casual athletic shorts and pirouettes looked quite funny to me.
    ^LOL! :joy: I was thinking the same!

    @Duvelina *Waves* :) Such handsome guy sims you have there. <3

    Have fun simming my friends. :) Catch you all later!
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,917 Member
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    Haha, I promise more photos soon. B)
    Today I have not been playing AC that much it gets
    a bit repetitive at times so need a little break now and then.
    I'm still stuck at a 2 plus island though ugh, I have been playing the
    love link phone game also quite addictive.
  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,453 Member
    @emorrill : I just have my 3 threads with my stories here on the forums.
    I have tried to build an own blog (and still would like to build one), I even have a Wordpress account, but I´m completely overchallenged with how to use it!
    So I gave up and just post here.
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    @emorrill It is a real Mongolian female name,I modeled her face after a picture I seen.Sometimes I type in X female where X is a country like Vietnamese etc look for a good front view then take a screenie or study it and try to make her.

    The name can be spelled Oyon or with a "U" Oyun

    Pronounced Oy ugh +n Oi Uhn

    It means wisdom

    I Play Sims 3 On A Potato

  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 7,928 Member
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    OK... :mrgreen: Here's how I created "my" River. :D

    1. Starting off with a young adult River McIrish.
    2. Pin her hair up so that it isn't in her face obscuring details that I need to work with (not touching her face...other than and more realistic eyebrows.
    3. Lengthen her eyelashes.
    4. My go-to: Praline Sims eyeshadow, set opacity to 50%
    5. Praline Sims eyeliner -
    6. Apply Pralinesims (yeah, yeah, I's a bit repetitive) blush and lipstick.
    Add Pralinesims realistic EYES bring out the green in her eyes more...than that olive-drab (which dev gave her that color, I gotta bone to pick with him/her).
    7. Choose hairstyles...cycle through as many of them trying to see if there's one that fits her better.
    8. Put her in some clothes. >:):mrgreen:
    Match her shoes with her outfit. Nike sneakers (blue, yellow and black).

    All done. :D:mrgreen:
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    @emorrill thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed my post. I didn't build that house - it comes with Midnight Hollow - I just recoloured everything in and around it and the house too.

    Here's the house in daylight.

    I played a little this morning and got a couple of shots of Oyon


    Now I'm going to start work on the final video in the Isla Paradiso Bunch. Remember when I first started? Well, I've improved dramatically since that first video. I'm looking forward to making this final video. I don't know if I'll start a new playlist with them. I will keep their saves on my backup drives but I don't know if or when I might continue playing them. They do have quite a lot of children and babies and toddlers though so I might help them to grow up. Right now I have no plans for them but it's hard to say goodbye for ever and just close it down for good.

    Anyway, I better get that new video started. I've played the opening few scenes in the nectary. I should have video of Craig getting cured by the Sphinx. I hope I can find it.

    Happy Simming all.

    EDIT: I did a little research and discovered something about the name Oyon. It is the name of a province in Peru. I didn't see anything about it being a girl's name but anything is possible. I'm sure @CravenLestat will be able to provide more info if required.
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  • SimplyJenSimplyJen Posts: 13,932 Member
    Lastly Emily4331 Another clue maybe the shirt she has on will help (Which I made from a picture of her) :p

    "Is this easy mode?" ;)

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    Today I played briefly with Kim & Felipe Marshall, then switched to focus on Aquata, Alaina and Brendon.

    The three finished their Uni term, all passed their exams with flying colors!

    They all have new jobs now.
    Alaina is a Ghost Hunter.
    Aquata is a Stylist. (Not a good one, her first client wasn't impressed.)
    and Brendon is an Acrobat (Well, currently a Mime)

    And Alaina and Brendon got engaged.

    That's all for now.

    I'm still trying to decide whether to move Nikki & Dayvid out so Rosalie can have her fifth or not. Still awaiting suggestions on what I should do.

    I can move them out, and focus on Rosalie, Derek & the Kids, but they could use the extra help.

    Maybe I will. After all, I can switch over to Nikki to see how she's doing. Plus StoryProgression will tell me everything anyway. And she'd be invited over for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas and Birthdays.
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    @SimplyJen :p Nope :p But you still can haz 4 points for the attempt. <3

    Cutie pic for today This is the mummy cured


    This is for you @emorrill Compare this Mongolian girl lips and nose to my sims above.I just found this picture was not the one I used


    @Karritz Here are some Mongolian names below and weird fact,In all my life only known and met one just one Mongolian girl they are not that common it seems here in United States like other people of Asia are.But when I was with my ex for about 15yrs our neighbor on the right was Korean the one on our left was Vietnamese and to make it even crazier this was way out in the stick very!!!very!!! country with all three of us had huge yard property in a farming community and a town where people have southernish accents. :p And to this day the Vietnamese woman is one of my closest greatest awesome friends she even calls me to go to lunch all the time and be at all her cook outs.She always calls me "dinky dowl" I appologize if spelling butchered it but means loony or crazy.

    Oyon is on this list

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