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Sidewwalk Star sign

JeansooJeansoo Posts: 3,307 Member

Does anyone know what it's for please? I saw this in the miscellaneous section on buydebug cheat. I cannot get any proprietor where I built my own live show venue. I realized I didn't place the stage sign and the audience marker. Will do this to get the proprietor?


  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,674 Member
    There is a special spot for the proprietor but I think it is only available in CAW.

    If you place a Showtime Stage the proprietor should turn up. I've never seen or used that sidewalk star.

    A few years ago I was doing a bit of research into a related issue and came across a lot of discussions among people and everyone who knew anything said the proprietor spot is only available in CAW. I saw a pic of it and it looks like a 1 tile ceiling light but it's placed on the floor where you want the proprietor to stand.

    I've made lots with showtime stage and the proprietor always turns up. If they go missing I reset the stage and a new one appears.
  • JeansooJeansoo Posts: 3,307 Member
    @Karritz Thank you very much:D I found that mark in buy mode. I can try this today. :) Oh yes! You're right. Eventually, I got the proprietor right after placing the stage floor.
  • rubyskywalkerrubyskywalker Posts: 705 Member
    The sidewalk star is just a fun star decoration for sidewalks, possibly to resemble the famous Walk of Fame...
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  • JeansooJeansoo Posts: 3,307 Member
    @rubyskywalker Oh Thanks!! It is like like the fame tile with 5 star celebrity in the sims 4. :D
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