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The Disney Princess 10 Gen Challenge!


  • LuclyluLuclylu Posts: 342 Member
    Ardruna wrote: »
    We're getting some progress in mine! Tiana's restaurant has 5 stars now! Also Ariel and her brother Harold have entered grade school, right behind older brothers Ambrose and Hopper. Slowly working to marry off some of the others in the extended family tree.

    That's awesome! I can't wait to have a restaurant since I haven't actually tried it out before.
  • ArdrunaArdruna Posts: 18 Member
    Running a restaurant is harder than it looks, let me tell you. Being a fair boss and turning a profit aren't easy.
  • ArdrunaArdruna Posts: 18 Member
    Oh, man, today's likely to be a heck of a day in the royal household. It's Hopper's birthday (Tiana and Naveen's secondborn) to become a teen, it's Love Day and the 2 eldest boys don't have partners, and Naveen's father is likely to die today as well!
  • ShadamiShadami Posts: 3,891 Member
    Oh wow what a full day :o
  • SapphisimsSapphisims Posts: 83 Member
    edited December 2020
    Oh man, I love this challenge so much. I'd almost finished gen 10 when my harddrive broke and I lost the save </3 but considering all I had to do was let Merida try to change the past & then grow old lonely and die, I'm calling it basically a win.

    I did two things in this challenge I was very proud of myself for coming up with.

    Firstly, the way I handled the Anna (whom I called Cora) almost dying situation was by having Elsa (whom I called Eira) be a scientist who was obsessed with trying to change the weather via the weather machine to stop global warming. When she accidentally causes a blizzard, Cora's evil fiance (Hans, can't remember the sim equivalent's name) locks Cora outside in her PJs because he's trying to inherit her family's riches. Before Grim can take her, Eira is able to save her by giving Grim a death flower that she'd been growing as part of her Sciencey endeavors. Thought it mirrored the story quite nicely :D

    Secondly, I had my Belle (Bella in my story) marry Vlad. Lmao. Come on, he's the perfect Beast figure! So after many many days spent going back and forth to his castle, she was able to win his heart in her yellow dress. Then she transformed him with a vampire cure and I gave him a makeover to make him slightly less... Vlad-like, but didn't change any of his presets, just did an ugly to beauty style makeover. He ended up giving me Mortimer Goth/Gomez Adams vibes. Changed I think two his traits with a trait changing potion as well to better reflect how I imagine pre-vampire him being.

  • MelissaBearMelissaBear Posts: 29 Member
    I just posted my first ever YouTube video. Snow White & the Seven Bachelors: https://t.co/GgPadUsoW3
    It's a fun take on the Bachelorette challenge! Please check it out, I will be endlessly grateful 💖🤗
  • Boo_BearBoo_Bear Posts: 1 New Member
    For Anna (and Elsa) I’m putting them on mount komorebi because I don’t have seasons so they are still in the snow (:
  • ShadamiShadami Posts: 3,891 Member
  • ArdrunaArdruna Posts: 18 Member
    edited January 3
    Ariel finally became a teenager and she turned out lovely.
  • MagicalSimmer110MagicalSimmer110 Posts: 20 Member
    Does anybody know of any blogs about this challenge I can look at?
  • MagicalSimmer110MagicalSimmer110 Posts: 20 Member
    > @Boo_Bear said:
    > For Anna (and Elsa) I’m putting them on mount komorebi because I don’t have seasons so they are still in the snow (:

    That's a great idea. I do have both but i might make elsa climb to the top of the mountain and build her a castle there
  • DivawangDivawang Posts: 8 New Member
    Going to trying this when I get my gaming pc next, I’m super excited!!!
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