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What Happened In Your Game Today?


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    DaepheneDaephene Posts: 1,762 Member
    So, Bo and Liberty went on a date and I don't know what was wrong with Amelia but these pictures crack me up!

    She has the romantic trait and the soulmate aspiration so you would think young love would make her happy. Guess she was having a bad day!
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    DaraviDaravi Posts: 1,149 Member
    Answers and comments:

    @Koteyka, @sarabeth2984, @sunblond
    I haven't checked after him when Karl returned to home. I'm not quite sure what to I could do with him anyway. I have really no idea for his future. Maybe he will die in the aftermath of war, when the political and economic situation were getting worst and the fascists and communists were fighting against the new republic, and there were a lot of murder around 1919/1920. Or he maybe will die on the spanish influenza, there is also a deathroll again. With a deathtoll from around 800.000 people in germany then it is a number I can't ignore easily.


    That new baby is creepy and not very sympathic how he talks about his parents and sister. :#
    On the other side, I am so curious of his story. :D

    @sunblond Poor Becca, she will be really missed. I'm sorry for the loss in your sim family.

    @AlwaysAsking When I let my sim cook I stay on that sim and telling him to finish his cooking. These naps and bugs annoys me, even when I have stop the nap for body and mind, they still stop their task for making sport, on the same time they don't like jogging when I told them so :/.
    So I won't activating any nap anymore, even when it was my plan to use them for the story originally.

    @Metior_Ice That fight was amazing. I'm so happy that the first mission is completed.

    A very small information update on my story.

    The house were Luisa lives with her kids is a llittle bit ahead of the time. Originally it is for 1920s when the District_heating and the Frankfurt Kitchen was introduced and became more common.

    I am building a lounge for the roaring twenties and Luisa has to test it. Her singing voice was terrible, the other sims have paid her to stop it. :D

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    DuvelinaDuvelina Posts: 2,619 Member
    edited September 2020
    Villareal Main House


    Life was smiling at Lucy. Her romance with Paolo was everything she imagined it would be and more. He was gallant, sweet and took care of the whole family while giving Lucy enough space to do her own thing as well. Besides that, her kids were doing great and thriving. She was incredibly proud of of them and for the first time in a long time, it was nice to be able to think of just herself again. She used to do a whole lot of that, but as soon as there were little kids running around the house, there wasn’t enough time in a day for Lucy to get to do the things she wanted to do. Being able to get a job and build a fashion career for herself was more fulfilling than she had imagined. Getting a job wasn’t something that sounded appealing to her in the past but nowadays she had all the money in the world and it wasn’t doing anything for her.


    Lucy sat down in front of her desktop computer to get some work done. She had to write a new style guide. People needed help and Lucy was happy to give advice. For a price. She opened her Pinterest and was adding cute clothes to a style board when her thoughts wandered off. Max popped up into her head. A smile formed on her face because she thought about the antics that guy pulled. He had been a nightmare to live with, but not everything had been terrible. Lucy missed him sometimes and she had a hard time letting these thoughts go. She had no idea where Max was and if he was doing alright. It was eating away at her.


    Meanwhile, in the living room, Neal was doing pushups along with a workout programme on TV. He did it a time where he was sure no one would walk in. After Juliana beat him up weeks ago, Neal couldn’t get the humiliation out of his mind. At school, they’d been taking career tests and talking about the future. Neal’s mind was made up. He wanted to join the police academy as soon as he got out of high school. But after Juliana gave him a black eye, he knew he couldn’t logically get into the academy with so little strength. He needed to work out and get bulkier. His lanky posture apparently came from his father, who Neal had never known, but according to stories he’d heard his father hadn’t been the best apple in the bunch. Neal blamed his dad for leaving him with the weakest muscles in the universe, but he had to be able to do something about it. He was determined to try.


    Juliana came home from work distraught. She overheard some classmates talking to each other in the clothing store she worked at. They were calling her dumb. Juliana knew she wasn’t the smartest kid in class and she never aspired to be. She was interested in clothes, just like her mom, and that’s what mattered to her. But hearing these people from her school call her stupid loosened Juliana’s resolve. Maybe she should focus on school more. Her grades were average but there was some work to be done there. She didn’t think it was about grades, though. She needed to work on her vocabulary and expand it. Juliana was one of the popular fashionista’s in school but she wasn’t secure in who she was. She wasn’t one of those mean girls you always saw in movies. People’s words hurt and being seen as stupid wasn’t what she envisioned for herself. At home, Juliana went up to her sister Jacqueline’s room and used her floor-length mirror to be able to see her expressions while she looked up some argumentative skills and how to apply those in real-life. If she’d keep at it, her classmates would be floored when they heard her substantiate her viewpoint with the best arguments. Sub-stan-tiate… And she managed to use in a sentence! One word down, many more to go before she could come to those much wanted debating skills.


    Practicing makes tired, not perfect. Juliana was exhausted and not entirely satisfied with her progress. Words were hard. Luckily, she had a mother who wanted to help relieve her stress by giving her a massage. Lucy wasn’t the most skilled masseuse in the world. She had only done it once or twice before but she had read about it often enough. Juliana appreciated her mom going out of her way to help her out and enjoyed it the massage mostly, although there were some painful pressure moments in there.


    Jacqueline was a bad mood. Her self-esteem issues were at a high, her acne was flaring and she was hoping to fix it by partaking in some instant activity: swimming.

    Swimming took away some of the stress Jacqueline was feeling but not nearly everything. Her mom had always been big on yoga. Jacqueline hadn’t given it a try before but with a video on what poses to strike, she could get started. Her mind was completely focused on doing yoga and it managed to distract her from her underlying problems. But not for long.


    Jacqueline was having a hotdog for dinner but a pounding headache ruined the meal for her. She hadn’t eaten all day and the moment she was trying to, a headache got in her way. Neal was sitting opposite her, doing his homework. He could see something was wrong with his sister, so he asked her if she was okay.


    Neal talking to her was the last thing Jacqueline needed. She wasn’t a mean-spirited person but Neal was the last straw in the awful day she was having. What did he care if she was okay or not? He had never shown any regard for her wellbeing and now he wanted to start? She told him to stop pretending like he cared and to leave her alone.


    Neal was surprised by Jacqueline’s outburst. She was one of the softest people he knew. It was hard to catch her in a bad mood, an eternal optimist. This didn’t seem like her. God knows he deserved her reaction after his behaviour towards her but she had always taken the crap he told her and shrugged it off. Today was not one of those days.


    Jacqueline herself was also surprised by her reaction. She didn’t know her stress levels were out of the roof. None of the things she’d done so far had helped her decrease the amount of stress she was feeling. Jacqueline remembered the bocing bag she had o nher balcony upstairs. It was around midnight when Jacqueline started boxing but she didn’t stop anytime soon. Going to bed was the last thing on her mind.


    The amount of physical activity she had done today had worn her out and she was completely out of breath.


    She had no interest in her waning consciousness and the struggle she put her body through. Her head knew no limits. She would persevere and no one could stop her. When she’d reach her goal, her body would feel happy and satisfied. It will have been worth it.
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 2,985 Member
    I’ve been playing with the Harper-Joneses, they’re currently in Selvadorada. Even Ellie the dog is there! I managed to get a dog bowl and bed from the market, but of course pets like to just sleep anywhere :D On top of a table? On a stone floor? Yep, anywhere is fine :D:D
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,103 Member
    edited September 2020
    Lyrie wrote: »
    @Metior_Ice Wow excellent job on how Reef found his merman roots and I really enjoy Sara! I like how Reef had to give Dylan a pep talk to not give up! I also love all of Zephyr dialogue including on snarky remarks about how Dylan would do things!

    I loved the battle or fight between Zephyr VS. Damion I was cheering at how well Zeph was doing from that dark evil man, but now that evil sim is going after more power or wants even more! I am happy to see things moving along! 😊

    The next quest will be setting Dylan's spirit free. But, with Zephyr's spirit free, the Sims in Sulani can finally stop fighting everywhere. Maybe, when everyone stops fighting, they can do more to help the islands shake off the evil fog. The Eco Living Industrial/ Green element does make the feel of a silent struggle more noticeable. When Reef first moved in, all of the islands got that sickly fog, but as he worked toward fixing up the Caldera Eco Center and freeing Zephyr's Spirit, the islands would fluctuate between a neutral state and that sickly industrial fog. I know the industrial element didn't come with trash everywhere, but that fog can take away Mua Pel'am's beauty long after the quest to clean it up is finished. In the pictures with Mua Pel'Am, the island is thriving, but the industrial fog makes everything look so sick.
    Daravi wrote: »
    @Metior_Ice That fight was amazing. I'm so happy that the first mission is completed.

    It took a long time to get there. Collecting the Sea Shells also took longer than expected. Each quest comes with a task and an aspiration to complete. I tried to make the task and Aspiration connected. On a normal life span, it's surprising how much time passes to create a home for the next generation, produce a heir, and complete just one aspiration and quest. The Sea Shell Collection is one of the smaller collections and it took a long time to find them. You can easily find dozens of sea shells you already collected before finding one you didn't. The volcanic eruptions have been helpful when it comes to collecting geodes, metals, fossils, and crystals, and I still have a long way to go before those collections are complete.

    The Broken World Saga

    The Kailani Legacy

    Reef floated on his back above a reef. He felt so content in the ocean.

    [img][/img]50352337088_e0a210bee5_b.jpg288b78f0-f768-11ea-8bae-020d4250b5ee by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    He shifted upright in the water, and that's when it hit him, his legs weren't there anymore. He glanced down and saw his red and blue tail. In one motion he flicked it to tread water. His memories flooded back to him. He ate that strange kelp and entered the water to meet Sara. His legs fused into his tail, and he fell asleep, exhausted from a very supernatural day. The one thing he couldn't believe, something he struggled more to come to terms with than being a merman, was that he had the power to interact with island spirits. Zephyr definitely wasn't a normal spirit, and he was very real.

    [img][/img]50353193702_f0877268e3_c.jpg48342da0-f768-11ea-b436-02b1b53df25a by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Concerned about the average human noticing his new fishing nature, Reef used a power flick of his tail to swim through the water with less people around. He wasn't a natural born merman, and he had no idea that his appearance was hidden from those who did not know merfolk existed. More importantly, he did know that this form came with its own unique powers. All he knew was that he could swim through the water faster and with less effort.

    Even with his face submerged below the water, he could still breathe, and his eyes didn't sting from the salt in the water.

    [img][/img]50352336953_3f238bde76_b.jpg659b56c0-f768-11ea-a0a7-0aa618a3b1e6 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    With a single, powerful kick, he could lead out of the water like a dolphin, and his tail, fully out of the water, would follow his torso into the water. Reef was having fun flicking his tail and swimming. He almost forgot about trying to get his human form back.

    [img][/img]50353193777_3c5540f9e9_c.jpg6d8ba830-f768-11ea-a0a7-0aa618a3b1e6 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Reef relaxed his arms at his side and let his tail do the work. He swam along the cliff side to a secluded shore. Was he stuck like this forever, or could he return to the land?

    [img][/img]50353193642_06631cfc6f_b.jpgd974c770-f768-11ea-b220-066dca9f8100 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Reef entered shallow water and his tail melted away as he regained his legs. His legs felt strange as if they shouldn't be there. Even as he walked, he still felt like he had a tail. It was as if the legs were a physical illusion that others would see instead of his tail. Regardless of how the illusion worked, he could look like a human and walk like one. The further out of the water he got; the more he noticed a need to return to the sea. He truly wasn't a human, but he didn't think of himself as a full merman. He was half a human that enjoyed being on land, and half a merman that found enjoyment in the sea. He didn't want to stay only on land or in the sea, but swimming, it tired him out.

    [img][/img]50353193742_14935173c7_b.jpg1107c4d0-f769-11ea-9fe9-029c91a3edee by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    On the shore, Reef met the strange young man he met in the eco center, but this time, he could sense a fishy nature about him he didn't notice before.

    Reef: "You're a merman, right?"

    Calum smiled: "I see you've become a half-blood. I'm a pure-blood merman."

    Reef: "What's the difference? Aren't all merfolk, merfolk?"

    Calum: "Not exactly, pure-blood merfolk have parents that are both merfolk. You can tell the difference by our ears and eyes. In my natural form, my ears have a small point, and my eyes stay the same sea-green. Us pure-bloods have the strongest connection to the sea and are the most at home there. All the other pure-blooded merfolk swam out into the sea to hide. I stayed because of my family. Unlike the other merfolk, I have a strong connection to the islands. One of my ancestors was an islander. Two half-blood merfolk can have pure-blood children after all."

    Reef: "Do merfolk have somewhere they call home?"

    Calum: "I wouldn't know the answer to that question. I know Sulani has lots of ocean and places flooded with water. I guess merfolk call Sulani home for now, but they don't have a specific place to call their own. Maybe they had somewhere to call home underwater, but I wouldn't know where that would be. I think the others are wandering the open ocean until there's a place to return to in Sulani."

    Reef: "But why would merfolk spend so much time close to land, even though I'm standing here. I feel like having legs feels so wrong."

    Calum: "That's a good question. I think I would be happier if I could spend more time and do more in my natural form. I wish there was a place for merfolk underwater. I don't feel right walking around with legs so often. As you already know, the legs are just an illusion to blend in. We always feel like our tails are there even when they aren't."

    [img][/img]50353193672_d99310d0bb_b.jpga46bdae0-f769-11ea-b436-02b1b53df25a by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Later that evening, Reef met up with Makoa. Apparently, he was also a half-merman. Reef and Makoa swam into the Ohan'Ali Lagoon.

    Reef: "Do you know why all the merfolk left?

    Makoa: "I remember a couple of mermen, they were some of my acquaintances. When they were around, tons of merfolk swam in these waters, they were pretty common to encounter. Then, a sickly fog cover Mua Pel'am and they vanished. The others left too. The only friendly mer in the area is Calum, and I think his presence is the only thing keeping the less friendly mers from acting out. From what I heard, he gave one of them a good scare."

    Reef: "I see. I wonder if the others left because of whatever drove out those mermen."

    [img][/img]50352337003_0ce85d9376_b.jpgcca1a3f0-f76e-11ea-9fe9-029c91a3edee by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    The next day, Reef was in the Eco Center completing more conservation research. It felt strange working on land after becoming a merman. Even with Elementalfest nearly here, he was still working hard. It was an interesting holiday dedicated to the mythical island elementals. He had doubts about their existence until recently.

    [img][/img]50352337243_29e85e37f1_b.jpg1d61adc0-f770-11ea-b220-066dca9f8100 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    50352337153_81ddcdb553_b.jpg27fa62e0-f770-11ea-ac73-0a79512fe22e by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Similar to Spooksfest, people got to dress in fun costumes, but instead of a spooky spirit, people did activities related to the four elements. Earth was celebrated by gardening, fire was celebrated with fire dancing, water was celebrated with swimming, and Air was celebrated with singing. Growing up, he heard stories about the three elementals that passed judgement on the Island's Children. If an islander embraced the island culture and participated in their festivities, the Island Spirits would grant them a boon in relation to the elements. He knew that the elements of wind, fire, and earth were involved, but he always wondered how the water element played a part in things. Now, he figured that merfolk represented the fourth element because the elementals weren't depicted as merfolk. For this holiday, he dressed as a smuggler at work.

    [img][/img]50352337053_6d36f37576_b.jpg7958c500-f770-11ea-93b6-0227414a18a0 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    After the holiday passed, Reef went home. Another eruption dropped lava bombs around the pavilion, this eruption triggered a fire. Fortunately, some of the people he saw around town showed up to put the fire out.

    [img][/img]50353035516_248944e884_b.jpg53d92c30-f774-11ea-b58c-0ad899c8d0ea by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    It didn't take very long for Sara and Reef to make their relationship official.

    [img][/img]50352337018_0da06ab2a0_b.jpgc32fde70-f775-11ea-9b3b-024578d80d6a by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    At Triton's Beach, Sara and Reef had their first kiss.

    [img][/img]50352337213_c925391dca_b.jpg2f8844d0-f777-11ea-ade1-0a470cdddf20 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Reef proposed to Sara on the beach, and because they couldn't afford a big wedding, they married shortly after.

    [img][/img]50353193707_38b2f83fa8_c.jpg9618fb90-f777-11ea-a0a7-0aa618a3b1e6 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    [img][/img]50353193617_6ca98ed03e_c.jpg9f71ddb0-f777-11ea-a55a-0a2714755afa by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    [img][/img]50353035466_5f26d612e7_b.jpg58872710-f778-11ea-8bae-020d4250b5ee by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    When they returned home, they had their first woohoo with an explosive conclusion. Ignoring the signs, the kept going.

    [img][/img]50353193772_3411a29e63_b.jpg8cc04e40-f77c-11ea-9fcb-0676b3257eda by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    [img][/img]50353035401_f3b2b052d7_k.jpgf6732c90-f77c-11ea-9fcb-0676b3257eda by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    They knew not what they were going to do to themselves later and kept going.

    [img][/img]50353193637_cdc99bdbd2_h.jpg3e1660f0-f780-11ea-9fe9-029c91a3edee by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    [img][/img]50352337258_b07bf926f8_b.jpg0abe0000-f780-11ea-b220-066dca9f8100 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    In the end, Reef and Sara completely satisfied their need for fun.

    I had to edit this in. Reef's face after their fun in the shower cracks me up. He knows what he's doing.
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    sunblondsunblond Posts: 1,035 Member

    Excerpts from the Journal of Omar Benali

    -So, Christine Goth was at Kaden’s last soccer game, she was there with her BFF Hugh Li-Don, yes, Hugh is the son of my old college roommate Kwan Li-Don, small world. And wherever Hugh goes these days, well, Victor Monte**gro is sure to follow, they’re boyfriends now, apparently Victor is bi, like Kwan, small world again, huh? Anyway, the three of them were setting in front of me in the bleachers and while the boys were talking amongst themselves and holding hands, Christine was totally staring at Kaden, who was sitting on the bench for most of the game. The coach did put him in finally for a few plays towards the end when our team was a couple points ahead and Kaden did good. He didn’t make any mistakes and while he didn’t do anything spectacular, well, he also didn’t mess up either. Watching my boy play soccer on that field was a great feeling, I’m not a big sports fan, to be honest, but my son wearing that uniform and running after that ball, well, it was a moment I’ll never forget. I swear I got choked up, what with Christine screaming Kaden’s name over and over and the two lovebirds joining in. I have to say it was an exhilarating feeling for me. I did wish his mother could have been there though, I still miss her when things like this happen.-

    -Yeah, not gonna lie, I saw it coming a mile away, OK. Christine Goth came over earlier, she and Kaden were talking about soccer when I left the room and, well, a little later on I walked back into the living room and the two of them were totally full on making out. Yeah, apparently they’re back on, and not just friends anymore.-

    Kaden and Christine are a couple again.

    -So, both Kaden and Zayn are in “relationships” now. As in, boyfriends and girlfriends, which has me a bit concerned about Samyr. I’m worried he’ll feel left out or something. I seriously toyed with the idea of calling Dr. Childress about it. Then I remembered, the Dr. had told me at one point that Samyr was the family mediator, that he took it upon himself to run interference between the rest of us and it totally made sense. I could remember occasions where that was going on. The Dr. also said he had given Samyr “homework” he wanted him to work on making new friends, friends separate from the other two boys. So, when Samyr had Dani Kaur, the son of Roxie’s old boyfreind and younger brother to the guy married to Jamila, Kareem’s oldest daughter, and another boy Zach Ferrer over after school, well I figured he was taking the Dr.’s advice to heart, after all. Samyr and Dani have a weird relationship, they kind of lock horns a lot it seems, but then again, that was how my friendship with both Max and Alex was in the beginning too. So I kind of think maybe Samyr is doing OK.
    I still felt kind of bad for him, what with Kaden having gotten back with Christine and being on the soccer team and Zayn having a new girlfriend, so I decided to do something. I took the day off from work and went to school and got Samyr out of class to take him to the GeekCon in San Myshuno. I even took him by the costume rental place so he could rent a knight outfit like the one he had worn to that Coslay Club thing with Than and Bobby that time.
    He loved it, I was worried that I would be like a fish out of water, but they had a rocket ship there that you could work on. Help build, I mean, and I had experience with rockets from college, so I did a bit of work on it and talked to Samyr about it, and he loved it, he was really into it and I think we kind of had a moment together over it. So I think that it was ultimately a good idea. I feel like Samyr is the son I kind of have the least individual interaction with most of the time, so I think that it was good for us, for our relationship.-

    Dani, Zach and Samyr.

    Samyr and Dani “horsing around”.

    Omar and Samyr have a moment.

    -I heard, from Lucas, that Zayn’s last date with Lacie was pretty steamy. Lucas and Sophia were dining at “Bella Italia” and well, that was where Zayn took Lacie on their last date, so that Lucas and Sophia saw everything that went on. As for Kaden and Christine, well, I got the scoop that the Jazz club in Oasis Springs where they went on their last date, well, that they put on quite a show too. Yeah, I’m officially worried, I don’t want them to go too far, and being a typical hypocritical parent, I’m thinking about me at that age and the things Cadence and I did, sigh.-

    Zayn and Lacie have an audience.

    The open door, well, prying eyes and all.

    -Tucker had brought a bunch of baby pictures to practice one day and showed us all his new niece. I was kind of unclear about it, as in, who’s the father. I didn’t say anything to Tucker, but later on I asked Felipe about it in private. He told me that Miranda had gone to some place and bought the father, as in one of those banks that sells the guy stuff, yeah. She apparently wanted a baby but not a husband and took matters into her own hands. I know Austin was her birth coach, he had been over at the house and did a lot of talking about it, he was really proud to be part of it all it seems.
    Anyway, I couldn’t remember the last time I was over at the Denney’s and so I took us all over there to see the baby. I was jonesing a bit for a baby fix, not gonna lie. It was really nice to hold a baby again, not that I want one of my own, mind you, but still. Plus, I really wanted the boys to hold her and thought it would be a good experience for the future, plus, well, with Kaden and Zayn dating, I thought a newborn baby might serve as a bit of a warning, subtle right?-

    Chatting with the Denneys.

    Omar gets a baby fix.

    As do all the boys.

    -Earlier this week I was kind of hungry after bowling practice, so I sat at the bar and ordered something to eat. Well, both Aunts Jade and Dina cornered me there. They were about to have a senior citizens bowling team practice, I guess. Well, the thing is, they introduced me to a lady they knew, Josie Jett, a divorcee with a daughter, who apparently is a bowler, she works at that art gallery in Magnolia Promenade. Thing is, they were trying to “fix me up” with her. She is a beautiful woman, she seemed nice and all too. I mean she is a really good-looking woman. So I was as nervous as one of my boys, to be honest. I was blushing and kind of tongue-tied a bit, I’m way, way out of practice, to be honest, plus they were so obvious about it and all. I haven’t given much thought to dating again. Well, I have had the occasional thought lately sure, I’m a guy. But, well, I don’t know. I shared about it at the support group and a lot of the other members, well, they seemed to think that I had waited long enough, as in a respectable length of time, great.
    Seriously, do I want to start dating again? I mean, I kind of don’t want to grow old alone, the boys will go off to college soon enough and then out on their own and I’ll be here all alone in this house, oh, I don’t know. But, well, Josie was a really stunning woman, she smelled, well, good and smiled so her face lit up the whole room and I’ve been thinking about her ever since we met.
    Finally, a few days later, I broached the subject of my dating to the boys over dinner and while the twins were all for it, they told me all about friends from school who had divorced parents that dated. Plus, they had a laundry list of divorced people and emphasized the single moms they knew, subtle right. But, Kaden, well, he got really quiet and crossed his arms and didn’t speak. He just left right after he finished eating and shut himself up in his room. So, well, the boys have been through enough, so I’m not going to rock the boat if it will upset them, him, I mean. Kaden had the most trouble with getting over his mom’s death, so, oh, I don’t know, I guess I can table starting to date for now is what I’m saying.-

    Omar is introduced to Josie.

    -A few days later, Kaden came to my bedroom so we could have a talk, he told me he had called Dr. Childress. After I had talked about the possibility of me dating, well, Kaden had a talk with his brothers who basically fussed at him for being against it. And, he said, he knew he was being difficult and all, so he called the therapist and scheduled himself to go back, to deal with his issue with me dating again. He told me he went to see Robert Morin, mom’s old boyfriend, and that he had asked him to take him to his therapy sessions. Kaden said Robert seemed happy to do it, that he was retired now, so he had time on his hands, plus, well, maybe he and Kaden could hang out some too, go fishing or whatever. Kaden said that he thought Mr. Morin might like to have him around.
    I told Kaden that was a very mature thing to do, that dealing with his issues voluntarily showed real growth on his part and then arranging to get to the sessions on his own was also a very adult thing to do. I told him that I was proud of him and that he was being very grown up about it and all. Then Kaden said, that I should date if I was ready, that he knew in his head that I deserved to find someone, but that somehow his heart was not following his head and ultimately, he didn’t want to stand in my way. Now, I guess my excuse for not dating is gone and I have to actually give serious thought to it again, sigh.-

    Kaden asks Robert Morin for his help.

    Kaden tells Omar it’s OK to start dating.

    -At blowing practice Alexander was complaining about how he and Serena had been arguing a lot lately, that it was hard with three kids to find time to connect. Tell me about it. So, I told him that he and Serena needed to take a vacation, and I reminded him of when Becca and I had rented a cabin in Granite Falls and spent a weekend and that it did us a world of good. I told him that we could take Philip for the weekend, between the boys and I, I think we could keep him pretty busy, and that Alexander’s mom and sister could divide Christine and Rebecca between themselves. I told him that having Christine at my house was a bad idea, what with her and Kaden dating and all, that it was asking for trouble. He agreed, he had taken the boys one weekend for me and Becca when Kaden and Christine were first dating and he said that keeping the two of them apart was a full time job, that he and Serena ultimately paid Philip to follow them around the whole weekend, lol. So, guess we’ll be having Philip as a houseguest soon, the boys are looking forward to it already, it’s just a big sleepover for them.-

    @Dust_Bunny2010 I like to have a bit of backstory for my sims whenever I start a new game too, not as detailed as yours, mine are more like sketches that give me a basis for my sims, similar to the ones the premades have, as I play I flesh them out more as things happen in the game. Your sim has a great backstory, by the way.

    Origin ID is: sobenewbie
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    edited September 2020
    I haven't been able to read all the posts, so I'll go back and look at the old posts as soon as I have time. Right now, I'll be making posts as a fun break from homework.

    The Broken World Saga

    The Kailani Legacy

    In a few days, it was go time. Reef and Sara were expecting only one child. Reef had a bit of pre-parental panic.

    [img][/img]50354326303_1957845f00_b.jpg4c17f380-f794-11ea-8bae-020d4250b5ee by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Surprise. Surprise. They had a couple of twins. The twins were hungry after being born, and the neighbors forgot that babies don't eat island food. Apparently, the neighbors decided to settle their mistake with a fight. Sara and Reef worked together to try and get the babies happy.

    [img][/img]50355030121_037401f241_h.jpg9ffdbc70-f797-11ea-9fcb-0676b3257eda by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    [img][/img]50355048841_7e9440f60d_b.jpg00a4ee40-f798-11ea-ac73-0a79512fe22e by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Reef to Sara: "They're pretty committed to figuring out who's right."

    Sara to Reef: "I just hope they don't wake the boys."

    It took around an hour and a half for them to finish fighting.

    [img][/img]50354341748_8fcec5f88f_n.jpg9ffdbc70-f797-11ea-9fcb-0676b3257eda by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    [img][/img]50355054506_9318899800_w.jpg00a4ee40-f798-11ea-ac73-0a79512fe22e by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Lilliana must've lost the fight, just guessing. She came into the house dazed and started to eat. Kylen and Rylan woke up.

    [img][/img]50355185287_a40f753c19_h.jpgcba50260-f798-11ea-ade1-0a470cdddf20 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    The radio broke, and Reef tried to fix it. This might've been a mistake because he breaks all the dishes while washing them (Lowkey probably why they have a one bedroom shack to live in. Dishware is expensive). Anyways, he accidentally started a fire. Curses and and the Clumsy trait really don't mix.

    Sara running toward the fire: "In the name of Sulani, what did you do now?!"

    Reef extinguishing the fire: "I'm sorry! I was really tired after the boys woke me up for the billionth time!"

    [img][/img]50355030141_8d1088f08f_h.jpg2c5d4b30-f799-11ea-b58c-0ad899c8d0ea by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Reef: "I put out the fire."

    Sara: "I'll get the boys settled again."

    Reef: "I couldn't save the dance floor"

    Sara: "Flower emojis"

    [img][/img]50355185242_00eb0df22c_k.jpg95fa5790-f799-11ea-9fcb-0676b3257eda by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Reef and Sara took turns trying to repair the radio. One of the times Reef electrocuted himself, he started wandering toward the beach in full scuba mode. I guess he forgot about the tail.

    [img][/img]50355185282_38ba5a3890_k.jpgd2891e80-f799-11ea-93b6-0227414a18a0 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    A few days later, Reef fell flat on his face in exhaustion. These twins were determined to not sleep through the night. In hindsight, taking the parental leave would have been helpful.

    [img][/img]50354326183_ef7cf48527_h.jpg5b816ff0-f7a7-11ea-9fcb-0676b3257eda by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    While the parent's were passed out, the boys flew out of their basinets and aged up.

    Rylan got the Independent Trait. He was the second born twin, but he apparently aged up first by miliseconds.

    [img][/img]50355185332_348f957e02_k.jpgac89c2d0-f7a7-11ea-866f-06891da335dc by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Kylen got the Charmer Trait.

    [img][/img]50354326243_275f5fe920_k.jpgb5d7a870-f7a7-11ea-b58c-0ad899c8d0ea by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Both of them were merboys. They are only half-mermen, so no sea-green eyes and pointy ears. I will give Rylan an identical tail to Kylen.

    [img][/img]50354326268_05b1744024_k.jpg404eef30-f7a9-11ea-b58c-0ad899c8d0ea by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    [img][/img]50354326308_fe7128006f_k.jpg1e786890-f7aa-11ea-a0a7-0aa618a3b1e6 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    When I left CAS, Kylen teleported through a locked door and was bobbing to music. Rylan started learning to potty on his own.

    [img][/img]50355030136_42145dfa0e_h.jpg7c43f1b0-f7aa-11ea-a55a-0a2714755afa by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Kylen suffered some Voodoo Pain while he was locked out of the house and babbling to himself. At this point, Sara and Reef were asleep and didn't know they aged up.

    [img][/img]50355030031_1ebcee0d88_h.jpgcb2f89a0-f7ab-11ea-93b6-0227414a18a0 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    While Reef tried to catch up on sleep, Sara tried to get the boys to go to sleep. They were getting tired, but every single time she got one into bed and worked on the other, the one that was in bed got out of bed and wobbled toward the radio to bob to music. The twins even changed out of their pajamas on their own. When Sara thought they were both in bed, she tried to get the dishes done. Rylan was particularly bad about going to bed.

    [img][/img]50355030076_5ab6bf12d7_h.jpgaf097690-f7ac-11ea-9f49-0a8426b3333e by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Even though Sara was trying to read Rylan to sleep, Rylan didn't want to sleep and wanted to have fun bobbing to music. Sara sat on the bed and waited for him to wobble over. She was close to energy failure from these two night owls.

    [img][/img]50355030036_df302cd298_b.jpgc0559050-f7ac-11ea-be8e-0630c6c0f8b4 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    An hour later, Rylan threw a tantrum and woke everyone up. Reef went outside to dance to music. Apparently, Kylen had enough energy from his very short rest to bob to music. Both of the twins ran into the bushes to dance. Sara was exhausted and stated into space.

    [img][/img]50355029991_6effa8779a_h.jpgf7a199a0-f7ac-11ea-9f49-0a8426b3333e by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Once again, Kylen threw another tantrum. He would not go to bed. This time, he was like a little monster lurking in the bushes. He was throwing tantrums because he was tired, but he refused to go to bed. He didn't even want to listen to a story before bed.

    [img][/img]50355185262_b5bbed8bc9_h.jpg1dd6f110-f7ad-11ea-9f49-0a8426b3333e by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Poor Sara was getting close to starving and Kylen stole her breakfast. Apparently, Rylan decided he wanted help from Sara when it came to food. Reef was trying to catch up on sleep. The twins made sure both parents couldn't get more than a nap in when it came to sleep. Reef aged up shortly after the twins aged up. Age wasn't a friend to Reef, and he would become an elder too soon.

    [img][/img]50355185427_ab24070457_h.jpg0ef3b9a0-f7b0-11ea-9fcb-0676b3257eda by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Sara's low energy made doing anything difficult, but she had to do the dishes before the twins got hungry again. Kylen took this opportunity to play in the toilet. Again, Reef was focusing his attention on trying to secure some income for the twins and finish his quest to save Zephyr's spirit. Helping the elemental twins was critical for a better future for the Islands. Kylen and Rylan wouldn't understand now, but it would fall on one of them to carry on the quest to restore the islands. Reef wanted to secure the best possible future for them. In spite of her best efforts, Sara continued to put off her hunger to keep up with the twins.

    [img][/img]50354326273_b9f94b09a5_k.jpg48c22810-f7b0-11ea-866f-06891da335dc by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Because I played as Zephyr and had that little fight with Damion, Reef will have a small extension to his life and the time he gets to spend with the twins while they are toddlers. I'm not strictly following the legacy rules, and in a way, I think it's nice that Reef gets a little more time to invest in his kids. The quests I've given to the founders and heirs under the current conditions the world is in has increased the difficulty more than I thought it would. Not only does my sim legacy have more to do before they age into elders, but everything from the cursed lot trait, volcanic activity, and earthquakes are depleting needs faster and giving my sims a persistent negative moodlet almost everywhere they go. Because of Eco-Living, the conditions of the world are even more challenging. The industrial fog gives its own negative moodlet. It took most of the young adult life stage to start to prepare for the next generation. Oh, and the lava bombs from volcanic eruptions can add the fire tense moodlet on top of a tense moodlet from the eruption. Considering the one major rule of this legacy is that they need to complete a quest to undo a negative element in the world, it just increases the pressure to finish the quests. Another rule is that the legacy sims have to live with the world's conditions. They can't leave Sulani to meet any of their needs or do other stuff. With the current NAPs, my sims get fined for using technology, they get fined daily as long as they use too much water and power, and they have to deal with interruptions from fights and an occasional dazed moodlet if they lose a fight, confident if they win. Once a week, my sims also lose access to water and electricity. This has impacted how I develop my house.


    Makoa knows Rylan without meeting him
    Thank goodness for day care. Anyways, I don't know how Makoa would even know that Rylan is pretty cool.

    [img][/img]50355185217_7caa9620b2_k.jpgb3ac6630-f7b6-11ea-be8e-0630c6c0f8b4 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Star Wars
    I don't have the Star Wars pack yet, and I do expect to get it. I just have a financial situation putting me off. I do have every other pack, and that means I do have the costumes from the spooky stuff pack. I'm a bit upset by what the game decides are costumes for the holiday. I don't mind that they have these costumes to choose from, but they shouldn't exclude the other costumes.

    [img][/img]50354477623_98c1adaf54_k.jpgb7160460-f771-11ea-866f-06891da335dc by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    [img][/img]50355183131_3ff00a128f_k.jpgbe21c230-f771-11ea-9b3b-024578d80d6a by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    [img][/img]50355183111_402aca8144_k.jpgcc504840-f771-11ea-866f-06891da335dc by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    [img][/img]50355338567_6dcd87ecd3_k.jpgd2b3b820-f771-11ea-ac73-0a79512fe22e by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Ember Zalrian Visiting the Beach
    Okay, I know Arihi isn't the most involved parent, but I would at least expect Calum to be there with his daughter. Ember was spawning on the beach lot that glitches with toddlers. You see, the oceanic paradise lot on Mua Pel'Am makes for a great beach lot location with one tiny problem. The place sims leave the lot is different from where they arrive. Toddlers can't swim and parents will try to carry their kids into the water. The result can be seen with Arihi and Zephyr. Anyways, Ember would spawn on the lot, walk across the lot, and then disappear into thin air. She spawned during a thunderstorm too. I think they intended for Toddlers to spawn on the beach lots, but they really shouldn't spawn without parents. They do this in the new community lots for eco living.

    [img][/img]50355183166_08f5e8f4b4_k.jpg8ef45460-f7c0-11ea-9e99-06185eb08d42 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    I have no idea why she spawned on the lot this late at night.

    [img][/img]50355338642_cfcdcaf00c_k.jpg649ad940-f7c1-11ea-8bae-020d4250b5ee by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    [img][/img]50355338587_79c33bf793_k.jpgce28a360-f7c1-11ea-85ca-027ec55895e0 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Floating Glass
    So, this is another odd glitch. The lots I make get a ton of activity from NPC sims. An NPC sim left this oddity. My sims were able to clean it up. Like, I know that Dylan and Zephyr are currently elemental spectral mermen, but this isn't normal. It would be a fun ghost interaction for a ghost to wander around a lot invisible with something in their hands.

    [img][/img]50355338577_12d5f1e0c9_k.jpg65deb670-f76a-11ea-a55a-0a2714755afa by Metior Ice, on Flickr
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    This should have things caught up to the fight between Damian and Zephyr.

    The Broken World Saga

    The Kailani Legacy

    After dedicating a few days to searching the seafloor and the nearby shores, Reef completed his first collection. It took longer than expected, and he sacrificed spending more time with the boys. However, he took comfort in knowing that the first step toward securing a better future for his sons and the islands was completed.

    Reef remembered the Urn that contained Zephyr's spirit. He could feel a change in the air. If there was a time to try claim the Urn, it was now. He spent enough time working around Mua Pel'Am to deduce where he needed to take the Urn. Once there, he figured his instinct that led him to becoming a merman and his ability to interact with the Island's Spiritual energy will help him figure out what he needed to do next.

    [img][/img]50355614672_a9ae3a424d_h.jpg616fb760-f7c9-11ea-9fcb-0676b3257eda by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Reef entered the landlocked boat that showed signs of someone once calling it home. When he walked down the stairs, he was a bit shook by how familiar the place looked. He remembered his dream with the orange eyes. Maybe, he saw what Zephyr saw before he died. To think, he barely made it through the door before meeting his end at the hands of that shadow. He also remembered the ruins covered in algae and Zephyr's warning about the tunnels.

    [img][/img]50355458281_481b15cea2_k.jpgddc16e30-f7c9-11ea-9fcb-0676b3257eda by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    Reef climbed down another series of stair only to come face to face with wall sculpture depicting death surrounded by images of a mertail. He had an idea about waited for him the chambers below.

    [img][/img]50354752553_0d5a68cfe6_k.jpg289aceb0-f7ca-11ea-85ca-027ec55895e0 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    The flooded tunnels had a sickly green algae, and it was the first time that Reef actually felt grossed out by being in the water. He understood why needed to become a merman. Between the unnatural loss of energy he experienced everywhere outside the sea and the sleep he lost trying to raise the twins, he would no doubt have drowned while attempting to traverse the tunnels. It amazed him that whatever took Zephyr's life managed to avoid drowning too. It had to swim through these chambers twice to get to both Zephyr and his brother.

    [img][/img]50355614662_acb8ff73fb_k.jpg7655cb50-f7ca-11ea-85ca-027ec55895e0 by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    After he entered the temple, Reef sat on the edge of the flooded temple. There really was no end to the water here. No normal person could live in a place like this, but he recognized the walls. Maybe he had a premonition, or maybe, he always knew about this place. He knew that he could interact with the spiritual energy of the islands, and he figured that gave him a subconscious awareness of this place that allowed him to see the temple in his dreams. The walls had more scrolls depicting the tails of merfolk and the sea. He could feel a strong energy deeper inside the ruins.

    [img][/img]50354752548_2dae973f64_k.jpge691a2e0-f7ca-11ea-866f-06891da335dc by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    After entering those ruins, Reef encountered a small shrine with two tomes placed inside. Reef placed the urn on a pedestal and could feel energy from one of the books pull at him. Reef read a passage from the book titled "Tome of the Wayfinder's Breeze." When nothing happened instantly, Reef felt overcome by fatigue and fell asleep.

    [img][/img]50355677352_4f3548eae2_k.jpgb7f91430-f99c-11ea-866f-06891da335dc by Metior Ice, on Flickr

    While Reef slept, a familiar spectral merman entered the Temple. The passage Reef read successfully summoned him.

    [img][/img]50354752583_e67d3abee6_k.jpgd504e130-f7cb-11ea-9f49-0a8426b3333e by Metior Ice, on Flickr

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    ryttu3kryttu3k Posts: 1,148 Member
    Latest reno - Sandtrap Flat! Here's the Gallery link, here's the tour. Actually feel kind of bad about gentrifying the neighbourhood, so I'm going to move this one to another, move two of the more expensive builds out, and try making an actual starter! In the mean time: some midcentury modern.


    @sunblond I'm sure Carlos enjoyed the party! It's good that Austin is there for Kaden, but poor Tucker and Darsh... Welcome to the world, Carolina! Whew, good luck to Victor and Hugh! It'll be interesting to see if Victor still has a crush on Christine now, or if he'll focus all his energies on Hugh. Really hope Felipe is able to chill!

    And thank you! Been having fun doing more building!

    Oh no, poor Omar and his unintentional copying XD Second one looks good, and I'm glad he and the boys are getting help! And it's really good he has his friends to back him up.

    Couldn't help but laugh at Omar's enthusiasm for Kaden's... bench-warming. Sounds like they're doing a lot better, which is great! Haha, that Awkward Discussion picture!

    Wow, Kaden's having a good day XD And I'm glad Samyr got some one-on-one time with Omar, too! Interfering aunts are always good for drama, haha. But yeah, if he feels he's ready, good luck to him! And Kaden is being fantastic about it too, that really is good growth.

    @Lyrie aw, thank you so much!

    @Koteyka ooh, maybe you could get a bundle? EL, even if you're not keen on the gameplay, has amazing items. You could get EL, RoM, and NK!

    Ohhh god he played Jess. That's not traumatic at all for a kid XD Oh, Steve :( Poor li'l Ianto, has he got eczema? Things out of this galaxy, well, he'd know XD I'm glad he has Rhi! And yeah, you don't need to be a princess to get free ice cream ;D Oh, poor Morgs :( I'm glad they had the movie to bond over!

    @sarabeth2984 honestly, Wacky Roommates would be more fun than those missions look XD And I'm kind of tempted to make the original trio and have them fit the setting? Like an aged-up version of the Oreys, Larsons, Bennett Obi, Alan Kinn, and Pam May from Into The Future!

    Ooh, Halloween time! (Yeah, the patch broke all CC windows and doors, and a good amount of the GT ones.) Oh goodness stoves are a hazard. Hi Tobias! Oh no Myron that's mean XD Oh bless, Gideon XD And off to bed early, livin' the high life ;D

    @DoodlyDoofus oh my, good luck with that, Grim XD;; Yes, see, exactly. Luke!! And hopefully canon Luke and not sequel trilogy Luke! ...gasp. Vader, you're cancelled. And thus ends the Star Wars saga. RIP Rey.
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,103 Member
    I have a feeling Twins will end up being a common occurrence in the Kailani Legacy, and I’m curious to find out if a family history of twins increases the chances of twins.

    So, I might need help with picking names. Does anyone know of an active thread? I might start a thread if I can.
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    Responses to stories:

    @sarabeth2984 I love your halloween update! The classical breakfast fire, if only I got a dollar every time my sims had that :D

    @haneul poor Deli, I really felt her struggles :( The feeling of wanting to be in control of everything hit very close to home. Darius shouldn't be so hard on her. Also she looks absolutely gorgeous with Artbreeder! Do you have any tips on how to a sim look so realistic there? I tried it out on my sims once but they turned out pretty weird :sweat_smile:

    @Daravi I love the photo wall in your sims living room, it's so simple and yet works so well :) the tots are so adorable! Haha, typical cringey potty pictures, we all have them :D And yay, Wilhelm got to see his kiddos!

    @Daephene that screenshot certainly looks like something worth turning into a meme :joy:

    Responses to mentions:

    Thank you for liking my Thud!! I love the CC items you incorporate with your sims. They always look fantastic! The Nifty Knitting pack is awesome. My favorite part would have to be the onesies but the heavy metal music station is a fun addition too :) It was so sweet to see the reunion of Peter, Steve, and Gwen and the kids!
    Ahh, thank you! Yeah, I pretty much can't survive without CC, it's such a gamechanger :relaxed:

    I didn't think there'd be any baddie in the story, and I know Ianto must have a reason for saying the things he does. You set things up so well! I'm definitely intrigued to find things out.
    Yeah, Ianto's story is certainly an interesting one. I feel like it's going to take ages getting to the core of it but I'll do my best with the pacing :)
    Poor Morgan with her feeling like she doesn't remember Tony much. I'm sure her friends didn't mean any real harm, it must be hard for them to understand her situation if they haven't been through what she has.
    Yeah, kids can be like that sometimes :( It's all good though, they're still friends :)
    Thank you!

    I've loved Rhi since she was born, but I don't know what to make of Ianto. His commentary feels so ominous. I worry about what's to come and wonder if his expectations were too high. Parents are often childish and irresponsible. Sometimes, that's how they ended up parents in the first place. :#
    Rhi is such a sweet and chubby little tot, I'm glad you like her! Ianto is... well.. a bit more serious, yeah. With Peter and Gwen that's exactly how they ended up being parents😁
    Just thinking of Bridge to Terabithia makes me sad, but it's interesting to see Tony's interview and think about how talented he must have been to do a role like that.
    He was very talented indeed. I miss him :pensive:
    Thank you <3

    I am always amazed by how you tell a story through photos, they are always so good, I tend to be text heavy myself, but posters like you have inspired me to try to capture screenshots that help to "sell" my posts a bit more.
    Haha, I always feel like I go way too overboard with my screenshots :) But I'm glad you were able to get inspiration from them!
    Thank you!

    Family night watching Tony's old movies is soooooooooo sweet I love it!
    Thank you so much! :relaxed:

    That new baby is creepy and not very sympathic how he talks about his parents and sister. :# On the other side, I am so curious of his story. :D
    Well it's not the baby talking, it's his grown up version from the future talking, so he can be a little harsh sometimes. Although baby Ianto himself is rather fussy too :sweat_smile:
    Thank you!

    ooh, maybe you could get a bundle? EL, even if you're not keen on the gameplay, has amazing items. You could get EL, RoM, and NK!
    Now that you mention it, the EL toddler items are such a must-have... Yeah, I'll probably end up getting all of them eventually :sweat_smile:
    Ohhh god he played Jess. That's not traumatic at all for a kid XD
    Oh... Well... It was that or sixth sense :D Anyway, I feel like Tony was SO traumatised by that age that playing Jess was actually a good thing for him because he could relate (and win many many awards for Nick... bleugh).
    Poor li'l Ianto, has he got eczema? Things out of this galaxy, well, he'd know XD
    Yup he does :( And yesss just casually throwing references here and there because uncle Thor knows best ;)
    Thank you! :)

    ...So apparently Steve and Peggy made it to this Friday's highlights. I was shocked, pleasantly surprised and slightly terrified😁

    "Is he the're, is he the're?"
    "I can't see..."

    "No baby." Sarah sighed.

    "Baby gone..." Jamie groaned.

    "Guys, Ianto isn't here! He's on his medical checkup, remember?"

    "Oh!" the twins said in one voice.
    More under the cut:
    "He's a little bit underweight for his size and his immune system is lower then most children which is probably why he's more vulnerable to diseases but other then that you don't have anything to worry about."

    "What about his skin, why is it all like that?"
    "Well, he does have quite the case of eczema there but it's usually just a baby thing, it'll pass... although..."

    "You haven't began to give him solids yet, have you?"
    "We weren't supposed to?.."

    "Oh... In that case, it's probably an allergic reaction. I suggest you pay attention to what you're giving him."

    "Other then that - I see no reason to panic. You have a beautiful baby."

    "Really? Yeah, we make the cutest babies."
    "Peter, shut up..."

    I honestly don't know how I managed to survive infancy.

    "Don' cry, Ianto... Mommy coming..."
    The life of any newborn is p a i n f u l. I realised that when I had my own. But I suppose things were even worse for me.

    "Don' cry, eebie please... It's okay..."
    Everything seemed to be wrong with me as a baby. I look like a red, dry, wrinkled mess. Every allergy possible was an allergy I had. Diseases and germs were more attracted to me then any human ever was. I could catch a cold on the hottest day possible.

    Germs, diseases and sicknesses were my biggest fear. I used to tell everyone that if I die, it's going to be because of some kind of deadly virus from outer space. That's actually rather funny now. You know, considering...

    "Now now. What's all this crying about?"

    "Uncle Thor! Eebie crying... help eebie..."
    "I know, that's why your daddy sent for me."

    "Why don't you hop along and give your tired parents a big hug while I sort this out, eh?"
    I often heard stories about how Thor was pretty much the only person able to calm me down.

    "Oh Ianto, little Ianto... Look at you, all shaken and snivelled up. What could possibly be worth so much of your valuable tears, hmm?"

    "No, you can't go back. As a matter of fact, you were supposed to forget about this 'back' by now. All children forget when their toothies start growing..."

    "Of course they don't hate you, what are you talking about!? And no, you cannot hate them either. Well, at least you shouldn't. They're nice people. And they're your family, Ianto..."

    "C'mere, up you go..."

    "Oh little one, I know it is hard. Especially now, when your teeth is growing and your skin is all dry and you just cannot seem to figure out how your body works... So much fuss going around, so many people trying to make you feel better. I know life can hurt."

    "But it can be wonderful too. It can show you wonders... if only you allow it."
    Thor knew how to soothe the pain away.

    Now I highly doubt I was miserable all of the time. I have this picture in our family photo album with my uncle and aunt where I actually seem rather content with life. Might be the only baby picture with an actual wide smile on my face but you know - nobody's perfect.

    And as far as I know I got along pretty well with my sister.


    As long as she didn't steal my sippy cup.


    "Hiiii Ianto!"

    My sister really tried her best to make me like her. It... didn't work out all the time.

    "Dada?.. Ianto crying again..."
    Poor Rhi. She deserved a better younger brother then me. And I... I actually don't know what I deserved. Perhaps not to be born?.. No, I can't really say that. Especially to you.

    "Hold still or he's going to fall off!"

    Anyway, more about my struggles from my early months. For some reason women always found me... cute. And apparently that was another thing going on ever since I was born.
    "Weeee- Ow, eebie, that's my eye!"

    Because Rhi and Morgan were obsessed with me. If Sarah was a little older, she'd probably be too.

    I was their personal dolly toy. Mom used to remember how they'd carry me everywhere, not really caring about my own opinion on the matter.

    "Look how cute he is!! Do you wanna hold him?"

    "Aw sure! Come here, little Ianto!"

    "My eebie!"

    "My eebie, my eebie!

    I highly doubt I liked it, but I just had to deal with it.

    We lived in a full house. Five kids, four adults and the occasional Thor.

    Living in a full house while being the youngest means that you're never left alone and you just have to deal with that. Maybe that's why I'm not much of a people person and yet I can easily survive within them and even enjoy their company if necessary.

    "Don' be af'aid, Ianto, you can hold my hand!"

    "I wonder what will be his first word!"
    "Probably Thor... Or leave me alone... Or go away..."

    "Nooo, his first word will be sister!!"
    Spoiler: my first word was coffee.


    "Aww Thor, give him back!"
    "Enough of that. This child is a human being, not a toy. He needs to be treated with respect."
    Thank goodness there was always Thor to save me from the obsessive attention.

    "But... He's wearing a bambi outfit..."

    "Ah. See what I mean? Bambi was a very intelligent reindeer."

    "You'll have to forgive them, Ianto. They mean no harm..."

    I knew they didn't. None of them did.

    Rhi didn't. My parents didn't.

    Steve, Peggy, Thor, Morgan, Jamie, Sarah, Rhodey, Andros, Johnny, David, Mica and whoever else appeared in the family while I was away - none of them did.

    These people were willing to give me everything.

    And yet for some reason I just didn't accept it.


    Naaah, I wouldn't leave you on such an ominous note! Gameplay pics!! The twins grew up so I remodelled the nursery and they've got an awesome bunk bed now :)

    Rhi sleeps on an air mattress next to them.

    They constantly get nightmares and stay up all night :( And guess who they ALWAYS call to comfort them?

    "Ugh. For the last time, there are NO monsters here."

    Auntie/big sis to the rescue! :blush:

    The whole fam helping Morgan out with her project is just awesome.

    Jamie decided to do a project of his own...

    Swimmy time!

    Aint they just the cutest :blush:

    This house has ten people living in it now (thanks to MCCC which allows to expand the amount of sims per household!) so Steve is pretty much cooking non stop.

    And it's still not enough!

    More wholesome twin moments.

    And moar wholesome twin moments.

    Thor gives Peter a lot of tips on raising Ianto. Lets hope Peter pays attention to at least some of them...

    Naaah, he's too busy bonding with his siblings.

    Best big bro ever <3

    He also got to know Peggy better, they hang out together quite often...

    And lets end it off on a wholesome father-daughter moment :blush:
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    I have bought the gamepack which can't be named today, after I have seen, that there is enough usable cas and building stuff in it for me. More than I expected om the first sight. I had rethink my newest savegame and decided to play a spellcaster family in a mystic era. The family name is MacAran.

    Here they are Morgwyn, Gwendolyn and Eillowyn. the were outcast from their former clan, because of the mysterious death of the chieftain. Well, they were innocent, but a scapegoat was needed. They were banished on an uninhabited island. They were given some seeds and that's all.


    Eillowyn is almost death, she has just a few couple of days to life.

    Here are Gwendolyn and Morgwyn before I bought the gamepack. Morgwyn is already at the master rank.


    This is their home lot.


    The rest of the evening I made Windenburg greener with planting forests. The scenery and map look more beautiful than before. Honestly, it soothing my eyes. o:)
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    DaraviDaravi Posts: 1,149 Member

    I'm sorry what I have written about Ianto and I take it back :( . With your next part explains a lot what I have missed. Poor eebie.

    I love that picture were Rhi took the siphy cup from him. Beautiful room makeovers :D

    And these nightmare, yes I know that pain for the oldest kid. in my challenge they have run always to the big sister. With so many kids, I would recommend to turn the nightmares off with mccc. The nights were so much quieter without that stupid monster under the bed. *phew*
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    gnelso1239gnelso1239 Posts: 190 Member
    Nothing. I didn't play it.
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    RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 7,850 Member
    oh my all the things I must have been half sleep I posted my update in the other version of this thread ah well lol
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    All the sims err'day
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    AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,403 Member

    I only got to a few people's older updates this time, sorry. My sleep is totally messed up and I zone out all day and get nothing done. As a matter of fact, you might notice weird things here. So don’t pay any attention to weirdness. I’ve had a total of 6 hours of sleep the last two nights.


    Oh my, your Sulani rotation did have issues! Wth is up with that Romantic introduction? I’m sorry, I don’t like to complain about the game, because I love it so much, but that absolutely needs to be fixed. Enchanting introductions should not be allowed autonomously. There are those of us who don’t want to use mods to make that stuff go away. And it caused so many problems! 😠 I don’t even know where to complain though, because I’m not sure if it’s considered a bug.
    I need a "faithful" tag for my sims in happy relationships so they won't do random flirt socials when I'm playing other households. And so they will always reject autonomous flirts from other sims. And seeing their SO reject a flirt from another should strengthen a relationship, not damage it.
    This is beyond true! And would be correct. The only couple that I have who can overcome this in mere moments is Ian and Lawrence. Perhaps because Lawrence attracts so much attention everywhere they go. Maybe Ian is used to it! But no matter how much in love my other couples are, they still take hours and hours to repair! Sometimes the full 24 hours that is stated. Man that’s annoying!
    And this is adorable! Lol. I love the interpretation. Good job.
    But in this case, since this was all ridiculously out of character, I decided that Walker was actually upset that Brent had misread his behavior as true flirting, when he maintains he was just being friendly.
    And then this too! 😂 Lmao
    Then all the plumbing in the house broke simultaneously and Brant and Maximilian ran around fixing things. So much for playing a relaxing week in the islands on my weekend.
    I’m glad things went better after that!

    This is what worries me a great deal about your upcoming rotation
    This rotation started with Mortimer dying... I also have Athena, Geeta, Khaled, Mila, Gerardo, Navya and Ananya who won't be taking any more youth potions, as well as possibly Rinaldo (he's allowed one more, if he gets the points in time).
    Yikes! Sad rotation for sure! And for some reason (like the whopping 3 hours of sleep I got last night) I can’t remember who Isabella is. Can you remind me?

    Hey wow! Thanks for all the comments.

    I’ve been stressing a lot about the dr. Appointment, which is exactly what I shouldn’t be doing. But so far the medicine isn’t causing the awful side effects it did last time I tried it. So that’s good news. Thanks about my house too. I love making my homes. I’ve always done that in every a Sims game I’ve
    Lol, I’m glad that you like the a Dash and Max back story. I haven’t put mccc in yet, to try to actually make that attachment, but I have a ton of relationships to fix, so I’m going to put it in pretty soon for a couple of hours to do those repairs, and then remove it again. The toy store trip was very fun because it was so easy to make dialogue for it. Usually it is me narrating their adventures. The next few batches of pictures could possibly be a mix of the two, but certainly can’t be pyre dialogue. Thanks too on Madeline! I think they mixed well. Sebastian’s slightly pointy face, and Gunther’s fairly flat one seems to have made a normal looking kid!

    I’m glad you like the park and the guys’ new room. I couldn’t believe how much extra room there was in that room when I changed the décor and placement of the bed!

    And thanks, I’m glad someone still has a bit of empathy for Thorne. Or at least knows that they should 😂
    I shouldn't feel annoyed at Thorne because he's obviously going through something, but I wish he would stop. All of his feelings of uneasiness seem like some sort of punishment for his earlier behavior, but I worry that he will mess things up for Don.
    The man really has issues! (It’s hard for me to make him so annoying, because I personally love him soooo much. But wow, he certainly has the expressions that make it easy to cast as a bad guy. And Don plays the part of a clueless guy in love with the wrong guy very naturally too. 😅

    No wonder I hadn’t heard the Walking on Sunshine song before, I don’t want to get Seasons, because where I live I deal with rain, gloom, snow and sub 0 temperatures for about 8 months of the year! 😝 I definitely don’t want to deal with it in my game. That said, there seems to be some really fun aspects of that expansion, and this song is one of them! I’m still so impressed that you could program that! I know absolutely nothing about anything like that! Lol. I can barely make Paint work. To be fair, when I had photoshop, I was pretty darn good at that! But I don’t know if it does animations, plus I don’t have it anymore 😅

    Ugg, I’m going to send Lawrence to University first, while most people use a less important sim as their tester. So the fact that your experiences with the pack have been frustrating is worrisome to me. However, I have no qualms about using any in game cheats to change anything that causes Lawrence to do badly while attending. If he truly messes up, and it’s not a game glitch, I’ll let him deal with the consequences. But the guy is a genius, perfectionist, bookworm, who hit the top of the scientist career very easily, and owns his own science store on the side. So I don’t anticipate him having any problems from his own behavior. 😂

    Did you cheat the 3 of 5 sims that glitched for you? I hope so, lol! It doesn’t seem fair to make them pay for mistakes the game makes!

    As for this:
    think Darius is going through a very long phase of silliness. His personality wasn't like this when he was a kid. He was thoughtful and quiet.
    How do you think this happened? Did he end up with some silly trait when he aged to young adult?

    Ok, your update. Yes, that went just about as badly as I expected. 🙄 Ugg, that Cabe is so awful! Deli, you can do better! Although I know she feels like she can’t. I wish she’d met someone at her university. Maybe because she’s not living on campus she has less likelihood to meet other students. Plus she’s so busy with her full time job and practicing her violin (I think, wait, maybe guitar!) plus so conscientious about her homework. She really has very little time for romance.

    And ugg at Darius! Perhaps without his interference Cabe wouldn’t have ended up acting this way again:
    Cabe repeated what he'd hinted at and kind of told her before about her not being his type: she was kind of weird and too thin and not that pretty, but she could improve...
    Or perhaps he still would have, and Deli would get the hint that he’s just mean. As it is she could possibly be excusing his nastiness again, and blaming it on her brother’s interference. And then he flirted with Dyna! Back at home? I guess Deli didn’t see it. And yay that Dyna rejected him so convincingly!

    Anyway, it’s wonderful that Dysis, and her boyfriend Rashad, had fun! They really seem great for each other. Is she still attending University? I know Asher basically told her to follow her heart. Get a degree and become a businesswoman. Or marry Rashad, if that will make her happiest. She’s not a vampire, right? Asher must see mortal lives as unbelievably short, and just wants his children to be as happy as they can be in the short time that they have on earth. It’s not like she needs to work, right? Asher has more money than God, honestly! Although he’s going through it bratty quickly by building that palace. But maybe he can give her the Sulani or Windenburg home?

    So, I’m looking very forward to what happens next for these young ladies and their love lives. Is Darius or Dyna seeing anyone? I can’t remember.


    Awww, your update on the 12th is really cute!

    Wow, seeing Declan be decent again is heart warming. It was scary to see all the mental distress he was hanging though. Just from caring for his child? Although, his realization of how lucky he to have Hazel in his life is very promising 😊
    I also like that Vanessa went to seek advise from Caroline about Beck. And she has wise advise. Caroline can’t tell her what to do, because she can’t feel Nessas’s feelings. But she should really consider things carefully before she or Beck get hurt even worse. Also, yay that her mom and step dad’s relationship is ok!
    Hazel was upstairs, now at the age of 10, she was having a bit of a harder time in school. Jesse and Illana were still in her class, but she had a really embarrassing accident today.
    Poor girl! Was this real? And from an in game chance card? Or some other mod, or just staged? Lol Whatever it is, she does a convincing job of looking too embarrassed to even think about it. 😟

    Seeing Dec work on his livestream was great! And I’m glad Hazel has her homework help group! It seems to have helped her! (Btw, whenever I add homework to a club activity, at least half of the members leave their homework books behind. Does that happen to you?) I love how Matt stayed behind to work on her project with her, and has had a crush on her for several years, lol.

    Great Job Declan on collecting minerals! And being responsible at the casino! Wow! And you’d think he’d be tempted to do some other harmful behavior there. Hazel is cute to put on her scout uniform to fish! I hope she starts catching them one of these days 😂 And good job to Vanessa on her first herbalism potion!

    Yeah... what a waste of a summer that was. I believed in the best but apparently everything was... ahem... rigged for some rich kids. And I didn't get in. That been said, my portfolio did get the highest score. And the story I based off Tony and little Thor made one of the judges tear up. So now I'm searching for volunteering opportunities and online jobs... which I'm terrible at :sweat_smile:
    Omg this is so frustrating! It’s going on over here too! But at least something is finally being done about it! The people who accepted the bribes have been fired, the kids are being kicked out, and parents are actually going to jail for it! Somehow I don’t see that happening there 😠
    But wow! I mean seriously, how did they justify not taking you when your portfolio got the highest score, and your story made someone cry! Someone who probably reads dozens of stories all the time! But yours was that special!

    Is there anywhere you can post it, so that we can read it? Although, that would be worrisome about it being plagiarized.

    Oh my God, I finally saw one of those, when a toddler is upset about a new sibling, the toddler actually drooped over and his little fingers were almost on the floor and he was whining. It was awesome 😅

    I haven't been able to figure out the placement of the night light to make it work. 😄 So I still do the double bed thing.

    Yeah, paying for Microsoft Word is really dumb. I swear that in the early days
    it came standard. 🙄

    Omg that Gwen suffered the dreaded murphy bed curse! And don't worry, your secret is safe with me 🤣

    How cute that Peter and family were there for the twins first steps!

    And oh my, Ianto is a handful 😳 In the old days babies like that were called colicky. In other words, they cried constantly, for no apparent reason. It's fun! Lol

    And then - the immediate change to his point of view. And it's odd 🤔

    I love how his birth story got more and more elaborate, lol, from a backyard pool to a raging ocean. Interesting that the story ended up being Thor who saved him. And Thor was the only one who could quiet him. If I was Peter and Gwen I'd be begging him to come over every day!

    Clearly he ends up being some supernatural being, and seems to look poorly on a lot of people. But he recognized that little Rhi was ways there for him. That's some sort of compassion, which is good.

    I'll bet I know why he cried so much. He wasn't where he belonged, he probably understood what they were saying far more than your standard normal baby. But hadn't developed the means to communicate.

    That is frustrating, in the extreme! I went through that with my youngest son. He wanted to tell us things so badly, but your brain has to reach a certain check point before that can happen. So we'd stand there trying to guess what he wanted. And he cried pretty often when we couldn't figure it out 😔

    So, I don't know if I can say that I understand Ianto's complete problems, but those two seen apparent.

    This will be interesting having it come from his point of view.

    I see there's another one up!. I can't wait to read it!


    Gallery ID is ARIANNANEAL
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    AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,403 Member

    Thorne and Don Chapter 38 B – Life at Home

    An index to other chapters is in this spoiler:
    Chapter 38 A Life at Home

    Chapter 37 A&B – Goodbye for now

    Chapter 36 More time with Danni!

    Chapter 35 Danni at last

    Chapter 34 Thorne Doesn’t Get It

    Chapter 33. Thorne hasn’t changed …

    Chapter 32. Don Stakes his Claim

    Chapter 31: A trip to Europe

    Chapter 30: A conversation between Kalila Aria and Baba (Thorne)

    Chapter 29: Time for the hospital – In true Sims form

    Chapter 28: Thorne explains things to Don

    Chapter 27: Don explains things to Thorne

    Chapter 26: Checking in With Dash and Diego

    Chapter 25: A Memory is shared

    Chapter 24: Trust is broken

    Chapter 23: A relationship grows

    Chapter 22: A memory is recalled

    Chapter 21: A surprise is revealed

    Chapter 20: Don says some magic words

    Chapter 19: Don leaves

    Chapter 18: Thorne takes Don to Hawaii and then Really messes up

    Chapter 17: Thorne is home and Hawaii is discussed

    Chapter 16B: Dash and Diego go to the Romance Festival

    Chapter 16A: Diego really messes up

    Chapter 15: Thorne leaves Town and returns to hear big news

    Chapter 14: We continue Diego and Dash and Diego’s story - Taking it slow

    Chapter 13: Don is sad to hear Thorne is going away

    Chapter 12: Thorne is thrilled that his plan for Don is working

    Chapter 11: We begin Diego Lobo’s storyline

    Chapter 10: Thorne does a favor for Don

    Chapter 9: Don is in terrible distress, and Katrina Caliente tries to help him

    Chapter 8: Dash unknowingly causes a great deal of drama

    Chapter 7: Don begins to worry about Dash, and Thorne “Don-naps Don for a weekend

    Chapter 6: Thorne tries to steal Don from Dash, including a stressful trip to a restaurant.

    Chapter 5: Thorne finally “gets together” with Don

    Chapter 4: Don appeases Dash, and Thorne spies one last time

    Chapter 3: Don jeopardizes his “relationship” with Dash

    Chapter 2: Don declares that “Deep Water is Still”


    Chapter 1: Thorne meets Don and observes “The Master”

    Begin Chapter 38 B:

    The next morning Danni woke up, and couldn’t find her Papa. She looked in his room, because the door was open, but only Uncle Thorne was in there, and he was still sleeping.


    She looked all over the house, and finally went outside in her pajamas to look out there. He was just getting back from a jog.


    When he realized that she’d been worried, because she couldn’t find him, he hugged her and said he was sorry for scaring her.


    He wanted to distract her and cheer her up so he said, “Hey, I know how to make a funny statue in the sand box. Should we make one?”


    It was a good lesson for Don. Make sure your children know where you are. Because at first, she still looked sad and frightened.


    But soon enough she was smiling and cheerful again.


    Begin Spoiler Part 1
    He wondered why she didn’t wake Thorne up to ask where he was. He’d left the bedroom door open so that Danni would be able to see him in there. But then he remembered that Thorne had been complaining about a headache the night before.


    Danni’s mother was a nurse, and her stepfather was a doctor, so he knew Danni would be more knowledgeable about illnesses than most children her age.

    “Were you worried about Uncle Thorne’s headache?” Don asked her. “Is that why you didn’t wake him up to ask him where I was?”


    “Uh-huh,” Danni said, off handed, as if it was only logical that she shouldn’t wake him up when he’d had a headache the night before.

    I think I need to read some more parenting books, Don thought to himself. I should probably learn more about gifted kids. I guess they don’t act the same way other kids do.


    What’s up with Thorne though? He said to himself. He had that headache last night, and now he’s sleeping so late this morning. I wonder why.


    Perhaps Danni didn’t always act the same way other kids do, but she was acting like any other he kid he knew about how funny their statue was. And she sure was cute.


    “I was thinking we’d go down by the river today, and then over to the park,” Don told her. “Uncle Thorne has to work today, so there’s a babysitter coming to take care of Kalila, and you and I will go look around the neighborhood.”


    They put some real clothes on, and the babysitter arrived. Danni and Don set off to walk down to the river. Danni looked as happy as could be. There was no trace of the fear she’d shown earlier that morning.


    That doesn’t mean that Don wasn’t still kicking himself for scaring her in the first place. From now on I’ll always leave her note, he said to himself. If I can’t talk to her in person before I leave, I’ll write a note to her. That thought made him feel a bit better.


    But the fact that Thorne was still sleeping when they left had Don worried. He hoped that Thorne was just worn out from his concert tour.


    Danni stopped so she could tell Don a story about her friend’s dog. “Really Papa,” she said. “He’s a giant dog! He’s this tall when he has all four of his feet on the ground.”


    Don could not imagine what kind of dog could be that tall. “Is it a Great Dane?” he asked her. “A Bernese Mountain dog? An Irish Wolfhound?”


    And then Danni cracked up. “I can still trick you!” she laughed. “I can’t trick anyone at home anymore.”


    Don laughed too. “Ok, I get it now, you’re a tricky one. You won’t get me next time,” he told her. “Now I’m ready for you. You could probably get Uncle Thorne though.”


    Speak of the devil, Thorne was awake, and distressed. He knew where Don and Danni had gone. Thorne knew Don’s plans for the day. They were going down to Don’s favorite spot by the river, and then up to the park. The little park that had a campfire pit. Don was going to roast marshmallows with Danni, because Mary-Alice told Danni that Don was a master marshmallow roaster.


    Thorne sat and thought dark thoughts until he had to get ready for work.


    Begin Spoiler Part 2
    Don and Danni reached Don’s favorite spot by the river. Danni really liked it. It was very picturesque, and it was always quiet and peaceful here. Don came down here whenever he could, to think about his little family. And especially to think about Thorne. Don couldn’t live without Thorne, but Thorne thought Don was planning to leave him. It was a real mess, and Don didn’t know how to fix it. But this was a nice quiet place for him to calm his own nerves when Thorne was agitated.


    This time it didn’t stay very quiet and peaceful for long, because something that Don had just said reminded Danni that she wanted to ask him something. She asked him for a favor, and she started pleading with him. “Please Papa?” she asked him. “If you ask Uncle Thorne I know he’ll say yes. He does anything you ask him to do.”


    That took Don aback. Is that what it really looks like to other people? Don asked himself. Well - yeah, he’s always feeling guilty about leaving me home alone with Kalila while he travels all over. He knows I hate it when he’s gone. So he is constantly doing anything I ask him to do. Geez, I must look like a total Diva.


    Ok, I’m not going to be a Diva about this, Don told himself. “Danni, when he gets home from work tonight you’ll have to ask him yourself.” Don told her. “He’s my rockstar boyfriend, and you want me to ask him to introduce me to another rockstar? That’s not very logical. Besides that, he’s way more likely to do anything that you ask him to do.”


    “Ok whatever,” Danni said. “I’ll ask him, but will you back me up when I do?”

    “Yeah, of course I will,” Don answered.


    Thorne saw the two of them together, looking at clouds. He could hear Danni tell Don that she saw one that looked like a bunny, and he heard Don asking her where she saw it, because he couldn’t see it. The dark thoughts rose into Thorne’s mind again.


    But he made himself walk over to them.


    Don noticed that Thorne was standing there.


    And he jumped up, very excited. “Hi!” Don said. “I didn’t think you’d walk way down here to say goodbye. How’s your head? Is the headache gone?”


    Don kept talking, asking about the baby, asking how long Thorne would be gone at work, asking about dinner plans. Thorne answered Don’s questions. He also listened to Don’s tone of voice, studied Don’s expressions, and looked him in the eyes. Don looked, and sounded, sincere.


    Then Don kissed him, impulsively, as if he couldn’t help it.


    And for a few moments Thorne’s dark thoughts went away.


    Then Danni asked him her question. Thorne looked at Don in disbelief.


    “You really want to meet that Ol’ Howler?” Thorne asked her. “How do you even know about him? You’re way too young to know about him.”


    “My best friend Hadley and her mom love him,” Danni explained. “They always play his music, and then her mom dances around the living room with us, being crazy. It’s so much fun!” Danni demonstrated their silly dance moves.


    “Ok, let me get this straight,” Thorne said. “Do you wanna go to his concert? Or do you wanna hang out with him? I can do either. In fact, I can do both.”


    “Oh please! Can we hang out with him? Maybe he’ll sign autographs for Hadley and her mom! Maybe I can take pictures with him! Do you think he’d do that?”


    “Do I think he’ll do it?” Thorne scoffed, “Of course he’ll do it. That guy will do anything for attention. I’ll arrange a party.”


    “Thank you Uncle Thorne!! A real party? With a rock star! Oh, I mean two rock stars, you’ll be there too, right?” Danni asked. “I can’t wait!”

    Don looked at them happily. Thorne loved Danni so much. He’d know her since she was 3, and she’d always called him “Uncle Thorne,” though he wasn’t her real uncle at all. She was his best friend’s neice.


    “Of course I’ll be there princess,” Thorne assured her. “I wouldn’t miss it! If that will make you happy, I’ll do it a hundred times.”


    Don was thrilled that Thorne could do that for Danni. And Danni was jumping around, yelling, “Thank you! Thank you! I can’t wait! Thank you!”


    And then she asked him, “Will you come and meet me and Papa at the park after you’re done working? We’re going to have fun! I don’t want you to miss the fun.”


    “Sure Sweetie,” Thorne said. “If I get home in time to come to the park with you guys, I’ll come over there.”

    Don knew that would never happen, and he felt bad for Danni. But Thorne had put an "if,” in his sentence. So Thorne was off the hook. He hadn’t lied to her. Don had heard that “if” from Thorne countless times.


    Don kissed him again, and he left to go to work.


    Begin Spoiler Part 3
    “Now you’ll be happy too Papa!” Danni exclaimed. “You’re always happy when Uncle Thorne is with you.”


    “Yeah, I guess you’re right,” Don said. “He does make me happy.” At least most of the time, he thought to himself. “Hey, I’ll race you to the park. It’s just over that bridge and up that hill.”

    “I could never beat you,” Danni said. “You’re all full of muscles and stuff.”


    Don laughed again. “Muscles and ‘stuff’?” he said. “Do I want to know what the ‘stuff’ is? Never mind, go ahead, I’ll give you a head start. I know you can beat me!”


    Don wanted to see how hard she’d try to beat him, and how fast she could go, and how much stamina she had. He was still trying to evaluate her physical abilities. She’d surprised him when she could swim by herself so easily.


    She surprised him again. She ran so fast that he could be very convincing in his efforts to catch her. It wasn’t glaringly obvious that he was letting her win.


    “See?” He said “You beat me! I can’t believe how fast you run! And you aren’t even out of breath! That’s amazing, you’re amazing!”


    “Yeah,” Danni said. “My dad, I mean stepdad, he’s a doctor, and he’s really into aerobic fitness. He takes me swimming and jogging, and he signs me up for sport’s camps all the time, so I can be on the teams when I get to high school.”


    “Sweetie,” Don said. “Keep calling Phillip your dad, ok? It doesn’t bother me, and I can see what a great job he’s been doing with you all these years.” Don stood there thinking, yeah, all these years when all I did was sleep around, he was taking care of my little girl for me. “He considers you his daughter, and he should.”


    “Ok,” Danni said. “That will be easier, because I always call him Dad, but I was afraid it would hurt your feelings.”

    “Nope, not a bit,” Don said.


    “I’ll race you to the park,” Don said. “See the gate over there? I’ll give you a head start. Ready? Set? Go!”


    Danni beat him into the park too. :wink:


    Danni ran over to the Pirate Ship and climbed straight up into the crow’s nest. Just like she’d done at the resort.


    “Do you want to play sea monster again?” Don asked her.

    “No, that’s ok,” she said. “It would probably be too confusing, because kids will be coming and going. It’s not like the resort where everyone was staying there.”


    Don was fine with that, and other kids showed up quickly. They started climbing on the ship too. Danni was certainly having fun.


    Begin Spoiler Part 4
    Don sat down by the chessboards and thought about Thorne. It was so weird that he came down to the river to say goodbye to us, he said to himself. I wonder what that was about. Please God, he thought. I hope it’s not that same stuff about me leaving him. I’d never do that. I can’t even stand it when he goes out of town. Why doesn’t he get that? It’s so frustrating.


    And then he thought about how cute he was with Danni, when she asked him about meeting the rockstar that her best friend, and the friend’s mom, loved so much. Thorne will do anything for any of us, no matter what we ask, he realized. No wonder he’s so tired. I’ll make it up to him, he promised himself, and stop asking him for so much.


    There were some nice people by the chessboards. They drew him out of his reverie, and included him in their conversation.


    That was nice, because Don didn’t talk to very many grown-ups on a daily basis. At best, it was just he and Thorne and Kalila, and often it was just he and Kalila.


    He made some hotdogs for he and Danni for lunch, and invited the people he’d been talking with to join them.


    Danni ate her hotdog, and asked if she could still stay and play.

    “Yeah, of course you can,” Don said. “We can stay as long as you want to stay.”


    After a while he went over to the campfire area and got a fire going. But he let Danni continue to play with the other kids for quite a while. Constantly hanging around with two grown men, and a baby girl couldn’t be that great for an active, friendly kid like Danni.


    He watched her playing, she was all smiles, and all the kids were getting along great. He really loved the area where Thorne bought their home, despite the fact that Thorne bought it as part of his plan for revenge against Don.


    The area was quiet, the children were well behaved, and he knew the schools were great. Kalila would have a wonderful childhood living here. Plus, Thorne attracted no attention out here. Don didn’t know if that was because people didn’t recognize him, or just didn’t care who he was. Either way, it was a huge relief for all of them.


    Finally he decided to ask Danni if she was ready to roast marshmallows.

    “Yay!” She yelled. “Yes, I am!” And she scampered down and ran to the campfire.


    Danni didn’t actually need help roasting her marshmallows. Danni’s mom, Mary-Alice, had to ask Don to roast hers for her when they had a campfire while they were dating, all those years ago.


    He thought about Mary-Alice while he and Danni ate melty marshmallows together. He felt terrible about what he’d done to Mary-Alice back then. However, he knew Mary-Alice had forgiven him, and he knew how much she loved their little girl, their Danni. Maybe it’s ok to forgive myself, he thought. I’ll talk to Thorne about it.


    He heard a noise, looked up, and Thorne was there!

    “Uncle Thorne! You’re here!” Danni hugged him joyfully. “Papa will be so happy now!”


    Don jumped up too. "You're here!" Don said. "I can't believe it! You must have left hours early!”


    "I left a little early,” Thorne said. “But Judith sent her helicopter over to bring me home. You know I told Danni that I'd come and hang out here with you guys."

    "You actually asked Judith for a favor?" Don asked him. "I thought you hated talking to her."


    "I wanted to be here with you guys," Thorne said. "I can handle talking to Judith if it means I can be with you."


    "And I really wanted to be with you," he said.


    That fact was quite obvious.


    Though it did not thrill all the little peanuts in the peanut gallery.


    They could have lived without all that gushy junk.


    Danni suffered through it in silence, lol


    "So, is your Papa a master marshmallow roaster?" Thorne asked Danni. “Or are the rumors wrong?”


    Danni smiled and said, “He’s pretty good, but I think I’m better…….”


    ….. just as her marshmallow fell off of her stick, and into the fire.


    And how many of you recognize this face? lol!


    Check the spoiler!
    20 year old Don, at a campfire with 18 year old Mary-Alice, Danni’s mother.


    "It looks like I'm done with Marshmallows for now," Danni said. "I'm going to go play with the kids again for a while.”


    Danni walked over to the cutest little boy at the park. She knew his name was Lucas. In her best dramatic voice she groaned, "Ahhhh, Did you see my papa kissing his boyfriend over there? Oh my God, they are so embarrassing!"

    Lucas laughed. "Yeah, I saw them,” he said. “Are they like that all the time?"


    "Yes! Constantly!" she said. "I'm going crazy! Kiss kiss kiss, that's all they do!"

    Lucas must've felt bad for her, because he said, "We can play on the swings if you want to. You won't be able to see them from over there.”


    Danni agreed to do that right away. And what do you know? Lucas was even sweeter than he looked, because his idea of playing on the swings was to push Danni on one.


    It was fun when her Papa pushed her on a swing, but not the same kind of fun.


    Being pushed by the nicest, cutest boy at the park was even better.


    Seeing as Danni was suitably entertained, Don pulled Thorne over into a secluded corner of the park. Thorne was not opposed to the idea.


    And Don was full of ideas about what they should do together.


    “As soon as the kids go to bed, right?” Don asked.


    “That very second,” Thorne answered.


    Gallery ID is ARIANNANEAL
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 2,985 Member
    It was the start of a new calendar year, and Sue had realised that she really fancied a break. There were plenty of New Year deals available, and Sue booked a visit to Selvadorada.


    Even Ellie came along!
    "Hey, Ellie! Do you like it here in Selvadorada?" Jenny asked.
    Ellie didn't really understand what Jenny had just asked, she just liked being with her family.


    Joanna was excited to discover an outdoor area that had a chess table. The area also had a beautiful view of a waterfall.


    Sue decided to explore the Belomisia Jungle, and headed over to the trailhead. After reading the Visitor Information sign, she took hold of her machete and began hacking away at the foliage.


    After crossing a rope bridge, Sue came across some ancient ruins. Exploring, she found an excavation pile, and decided to investigate.


    Sue: "Hey! I'm being attacked by bees here, could you maybe help me?"
    Jenny: "Wow... these ruins are beautiful... wait, did you say something?"


    Like mother, like daughter... these two are so similar!


    Joanna decided to make breakfast the next morning, and ended up making a fruit salad because she thought it would be easier just to chop fruit rather than risk actually cooking something and causing a fire.


    Even on holiday, Kirsten loved to colour-coordinate. She wasn't particularly interested in deep jungle exploration, so she was able to keep her dress and hair mess-free.


    Their accommodation was close to the local market, and Sue paid a visit. She was able to pick up a new machete - she'd lost the old one in the jungle somewhere - and a dog bowl and bed for Ellie. The bed wasn't quite so needed, as Ellie liked to sleep anywhere, but it was a good backup option.


    Not really got a caption for this one, but I liked that the kids all sat on the same bed to have a chat! They're sitting on Kirsten's bed.


    Sue went back into the jungle to explore further, and was rather shocked to come across a fellow explorer on fire! She managed to put him out, and he was very grateful.


    Shortly afterwards, she ran into a cloud of fire flies, and herself caught fire! Luckily she was able to extinguish herself, but she was left rather singed. Luckily the trailhead had a bathroom, and she was able to get herself clean.


    Once she had safely returned back to her accommodation, Sue cooked baked potatoes for the whole family.

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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,103 Member
    oh my all the things I must have been half sleep I posted my update in the other version of this thread ah well lol

    Where is this magical parallel dimension?
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,103 Member
    edited September 2020
    sunblond wrote: »
    -At blowing practice Alexander was complaining about how he and Serena had been arguing a lot lately, that it was hard with three kids to find time to connect. Tell me about it. So, I told him that he and Serena needed to take a vacation, and I reminded him of when Becca and I had rented a cabin in Granite Falls and spent a weekend and that it did us a world of good. I told him that we could take Philip for the weekend, between the boys and I, I think we could keep him pretty busy, and that Alexander’s mom and sister could divide Christine and Rebecca between themselves. I told him that having Christine at my house was a bad idea, what with her and Kaden dating and all, that it was asking for trouble. He agreed, he had taken the boys one weekend for me and Becca when Kaden and Christine were first dating and he said that keeping the two of them apart was a full time job, that he and Serena ultimately paid Philip to follow them around the whole weekend, lol. So, guess we’ll be having Philip as a houseguest soon, the boys are looking forward to it already, it’s just a big sleepover for them.-

    Granite Falls is an awesome vacation spot. Once I complete the quest to free Dylan's spirit, I was debating on whether or not I'll have twins go camping as ghosts, but honestly, I think it would be better to wait until after I remove their ghostly states. Zephyr's Weather machine can make the season whatever he wants after all.

    @sunblond Have you played as merfolk in your game?

    @Lucy_Henley I'm looking forward to when I visit the jungle with the twins. I'm hoping to experience all the vacation spots before I get the Star Wars pack.

    @AlwaysAsking I must've missed something with Thorne and Don. Why is Thorne so obsessed with dwelling on dark thoughts? If Thorne didn't age out of existence in my game, I would have called a thunderstorm right when he appeared to fit his mood.
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    Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,103 Member
    Round two of comments
    Daephene wrote: »
    So, Bo and Liberty went on a date and I don't know what was wrong with Amelia but these pictures crack me up!

    I wish I could use the laugh reaction.

    @DoodlyDoofus I always enjoy your posts with the Grim Family. Poor Darth Vader, the Movies really didn't depict the truth, but everything in your StarWars posts have been fun to read.

    @Daravi I'm interested in seeing where this story goes.

    @DeafSimmer Your story has really picked up, and I look forward to seeing where things go. Cyrus has been pretty busy. I'm low key hoping the people he killed don't stay dead forever, and I'm interested in seeing what Sulani looks like in those worlds. There was the hint at merfolk in your story. I know they aren't spellcasters, but merfolk have their own magic. From what I can gather, the Realm of Magic, Glimmer Brook, and San Myshuno are the main worlds with Willow Creek, Del Sol Valley, and Sulani being minor worlds. You've got an interesting set up with the worlds. When I think about the Elemental Twins, I realized that they don't get out of Sulani often.

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    sunblondsunblond Posts: 1,035 Member

    Excerpts from the Journal of Omar Benali

    -About my boys, Kaden has an assignment from Dr. Childress, he has to write in his journal everyday, he was not happy about it, I could tell. So I dug out some of my old journals and showed him, and I told him how I had been keeping a journal since I was a teen and all. I think it helped. Zayn is driving us all crazy, he’s going through a phase now. He begged me for a boom box and since I got him one, well, all he does is blast it at full volume and disrupt the whole house. He hollers a lot too, he seems to want to yell everything these days. It’s wearing on my nerves and his brothers are none too happy about it either. Samyr and I are kind of getting along a lot better now, or I guess we’re connecting more, he has actually started asking me for help with his physics homework, something he has never done before. He was the one kid who insisted on doing his lessons all on his own since he started school. All in all, I think the boys and I are doing better overall. We have kind of started to find an equilibrium, I guess.-

    Kaden keeps a journal.

    -I came home from work today to find Samyr making out with Chantel Kalani on the couch and Christine Goth was here too. Having girls over here when I am at work is a big taboo. I don’t know what the boys were thinking, I sent the girls home and had a talk with the boys and I was steamed, to put it mildly. Later on, Kaden came into the kitchen and he wanted to talk. I assumed he had some excuse, and it was a doozy. The thing is, the whole evening was engineered, Zayn, Christine and Kaden had hatched a plan to get Samyr and Chantel together. Apparently, Samyr and Chantel had a crush on each other, but Samyr being more introverted and less social or whatever, well, the boys finally got tired of waiting on him to pull the trigger. So with Christine’s help they arranged to get the two of them here and jump start things.
    And it worked, Kaden said they told Samyr and Chantel that they were going to work on flyers for the bowling club, then Zayn somehow got Chantel and Samyr alone in the kitchen with him and he mentioned that I had taken Samyr to GeekCon, and that he wore a costume. Apparently, Chantel is into that stuff, her dad, Mitchell Kalani is actually president of that CosPlay Club Than belongs too, so she grew up around all that stuff. Anyway Samyr took out the pictures to show her and Zayn excused himself, then one thing led to another and they eventually ended up making out on the couch. Kaden swore that he and Christine were totally PDA free the whole time and that it was necessary to have her here so Chantel would not feel weird being the only girl alone in the house with the three boys. I asked him how he knew his brother even liked Chantel, the boy is not very open about stuff like that and as his dad looking for signs for what he was into, I had been pretty clueless. Kaden said, look dad, you probably tell Mr. Goth and Lucas Munch stuff that you don’t tell us, right. Well, it’s the same with us boys, we know stuff about each other, stuff you don’t know, OK? And if it’s about Victor being bi, well, I know all you adults were shocked or whatever, but seriously, Victor’s on our bowling team, and, well, none of us was shocked, like, we see and hear stuff, stuff that parents don’t see or hear, OK? Besides Chantel has been flirting with Samyr at bowling practice for a while, she thinks he’s cute or whatever Christine said, Kaden explained. And, he added, take my word for it, Samyr is totally into Chantel, she is like the only girl we know that likes that lame stuff Samyr is into, superhero comics, CosPlay clubs, most girls hate that stuff. Plus, let’s just say Chantel has certain qualities Samyr likes, you know? When he said that, he motioned with his hands indicating a large chest. Apparently Samyr is into that, I guess. I know parents are sometimes clueless, this was one of those times. Everything Kaden told me was a news flash to me about my son, sigh.-

    Samyr is on the love train now too.

    -So, I had a talk with Samyr later that night, it was essentially the same talk I had with the other two boys on being respectful and behaving responsibly with extra emphasis on physical appeal and how it can lead to getting carried away. Kaden’s explanation of what Samyr likes in a girl was still fresh on my mind, spirits help me. Samyr was silent, but he listened and he seemed really uncomfortable through the whole thing, which I took to mean he was hearing me, I can only hope.-

    Time for “The Talk” with Samyr.

    -Samyr was invited over to the Kalani’s for dinner, he and Chantel are officially boyfriend and girlfriend now and I guess the Kulani’s felt it was time to meet him. Which makes me think that I should really do something too. I mean I have three boys in relationships now, spirits help me. I’m thinking about throwing a party and inviting all the families, that seems way better than trying to stage three separate ones, call me lazy, OK?
    Well, my boy is the town hero right now. Samyr was over at the Kulani’s and Mitchell, Chantel’s dad, got distracted or something and whatever he was cooking caught on fire. Samyr immediately grabbed a fire extinguisher and put it out, even before the water sprinkler went off. As a result, well, the whole town is talking about it, I even heard two ladies in the check-out line at the grocery store discussing it the other day. Samyr has been over at the Kulani’s a lot since then, he apparently scored major points for his quick thinking. His brothers are more than just a little bit jealous too, I might add. Well, good for him, the boy deserves it and it will all blow over soon enough, but for now Samyr is the talk of the town for something good, as a parent, I’ll take a win whenever I can get one.-

    Samyr saves the day!

    -Kaden joined me at the kitchen table while I was having supper after work the other night, he wanted to talk. The other boys were nowhere around, I noticed. Kaden started by saying that in some ways Samyr was a lot like me. That when it came to girls, he needed a little push and so do I. Ok, not gonna lie, not sure where this was going. Just so you know, Kaden said, I’m OK with you dating, but I told you that already, I told you to go for it when I said I was going for therapy again. But it’s been weeks and you still haven’t gone on a date. The thing is dad, we know the Aunts introduced you to a woman, and that you must have kind of liked her because it was right after that when you mentioned the whole dating thing. OK, he continued, so what’s the hold up? Wait, I said, how did you know about Josie, I never mentioned anything about meeting her to you? I asked. Seriously, dad, he said, like, you know how people talk and well, you think people don’t talk to us about you and stuff? Do you really think that you’re the only member of this family that people tell things to, especially all the Aunts and Uncles and everyone else we see all the time at Bowl-Mor? The thing is, he continued, you need to take your own advice, remember that story you tell about Uncle Cristian telling you that you had to ‘man up’ and ask that girl out in high school. Well, it’s time you did that, OK? Like, us boys are going to go off to college someday and we don’t want you to be here all alone in this house. I know that you might not meet anyone and fall in love again, but you really have to try, Ok? I mean it, dad. Like, it’s been a long time, all of us are OK, we had therapy and we’ve dealt with losing mom and you have that group you go to that helps you deal with it. The thing is, you’re ready, you would never have considered dating again if you weren’t. Then he added, plus, Christine says you’re a “catch”, like you have a good job and a nice house and are a decent person and you’re good looking, which is totally creepy to hear your girlfriend say to you, by the way. But the thing is, there are probably a lot of women your age out there who would like you enough to go out with you, even though you’ve got three teenage boys, he finished. Ok, so you want your kids to be mature and all, but having them give you much needed advice is really off-putting, just saying.-

    Kaden gives his dad some advice.

    -I called Josie Jett, and I asked her to go bowling. Yeah, well, we both like bowling so. It was a total disaster, I was so nervous, I had butterflies in my stomach the whole time, not good ones either, it was like I wanted to throw-up. And I totally couldn’t think of anything to say, nothing came to mind, whenever I looked at her I got tongue-tied and so I just started babbling about stuff and couldn't stop. She is such a beautiful woman that I felt like a pimple faced teenager around her. At one point I think I actually flexed my biceps and showed her my muscles, spirits help me. Honestly, I’m just not ready, I guess it’s going to take a lot more time before I’m ready to date again.-

    Well, the date started off well enough.

    -Josie called me up and asked me out to lunch on Saturday at that seafood place in Magnolia Promanade “The Diving Pelican”, I said yes.-

    @Metior_Ice I actually don't have the Island Living pack, I stopped buying packs after Cats & Dogs came out, except for Discover University, I have everything that came out up to that pack though. I had disabled Get To Work, but a mod I use requires it now, so I recently enabled it again, I mostly got upset with it because the Detective Career is bugged in my game, plus I don't care for the aliens. I have mods that inhibit the Ghosts and Aliens in my game and I disabled the Cats & Dogs and Vampires packs, so don't use those. The stinky, hungry, needs attention pets really bothered me, so what I do now is place the Delgato and Hecking families in Newcrest when I start a new game, they were about the only thing I liked from that pack anyway.
    The thing is, I just like regular old normal sims, I only like playing regular RL types in my game, you can probably tell that from my posts. That's pretty much how I play all the time in my game.
    That's why this thread is so fun, everyone has so many unique and different ways to play the game, I enjoy seeing how other people play and the things they come up with in their games.
    The things you do with the Mermaid race are so inventive, I would never have been able to come up with so many wonderful story ideas for them myself.

    Origin ID is: sobenewbie

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