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unpopular opinions


  • sims4stoneysims4stoney Posts: 8 New Member
    I'm not fussy on laundry stuff or pets because I barely have time, if I do, in a day to get things I want to accomplished as it is, with showers and eating taking up so much time. I only get washing machines and pets if I also get a butler to look after it all. I can't say I'm crazy over eco lifestyle either...those insect farms takes waaaay too much time to fuss with to keep them happy and I don't like the fact that because of the naps two sims can get into a fight all of a sudden and then hug and kiss right afterwards. What?!?! The fabricator machine is stupid to me, why can't they just go into a workshop and build those things from the recycled stuff they find like lumber, glass, plastic, or whatever instead of bits and pieces. I would also love for my sims to have more personality traits because I seem to keep creating sims with the same 3 traits of about 6 or 7 so I need more traits so I can throw in some of those other traits I rarely use....I'd like maybe 10 or so...so sims won't all be a slightly diffferent version of each other. I love the supernatural, vampires and witches especially. I just wish I could be a vampire witch like I was in the sims3. I just wish vampires would be more like we see on tv, calling sims to him/her and gradually turning them and others they just hunted to drink their blood and some with no self control drinking too long and killing their prey. Vampires wouldn't have to break into houses if they could call their prey out to turn, but then they could also come in through a window in mist form and materialize in a bedroom at night. Even if I had control of the vampire to choose turn, drink or kill as options to choose when attacking prey. I need more ways to kill off a sim because my sim count is getting too high. Werewolves would be nice to keep control on the vampire population because I'm starting to get overrun by them. Lightening should kill some sims, or more if it already does because I've never seen anyone die by lightning yet. I could go on for hours stating what I'd like to see and what I wouldn't but that is what modders are for and for the most part they do a good job of tweaking our games the way we like to play.
  • KruegerKrueger Posts: 130 Member
    I think it was kind of....much, what people were expecting for the 20th anniversary. Maybe EA promised something big for it, I don't know. If they did then I can understand the reaction. But everyone acting they we were owed something big because the franchise has existed for 20 years baffled me. Maybe I'm just not playing the right games but I don't know of anyone game franchises that showered their customers in content because they passed an anniversary milestone.
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 18,052 Member
    I like the Star Wars pack.
  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 5,623 Member
    I like the Star Wars pack.

    Me too. <3 I could do with an old fashioned manual though as I don't know the Lore!
  • LoanetLoanet Posts: 2,977 Member
    I hate Star Wars.

    Not the pack.

    The franchise.
    "I'm not saying Stuff Packs thrill me to my wretched, rotting core. I'm just saying that we only get one expansion pack a year because Devs only have one pair of hands. You want to buy more half-finished packs like Get To Work? Do you?"
  • SharoniaSharonia Posts: 2,649 Member
    edited September 9
    I love how hair looks in the Sims 4. It's shiny and vibrant colour wise.
  • stilljustme2stilljustme2 Posts: 24,745 Member
    I like the Star Wars pack.

    I'm enjoying it more than I thought I might. The aspiration is challenging enough without being overwhelming. I wish I'd taken the time to get my Sim (Liam O'Dourke) a little higher in programming though.
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  • taydevtaydev Posts: 805 Member
    I prefer swatches over color wheel.
  • LadyTachunkaLadyTachunka Posts: 1,449 Member
    I really don’t mind loading screens when travelling somewhere. At least they’re quick

    I think they should add more supernatural beings and have ghost have ghost babies again I miss my ghost children
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  • YunaYuna Posts: 168 Member
    I want a new object for ppl that paid for the patio stuff pack

  • Lisamango0Lisamango0 Posts: 68 Member
    edited September 10
    I don't like using CC/Mods.

    In my opinion, CC makes the sims too realistic, and I actually like their style. Next to that, CC is mostly glitchy. For me, it works fine the way it is :)
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  • ThetfordThetford Posts: 305 Member
    Another unpopular opinion I have is that I'd rather not have cars at all than they be implemented anything like in the Sims 3. If they (and other forms of transport) were to be introduced, it should be like the Sims 2.

    The problem with the Sims 3 versions is that they essentially just teleport into a slot car, go the shortest of distances, then teleport out again. They were a necessity to be added due to the scale of the world vs the speed of time (people who have played Sims Medieval or a roadless world can understand the logistics of this). The biggest example of this I can see are bicycles: in the Sims 4, they are fully animated, including mounting and dismounting, and aren't restricted to a road (of course, this has its own issues), it actually looks like they are riding a bicycle. In contrast, in The Sims 3 they just teleport onto the bicycle, and are essentially frozen while their bike moves as if its a slot car on a track, and it looks more like the pedals are moving the sim's legs rather than the other way round.

    If they ever do cars in the Sims 4 (or 5), they should be implemented like 2, as a sort of entry/exit portal to other worlds/neighbourhoods, a and fully animated - it would even be better if travelling between worlds elapsed time like in the Sims Castaway (console) so that there is a benefit of owning a car. Travelling within a neighbourhood should be restricted to forms of transport that don't require roads, such as bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, hoverboards, segways etc.
  • PreCiiousPreCiious Posts: 191 Member
    * I dont mind rabbitholes. I dont mind text adventures and sims vanishing into a building.
  • LiefLief Posts: 93 Member
    teens are the best age and should be improved
  • Simzilla_7Simzilla_7 Posts: 129 Member
    I really like eco living.
  • CK213CK213 Posts: 18,664 Member
    I like the Star Wars pack.

    I love the Star Wars pack.
    There are a lot of problems and issues around it and in it, but I am enjoying my application of it to my game.
    Uninstalled, only TS3 remains.
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  • luxsylvanluxsylvan Posts: 1,847 Member
    Loanet wrote: »
    I hate Star Wars.

    Not the pack.

    The franchise.

    Same!!! This is actually so rare to come across in others! I grew up in a family of star wars fans so I've seen all the movies a few times. But really the only part of the franchise I care for are the Lego Star wars games, because they were pretty funny to play through.

    Unpopular opinion: I didn't care when they added in toddlers. Mine are still glitchy sometimes (high chairs, spaghetti arms) and tbh even if they weren't I just think it's boring to take care of them in the game. I usually put a bunch of vegetables in their inventory, stick them on a tablet, and have them raise themselves. Nightmare? Nap it off. Sad from thunderstorms? Nap it off. Even if one parent is a stay at home I'll send them to volunteer or get a part-time job just so the toddler goes to daycare and I can use the highest speed setting. I'd age them up early, but I don't want to mess the ages up in my rotational save. That being said, I do think they belong in the game as a life stage and adding them back was the right move.
  • eternalrainneternalrainn Posts: 117 Member
    Lisamango0 wrote: »
    I don't like using CC/Mods.

    In my opinion, CC makes the sims too realistic, and I actually like their style. Next to that, CC is mostly glitchy. For me, it works fine the way it is :)

    I've always been a console player so I agree 100%. Never had a desire to have CC or mods but can see why people enjoy it. For me I just like playing the games how they are shipped. It's more challenging to me to try and create builds/sims with what's available rather than download and mod in everything I could ever want - I'd get bored quick and probably never play that way.
  • Coconut27Coconut27 Posts: 126 Member
    If Glimmerbrook had 6 lots, that extra lot being a 20x20 size, then it’d actually become one of the best worlds in game!
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 2,322 Member
    I really like the Star Wars Pack. I enjoy having some of my futuristic households have a lightsaber & become a Rebel Scoudrel & being able to change the 3 lots in Batuu.
  • calaprfycalaprfy Posts: 2,748 Member
    edited September 16
    I hate sims talking to & researching plants.
  • AngeliqueAdelaideAngeliqueAdelaide Posts: 418 Member
    edited September 16
    calaprfy wrote: »
    I hate sims talking to & researching plants.

    Same. I use a mod to turn it off, because it used to annoy me so much. Sims would come over and spend their whole visit at garden, never once interracting with my sim.
  • SthenastiaSthenastia Posts: 159 Member
    I think that playing on console is more comfortable than on PC.

    I have no problem with babies as an objects. I like how bassinets looks like.

    I do not think that we need more Sims generations. TS4 can be improving with no limits because of internet connection.
  • Flikka_FlikkaFlikka_Flikka Posts: 82 Member
    I don't understand the clamor for bunk beds and cars. I wouldn't mind having these, but in no way do I feel them to be "missing" from the game.
  • SthenastiaSthenastia Posts: 159 Member
    In addition.
    I prefere to have much more small lots 20x15, 20x20, 30x20 and 10x15 for tiny houses and more apartments instead of huge lots.
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