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!SECOND EPISODE IS OUT! Are You The One - Interactive Sims Reality Show!

Hi all!

As you may know, @Alleenmens hosted a couple of seasons of AYTO. With her blessing and help I am taking it over for this season and I am super excited to announce the game to be coming back. <3

Josi Landol: My name is Josi Landol and I will be your host this season of Are You The One? AYTO is a reality show in which young singles try to find their love. So, are you looking to find the one? Preferably in a fully equipped mansion surrounded with other singles? Then I am looking for you!


You will create a pair of sims (2 sims per upload, make sure both of them have a filled application form), and upload them to the gallery using #AYTO. Or give me a heads up in PM or add me on Discord: PieceOfPrincess#5475.
Both will be in the game and can be any gender and have any gender preference (Supporting LGBTQ+). The only catch is that they are not supposed to be related or a couple, the couples will be created in-game. There will be at least 14 spots (minimal 7 couples/contestants).

Must be Young Adult;
Sim may have any sexual preference or identity;
All DLC’s except Star Wars are allowed;
No occult.

!Warning! Before you apply to this show, be aware that it is interactive. I will frequently ask you questions about your contestants so you will decide their faith in finding love. If you decide to continue. Please send me this form below in PM and your created contestants.

Origin ID:

Intake Questions
Sexual Preference:
MBTI profile (check or do the test there!):

Favorite music:
Favorite hobby:
Favorite food:
Favorite vacation destination (does not have to be in Sims):
Absolutely hate:

What does your family/background look like?
What is your perfect date?
What do you hope to achieve in love?

Any other you would like to add about your character:

Can't wait for your creations!
Happy Simming!

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Join the interactive game: Are you the one!

Play the "Pac(k)-man Challenge" Find it in my Google Doc


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