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Journey To Batuu Positive Thoughts Thread


  • elanorbretonelanorbreton Posts: 12,126 Member
    Arrival (on the right) and after shower (on the left):
  • SilentKittySilentKitty Posts: 3,876 Member
    Today I am downloading everything on the Gallery :)

    Still haven't seen Batuu live yet, want to get my game in order first. SarahLaCroix on the Gallery have some really great builds so I got a ton of new stuff to add to my saves.
  • crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 1,872 Member
    GracieO312 wrote: »
    crocobaura wrote: »
    okester wrote: »
    I’ve seen people mention that they put their Sims back into regular clothing by having them sleep in a bed or use a shower on Batuu. Of course to do this, you’ll need to use the bb.enablefreebuild cheat to add those items. This is a good work around if you’d rather not use mods.
    That's an excellent point! We can just set our sims up to look how we want, arrive in Batuu and head straight for the shower :D

    Actually the clothing specific to Batuu seems to be enforced by the rabbithole dwelling in Batuu. I added a wardrobe in Oga's Cantina and I could change clothes as we normally do.

    Does it check off the goal though? Could I change clothing via dwelling to check off the goal first and then use the wardrobe to change into what I actually want to wear? Because I really love the trousers/pants but I hate the bottom strappy bits and want to cover them up with long boots!

    There is an option when you click on the sim to change them into their Batuu outfit. :) I think when you first arrive the game gets you to change into the Batuu outfit automatically, so you fulfill that goal anyway. It doesn't seem to enforce it afterwards, my sim can now use the rabbit hole dwelling and keep on her everyday clothes.
  • marcel21marcel21 Posts: 12,129 Member
  • logionlogion Posts: 1,899 Member
    edited September 9
    I usually mostly visit the complaining thread about this pack but I do visit this thread as well and I see plenty of people who still have fun.
  • TS1299TS1299 Posts: 1,261 Member
    logion wrote: »
    Seems like we're really not having fun. :p


    I usually mostly visit the complaining thread about this pack but I do visit this thread as well and I see plenty of people who still have fun.

    Same I don;t like the pack, but seeing other people enjoying things makes me happy tbh and I am glad for them. :)
  • SilentKittySilentKitty Posts: 3,876 Member



    Soo... finally all the essential mods and all of the CC is tested and in the game. Next up, adding a few quality of life mods and testing things out while I dabble with Batuu. Got myself a new household to play the new content with. You know what, I usually play a lot of female sims but when it comes to this I just wanted to get a few guys. There are here on an exchange-program and planning a trip to Batuu. The guy who is fixing dinner is going to the military, we will see what the zabrak ends up doing.

    I'm such a bad builder but there are some really nice Star Wars-homes up on the gallery. So happy that we have so many talented builders out there.
  • KimmerKimmer Posts: 936 Member
    edited September 9
    I wanted to share the funniest Star Wars let's play I've seen so far. DrGluon has an ability to make everything positive and interesting.
    I know many people don't want to watch a long video, but I suggest to check out his intro, it's awesome. :smiley:

  • marcel21marcel21 Posts: 12,129 Member
    this content reminds me of steampunk. Can't wait to play and build with it.
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  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 18,119 Member
    @Kimmer thanks for sharing. I don't watch a lot of Let's Plays but DrGluon always puts a smile on my face. :)
  • comicsforlifecomicsforlife Posts: 7,407 Member

    haven't got to play I hurt my back so I can't sat at my computer :'(
    the sims 4 isn't getting new whims right now and I think they have dropped them all together if we want new whims in sims 4 we need to tweet the gurus and tell them we like whims
  • NindigoNindigo Posts: 2,764 Member
    Thanks for letting me know about the need for being inspired in order to learn new recipes.
    Are you sure about that? Because my Sim is learning recipes just fine without being inspired. On Batuu. And elsewhere.

    Origin ID: Nindigo79

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  • crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 1,872 Member
    Nindigo wrote: »
    Thanks for letting me know about the need for being inspired in order to learn new recipes.
    Are you sure about that? Because my Sim is learning recipes just fine without being inspired. On Batuu. And elsewhere.

    Same has been happening with my sim and she has no cooking skills whatsoever. She learnt to cook them as soon as she finished eating the meals. Also, a fun fact, if they cook their own meals on Batuu, they pay for ingredients with regular currency not credits. :)
  • CAPTAIN_NXR7CAPTAIN_NXR7 Posts: 1,901 Member

    haven't got to play I hurt my back so I can't sat at my computer :'(

    I’m sorry to hear that! What’s up with all the injuries folks? Don’t take these Star Wars battles too serious!

    I hope you feel better soon @comicsforlife so you can join us in Batuu. Take care! ;)
  • HaflingerHaflinger Posts: 573 Member
    I got Resistance. I'd rather be a Jed'aii though, and dance that narrow path between the Ashla and the Bogan. :D

    I haven't had a ton of chances to play. Sent my simself to get a lightsaber, but I was nephew-sitting yesterday and their rental house is old with grumpy electricity, so I couldn't run my computer for long so I've mainly just been working on getting my families for my Star Wars save set up. Current family in line is Kes Dameron and Shara Bey with their toddler son.
  • TravisBlackfoxTravisBlackfox Posts: 553 Member
    I got the pack last night and it's super cute so far. I am exploring now, but doing it slowly. My Sim is there with his husband and it's NEAT that they both have different mission things to do! That I like. Now it won't be mundane and repetitive. I'm going to have one join the dark side and the other a Jedi haha...I wish you could ride in the landspeeders like you can the jetskis and sailboats in Sulani. Oh well.
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 18,119 Member
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 4,288 Member
    I may not be enjoying this pack as much as I had hoped but there are still things about it that I like and the world definitely lends itself to some really beautiful screenshots!

    Here is Kylo and Rey's daughter, Leia:

    And here is their son, Luke:

    Leia after first arriving the Batuu and getting Batuu clothes:

    Leia is already at the top of the First order and she has an R series droid which I've named R2D2 (of course). Here she is in the Resistance's base:

    Dad wasn't happy when she messed up on a mission earlier:

    Here she is with her lightsabre (which really should be red):

    I know people all think the B series droids are adorable but I actually think the R series ones are cuter (maybe because I am more familiar with the original Star Wars films and so with R2D2):

    Luke shortly after arriving in Batuu:

    Luke doesn't agree with his father's ambition to rule the galaxy:

    He has joined his mother in the Resistance instead:
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 4,288 Member
    I enjoyed making Leia and Luke have a lightsabre duel (Leia is Kylo and Rey's daughter, Luke is their son but Leia is with the First Order and Luke is with the Resistance).

  • CK213CK213 Posts: 18,664 Member
    My progress is sooooo sloooooow.
    Other simmers showing light sabers, droids, and major characters, and my sims are scavenging and losing at sabaac.
    But I am not feeling the need to rush through it all. I just realized I should be playing with whims and using my reward points for useful potions.

    My sims already have a nice amount of points but I don't want to completely burn through them, so I am looking at whims to slow the drain.
    It adds to game play too.




    He's speaking Simlish, but it was obvious he called her "Rebel scum."
    In a really nasty way.
    Uninstalled, only TS3 remains.
    Waiting for feedback on Lifestyles and Sentiments.
  • elanorbretonelanorbreton Posts: 12,126 Member
    Well, my progress is even slower lol.

    All I've done is take a test sim to the world so that I can edit the Lots. I did have him lose at sabaac though, so that's progress :D
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