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What Do You "Realistically" Think Sims 5 Will Be Like?

I used to be really pumped and excited and looking soooo forward to Sims 5.

But lately, after reading a lot of past interviews with various Gurus in the last year or so. My excitement is slowly fading and I feel like TS5 will just be a Sims 4.5 version.

I'm going to predict that we WILL NOT get:
  • CASt like it was it done in TS3. They might give us a color wheel for skin tones and hair, possibly objects. But after watching the interview with James and SimGuruLyndsay I for sure don't see them ever giving us CASt with the ability to add our own patterns again. Maybe something similar to TS2 where there were areas that had different swatches. And that would NOT make me very happy at all. I have a PC with enough memory and a graphics card to handle it without lag.
  • Open Worlds - Instead I see them giving us Open Neighborhoods that your sim lives in without a loading screen but with very minimal lots to build on and lots of fake back drops and houses again like TS4.
  • Apartments will again be locked and unable to build our own or modify it because in another interview with SimGuruEugi he stated "If we had allowed the creation of apartment buildings from Build/Buy, we would not have been able to achieve the look we were going for" and then he stated "There are also performance implications. You might want a building to look like it has, say, hundreds of windows and small items of decor. If those were actual B/B objects, they would all count against our performance metrics." So because so many people play on a toaster and they have implemented a "performance metric" which means small worlds, lots of fake buildings and very few lots to keep performance optimal.

    What I DO think we'll get:
    • Real Babies in the Base Game
    • Toddlers in the Base Game
    • Teens that actually look like Teens and not YA replicas
    • Basements
    • Terrain and Pond Tools
    • Pools (hopefully with "real" diving boards)
    • DLC will be the same as TS4, but less content
    • Editable Worlds (Not like a CAW tool, but at least the ability to remove decor or place it)
    • Some Similar things as TS4 (CAS's push/pull mode, Build Tools)
    • A similar "Minimalist" AI for Sims Personalities. SimGuruNinja said in a recent interview when asked why the storylines weren't as fleshed out as previous iterations. He basically stated something like "We decided to go in a more minimalistic approach to leave it up to the players to play their stories out". (They are also moving away from a Life Simulation game, and going for trends according to Laura Miele, EA’s chief studios officer, she stated "I think that Sims provides an incredible canvas for us to tap into all kinds of relevant trends, whether it be music, fashion, design and architecture, or in TV and media. And we are going to continue to do more of that. That is the direction we’re headed.”)

    So yeah, I'm feeling really disappointed that we probably will not be getting the best of all the games rolled into one game. But I would be absolutely THIRLLED if they took all of the feedback they've been given from TS4 and utterly blew us away with TS5!

    What do you guys "realistically" think Sims 5 will be like? (Please don't list what you "want" in the game, there's a million threads on that already. I'm interested in hearing what you guys know "deep in your heart" it will be like.)

    If you think what I've said is wrong, I'm really interested in hearing your theories and why.


  • NationalPokedexNationalPokedex Posts: 828 Member
    OP, I'm feeling much the same as you. A while ago I was excited about the idea of TS5, but that's rapidly fading as I just don't have much hope in TS5 being a robust improvement. I think TS5's build and CAS will probably be very similar because they both seem well received. I'd like to think the elements that came in patches (as you've listed) will be included in base game.

    I have no hope that things like weather and pets will be included in base game even though these are things that I would like to be included in base game. I think EA would rather release these features for a cost right away and then get to the "exciting" stuff afterwards, similar to how they're doing now. I'm over it honestly.

    I really don't know if the personalities will be improved. The team doesn't seem to find anything wrong with them or how players receive the way personalities operate in the game, so I don't know if they would think this is an area that needs improvement.

    Part of the reason I want TS5 to be here soon is so I can just know what it's like, and then I can know if I'll stick with TS4 or move on. I know some people say you can play more than one version, but that only works for me with a game like Pokemon lol. I can't play more than one version of TS at the same time.
  • bella_gothbella_goth Posts: 1,756 Member
    dunno man, i rather not say what i already don't expect just so devs don't think it will be fine if such content is missing in the game.
    but if it's another disappointment like ts4 i'm definitely giving up on supporting this franchise.
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 4,178 Member
    In view of the guru comments mentioned by the OP, we are going from dog you-know-what to the elephant version. They clearly have abandoned what made the series great so will give us TS4 on steroids. My TS 2 & 3 run just fine, thanks, and have a machine that runs TS1 if am so inclined. To chase trends means being out of date as soon as those trends change, which they all do, and very quickly.
  • ClarionOfJoyClarionOfJoy Posts: 1,945 Member
    I have a hopeful wait and see attitude, but if it turns out as you say, then I'll skip TS5's iteration too.

    When TS4 was released with so many important things missing and the way EAxis was treating the simming community, I started trying out other genres of games and found favorites. Now I've expanded my options for gaming so that I'm no longer at the mercy of any bad decisions that EAxis makes.

    I'll still have my beloved TS3 which I will play until some future Windows version will no longer run it. On top of that, there will be more games in the life simulation genre as more and more game devs produce their own versions. So I'll still have options in the genre too!

  • SantiagoWittSantiagoWitt Posts: 40 Member
    It must be difficult to design a game for users with vastly different computer set ups. I play TS3 and TS4 on a $1500 gaming laptop and they both run as smooth as silk. And yet $1500 shouldn’t be the barrier of entry to play this game. The developers have to consider younger users with less equipped rigs. Otherwise it’s just elitist.
  • ClarionOfJoyClarionOfJoy Posts: 1,945 Member
    It must be difficult to design a game for users with vastly different computer set ups. I play TS3 and TS4 on a $1500 gaming laptop and they both run as smooth as silk. And yet $1500 shouldn’t be the barrier of entry to play this game. The developers have to consider younger users with less equipped rigs. Otherwise it’s just elitist.

    If TS5 is cutting edge and made to run on the better computers, it will be "sellable" for a longer time than a cut-down version made for cheaper computers like TS4. TS2 and TS3 were cutting edge for their time with so many great features and is why they are still bought and played today. People with cheap computers can still play TS4.

    I had a computer that couldn't handle TS2 during its run but I didn't complain. I just saved my money for a better computer. I wanted to play TS2 more than any other recreational activity so I saved my money by forgoing spending my money on other things. If the devs designed TS2 to run on cheap computers of that time, it wouldn't have been as great as it is.

  • Truecrime_addictTruecrime_addict Posts: 108 Member
    edited September 2020
    I can live without the sims games. I honestly wish that i'd never played them because overall they have ALL been a poor investment for me, with little in return for me as the customer. It's not just the sims 4 either. I had a lot of fun with sims 2, for a short time and then felt bored with sims 2 when that was STILL the current sims game and then didnt even like the sims 3 when it came out. Sims 4 i did like the IDEA of it , because of the art style and the emotions, but that was it, for everything else, its shallow. I went back to the sims 3 recently and appreciated it a lot more than before. But its unplayable.

    I think that i only kept buying each new generation of the Sims, to try and maintain a hobby that i started when i was 10 years old, not realizing that some games (for SOME people) should stay in childhood :| , hoping that this game would give me an outlet to express myself and possibly live out a virtual life where i had a bit more freedom than in reality. But the games all had severe shortcomings. Especially sims 4. I have never gotten very far in live mode, not in sims 2/3/ or 4. In my view? Neither sims game is truly a great life simulator. They have as many weak points,if not more, as they do strong points. And so all in all, i wont be buying sims 5. The chances of that are slim. Im also going to stop buying content for sims 4 & keeping up with the latest news for it. Its over. I never hated the game and still dont. Its just not enough and never was. I realized that the only reason i have continued to give EA my money for these subpar games, is because of nostalgia. Literally.

    I have moved on to playing other games. And it amazes me how much EFFORT and detail is put into other games by other companies. Like just the amount of care and attention they put into their work. If one of those other game companies, that make such brilliant games, could somehow be enticed to make a life simulator, i am certain they would blow any sims game thats available now, or in the future , out of the water! Its blows my mind sometimes when i play other games and i DON'T feel bored or dont feel like i lack the freedom or ability to do what i want.

    So anways, sims 5 can be yet another lame sims game, but i wont be buying it. Not another second of my life will go to waste on this lackluster series. I would say it was nice while it lasted, but it really hasnt been. Goodbye sims :)
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  • Truecrime_addictTruecrime_addict Posts: 108 Member
    It must be difficult to design a game for users with vastly different computer set ups. I play TS3 and TS4 on a $1500 gaming laptop and they both run as smooth as silk. And yet $1500 shouldn’t be the barrier of entry to play this game. The developers have to consider younger users with less equipped rigs. Otherwise it’s just elitist.

    I have the opposite view. It has nothing to do with "elitism". Other games aren't out here being made intentionally worse, just so that people can run them on potatoes.I have no interest in sims 5 anymore. But seriously this isnt it.
  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,451 Member
    I haven't read any of the latest interviews but I'm thinking the game will be made for what EA feels the "Next" generation of players will want to play and not the last generation.
    It's what they always do (as in 3/4). :)

    Maybe I'll like it, maybe I'll be too old to care. :scream:
  • EveryDaySimEveryDaySim Posts: 193 Member
    We pay for a complete GAME, and they're always telling us we would rather take pictures against pretty backdrops.

    They invested money in repackaging the game and trying to draw in more people rather than fixing bugs and making it playable for the customers they already had.

    It feels like they keep trying to not have to do anything, while gaslighting us into believing that taking pretty pictures is so much better than playing a game.

    Like we really just want to take pictures, and we need them to help us understand.

    But they charge us for a fully featured GAME, of course.

    After seeing them double down on conditioning their fanbase that gameplay is not what they really want or need, I'm basically expecting anything that comes out of this team to be even more DOA than Sims 4. And that they will double down even more after that.

    I'm taking what I know of them, factoring in their refusal to see past the ends of their own noses, and expecting their history of doubling down and gaslighting-even-more to continue.

    I realistically expect Sims 5 to be everything that they have shown themselves to be, and more besides.

  • keFUNKNEY101keFUNKNEY101 Posts: 658 Member
    All I know is the Sims 5 will be their last chance to keep me as part of their franchise.
  • mannannamannanna Posts: 464 Member
    Well...I am a rare Simmer ( on this forum ) that started to play Sims1 when I was an adult which I think changes the way I play the game and also my expectations. What I hear most people wish for here is a dollhouse/family play style which I find boring.I think Sims4 has done quite well to please me except for the sims themselves, I miss their personalities.I think they tried to put more emphasis on the sims feelings more than reactions and most of us know it didn't pan out well.

    So, with that being said, I hope the team has learned and will make Sims5 more about reactions rather than feelings.I think the basegame will be quite barren as far as "stuff" goes but that will make me look forward to expacks more. I wish for an open neighborhood and less of "their story" as far as backdrops in the world but I don't think that will happen. A premade pretty world is a better selling point. :/
    Am I excited about Sims5? I'm with you there @Chicklet453681 I so used to be! Now I slowly but surely say a sad goodbye to the game I used to love.

  • CamkatCamkat Posts: 2,327 Member
    Absolutely agree with OP. TS5 isn't going to much different, if any from TS4. DLC will get stripped back further. They probably will make sure that they launch with better babies and toddlers. I wouldn't be surprised to see the colour wheel back for skin, hair and eyes.

    I'd have to see how reviews pan out before I make up my mind on it. I certainly didn't just toss TS3 aside for TS4. I didn't even get TS4 until after the toddlers were patched in. I was excited when TS4 was announced (much like every one else) but when I saw that base game... :/ I really don't think TS5 will make that mistake again, but I don't expect it to be ground breaking anymore either.

    Origin ID: Peapod79
  • logionlogion Posts: 4,403 Member
    edited September 2020
    Let's see.
    • Made for both PC, the xbox series X and the PS5, they are not released yet so we do not know exactly what their games will be like, it does not look we are seeing a huge leap in graphics but we are seeing improvements when it comes to performance, the PS5 will for example use SSD's to make games be able to load assets (models, textures etc.) much faster. This means that the PC requirements will probably go up if they want their PC version to look and run as good as their console version, but not too much.
    • This could also lead to that we might see larger neighborhoods or open worlds. Maybe even create a style since if they are able to make a good engine that can handle it, textures should be loading much faster.
    • I think that we will see online features for the sims5, we will either have an online separate module with microtransactions and events and a single player module where they will sell you packs, or they will find a way to implement both. If they will do that I suspect that you will be the one who will host your world on your PC and players will be able to connect to it if you want. DLC will be less content because they will expect you to use it during their online events.
    • I think that Mod support will still be a thing, you will probably still be able to mod your game as long as it stays offline.
    • I think that they will either rework the emotion system or drop it entirely for the sims5 and they will use some other method for sims to react to different situations.
    • I don't think that we will see create a world make a return, it sounds too complicated and could also prevent them from selling packs...
    • I think the base game will have more features at launch, moving babies, pools etc.
    • I think that since the game will have an upgrade when it comes to performance and graphics that the sims will look much better, with higher resolution textures I think that they will go for something less cartoony.
    • Something that seems to be common these days are that they build games to market other games or franchises, I think that we will probably see more content like the Star Wars pack but they will be hosted like events. This is what they are doing in Fortnite for example.

    Those are my predictions, better performance, online, packs and microtransactions, still possible to play offline, single player content will probably be the same, maybe even less because they will make online content as well. Hopefully they will not go the online route but it feels like all other games are going that way right now.

  • Chicklet453681Chicklet453681 Posts: 2,045 Member
    I don't have a "gaming rig". I have a normal computer that has 16GB of RAM and a decent graphics card. I just bought it in January of this year and it was about $400. My other computer, which runs TS3 & TS4 both fine, was an older PC with Windows 7 on it, I upgraded it years ago with more memory and a graphics card for about $150. I had to invest in a new computer because Windows 7 was no longer being supported and I work remotely from home and I have to show my windows operating system is up to date at least twice a year for work. So a new PC was a necessity for me. I have never bought a PC specifically for "gaming". But I have always upgraded any PC with more memory, not for just gaming, but for every day functions and tasks. And an integrated onboard graphics card just does not work with most games, at all. So updating with a new, cheap graphics card is a really cost efficient way to get the most out of a low-end computer.
  • SmellincoffeeSmellincoffee Posts: 697 Member
    At this point, I think it will be like Windows 11 or GTA 6. :D
  • SimSpockSimSpock Posts: 228 Member
    I keep reading about The Sims 5. Has EA / Maxis ever said that they're working on a new game, or confirmed that they have plans to? I'm not saying that they haven't, just that I haven't seen it.

    Anyway, I'm not sure about a next iteration. I picked up TS1 fairly early in its life, and got lots of enjoyment out of it. TS2 improved that in a number of ways, and I got many times my money back in enjoyment from it as well. TS3, for me, was the high point of the series, with its open world, and so many activities that I still haven't tried them all. It was also the first sign that they were going to need to completely re-think their approach to engine design, because it was a bug fest. The game was playable for me long term only because of the almost heroic efforts of one modder in particular. But I loved, and still love, the game.

    I only picked up TS4 this year, when nearly every pack was on sale for half price or better. Originally I never intended to buy it, because many of the things I loved from TS3 weren't in it, and were never going to be in it. But the sale was a good deal, and the game had matured quite a bit over the years. I've had fun with it, and again, definitely got my money's worth from it. I still enjoy it, and the ability of the sims to at least somewhat multi-task makes it hard for me to go back to the TS3 for very long. I seem to have hit the optimal point, where bugs in the existing gameplay had been mostly minimized, and before the massive new bugs introduced a couple of months ago (I'm intentionally playing with an outdated version, so I can avoid those bugs).

    So, I've gone from a quick adopter of TS1, TS2, and TS3, to needing nearly 6 years before I purchased TS4. I can't imagine what would make me purchase TS5 much quicker than that, unless Maxis completely changes its production model to include most of the usual expansion pack stuff in the base game. I can't imagine them doing so. Thus, I figure that when / if there's ever a TS5, I'm probably five or six years from that point before purchasing it.
  • APottsAPotts Posts: 2,443 Member
    Based on the path we are currently heading down, I don't have high expectations. I personally hope they stay away from multiplayer, simply because they need to focus on creativity. By creativity I don't mean change everything that made the series great, I mean make a Sims game that is familiar, but better, bigger, less buggy, and beautiful. If they don't know what fans want by now they haven't been listening.

    If they want to go the multiplayer route they should go all in and do a Sims online, so I know not to buy it. Just don't call it Sims 5 and half baked Single player to shoe in multiplayer please.
  • catitude5catitude5 Posts: 2,537 Member
    It must be difficult to design a game for users with vastly different computer set ups. I play TS3 and TS4 on a $1500 gaming laptop and they both run as smooth as silk. And yet $1500 shouldn’t be the barrier of entry to play this game. The developers have to consider younger users with less equipped rigs. Otherwise it’s just elitist.

    If that's what they are going to worry about, we will get another sims4. What's wrong with designing something for people with gaming computers? Some of us want something more evolved but we can't have it because of cheap computers?
  • OmairaOmaira Posts: 665 Member
    IMO it all depends in the "competition". If they think there is a serious chance of them loosing a great many members of their fanbase then maybe, just maybe they will get their own act together and release a good game. Note that I am not saying a great game, just good enough to lure us back.
    I have lost all my faith in EAXIS, so much so that at this point I no longer care if they bring 5 or not, sadly, they have truly disappointed me.
    I have purchased a copy of the TS2 and I have my beloved Sims 3, so that will do for me until any other "Real Life Simulation Game" comes along...
    PS I also have what I bought from the sims 4, 11 packs all in all, and can carry on with that too, even if they never fix the bugs that have been the most "loyal feature" of all the sims games.
  • KatNipKatNip Posts: 1,065 Member
    It feels like the further back you go into the game series, the more innovative, unique and immersive it gets. That's not how it should be, and I'm so, so sad to see my favourite game go completely down the drain like this.
  • PotsaePotsae Posts: 73 Member
    I have serious troubles even imagining it. Wouldn't be surprised if that would be a loot-box shooter :D But more likely it would be something extremly similar to The Sims 4 just so they can reuse some aspects. It would be even more about young adults than ever. A ridiculous amount of references, advertisments and other stuff. Again, wouldn't be surprised if they go to free-to-play model (lootboxes+EA= <3 )
    That said I agree that it won't have such ridiculous flops as no toddlers. Also CaS may be improved in some intresting manner.
    catitude5 wrote: »
    It must be difficult to design a game for users with vastly different computer set ups. I play TS3 and TS4 on a $1500 gaming laptop and they both run as smooth as silk. And yet $1500 shouldn’t be the barrier of entry to play this game. The developers have to consider younger users with less equipped rigs. Otherwise it’s just elitist.

    If that's what they are going to worry about, we will get another sims4. What's wrong with designing something for people with gaming computers? Some of us want something more evolved but we can't have it because of cheap computers?

    The Sims audience is not exactly believed to have gaming computes. The Sims 2 were developed for even weaker PCs than The Sims 4 and it seems to be more loved even now and more complicated in many aspects. I think that modern mediocre computers must be more than enough to give as something really cool and far more complicated than we have nowdays. It is more about how well it's done. To be completely honest, I often felt like compatibility with weak computers in TS4 was just an excuse, not an original plan (it was an online game as we know). But that is just my opinion.
  • Placebo7Placebo7 Posts: 107 Member
    What a depressing question, given recent directions. Based on recent choices, here's what I will predict:

    1. One million different packs with little slivers of content (Forget Pets or even Cats And Dogs; now, a Cat pack, a Dog pack, a Hamster pack,etc.)
    2. Sims that all look and feel the same, just like now, since they have no interest in fixing traits or personality
    3. No consequences for anything ever, everyone is just perpetually in open relationships, there is no anger, hearts and love ever, no one gets fired, aka, nothing like real life and totally uninteresting
    4. More branding! Forget just Disney's Star Wars, a McDonald's pack, an Apple tech pack, an ever-loving Amazon-sponsored shopping and shipping pack)
    5. No open world because lol
    6. Just an elmination of all babies and older people because the developers have no use for them; forget family play altogether, it's a going out game now

    I hate all this, by the way.
  • nanashi-simsnanashi-sims Posts: 4,108 Member
    Without reading through the comments yet and just based on the title question alone, my answer is: 2-3 years and hundreds of dollars before we can play the game with pets, full families, seasons, cars, and lots that aren't residential.

    I'm hoping that TS4 will run a bit longer so that I don't have to start over again so soon :neutral:

    That said, I'd be happy to scrap and start over if the sims could go back to showing emotions like TS2 and if the focus could go back to sim lives and not sim adventures.

    If I could wish for a dream TS5:
    - grocery stores
    - OFB / Get to Work (with no science fiction aliens)
    - Out-of-the-box time control options (I don't want to use time mods or hacks, I want an option same as ageing)
    - TS2 full-scale neighbourhood world building
    - Game packs (I love that you can opt-out/in for supernatural/SF/fantasy/adventure quests)
    - normal size neighbourhood pests (TS2 era)
    - Outside of Star Wars and Katy Perry (to each one's own) I like the brand collaborations, so that too
  • nanashi-simsnanashi-sims Posts: 4,108 Member
    edited September 2020
    catitude5 wrote: »
    It must be difficult to design a game for users with vastly different computer set ups. I play TS3 and TS4 on a $1500 gaming laptop and they both run as smooth as silk. And yet $1500 shouldn’t be the barrier of entry to play this game. The developers have to consider younger users with less equipped rigs. Otherwise it’s just elitist.

    If that's what they are going to worry about, we will get another sims4. What's wrong with designing something for people with gaming computers? Some of us want something more evolved but we can't have it because of cheap computers?

    I agree. I want Sims 5 to force me to upgrade or build--I want NVIDIA to boast Sims in-game shot comparisons on their latest this-gpu-launches-rockets video card announcement. Having the luxury to play a video game itself bars a lot of people from entry--is that elitist? I don't even have all of the packs and have spent almost $700--so why should we spend all this money on a game which has $300 chromebook graphics?! Save the cheap graphics for the mobile experience. I hear the argument is that younger players prefer mobile games anyway. For a AAA PC game, give us a game engine that can throw gorgeous shadows, gorgeous sims and skin details, in an open entirely editable world :love: then downgrade that and stick it on mobile and console so everyone is happy.
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