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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    Ultimate Sim Update, Part 2

    Since Christopher was gone, Brittany worked a bit more on her alchemy skill. She's getting closer to gaining a skill point, a protest may be in the cards soon to get this done a bit faster.

    I had Brittany take Abraham with her to gain favor with the Weather Stone again. These two then hunted together (well, not really. It was a group hunt but Abraham read a book the entire time) but they didn't find anything that she is missing for her collection.

    One of the skill challenges for social networking says you must meet 25 Sims using the SimFinder app. Brittany met a couple but will meet some more later. I'm only meeting 5 in the first five towns as I don't want all the pudding running around.

    Monday was Brittany's first day back at the daycare career but she slow danced with Christopher while waiting for the children.

    The kids showed up a bit after 9am and Brittany went to work. Christopher helped out too and they got things done a bit quicker than she does alone.

    Unfortunately, I got interrupted when Sue burnt the sink and counter with her flame breath. She ate hot food that caused her to do this. Luckily Christopher and Brittany got it out but I think it may have dragged the childrens needs down. Then, to top it off, Brittany scared the children when the full moon forced a transformation. Brittany had two kids in good moods and only one in great so she didn't get much progress on her bar. I'm just hoping she completes the job before the four weeks are up, otherwise she'll have to continue until she reaches the top.

    The other household members went to bed so I had her do some hunting. Yet again, she didn't find any missing items.

    Lastly, while Brittany hunted, Sue Scotch was abducted. At least I don't have to worry about a pregnancy.

    ***Not playing tonight but will return to the save tomorrow night.
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    I want to start a thread for my story, but I can't think of a title.XD
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 8,394 Member
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    Apocalyptic Sims Fic - Reboot # 3.

    Of course it has to star Tosh as the MAIN character.

    Aging all the characters up... including Harm, Mac and Meg. Plus...River and Haruo may be in there too...slightly younger, but around fifteen years younger than the JAG crew. There'll be some Supernatural EP stuff involved in here too.

    Animal's Chief of Staff - Captain Kimber Benton...runs his office.
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    I can't figure out how to use wordpress :( It wants me to pay for it.
    Edit: Gave up trying for wordpress.
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    Page 3981

    @BlackSand Guess he can't get away from BlackSand Industries. Hmmm... I wonder why? :wink:
    Martin looks mighty proud of himself.
    I guess Curtis' reputation in Carol's eyes isn't very good.
    I think she may change her mind now she knows who he is.
    Great update!
    Let's hope he isn't, lol
    And it was a long day, that's what makes it funny.
    You know it, and they left it for someone else to clean.
    Thanks, I've got a lot more coming as long as things go the way I plan.

    @Lashin You're missing out on all the fun, lol. There's nothing like wanting a Sim to exercise when they need to go to bed, or flirt with the Sim you want yours to be with even when they are complaining they are hungry.
    Does it take 20 dates? I've got it the moodlet before but didn't know how many dates it was.
    That's the one thing I like about genies. There are other reasons too.
    That's true, 40,000 sounds like a lot but there are many items higher than that.
    Great update!

    @Nikkei_Simmer Bye Sunset Valley, lol
    Sounds like you got a plan.

    @king_of_simcity7 I remember Grover. I remember the breed name too, mostly from the dog shows on TV.

    @Anthonydyer Lol, that's pretty funny.

    @MoonandStars83 Happy birthday to Frankie.

    @GraceyManor I know. And now she's got Christopher to cook her favorite food, although I think it's a higher end recipe and I'm not sure if he meets that yet or not.
    I wouldn't put it past her from what you've shown of her, lol
    I have to wonder what Mr. Gracey will say to all of this. I bet he won't be happy with Claire.
    Lol, that could be.

    ***Off for now, got all caught up on feedback.
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    Was gonna sign in for a bit this evening. Then I got pulled into watching documentaries and live feeds from NASA for the last 5 hours. Eh, maybe it'll inspire me in TS3.
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    @Brandontaylor I always find it funny when Sims clap their food :D
    @GraceyManor I tried to use WordPress once and couldn’t work it out either.

    I played a bit with the Asquiths. Ros cooked and broke space rock blocks, Martin did a lot of gardening (to be fair, he has a pretty big garden and it takes a while to maintain) and the kids went to school, did homework, the usual. Apparently Nicholas has a romantic interest, likely from prom. I have no recollection of him meeting her, shows you how long it’d been since I played the family. I might get them to break up and create him another Sim to have a relationship with. I prefer creating romantic partners for my Sims so that I know which traits they have, so that they can maybe have a trait or two in common.
    I might send Ros into the future again, maybe with the kids, since I fancy triggering the Utopian future. Nicholas has some handiness and inventing skill so perhaps he could learn bot building, and I can experiment with Plumbots!
    When I finished playing for the day, it was morning on Leisure Day, so we’ll see how that goes.
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    @BlackSand yeah, it's surprisingly easy - at least with two Sims - to balance out the needs. If I'm struggling, I can always Make All Happy ^_^

    @bekkasan Well, your Sim has to be seen in public with the same partner for 20 days. I make sure to go out on dates to public places like the festival grounds, and have them kiss when there are people watching, just to be on the safe side.

    I do plan to ensorcel Sims, and kill them off to fill up the basement crypt, and a Genie makes it easy!

    40,000 doesn't take much to be worked through... new car? Boom, you're broke as a joke now.
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    Sims 3 - JAG - The Mushroom Cloud Chronicles – Sunset Valley
    Author: CdnJAGScribe
    Rating: M
    Classification: Angst
    DISCLAIMER: The characters Harm Rabb, Jr., Sarah "Mac" Mackenzie, Meg Austin, AJ Chegwidden, Bud Roberts, Harriet Sims-Roberts et al. belong (in concept and visual form) to CBS/Bellisarius. Animal and all OC characters are the property of Heather and Hugo Chikamori. No profit is being made from this story, nor is any infringement intended. Author’s Note: This is a Sims 3/JAG cross-over. Those who have played Sims 3 will recognize some of the Sims 3 characters that I have included in this story. Those of you who are familiar with JAG will recognize the characters from the TV Show and from my JAG fanfics.

    “I can’t believe that this world can go on beyond our generation and on down to succeeding generations with this kind of weapon on both sides poised at each other without someday some fool or some maniac or some accident triggering the kind of war that is the end of the line for all of us. And I just think of what a sigh of relief would go up from everyone on this earth if someday–and this is what I have–my hope, way in the back of my head–is that if we start down the road to reduction, maybe one day in doing that, somebody will say, ‘Why not all the way? Let’s get rid of all these things’.” ~ Ronald Reagan, May 16, 1983

    From the viewpoint of FADM Toshio M. Nakamura

    Washington DC,

    Well, it happened to be one of those days. I’ve never envied the Chief of Staff of the Joint Chiefs. He has a hell of a job to do. Wrangling a bunch of guys with chips on their shoulders determined to each get the best possible deal for their branch of service. I’d hoped to stay clear of the brouhaha, but as Chief of Naval Operations, I was stuck being the fall guy for the Naval Service. General of the Army William D. Hollister was the head guy in charge of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon. I, as the equivalent five-star, was Deputy Chief of Staff which meant dodging barbs against the Navy by every other branch of service. After the meeting which pretty much went about as well as herding cats, I was asked to come down to the SECNAV’s office as she had something that she needed to tell me. SECNAV Porter was no-nonsense and very demanding, so it behooved me to make sure that I was well aware of what I needed to brief her about. But in this case, I was sure that she had the drop on me.
    I strode in when she told me to enter and squared off in front of her desk, standing at the position of attention.
    "At ease, Fleet Admiral, I have need to discuss matters with you of strategic importance."
    "Yes, Ma'am?" I responded.

    “Fleet Admiral, You’ve heard of Pinnacle right?”
    It was at that very exact moment that a chill ran down my back. Pinnacle was a document much feared by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Mention of this meant that things had gone to hell in a hand-basket. We’d been fighting a war on and off with terrorists. That also meant that we ended up having to fight along-side the Russians and the Chinese for supremacy in North Africa and the Middle East. If you know anything about foreign relations, we don’t like the Russians or the Chinese, military-wise. Let the others do the kissy-facey happy, happy joy joy; keep up good foreign relations with other countries. We trained to go to war with them; which meant that things were pretty frosty on all sides. “Yes, ma'am, I have...” I said. I’m confused at this point.
    The SECNAV got out of her chair and stepped around the desk, “We had the Monaghan and the Douglas O’Keefe in the South China Sea.”

    I was aware of that. “Yes, ma'am. Under BATGRP 6 off the Eisenhower.”
    SECNAV nodded quietly. “While you were in with the JCS, this came through the dispatch, Your DCNO came to me with it since you were in a meeting.” She shoved over a sheet of paper. A trickle of sweat ran down my back as I read it.

    CO USS John Quincy Adams CGN23
    ATT CNO Pentagon


    Captain Henry Stapleton

    I looked over at SECNAV. “Chinese?”
    “It appears that way. The Silkworm emplacements that fired on the USS Monaghan were on Chinese soil on one of those islands that they’re building in the South China Sea.”
    “CO fired back and destroyed the missile emplacements.” I nodded. “Looks like we have a serious situation on our hands. We retaliate further, we’re going to escalate the situation.”

    “I think we’ve already passed that point, Fleet Admiral, the Chinese have sent a blistering message down to COMPACFLT that they want our ships out of the South China Sea or they will escalate.” SECNAV looked grimly at me and I knew that the situation was dire. “The President wants to retaliate, but SECDEF has tried to reason with him. But we are not willing to concede the position. Our ships have every right to be in the South China Sea. We were well in international waters when we were hit. That is tantamount to a declaration of war.”
    “And...you know what happens if we declare war on the Chinese. They’ll escalate to nuclear.” I stated eye to eye with SECNAV. “And...then the whole world goes up in flames. COMPACFLT is wanting to send two Aegis CGN into the hot-zone and rain Tomahawks on the Chinese coastal defenses and that's just going to make the whole situation ten times worse.”
    “Yeah, the Russians will want in on this dance too.” SECNAV said with a look that said that she knew exactly what was going on. “And then we’ve got a steaming pile of 🐲🐲🐲🐲-stew. I need someone to diffuse the tension out in Pearl, but you have other orders. Your blue button is sending you elsewhere. JCS wants to protect you because they'll need a tactician once everything stops blowing up.”
    “So CiC is wanting to institute Pinnacle?” I asked as I broke from parade rest and SECNAV who nodded.

    “DCNO is taking over your position, you and your staff are going to Canada.”
    “General Kelly, RCAF is the Chief of Staff of the Canadian Armed Forces and we’ve talked things over with him. You and he will coordinate in a bunker down in Sunset Valley...We’re hoping that it’s far enough away that they won’t get hit as badly as our US bases will.” SECNAV stated as she tossed me over a sheaf of papers; my orders. “I’ll leave the rest of it up to you.”
    "Yes, ma'am!" I knew a dismissal when I heard one. She looked me square in the face and nodded. I came to the position of attention.

    "Dismissed, Fleet Admiral..."

    "Yes, Ma'am..."
    ...about faced and headed from the SECNAV's office.
    As I stepped out of the SECNAV's office, I noted my Chief of Staff waiting patiently in the hallway.
    "Captain, with me..." Captain Benton walked in lockstep with me towards the doors.
    "We have people to round up..." I said as we walked towards the doors leading towards the center courtyard.

    When we got out into the courtyard, Captain Benton asked, "Sir? What happened in there, you look rather pale."
    "Walk with me, Captain." I said dourly, "In a few short days, we may be living out of a hole in the ground."
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  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 25,055 Member
    @MoonandStars83 and @Brandontaylor Thanks for the comments :smile:
  • BlackSandBlackSand Posts: 1,935 Member
    @Nikkei_Simmer ... Awesome Update and great intro to your story.
    Excellent use of the proper lingo and general consensus of command.

    Woo-Hoo ... Bunker Party ... <3
    No Problem ... It's just a nightmarishly long slumber party ...
    Where Pizza Hut doesn't deliver and the cable is out.

    Lord I hope the Navy has the galley though ... Everyone knows they have the best cooks.
    The Army is good for scrabbled eggs and sausage ... But the Air Force could burn water ... :D

    Might be a good idea to put the Coast Guard in charge of guarding the emergency stock of Blue Bell Butter-Nut Crunch.
    Those guys and gals are pretty straight arrows and they'll keep it tight.

    Happy Simming!

    I eat pickles on my hamburgers ... MWWAHAHAHAHA
  • SimmerusSimmerus Posts: 7 New Member
    One of my household's sim finally hasn't burned waffles for the first time in the save while cooking. :D
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 6,543 Member

    She had been brought there by Dante costa, so it was a Costa toddler,
    he was there doing gym stuff.


    Nice slow dance and the daycare job can be a bit much
    I have tried it before.

  • BlackSandBlackSand Posts: 1,935 Member
    edited August 2020

    A Few Updates Available
    If you are following our story, updates (2) are available in the Dungeon
    More affectionately referred to as the Story Threads in the Creative Corner ...

    Otherwise ... As a highlight,
    Every partnership has its ups and downs.
    It seems as though Curtis and Sherman may be able to work things out.

    In any case ... Everyone is still breathing.


    Happy Simming!


    I eat pickles on my hamburgers ... MWWAHAHAHAHA
  • BlackSandBlackSand Posts: 1,935 Member
    @Brandontaylor ... Nice Update, Keep At It.

    Sorry to see Brittany is coming up with a big goose egg in finding the items she needs.
    I also hope she doesn't get bogged down in the career trap.

    Looks like Sue was the wild card this time around ... Burning up the kitchen, scaring the kids and joyriding with aliens.
    Good thing she didn't find a workbench and try to invent something ... :D

    Good Luck and Have a Lovely Day.
    Happy Simming!

    I eat pickles on my hamburgers ... MWWAHAHAHAHA
  • LashinLashin Posts: 74 Member
    So I disappeared for several hours today...

    First of all, the question of fun has come into play: ever since Tara wanted to learn cooking, I've had her bide her time with the Cookin' Cable on TV, to help her have fun AND learn how to cook. It also helps prevent culinary disasters, like the time she burnt her first batch of mac and cheese... on the most expensive stove in Buy Mode! Owwwww...

    However, her first batch of cookies started off at nice quality, which is great - and Elena agrees! Tara is level 4 in the skill, which is great.


    Tara also achieved the Renowned Philanthropist legacy statue after winning 50,000 simoleons in her second shot at the lottery.


    Since nobody is employed, and the hot tub purchase whittled the household funds down to 10,000... Elena went back to the future to check the lotto records... only to win a measly 1,000 simoleons. Bummer.

    However, Tara earning the statue enabled her to purchase the Steel Bladder LTR to make maintaining her motives less of a pain, and with enough left over to decide whether Hardly Hungry or Meditative Trance Sleep will be next - I decided I'll get Meditative Trance Sleep once Elena recovers from her own Steel Bladder LTR purchase, so their sleep cycles are in sync.

    As for Elena, the question of fun has been answered with her Laser Rhythm-a-Con! She's now level 6 in the skill, and the instrument sounds more like a theremin and less like a sick goose... given that whenever Elena plays it, everyone within earshot gets a +20 mood boost.


    The hot tub purchase has made the couple very happy indeed!


    Meanwhile, their daily dates have continued, and they get closer and closer to the Faithful moodlet. Once that's gotten, the Eternally Faithful moodlet is eight days away!

    Both of them, however, have rolled wishes to have a child. That's +5,000 lifetime happiness, which is great, but it has to come at the right time.

    I've planned the order in which I'll do things:
    1. Get Elena and Tara the Eternally Faithful moodlet via daily dates.
    2. Both Elena and Tara master Advanced Technology: this takes up 1-2 wish slots given how often it gets rolled, and they can do this quickly enough by riding everywhere on their windcarvers - courtesy of Oasis Landing base camp :)
    3. Elena gets her legacy statue via ensorcelling potential watchers in the festival grounds, once she's mastered the Laser Rhythm-a-Con, because 20,000 lifetime happiness is a whole lot that can be put to good use early on.
    4. Engineer the baby in Oasis Landing.
    5. Have the baby grow into a child, and make its Imaginary Friend real.
    6. Elena starts her Singing career, and Tara starts her Fortune Telling career, because by now the kid and their Imaginary Friend can be left at home alone.

    I'll be going back to Oasis Landing in my next savegame, with both Tara and Elena going, so they can check the lotto records to have enough money to tide things over until they get employed.

    I hope I get a million, but at the same time my hopes aren't too great... 10,000... then 50,000... then 1,000... jackpot! I guess?
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 6,543 Member
    "It takes two"

    Songs for this chapter

    Part 3



    Dani enjoyed hanging out meeting new people
    in the town.
    the places she visited always were filled with people so there was many chances to greet the other townies.


    After an early dinner she decided it was a pool day it was quite hot
    still at 3 pm in the afternoon.


    She sunbathed for a while.





    Then she did a big splash into the still empty pool.



    Dante Costa soon joined the pool area.


    Jayden James seemed to want a day in the sun.


    Some other townie was there too.

    To be continued

  • SleepstarSleepstar Posts: 646 Member
    Having a quiet birthday
    Currently aiming to get all harvestables produce in The Sims 3 (On the Store now)

    Aiming to complete a Legacy
    No signature until Stan Kroenke gets out of my club and Fans In
    To Do List: Try and draw a narrow gauge steam locomotive
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    Mother asked me to go release William so he could get to work on his chores.She kept him in there
    to prevent him from attending to Ball.Her demeanor worsened with each passing day.

    Cosette: Morning William.My mother says you can come out now,but if you misbehave
    again, she's putting you back in here.
    William: Well, your mother is a FUSSOCK(a pudgy or stupid person). And you can tell her I said that.
    Cosette: William!
    William: I'm sorry, Cosette. But she is.

    William: I better go and start on chores, before she brings out the whip.
    Cosette: I wouldn't let her do that to you.
    William: Don't get involved...she'll take it out on you.

    Claire: You're not to speak to that boy again Cosette.
    Do you understand me.
    Cosette: -ignores Claire
    Claire: Cosette, do you understand me?!
    Cosette: Be careful mother, you'll give yourself a nosebleed.

    Claire: This is not a game.Our situation is dire.You know our family
    funds are gone.
    Cosette: Of Course I know its gone, you remind me of it every day.
    Claire: Your father left us nothing but a legacy and bad debts hidden by a
    good name.If I can get rid of William and get in with the Gracey's our troubles
    would be gone.
    Cosette: How could you even think I would be okay with this?
    Cosette: I'm being selfish?
    Claire: By the end of the week, I will be shipping you to boarding
    school.You need to learn a little respect.

    Mother turned to leave the room, I presumed she was going to find William and dish out
    a lecture to him as well.

    William: What do you want?
    Claire: Don't get snippy with me, young man.
    William: I have every right to get snippy.
    Claire: Were you at the Ball last night?!

    William ignored Claire's question.

    Claire: I will ask you one more time.Were you at the ball last night?!
    William: You want the truth? I most certainly was and I'd go again if I could.
    Claire: You will stay away from my daughter.She has no interest in you.
    William: I think that is up to Cosette to decide, not you.
    Claire: Oh no, it is up for me to decide.

    Claire: By the end of the week, I will be shipping Cosette to a boarding
    school.That should keep her less distracted by you.

    William:(whispers) Not if I can help it...
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    When she woke up Ranko was feeling nauseous. In fact she kept running to the bathroom all day long in order to empty the contents of her stomach. Figuring she might be pregnant, Leo decided to buy some additional things using money he got for doing a commercial. Then he realized, this apartment isn't big enough for another bedroom. So without telling Ranko, he decided to start building a bigger one for them to live in.

    In the evening Ranko decided that maybe some exercise would help settle her stomach (it didn't). After her workout she decided to take a shower. Now, I was checking the rest of the lot at the time. So imagine my surprise when I checked back on Ranko and saw this...


    Well, I guess we know why he married Ranko now :)
    Fear not the fae, for they are harmless. Anger not the fae, beware their wraith. Harm not the fae, fear the Faerie Knight.
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    Part 2"

    I couldn't sleep, so I made my way to William's room, hoping he was awake.
    I needed a friend to talk to.

    Cosette: William? Are you awake?
    William Just a minute.

    William: Are you alright Cosette?
    Cosette: I can't sleep...My mother wants to ship me off...
    William: to boarding school? I know.She told me as she was
    ripping my head off.
    Cosette: What did you do to get yelled at?
    William: What haven't I done? Come in, lets try to get
    your mind off it.

    William: May I have this dance?
    Cosette: I would love to dance with you, William.
    William: What melancholy fact makes the calendar a miserable article?
    Its days are numbered.
    Cosette: I feel like someone else has made me laugh with similiar
    William: Oh really? Well, I hope he was kind to you. ;)
    Cosette: A perfect gentleman.

    William: I think I may know him.And he wants me to give you
    Cosette: Oh really? And what is it?


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    BlackSand wrote: »
    @Nikkei_Simmer ... Awesome Update and great intro to your story.
    Excellent use of the proper lingo and general consensus of command.

    Woo-Hoo ... Bunker Party ... <3
    No Problem ... It's just a nightmarishly long slumber party ...
    Where Pizza Hut doesn't deliver and the cable is out.

    Lord I hope the Navy has the galley though ... Everyone knows they have the best cooks.
    The Army is good for scrabbled eggs and sausage ... But the Air Force could burn water ... :D

    Might be a good idea to put the Coast Guard in charge of guarding the emergency stock of Blue Bell Butter-Nut Crunch.
    Those guys and gals are pretty straight arrows and they'll keep it tight.

    Happy Simming!


    We'll need to stock up on Crayola...we do have a couple of Marines. And the RCAF needs poutine.
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    Just a slight teaser...
    ”Evidently we have been assigned to the land of polar bears and gravy and cheesecurds poured on french-fries.” I replied as casually as I could make it. I looked at her gauging her reaction which was utter surprise. I had a few people I needed to tap to fill out the bunker list. I knew that we needed to draw from the town of Sunset Valley when we got there to round out our forces that we would need to stay safe in case the worst happened.“What I need you to do is get a hold of Captain Rabb and Commander Burrows. And we need a weapons expert. Try to locate Captain Meg Austin.”
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    You know, the hardest part of chronicling a Sims 3 game here is knowing what events are worth noting, when to take screenshots, and what is just everyday events. But... I think that's a lot of the charm of Sims 3. It's not high drama or nonstop action. There's no set pieces with explosions going off all around you. No mind bending puzzles or tricky platforming. It's just... life. The events that matter the most are the ones that in the moment feel mundane and not noteworthy. Potty training your newborn, or teaching them to speak. A quiet moment with loved ones. None of it feels important at the time, but these are the things that matter the most both in real life and in The Sims 3.

    Or maybe I'm just weird. Yeah, I'm probably just weird. But I can't be alone to feel this way. After all, The Sims has been popular for decades now.
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    Greetings, everyone. Everything's alright on my side, I just didn't feel like posting much lately. I've read the thread, as usual, and handed out my L&A's. You lot have got some pretty interesting stories going on at the moment :smile: .

    I even got to play, and I actually went back to my first game, ever. Which hasn't really been that long ago :wink: . I only had the starter pack (base game + Late Night + High end loft stuff + some store items) when I started there, and much of the game had been played without any mods at all. Which means the game had no kids and no teens, as the vanilla way to replace sims is to move in pudding faces, which I dutifully TA'd now.

    So this is my first sim, ever, Ethan Bergman. Edited now, of course (with new hair, for example). Started in the cooking career, which is as anti-social as it gets. Which was the reason why I took a long break from Sims3.
    If you think he looks like all my other sims, that was kind of the goal. For a long time, I had not been able to use CAS without the game crashing most of the time, so I usually avoided that. And I didn't know about "saved sims" or the "library" :blush: . Which means I tried to reproduce the same sim twice, once for Twinbrook and once for Sunset Valley. They all turned out slightly, but not that much different in the end, but that's not even intentional.
    Here's his wife, Lisa King (also edited, of course).
    He's now living with his wife, their two kids, the kids' demon spawn (aka IF's) and his co-worker and friend, Barry Tenderlove, in one of the villas across the river (the one you can buy).
    Of course, he had to be as edgy as the rest of the Bridgeport crowd. The villa has a nice view, although it doesn't count as such (the only such case among the villas there). You can see that Ethan captures Bridgeport's skyline perfectly - sort of.

    But enough of that boring introduction. My Bridgeport game had one specialty. Given Ethan was going to parties all the time, he witnessed many deaths, specifically those of a certain unlucky individual, who sometimes managed to die twice during one party. In the end, Ethan got pretty much best friend with the Grim Reaper at some point, until Grim called him for a date. I didn't take any pictures, so it's a bit like it never happened, but the game doesn't seem to forget anything important. Keep in mind that Ethan can't call him, unless he's reaping someone and in town. Which means, Grim has to call.

    So Barry had to work on his gardening skill in the garden - who doesn't have their garden in the master bedroom? - when Ethan got a call right after he got up.
    Of course, he had to say yes, despite wife and whatnot. For science :smiley: . When Ethan arrived at the date site, Grim was already there, dreaming of flowers. Heh, you'd be the first one...
    Looks as if we already start at "irresistible", even during the small talk phase.
    Time to say hello again.
    Ethan's neighbor Tom Wordy was there, cheering on.
    Now, the first time, Grim chose the Science Lab as the date site, where he used the pool, so I could see what happens when Grim tries to change clothes. Here I had to force this some other way.
    Grim becomes a pudding sim without skin texture, so you get an untextured base sim.

    Swinging the scythe all the time seems to cause some strained muscles...
    Some of these interactions are outright comical.
    After some other encounter, Grim had a wardrobe malfunction (he's the sim at the right).
    Turned out that was one of the game's random "career outfits", so I turned him back into his everyday self.

    At that point I noticed that Ethan was surrounded by about seven vampires, some of them hungry, and his mother-in-law - not sure which is worse.
    Time to call it a day.
    Just a random day in Bridgeport.
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