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How do I find out what these 2 are?

I seem to have 2 bugged outfits in CAS. What's weird is all I have installed at the moment is stuff I've bought from the store.


But I can't think what two these could be, is there a way I can see the name of them in CAS or anything so I can delete?
ingame: commandermctosh feel free to add ;D


  • McToshMcTosh Posts: 560 Member
    I'll just delete everything in launcher that says 'full outfit' then reinstall 1 by 1 lol :)
    ingame: commandermctosh feel free to add ;D
  • McToshMcTosh Posts: 560 Member
    hm that fixed it. i realized after i've installed some custom worlds too so may have been from one of those, as i've reinstalled all my store content and the problem has gone :)
    ingame: commandermctosh feel free to add ;D
  • ArchivistArchivist Posts: 4,287 Member
    Glad you found a fix! That probably would have driven me crazy.
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