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The Straud Legacy-Bachelor Challenge *updated 16/3/2022*


  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 3,206 Member
    As long as you don't feel weird it's totally fine :) In the game I'd probably have the snob trait and that's worse :joy: Or even self-absorbed :#

    Yes, I look hideous in dresses :D I'm super round around the hips and every dress points this out even more :D

    Love the word lol

    Caly is still so young :o Must be plopping out all those kids lol If it was like this in real life I'd consider becoming a mom :joy:

    Atlas got 2 votes, didn't he? Shame...

    Ah that makes sense :)

    New chapter:
    The DU skirt is super nice tho. I use it on many sims all the time :D And it's a different color to Caly's skirt.

    The screenshot where Galatea and Dana made it official, they kinda look like siblings. So many similar facial features :|

    11K+ for a painting :o Crazy! And awesome!

    Maybe Dana is even weirder than your sims? ;)

    The microscope print collection is kinda weird :D It took me some time until I got it completed. But it's definitely doable :p

    Well, there are adult sims with more wrinkles :p

    It was kinda obvious Galatea would win ^^ But it's cool as she's super pretty! I think I will already prepare a man for her :)
  • MonaSolstraaleMonaSolstraale Posts: 1,111 Member
    edited July 2020
    All siblings are teenagers now, but some of them have more to contend with than others....
    Poor Dana not only will he lose his great love in the near future ... but now several of Galatea's siblings have a taste for his blood, so he can look forward to being an eternally hunted victim :# .....(But he really looks so cute :love: )

    Ha, ha! Caly fighting against Zeus :joy:

    Candy! Still sticking like a bee :lol:

    Patchy is always creepy .... almost as scary as Vlad .... or maybe more? :scream:

    Mayor Whiskers ... He's gorgeous and he fits Vlad perfectly <3
    They have the same attitude B)

    Will Turner never get wiser? I'm worried about him :/

    Caly has got wrinkles .... luckily she and Vlad look just as in love as ever ...
    Quote: You’re the most beautiful woman in the universe .... Vlad :blush:<3
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 5,043 Member
    Haha I'd have the loner trait for sure and the hot headed one. Also probably the gloomy trait... I'd make such a nice sim :D

    I still bet you aren't! I own 2 dresses and only wear one so I'm not exactly an expert but I'm sure lots of different body types look nice in dresses :smile:

    Yup if that's how it worked irl you could almost achieve immortality by having loads of kids! The aging freezing thing is how people do the 100 baby challenge with only one matriarch. I know there is one person who has made one sim have over 300 kids on normal aging purely because of the age freezing while pregnant.

    Yup poor Atlas!
    It may be my favourite skirt in the game now!

    They looked like siblings? Ok now I no longer feel so bad about the fact I'm going to have to break them up :D

    Yeah it's because of a celebrity perk, a reward trait and a lot trait and the fact that Vlad has maxed the painting skill - all those things make his paintings sell for more.

    Lol Vlad is only a YA and he has more wrinkles than Caly does as an adult!

    I'm so excited to start the bachelorette. I will definitely reserve a spot for you if you want to take part, love your sims! Since Galatea has a boyfriend she will have a hidden gender preference for men so I'm going to have her be straight which means only male contestants this time. So yeah feel free to make a guy! Might be a while before the bachelorette though since I play kinda slow, sorry bout that!

    Dana had a hard time of it meeting Galatea's family haha. He is super cute! I guess after he and Galatea break up he won't have to worry about being drank from so often :D

    Caly did not make the best impression on Dana...

    I think Patchy is more creepy than Vlad. There is something about his permanently smiling face and blank eyes which gives me the creeps.

    I have my sims adopt Mayor way too often because I love him so much :)

    It's weird, I think Turner visits more than any of the other contestants.

    I love that Vlad has a soft side to him, it's too cute and I had to show it!
  • TheYayToastTheYayToast Posts: 1,448 Member
    Bit of a boring chapter, sorry about that!
    Chapter 1.22

    Most pointless spoiler:
    Ah yes, Rant Logically... the most ineffective way of arguing ever. Good good.
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 5,043 Member
    edited July 2020

    Something HUGE just happened in the game.

    Biggest plot twist ever.

    Ok maybe I'm exaggerating a bit haha.

    But I AM SHOOK and I needed to share somewhere.

    I won't tell you what happened though because I'm mean >:)

    It'll be in an upcoming chapter... I've played fairly far ahead though so probably it won't be for a few chapters. Speaking of which I really gotta stop playing and write some chapters up :#
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,196 Member
    edited July 2020
    Eek! I wonder what it could be?

    Maybe Galatea got knocked up by Dana (unless you’re not using MCCC).

    OR lightning stuck...someone...and Grimmy did a visit. :#
  • MonaSolstraaleMonaSolstraale Posts: 1,111 Member
    edited July 2020
    I do not think this chapter was boring
    Your comments are always very entertaining <3
    Especially Caly ... she is really as amazing as she herself assumes ....
    maybe for slightly different reasons than she thinks :lol:
    Achieving your goals is fast moving forward B)
    The plantebug is really annoying.
    Luckily I have not had problems for a long time ... on the other hand I have a lot of other annoying bugs. Sims constantly interrupting their actions. Clay lumps and future cubes that multiply uncontrollably in all Sims' backpacks. All the guests of the house cook antistress ointment on the stove and grill ... several of them therefore manage to start a fire.
    I have not opened the game after the last update, but in my Danish network there are complaints about brand new bugs ..... :s
    PS. If it's you who reported the bug with Sheltered plants on AnswersHQ, then Crinrict asks some additional questions.
    Your last post about the Biggest plot twist ... scares me :scream:
    I'm thinking Pammiechick is guessing at something that may very well have happened :#
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  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 3,206 Member
    300 kids? o.O I can't even deal with 5 :joy: Yeah, the age freezing helped me a lot of Barbarella. It was a bit hard with Damon tho as his time didn't freeze. But he got to be the father of all 10 babies. He just didn't get to see the birth of his last one (Sophie).

    The only skirt I actually use in the game ^^

    Maybe it's just me but they looked so similar in that screenshot :p

    Vlad has more wrinkles than all my elders had so far :D

    Yes, I'd love to take place :) And it would be awesome if you reserved a spot for me :love: Nah it's totally fine! With my cat spamming I stretched the last few chapters up to the poll a lot, too :D

    New chapter:
    I think it's 20 friends. It's a lot of sims and it's horrible if they're clingy friends and call and invite you all the time. Like Summer Holidays does.

    Wait, the Fabulously Wealthy was done asap? This means you have 15 pillars lol This one was often a bit buggy to complete.

    Gah, the gardening bug... I'm so happy I don't have it...

    I totally forgot about the painting :D I saw it and knew it needed to be part of the house lol

    Circe is swole lol

    Rhea is the most beautiful sim I've ever seen :o ! She looks a lot like her father, doesn't she?

    The microscope prints are shy :p I have no idea if maxing logic will help tho. Have you tried the crystal and other stuff yet? :)

    As for the happening: I bet Caly got pregnant :joy: Or Vlad burnt to death in the sun and you found him too late?
  • MonaSolstraaleMonaSolstraale Posts: 1,111 Member
    .... or one of the many new townie vampires has killed Galatea :#
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 5,043 Member
    @MonaSolstraale I'm glad that you didn't find it boring!
    Aww thank you <3

    LOL Caly is amazing and certainly not for the reasons she thinks ;)

    Yup, they're actually managing to get a lot done!
    I'm sorry you are having trouble with bugs :( do you have Eco Lifestyle? Some of those bugs sound like NAPs gone out of control. I have NPC voting on NAPs switched off in settings because NAPs cause havoc!

    I haven't updated my game yet either but I may have to as I want Nifty Knitting (Vlad is destined to take up knitting of course :p ) but oh no not more bugs...
    Your last post about the Biggest plot twist ... scares me :scream:
    I'm thinking Pammiechick is guessing at something that may very well have happened :#

    Haha be afraid >:) it's not good... That's all I'm gonna say :D I was so mad when it happened.
    .... or one of the many new townie vampires has killed Galatea :#

    I can confirm that Galatea wasn't killed by a vampire though ;) I have no mods which allow vampires to kill sims in my game.

    Yup, it's crazy! I was so done after 100 kids, I can't believe anyone would keep going.

    I remember that was so sad :(

    Yeah, there aren't many nice ones. We need more pretty skirts!

    I guess he does have added wrinkle skin details. Wonder what he would look like as an actual elder...

    YAY!!! Consider your spot reserved :) can't wait to see what sim you make, bet he will be awesome!
    At least all the 20 friends will eventually die of old age though

    I think they toned down phone calls in a recent patch because I haven't had too many which has been nice for a change.

    I think having to have 15 pillars is from the mansion baron aspiration rather than the fabulously wealthy aspiration and I haven't done that one yet so no they don't have 15 pillars :)

    Gah I am so jealous your gardening is fine!

    I love that you included it, it fits so well.

    Circe is so ripped :D

    Yup Rhea is stunning. She got a lot of her mother's good looks too of course ;)

    I was trying to collect all the prints that you don't need to look at crystals/plants/fossils for first and for some reason some of them were hard to find. But I've actually completed the collection now since I've played ahead, yay!
    As for the happening: I bet Caly got pregnant :joy: Or Vlad burnt to death in the sun and you found him too late?

    Maaaybe, maybe not :p Can neither confirm nor deny...
  • MonaSolstraaleMonaSolstraale Posts: 1,111 Member
    @MaggieMarley Thanks for your advice with NPC voting on NAPs switched off :)
    I bought ECO-Living so I will try it.
    Is it in the game-settings or is it MCCC settings? (Yes, I have installed MCCC now ... but do not really understand how to use it :/ )
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 3,206 Member
    Vlad as an elder... Or Vlad as a young adult without the wrinkles? Would be interesting, too :D

    Thank you! :) I might get one done today :) Haven't started the game for some days now :sweat_smile:

    It's still a long time until they die tho.

    I still get at least 5 calls a day :/ Usually family members (Brian 90% of the time).

    Ah, yeah! Mixed up the two money aspirations :D

    It was 2 super common prints that took me forever to find. The crystal, fossil and plant prints are super easy to find tho.

    New chapter:
    You could do the Angling Ace aspiration when you try to complete the fish collection :)

    I always pick the kids books, too! Way faster to read lol

    Congratulations for completing the microscope prints collection!

    At first I thought Caly was crying over the gardening bug :joy:

    What happened to Mayor? :o:joy:

    Space prints collection >:) Maybe the happening is Epi (as a YA) being abducted and coming back pregnant? :p

    Using mods for glitch fixes is totally fine I'd say. It's not your fault Vlad is a glitchy b... :D It rhymes. Why do I feel you forgot the 28 days were over and Vlad died?

    Love the acting gig! It looks so epic :love:
  • MonaSolstraaleMonaSolstraale Posts: 1,111 Member
    So much is happening in this section....
    Scylla moves away from home and Mayor Whiskers is subjected to harsh treatment .... of course he gets the urge to bite a few fingers of Vlad >:)

    Poor Circe .... she looks so unhappy :cry:
    It's good that Vlad wants to support her as the good father he turns out to be B)

    Shortly after, Galatea is drained by her brother :scream:
    I love that Caly threatens Epimetheus to summon her father should not joke with the anger of the gods ... it may well teach him good manners :lol:
    But maybe he's already gotten enough punishment ... I're thinking of being banished to a telescope for the rest of your teens :#

    Congratulations on The microscope print collection. Well done :+1:

    Three mermaids? Are both Galatea and Circe mermaids? There seems to be something I forgot :/
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 5,043 Member
    I should check to see what Vlad looks like as an elder. I'm curious now!

    You already know I love the sim you made :) I can't wait for the bachelorette now :D

    I think they reduced the number of event invites that you get but maybe not other phone calls?
    I ended up giving Caly the angling ace aspiration after she finished the fabulously wealthy one :)

    Great minds think alike!

    Actually that would have been a better explanation for why she was crying over the plants.

    I have no idea, such a weird glitch!

    Maybe, maybe not ;)

    Glad you don't think it counts as cheating! I needed that reassurance haha. Nah the 28 days didn't run out, I haven't played that far in advance :p

    Circe has the gloomy trait so she looks sad a lot... Plus she has Vlad's downturned mouth so even when she is happy she can look sad haha.

    I felt like that's how Caly would deal with a situation like that :D

    I really exploit Epi :D

    Thank you :)

    Circe, Galatea and Atlas are all mermaids (Scylla and Epi are the only two vampire kids). In the picture the three mermaids sleeping in the pool are Caly, Galatea and Circe :)
  • TheYayToastTheYayToast Posts: 1,448 Member
    I feel so bad for Dana... he's such a sweet boy and the Straud family is putting him through the wringer. Poor guy.
  • MonaSolstraaleMonaSolstraale Posts: 1,111 Member
    edited July 2020
    I really feel sorry for Dana too :'(
    Maybe I could marry him to Princess Aliana. She misses a good guy in my game.

    But wait! ....that shower scene!!! :dizzy: .... now I get scared suspicions that Pammiechick is right in her predictions :no_mouth:
    .... well, there is probably no shame in a child born out of wedlock ... it happens even in the best families ;)

    Circe really feels like the family's black sheep, but I like Vlad's care for her.
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,196 Member
    I think it's funny our little Gal pal had her last FLING before she goes on her bachelorette whirl wind!

    Oh, I can't wait to make a special MAN for her...hmm...

    ***swishes hands together***

    I love making men. Hee hee!
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 3,206 Member
    Maybe he looks even worse?

    I love the sim, too. I think I might even plop him down in my save :D

    No idea. Brian still calls a billion times a day :D And visits!

    I've "cheated" before to solve a bug. I think it's not our fault there are bugs in the game and if they make a challenge even harder or even impossible to complete then it's totally fine to use a cheat. I think if you asked the question on the Legacy Challenge Mega Thread you'd get similar answers :)

    New chapter :love:
    Fires are annoying but also kinda funny in the game :D Vlad as a hero is... odd. I would rather see him watching the others in misery from afar :D But then again, they are his daughters.

    Love the dock house view! :)

    You think the dolphin thing is cute? :p

    Oh my gosh, now I'm scared that Circe might be succesful o.O I mean, you had something happen in your game...

    Teens are super skinny now. Or maybe it could be Vlad's genes?

    "creepier-than-usual-form" :D:D

    WAIT A SECOND! Dana is a YA and Galathea is still a teen?! o.O How was the shower happening even possible? :o This feels so so so so wrong. ._.

    Patchy doesn't really look like someone who works out :joy: Unlike Circe!

    Wow, you complete so many aspirations :o Congratulations! :)

    Once you get used to a full household, it's kinda empty and boring once there are only like 4 sims left :p At least that's what it's like for me ^^

    Circe's ripped mermaid form is epic! Her boobs look like an extension of her abs :joy:
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 5,043 Member
    @TheYayToast and @MonaSolstraale
    Ummmm you might feel differently about Dana after reading the next chapter ;) but if you do want Dana I can upload him to the gallery for you, Mona?

    As for the happening... Well all shall be revelaed in the next chapter!

    I'm opening the casting thread in a second! I would be so happy if you entered a sim, I love your sims :) can't wait to see your sim if you decide to enter!

    I don't blame you, he's very cute ;)

    I wonder if Scylla and Circe will stalk the house from now on... So far they haven't been too bad.

    Yeah I think it's ok to cheat in this case too. It's such an annoying bug!
    Haha Vlad would have watched Galatea burn if she hadn't been his daughter. He is fiercely protective of his family even if he is a jerk to everyone else.

    Yeah I actually like the mermaid animation. Galatea looked cute doing it anyway I think :)

    The something is reveled next chapter ;)

    Might be my fault for feeding them exclusively on garden salad...

    I think it must be an MCCC setting which enabled Dana and Galatea to still have romantic interactions. I guess it'd be creepy if Dana was a YA and Galatea was like 13 or something but he'd only just become a YA and Galatea was coming to the end of being a teen so in my head it was more like she was 18 or 19 and he was 20 or 21. And they were together since before Dana became a YA.

    The celebrity perks made some of the aspirations easier though!

    Full houses usually stress me out but actually in this case I feel close to all of the sims in the family so it's not so bad.

    I know, right? I love Circe so much, it's a shame she didn't win :(
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