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Any mod that actually disables autonomy for selected Sim?

NoTalentNoTalent Posts: 364 Member
This is starting to aggravate me.


And yet, every hour in-game, the Sim will stop what they're doing to do push ups, sit ups, or stretch.


Like, why? I can't do anything as it auto cancels everything I try and do. Read? Cancelled to do some sit ups. Homework? Cancelled. Eat? Cancelled. Sleep? Cancelled. Write term paper? Cancelled. This one is more annoying as it takes 15 seconds for the computer menu to open.

The option should remove everything. Don't run inside when it's raining, don't react to snow, don't get a drink. Don't do anything unless I tell you to.


  • VaniliciousVanilicious Posts: 31 Member
    hi, do u use mods? did u try removing the mods and testing the vanilla game?
    did u try clean the origin cache? (

    I have my sim without autonomy allways, and she never do anything if i don't say her to.. so is weird... when u turn off autonomy ur sim will be there doing nothing, they lose 100% autonomy. hope this helps u
  • AlunnyAlunny Posts: 24 Member
    I've been noticing the same issue for a while too, but for my sims it's not pushups it's weird stuff. Cooking. Cleaning. Also if one of my toddlers chooses "play dolls with" autonomously it completely tanks my entire sims queue which is hugely annoying. Then they force the check on toddler thing as well. Someone wants to say hello or goodbye over the other side of the lot the sim will leave a conversation or intimate moment to greet them even if I cancelled their initial call to talk to them. It's so annoying when something destroys the queue!
  • SimKeatsSimKeats Posts: 2,175 Member
    I've been looking into this problem again myself. I don't recall the setting EVER working for me, across different computers and installations.
    It is one of the most frustrating problems for me, especially when a sim gets obsessed with drinking.
  • texxx78texxx78 Posts: 4,630 Member
    I've noticed this today for the first time ever. I always disable autonomy for the selected sim and they use to just stand waiting for my imput. Today i can't remember what did my sim do for sure, but i do recall that i was so surprised that i went to the options menu to check if the settings were right (and they were).
    I play without mods and im starting a new save where NAPs were imediatly disabled.
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