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Tomatplante's Legacy Rotation

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Hi everyone! Hope you are doing well.

I've decided to make a new thread for my legacy. I've had two threads in the past, one original and one added when I split my legacy households into two different saves. Here they are if you want to take a look:



There are four households in total, and they're all descendants of the same founder couple I made when The Sims 4 came out. I've been playing them for 16 generations now. Below is a link to the family tree. It doesn't have absolutely everyone because I made it around generation 12 and didn't include all siblings and such up until that point.


The reason I'm making a new story thread now is because I want to gather them all back into one place and do things a bit differently. For real life reasons I want to spend a little less time writing their stories going forward. But I still want to have a space to sort my gameplay into a narrative, mostly for myself. If someone else enjoys it too, that's a nice bonus. This is not going to be very detailed and it won't be great literature. Hopefully it will be regular updates about how my sims are doing and what the current generation is up to.

Over the next four posts I'll introduce the households with a little history and the current state of things.
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    The Goth Krämer household

    The current main sim in this branch is Rosalin Goth Krämer.


    She grew up in Willow Creek, where her grandfather had married into the Goth-family. She lived with her father Edvard, her mother Agathe, her two siblings Margrete and Johannes and Werther the yorkie.


    Rosalin and Margrete went to Ubrite together when they became young adults. Margrete studied acting, and Rosalin studied history.


    Margrete now lives in Windenburg, and Rosalin has moved into an apartment in Connifer Station, Evergreen Harbour. She is a judge, is pregnant and lives with her fiancee Sofian and their poodle Tulip. They engage in the community and have successfully voted for a community garden where they spend a lot of time.


    Rosalin has been into gardening and flower arranging since her teens, it's her biggest hobby along with dog training. Sofian is a freelance writer, but has started a degree in culinary arts. He wants to become a food critic and hopefully open up his own business some day.
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    The Moon Selnes household

    The current main sim in this branch is Meriam Moon Selnes.


    She comes from a family of celebrities. She grew up in the fanciest Uptown apartment in San Myshuno, with her two mothers Ylva Selnes and Titania Bailey-Moon. Ylva is a fashion icon and Titania a well known archaeology professor. They have a butler, and the apartment is always full of famous friends and family who come visit. Meriam started frequenting exclusive nightclubs and parties already as a teen.


    She's currently studying language and literature at Ubrite, and lives with her cousin Nelson Al-Kader Fyres, who grew up in the Pinnacles. With their parents' money they have bought a large townhouse in Britechester, and are renting out the rest of the rooms to three roommates. They have a lot of parties, and Meriam has a lot of love interests.


    Meriam wants to become a private attorney and get a nice house of her own somewhere. She also loves writing and is dreaming of getting her poetry published.
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    The Justøy household

    The current main sim in this branch is Gabriel Justøy.


    He was born in Britechester, but since his dad graduated and became a marine biologist he's lived right next to the volcano in Sulani. His biological mother is Lilith Pleasant, who his father had a brief affair with while at Uni. She didn't see herself as a mother, so he's been raised by his father Alfred and stepmother Becca. He has two half sisters, the twins Vera and Benedikte.


    When he became a young adult, he moved into the old off-the-grid shipwreck and started fishing, diving, gardening, woodworking and so on.


    His girlfriend Arihi has now moved in, she is a freelance crafter and makes candles and fizzy juices. They have a labrador retriever called Kalle, and Arihi is expecting a baby. They want to slowly improve the property and make it more family friendly, and they just went to the huge step of tearing away the ship wreck to start building an actual house instead. They still live off the grid, but they have some power and water now thanks to solar panels and dew collectors.


    (I'm not a builder, as you might tell...)
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    The Lin Justøy household

    The current main sim in this branch is Aksel Benali Justøy.


    He grew up in Brindleton Bay with his scientist mother Evelina, younger sister Selina and lots of cats. His father has pretty much been out of the picture since his parents divorced way back. He and his wife Zora Lin, who he's been dating since they were teens, both went to Foxbury and have distinguished degrees. He studied physics and became a mechanical engineer, she studied computer science and became a computer engineer.


    Since the second half of their degrees they've been living in a tiny home in Newcrest. They have a small garden out back, and spend a lot of time outdoors. Whenever they need to work on robotics, they go to the local library. They have two kids now, Kjersti and Viktor.


    This house is getting quite crowded with the kids growing up, so it will soon be time to move out and find a bigger place. They're considering moving back to Brindleton to live with Aksel's mother in his childhood home.
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    Lin Justøy

    Aksel and his family has moved to Brindleton Bay and joined grandma in the seaside manor. They've made some changes to the house to make it run on more green energy, and they've renovated parts of the interior. There's a brand new kitchen, a new garden section on the balcony and a lot of new windows. The children have a bedroom each now, and it's a huge change for them to move here from the tiny home.


    Aksel has quit his job as a mechanical engineer and become a green technician instead, and is fabricating eco upgrade parts for green upgrades to all the house appliances. Grandma Evelina still has lots of cats, and they still do whatever they want.
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    Meriam is living her Ubrite days in the spirit of serial romance and hard partying. House parties, keg parties, boyfriends, girlfriends, flings, breakups. Never a dull moment.


    Despite her obvious efforts to ruin her academic progress, she's doing very well with a GPA of A. She's also writing poetry whenever she has has some time to spare.


    She's in her very last semester now, graduation is coming up soon. She knows she wants to become a lawyer and write poetry on the side, but she has no plans for where to live. Should she stay in Brindleton, move back to San Myshuno, settle close to her extended family in Del Sol or something completely different? And does she want a family or not? She has a lot of decisions to make.
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    Goth Krämer

    Rosalin and Sofian had their baby, and it didn't take long before Rosalin was pregnant again... and again. They now have three boys in their small apartment: Matias, Eilert and August Krämer. Meanwhile, their neighborhood has changed a lot since the Green Initiatives and Modern Development NAPs were implemented.


    Rosalin just got promoted to a level 10 judge, and Sofian will be graduating very soon and be able to work full time. So they should be able to buy a bigger house soon! They also haven't had time to get married yet, but they have plans for a spring wedding.
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    After a graduation accompanied by one last breakup and one last party in the townhouse, Meriam was ready for her law career. But it turned out that her one last fling with Rohan, her neighbor and go-to no strings woohoo partner during her time in Britechester, had made her pregnant.


    Settling down with Rohan was not an option, so she decided to move back to San Myshuno and be close to her mothers while raising this baby. She has enough money to get a nice, big apartment in Uptown, so she's literally their neighbor now. Her mothers are old though, so there's no certainty as to how long they'll be around and be able to help her. But upon moving back she has reconnected with her high school sweetheart, Quentin Harp.


    He has fallen right back in love with her and is ready to be there and be a family. And when it turned out her pregnancy resulted in TWINS, she immediately proposed to him almost out of desperation.


    So now she's engaged and is going to do her best raising little Marlon and Tyra Moon Selnes in a responsible way while also following her dream of making a name for herself both in law and in poetry.
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    This is so lovely!! I really admire your ability to track story line and, keep screenshots! you write very nice summaries of the stories in your gameplay. So inspiring. I asked you a question in the family tree pic you have in your profile before I realised that you had this thread, sorry for not asking it here!
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    Thank you @mingusssss! I answered your questions under the tree picture. I'm glad you like the updates! It's taking me some time to update now, because I've been on summer vacation and I'm a bit hooked on another game atm :smile: But there will be more for sure!
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    Lin Justøy

    Aksel's family has bought an old factory building down by the docks of Brindleton Bay. They've been working tirelessly to prepare for opening a retail shop there, selling robots and inventions among other things. They have a workshop in the back of the building where Aksel and Zora are crafting robotics, and grandma Evelina is making serums. She's been using her last days at work before retirement to make some extra inventions at the lab and traveling to Sixam for collectibles and photos.


    They are finally open, and it seems like a lot of people are interested. The serums and robotic toys are apparently the most popular items.


    Aksel and Zora will be using some vacation days and work-from-home-days to tend the shop, so this can hopefully bring in some extra money as well as being a fun hobby.
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    Gabriel and Arihi are also working very hard. They're constantly working on their house, their garden, various fabrication and production both for business and for private use. While being pregnant twice, Arihi has crafted so much furniture, fizzy juice and candles for their home and for her freelance gigs. They have two children to care for now, Linnea and Elias Lanuola. And the dog needs his bit of attention.


    For a while they were all crammed into the one bedroom downstairs, but now the children have their own room up on ground level. Linnea is a creative, social child who loves books, swimming and helping her parents with street sales/yard sales.


    This family has so much going on. They want to expand the house more, they want to renovate the kitchen, they want to finish decorating the new greenhouse, they want more children, they want to get married... They'll stay busy for some time :lol:
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    I loved reading through this thread. You have such interesting stories going on and the pictures tell a story all by themselves. I'm favouriting so I can follow along. ☺
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    @Duvelina Thank you, I'm glad you like it! And you're right, I put a large emphasis on screenshots and like to let them tell most of the story without me having to explain much more :)
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    Moon Selnes

    Meriam and Quentin had a winter wedding at the same park they used to hang out a lot as teens. It was a wonderful day, followed by a short honeymoon to Selvadorada. They didn't go there to explore or do any archaeology, just relax and seek out all the romantic spots around the village while a nanny was watching the kids for a couple of days.


    Then it was back to real life with two toddlers and a Winterfest holiday to prepare for. Quentin's siblings and Meriam's cousins came over for a nice holiday dinner, and the kids were happy about their gifts. Meriam is starting to feel great about family life, Quentin is amazing with the kids and they are expecting a child of their own. Meriam has even started to knit!


    And FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE it's twins again. Well, better knit some more beanies and socks...


    (I swear. I did not give any of these sims or their apartment any fertile traits. A second set of twins was as much of a shock to me as it was to these poor parents who will soon have four toddlers on their hands :scream:)
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    Goth Krämer

    Rosalin and Sofian got married in the spring as planned. They had the ceremony at their favorite place in town, which they helped build up and where they also got engaged: The community garden by the old train station. Sofian had cooked all the food, including the wedding cake, and the kids were very excited to stay up longer than normal.


    They didn't have a honeymoon - instead they used the time and money to buy and move into a new house at Grim's Quarry. The first thing they did upon moving in, was celebrating Eilert's birthday. They'll have two school boys now!


    It's a dream come true to have their own garden and enough space for all their hobbies and the kids' activities. Sofian might have wanted an even bigger kitchen, but he's pretty happy with this one. He has graduated and is now a fully authorized food critic. His latest culinary passion is juice fizzing, and he often enjoys knitting while he waits for the fizzer to do it's thing. Rosalin has a little crafting area of her own, where she makes candles and flower arrangements.


    They're looking forward to engaging in the new community and seeing their boys grow up in this neighborhood.
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    Lin Justøy

    The family in Brindleton Bay have lost their dear grandmother Evelina. She spent her last days in life surrounded by family and happily working at the robotics shop. Until one morning Aksel and Zora found her in the kitchen.


    Evelina's death took a heavy toll on all of them, but has also brought them closer together. Aksel and Evelina decided to take the children on a relaxing camping trip to spend some extra time together. They kept to Brindleton Bay first, and then went to Windenburg for a couple of nights.


    This timeout in the beautiful autumn colored nature did them all good, and they feel ready to go on with their lives now.
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    Goth Krämer

    Rosalin's family have spent the summer enjoying their new house and neighborhood. They've had two birthdays, a difficult bear phase and lots of thunderstorms.


    Their main project has been the community project at the old mining lot. They've participated in turning it into a bustling marketplace, where Rosalin has been going to sell some of her flower decorations as well as candles, Sofian's fizzy drinks and honey from their garden. The children enjoy the marketplace as a park to play in.


    Their three boys are all active school kids now, and love all kinds of sports and outdoor activities.
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    Moon Selnes

    As expected, things have been rather crazy at Meriam's apartment with the two pairs of twins. Quentin works as a freelance programmer, which in reality means he stays home looking after the kids all day while Meriam's at the office or in court.


    But he's not complaining. Unlike Meriam, who's gotten really sick and tired of it all. It's like her old life has finally caught up with her, or her true self, or whatever you want to call it. She feels a constant need to get out of the house and do anything but spend time with her family. She goes to the gym a lot, though sometimes just as an incentive to have a quieter place to write her poetry.


    Another reason why the gym has been attracting her, is her personal trainer Akito. They've been seeing each other outside the gym too, first by chance, then on purpose... It's only natural for Meriam to go out without Quentin, as he's a loner who doesn't like being around strangers and prefers to stay home with the children anyway. But he doesn't appreciate her staying out so late while he deals with bedtime on his own, so her recent nights on town have led to more and more fighting between them.


    And to a lot of bad conscience and conflicting feelings.
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    A presentation of Meriam's children

    Tyra Moon Selnes: Tyra was an inquisitive toddler, and has grown into a clever and curious schoolchild who loves to do science experiments and play computer games and board games. Her favorite toy is the doctor play set she got last Winterfest.

    Marlon Moon Selnes: Marlon was a fussy toddler, but has calmed down and become a lot more independent after he started school. He's creative and loves to draw and play instruments, especially the violin he got last Winterfest. He also likes to play games with his twin sister and he's very good with the toddlers.

    Yvonne Harp Selnes: Yvonne is an independent toddler who prefers to play by herself and has a big drive for learning new things. She's actively moving around the apartment on her own, observing her surroundings and figuring out new ways to play.

    Roman Harp Selnes: Roman is angelic, and the only one among his siblings who's never once knocked his food on the floor or thrown a tantrum at bedtime. He loves to dance, stack blocks and following his older siblings around, and he can fall asleep anywhere.
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    Gabriel and Arihi have had an eventful Fall. They had a great Harvestfest with family, turtle hatching season and finally: engagement and wedding!


    They held the wedding party in their own garden, invited practically the whole island and celebrated from noon till midnight. It was an amazing day!


    And as if that wasn't enough happiness in one season, they're now expecting their third child :heart:
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    Lin Justøy|

    Aksel and Zora's children are growing up fast, Kjersti has already started high school. Both she and her brother are doing really well in school, with a lot of help and support from their resourceful parents.


    This has been such a special Winter, because with the help of all their effort the neighborhood has become green! And everything is so beautiful now!


    They decided to go away for Winterfest though, and spend a couple of days in a cabin in Granite Falls - which is gorgeous in Winter. They had a calm and beautiful holiday time there, with card games, lots of playing in the snow and a grand meal with freshly caught fish.


    On Aksel's part, most of the winter has been spent in the basement working on his most ambitious robotics project yet - a servo! And it's finally done! His name is Edgar, and he is going to be a part of their family.

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    Moon Selnes

    Meriam and Quentin have not been doing well. They finally decided a divorce is probably the right way to go, which has raised a lot of new difficult questions about housing and the children. They took some time apart to think about it, Meriam spent some time at her cousins's house in the Pinnacles.


    What they ended up doing is letting Quentin keep the apartment, and the two oldest children stay with him. They aren't his biological children, but he's been around since before they were born and has honestly spent more time with them than Meriam has. So they figured it was better for the two youngest to go with their mom, and not uproot the two that are already in school and have friends.

    Meriam wanted to start a new life somewhere completely different, so she bought a small house in Oasis Springs for her and the toddlers.


    Since she's working full time, she's hired a nanny to look after the kids during the day. Yvonne and Roman adore her. But outside work, Meriam spends as much time with them as she can.


    It's tough being on her own again, but she doesn't have much time to think about that now. She'll figure this out.
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    Goth Krämer

    Sofian has finally fulfilled his dream of opening his own business. He now runs a small café in Connifer Station called Sunflower Café, named after all the beautiful sunflower mosaics in the area. His café is already a popular stop for both local and traveling sims.


    At home, he finally succeeded in getting one of his sons interested in knitting. The youngest, August, is a big admirer of his father's knitting skills. The two oldest ones, Matias and Eilert, are mostly interested in sports. August likes sports too, but he prefers calmer activities like chess and various creative activities.


    It's getting colder outside now, and the auroras are becoming increasingly stunning as they're moving towards Winter.
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    Gabriel and Arihi's children are growing up experiencing the ocean and nature in the most fantastic ways. As the family grows, they steadily expand the house and make improvements. They've recently built a second floor and started to move things like kitchen and parents' bedroom up from the basement.


    Little sister Marielle is now a toddler, and Elias has started school. Linnea often feels annoyed and tense around Marielle, but Elias has a lot of fun with his little sister.


    And there are more siblings to come! Shortly after Linnea became a teenager, Arihi gave birth to the twins Seth and Silja. The house immediately became more chaotic from that point on, but Linnea very happily helps with the babies (and not so happily with the dishes). Gabriel's parents also come by a lot to help.


    Linnea loves to paint and has her own little art area at the back of the garden, where they also built a small TV shed for movie nights under the open sky.
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