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💜 Quick Creativity CAS Challenge 💜 GLovely1's QCC


  • Amuni50Amuni50 Posts: 91 Member
    Congratulations, @NeoFelis22 ! I thought your entry was awesome <3 Thanks again for the fun, @GLovely1 I can't wait to see what's next - I'm just bummed I missed out on sharing my 1990's goth entry last week lol
  • GLovely1GLovely1 Posts: 470 Member
    Your sim story captivated us all once again @JEHooks ! I'm so happy you were able to create for this challenge too. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do this weekend! 💜

    Thanks again for helping out @CatharinaSophia ;) See, we are a growing supportive little family looking out for each other! I love it 💜

    @Amuni50 I think you should go ahead and share your entry even if the deadlines have passed. It's mainly about sharing and inspiring each other here and the main reasons I even give deadlines are for the giveaways and because I want to make regular nominations for all these wonderful entries :D

    I'm so close to posting the creative directions for the next challenge. I've hinted it's going to focus around ideas and themes of going green to connect to the exciting release of Eco Lifestyle so I hope your creative vibes are already inspired! I'll be giving the first place creator the Eco Lifestyle EP too so stay tuned 💜
    Please see my 💜 Quick Creativity Challenge 💜 forum thread

  • NeoFelis22NeoFelis22 Posts: 18 Member
    Congratulations, @JEHooks! It was a great entry! Very creepy!
  • NeoFelis22NeoFelis22 Posts: 18 Member
    Thank you, @Amuni50. You're very kind. I'd like to see your entry too, by the way.
  • GogoMGogoM Posts: 46 Member
    I know that I am ridiculously late to last weekend's challenge, but I had to get it off my chest. (I moved homes last weekend and unfortunately had no Internet for the vast majority of this week. As such, I have been sitting on this family and idea until now. I present the Life & Justice Household (a play on the name of the two sisters).
    For my ghost story, Justica is hosting a Dia de Los Muertos party/gathering with her other teenage friends. She followed all the rituals and traditions that she learned from her parents. She lit candles, she remembered the dead, she made pan de muerto, she told stories of her loved ones to her friends. Now, she waits. She waits for the ghost of her sister to arrive and help her expose her "mother" for the conniving witch that she is.
    When Vida was 16, she went missing without a trace, she was never found. After 6 years of no news and no evidence, Vida's chapter was closed and life continued on. When her little sister Justica was ready to go to her first day of high school, she thought that perhaps her sister's bracelet would help her get over her nerves. she never expected to bump into her sister's bookcase on the way to her jewelery chest and find a letter addressed to her. She never expected to find out the cruel truth so unexpectedly and without warning. However, she is determined to not only bring out the truth but to also bring back Vida. After successfully contacting her sister's mother planet to see about bringing her back, and receiving all that she needs to bring her back, all that remains to to call upon her sister's ghost to exact justice and regain her life. Life and Justice is all that remains to be seen.
  • GLovely1GLovely1 Posts: 470 Member
    edited May 29

    Creative Direction & Rules:
    🎊**PRIZE ROUND**🎊

    If you're feeling anything like me lately you are so very ready for a new Sims EP! The hype around Eco is growing and while I see some different opinions I believe in this pack's overall vision :) In thinking on this I now lovingly insist that we create households this weekend with the going green theme. Consider the CAS items we have currently and create a household that fits the new vibe of Evergreen Harbor earnestly. What do you like about this new pack? Is it the clean environment theme or perhaps the opposite scene? You can have your sims reflect what eco track they are going to accept in their world as a fact. Choose a path for them and allow your sim style to reflect that. Whatever way, go ahead and jump in game to style them around that mind frame today. Lastly, you could have a sim group that's environmentally not the same and reflects an opposition to each other's vision. There are many ways to view this new EP so I challenge you to bring it to life and show us what you see! 💜

    You may have from 1 to 8 sims in your household and each sim should be representing your story line and vision in looks and dress style.

    Be sure to include the hashtag #GLovelysQCC in your description before you upload to the gallery 💜

    Deadline ~ Tuesday 6/2 10:00 AM MST

    1. Your description should explain which Eco Lifestyle scene is in your household's dreams.
    2. Design every outfit category for every sim according to their eco vision as best you can.
    3. NoCC and no defaults (defaults replace the original Maxis skin/eyes but are not officially tagged as CC).
    4. Only Maxis poses.
    5. Reuploaded entries or entries copied from other simmers creations will be disqualified.
    6. Have a blast creating for our gallery and forum friends!

    Feel free to post pictures, screenshots (limit 3) here and the link to your creation in the gallery here too! Please tag #GLovelysQCC if you post on Twitter or Instagram!

    🎊**PRIZE ROUND**🎊 First place entry will win the new Eco Lifestyle EP!** 🎊

    Stay safe at home and happy creating always lovelies! 💜
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    Please see my 💜 Quick Creativity Challenge 💜 forum thread

  • pagounispagounis Posts: 347 Member
    Hello everyone! :)

    Nina is my entry for this week's challenge. She's quite an outdoorsy Sim, who wants to be a chef and a gardener. Or maybe combine culinary arts with gardening at the same time!

    Name: Eco-Friendly Nina
    Origin ID: mikrolactaki3


    Gallery Link: https://ea.com/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/pc/gallery/3CB2BBA7A27C11EA8F11CE4BB46B9306
    Joanne | 18 | Greece. Informatics student. I'm mikrolactaki3 on the gallery. Using 2 computers! My Blog: mikrolactaki3.tumblr.com
  • GLovely1GLovely1 Posts: 470 Member
    edited May 30
    Thank you so much for sharing these awesome sims and mysterious story with us @GogoM even with moving! I hope you're settling into your new place now and ready to figure out if your next sims for this challenge are pro or con the environment :D

    So great to see your entry Joanne @pagounis :D Thanks so much for entering!

    I can't wait to see this thread filling up with all your thoughtfully creative households 💜 Stay safe everyone and happy simming always!
    Please see my 💜 Quick Creativity Challenge 💜 forum thread

  • GogoMGogoM Posts: 46 Member
    edited May 31
    The Eco Divide
    When Alder and Isa first married, all was well. They had a loving relationship, a beautiful home, and two gorgeous children. Over time, however, Alder began to notice many changes. Their once beautiful neighborhood was becoming bogged down with pollution and excess garbage. He told his wife, the CEO of one of the largest factories in the city, about his thoughts and observations but she shrugged it off as the natural evolution of cities. But Alder refused to let his become the new norm, he wanted to teach his children the sustainable lifestyle that he was taught. If his wife wouldn't go with him, he would go on his own. Thus, the loving pair separated. Alder off to an entirely eco-friendly neighborhood with their daughter, and Isa staying in their home with their son. They love each other and want to raise their children together, but with the gaping eco divide can they ever find a middle ground?

    Meet the Sims:
    Alder Maier: 34 years old. " I love my wife and our family, but I can't stand here and act as though her job and this "industrial" neighborhood isn't ruining our environment. She has the ability to make a huge change in this neighborhood if she just tried but she doesn't want to. If the most influential woman in this town doesn't care, then why should anyone else? I need to teach my kids the right thing, so I had to move out. Don't get me wrong, I love my wife. Honestly, I didn't think I could live without her, but our kids' future is more important than our love story right now. We need to fix this, and fix it fast."

    Isa Von Schwarz: 35 years old. "Listen, I played the happily married wife role already. I wanted something more out of life. I had my daughter young and wanted to follow my dreams. I always dreamed of being the boss. I wanted to call the shots and own everything. So I kicked my butt right into university after having my baby and worked my butt off to study and graduate with honors to get to the place that I am today. They never tell you that no matter what you do you'll always be under someone. No matter how high I get, I'll always have to answer to someone. The investors are coming around weekly to check on our manufacturing speed. 'When will the Landgraab order get out Isa?' 'Is Mrs. Pleasant still ordering 200,000 units of Product C? How long will it take?' With all the stress I have to deal with everyday, the last thing I need is to go home to my wonderful husband urging me to go dumpster diving with him and to switch to using homemade candles instead of turning on the light switch! Someone needs to tell him that I pay the Landgraab's a pretty penny every week to be able to turn on that very same light switch, and that there is no way that my Feng Pant Suit and Goth Pumps and getting within a mile of any garbage can. If he wants to do it, then fine! Leave me out of it!"

    Klara Maier-Von Schwarz: 14 years old. "You know, I still remember leaving home. Man, it was the worst day ever. I was leaving my friends behind, there was no more drama club because Dad said they never reused the costumes, and he recycled Blarffy! I thought my world was crashing around me. But when we biked up that hill (Dad said that trains produced way too many toxins) and I saw the night sky, I knew everything would be alright. I never thought I'd like the dirt or playing outside, but now I can't wait to go to college to study Floral Design and own a floral stand in our community garden. I really miss mom, she's so...bold and beautiful but her wasteful ways really make me worry about the future of our planet. We only eat takeout when I'm with her and she always tries to buy me new clothes that are so bad for our environment. I miss the old days but I also love the current ways. And no one misses the snotface."

    Adal Von Schwarz-Maier: 8 years old. "Dad's weird. Like honestly, every time I have to go see him he's always on my case about something. 'Stop throwing out your dishes Adal.' 'You're wasting too much water Adal' 'Why don't you recycle your shoes instead of throwing them out Adal' Blah. Blah. Blah. And he has a monster trying to eat me in his yard. Did you know he has this weird thing in his backyard growing. It looks gross, I don't even know what it is. Whenever he calls me for dinner I remember why pizza is my favorite food. And every time I visit, my 'fro goes crazy frizzy because he won't let me use my hairspray. Does he know what it takes to get this. He'll never understand. But Mom says to be nice and understanding and learn what I can because only people that work for themselves are truly free. I don't get her. You know what, Mom's kinda weird too. Can I get my snacks now?"


    This is my submission for this weekend's challenge. A family torn apart by their differing ideals and importance placed on the environment. Though opinions are strong now, I have faith that the Maier-Von Schwarz family will find where they belong together. Thanks~

    @GLovely1 Thank you so much! The house is much better situated now! I was so excited to spend today creating my submission. Thank you for yet another wonderful prompt!
  • SusieCSimsSusieCSims Posts: 2 New Member
    Heyyy! I'm @SusieCSims from twitter! I have been following these amazing challenges for a while now but with the guidance and support from the lovely @Lucewithlove, I feel a bit more confident to join in too! I'm hoping to indulge in this amazing challenge this evening! Thank you for doing this @GLovely1, I think what you do here is so inspiring!!!
  • GwinielGwiniel Posts: 970 Member
    edited May 31
    Going Eco


    David McKnight loves outdoors, wants to explore and experience all that nature has to offer. However, it has become increasingly difficult as nature is constantly bulldozed for residential, commercial, industry and farming purposes. That's why David chooses to live as ecologically as possible, producing as little waste and pollution as he can in the modern day and is studying to become a conservationist. He also plans on launching his own channel where he can share tips and tricks about eco-living together with his girlfriend Angelica Kingsley. David is all about eco-innovation, spreading green ideas and encouraging others to save the Earth or at least their own neighborhood from excessive consumption and pollution.

    Angelica fell for David because of his green ideas. She’s a passionate crafter, loving to create from knitting to carpeting and to candle making. She’s pursuing a degree place in arts and crafts in university to learn new and master her already existing skills. Angelica wishes to recycle whatever she can in her creations.

    Both of them share a deep interested in self-sufficient life style. Gardening, fishing, forest management and so fort will certainly keep them busy.
  • DeaSimmer0DeaSimmer0 Posts: 40 Member
    Helloooooooooooooooooo! =)@pagounis I loved your Nina!!! and our writer @GogoM always with amazing stories. WELCOMEEEEE @SusieCSims!!!! I'm happy you joined us! You're gonna love to participate with such amazing creators guided by our awesome @GLovely1!!

    So here is my entry. I still need to do the screenshots and write a bit about each one =D



  • DeaSimmer0DeaSimmer0 Posts: 40 Member
    @Gwiniel When I posted yours was not appearing I'm sorry! Loved! A couple that shares the passion to make a better world!!
  • leniruslenirus Posts: 3 New Member
  • leniruslenirus Posts: 3 New Member
    i dont know how its work sorry :( :( :'(
  • Flash5Flash5 Posts: 54 Member
    Just a quick hello with a link to my entry this weekend <3

    Have really enjoyed browsing all the awesome entries again - everyone brings their A-game, its very inspiring! Good luck everyone! X0X0X
  • Flash5Flash5 Posts: 54 Member
    lenirus wrote: »

    Hi Lenirus - lovely to see you on the forum! <3 I think the reason your image isn't showing is because you have to have a certain number of posts before being allowed to post images (links and emojis too I think). But I can post a link for you, so to see the entry by @lenirus click link below:


  • ImCuteAndFeistyImCuteAndFeisty Posts: 4 New Member
    So I've never posted here, I don't know how to post screenshots here and I also don't know how to get the link for my family that is up on the gallery.. yep, that comment was a mistake and I beg someone to delete it
    Here is the summary of my family..

    Kate and Susie have fell in love since the day they saw each other in that Vegan restaurant. Their love is so true and profound that sometimes it seems that they’re different halves of the same apple. They share the same opinions, taste and views in politics, music, tv shows and even clothes. Speaking about clothes, you may notice that their outfits may look a bit outdated, that’s because they only thrift shop and get clothes in second hand. They have been a family along with Lenard – a stray puppy they adopted – for many, many years but they always knew that there was something missing, SOMEONE missing.
    After many years of trying, they adopted 11-year-old Cassandra. Cassandra is a very smart girl whose biological parents died in a horrible car crash. Growing up, Cassandra learned about the greatness of hunting with her father and how cool it is to “shop until you drop” with her mother. Her biological family shared very conservative views and always taught Cassandra that the World’s natural resources were to be explored. She grew in a meat farm in Amazonia, surrounded by expensive things so she is used to have the best of the best.
    However, Kate and Susie, her adopted family, share very different views of the world and are eager to teach little Cassandra about them. The feminist couple, is trying to teach Cassandra that natural resources should be respected and that everything we do in life has consequences, some of them in the world, we usually call it our Eco Foot Print. They want to show her that living with less can sometimes mean living with more. However, Cassandra was brought up in one way and is facing issues having to change her whole life, including her new meat free diet. Will she change her mind and join her activist mothers or will she keep her out dated views, learned from her late mom and dad?
  • SusieCSimsSusieCSims Posts: 2 New Member
    Hello Everyone! It's my first time posting and joining in with these amazing challenges, sorry I don't know how to add pictures here but they are on my pinned tweet on my twitter @SusieCSims. For a little background, here is the story below:

    Kai and Wilder adopt Autumn to complete their beautiful family. Their focus, sustainstability!; Kai volunteers at a community garden, Wilder joined the political career to campaign for the use of renewable energy and, when Autumn was little, she lead her scout group to win national awards for their 'Clean Up Newcrest' campaign. However, as Autumn has grown up she has begun to ignore her father's teachings by utilising single-use plastic and supporting companies guzzling fossil fuels! #GLovelysQCC

    Thank you so much for this opportunity and I hope my submission is okay!
  • DeaSimmer0DeaSimmer0 Posts: 40 Member
    edited June 1
    Wut? I dont know what happened to my post so I'm doing it again. If you see twice just ignore it :lol:


    They came from different places to this as green as it can be village! Here they plant their own food, re-use and do their own clothes, build their own homes and craft arts to sell and make profits to share.


    They share a kitchen, a shower room (there is a queue sometimes :lol:), the study and the arts&crafts place and the other common rooms. It runs with sustainable and clean energy,rain water, and each one has a task and everyone help each other with everything!


    There are still some spots, but you gotta be a helper too.


    Melina and Israel are friends for a long time and they always dreamed to build a community to make the world better, and they did it!
    Melina is the mind behind the solutions for energy and water supplies, Israel is a bit of an architect, and a great artist.
    Bianca has a green thumb, or the whole body, that girl knows how to treat plants! Arnold is a great chef and is always in the kitchen! Alina loves to leave everything clean and tidy and she pushes everybody to work out with her. Her daughter is loved by everyone and she is learning how to be independent since little. Luna appeared like an angel for the community and they believe she will follow the genius steps of Melina and will become an amazing eco-inventor!


  • CatharinaSophiaCatharinaSophia Posts: 44 Member
    Wonderful challenge @GLovely1
    I posted the Riches to Rags household yesterday, but as per usual I wrote a little novel on Tumblr.

    To summarize, Johnny Trash is a rich boy living in a domed community to protect them from the smog. @GLovely1 I get it if I get disqualified for the horrible word joke. One of his professors in the University of Britechester is a cleaner, called David who has nothing to do with Gandalf whatsoever. Because David is getting old he needs help growing his crops and meat, and since Johnny wants to learn, he moves in with David. Every night, they share stories at the campfire in front of their dumpsters.


    Oscar one of my favorite sesame street characters on the other hand, doesn't like the new guest at all. But truth be told, Oscar never really likes anything except for his small trash can to sleep in.

  • PatriPatri Posts: 33 Member
    Well, I´ve gone for the "dark side" of the challenge 🤭
    Name: "A New World"; ID ORIGIN: Patridifusa


    Hugs and have a nice apocalypse!😘😊
  • luckyheatherluckyheather Posts: 13,609 Member
    edited June 1
    Gallery Name: Fizzy Pop Girls
    Gallery Link: https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/pc/gallery/F2A2D66AA42611EA8C8C37E9DF36A29B?category=all&searchtype=ea_origin_id&sortby=newest&time=all&searchquery=luckyheather&max=50&maxis=false
    Their Story
    These girlfriends enjoy gardening so much they decided to grow mostly fruit bushes and trees so they can harvest them all for creating fruit cocktails, but then they found out there is a new fizzy juice machine they can buy when they save enough money. Their dream now is to garden quality natural fruits for the making of fizzy drinks Ecologically and sell on a local stall and if successful they would like to own their own shop. They really want to cater for Eco friendly customers in Green Harbor and get a name for themselves by using the natural local water.
    Note: They both have skills 6 gardening, 9 Handiness, 4 Charisma and others. Handiness for upgrading and Charisma to get customers to buy their fizzy juice. They also have some rewards and points left. I have created a community lot at the ready for machines.



    My Forum Link for all outfit screenshots

    The Forum Link for the Fizzy Juice Factory community lot I created for the girls https://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/comment/17515879/#Comment_17515879
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  • MenaBuchnerMenaBuchner Posts: 75 Member

    Joaquin Quintana is ready to recycle his heart out in Evergreen Harbor! :)
  • JEHooksJEHooks Posts: 32 Member
    @GLovely1 @NeoFelis22 Thank you both for the kind words. Spooky challenges are fun.

    For this week's challenge, I wanted to try my hand at a longer bio. The entry is on the gallery also with a foreshortened bio (one I'll link to once the gallery starts behaving for me). The longer bio is below:

    San Myshuno is in crisis. The dense smog plaguing the city causes coughing fits. The congested streets reek of unwashed bodies and car fumes. Trash piles high in both dumpsters and landfills. With each new generation adding to the pollution, the city has only decades before the contaminated slums encompass every district.

    The Emersons have called San Myshuno home since Oliver Emerson moved to the city as a boy fifty years ago. His asthma dates back to his youth when he hawked newspapers on filthy, fume-filled street corners to help his family pay rent. Engineering promised on the job training, so Oliver became another cog in the machine of San Myshuno’s industry. The graying engineer acknowledges the pollution the factories put out but says also, “When it comes to providing, the only green that matters is money.” He contends he had a daughter to raise and no time to worry about the environment.

    The environment Oliver has never made time for became his daughter’s chief cause to champion when she went into a career in politics. Londyn’s campaign to be a representative of the city runs on a platform for a cleaner, greener San Myshuno. If elected, she promises to clean up the city’s old-style industry, even if it means costing her old man his job. “Industrial progress,” she says, “does not have to come at a cost to citizens’ health and the health of the city. When the machines hold up better than the people, something’s not right. We can make it right.” Londyn lacks her father’s know-how with engineering, but she believes eco-friendly measures can be found if the community works together.

    Londyn pins much of her hope for lessening San Myshuno’s eco footprint on the young shoulders of her son Gideon. The teenager first proved himself to be a genius when he built bots at the age of three. Gideon quickly progressed past anything his grandfather could teach him about machinery; Oliver has long since given up on understanding the machines Gideon builds nowadays. According to the young genius, his prototypes seek to harness alternative sources of energy. He has panels for collecting sunlight and contraptions meant to run off wind energy. Biofuels interest him also, but his formula needs more in the way of fine-tuning. “So far it’s little more than goop,” Gideon says. “Goop with promise but goop nonetheless.” If his inventions pan out, San Myshuno looks to become a leader in the energy revolution.

    In the meantime, Londyn employs everyday practices to lower her family’s eco footprint. She has Gideon dress in hand-me-downs from his grandfather’s wardrobe, and she does not throw clothing away until it’s threadbare. For her own outfits, she makes much of the clothing and jewelry herself with whatever fabric and other materials she has on hand. She can’t convince Oliver to change his superfluous spending habits (to him, new clothes prove one’s prosperity to others), but at least she can re-purpose his past purchases into items her son can wear. As a future representative for the city, Londyn endeavors to be the change she wants to see in San Myshuno.


    Oliver gets somewhat lost in the industrial sector of San Myshuno while showing his grandson Gideon around the city.


    Londyn gives a speech in the park on San Myshuno's potential for natural beauty. Oliver (reluctantly) attends.


    Mother and son hug at the conclusion of a tour of Foxbury after Gideon promises to attend the Institute once he graduates high school.
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