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2 Modding Questions

Vines12Vines12 Posts: 92 Member
1. I took a break from TS4 and haven’t played in months. Did they add story progression in any of their latest updates? Or do I need to get McCommand Center again?
2. For University i remember having to individually add all my YA sims to enroll in college. Is their a mod to make college enrollment easier such as mass enrollment or random enrollment ?


  • NeptitudeNeptitude Posts: 22 New Member
    Sims 4 has not added progression yet, although they may be considering it(a survey in April had that as an option of something we would like). For the second question I don't know one that makes it easy, but I know one that makes it more difficult with a chance to be denied
  • AlunnyAlunny Posts: 24 Member
    You definitely should have MCCC it's got so many features you will find helpful :D. Don't think either of your requests have been added either sorry.
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