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Friday Highlight May 22 - A week on The Sims forums

EA_MaiEA_Mai Posts: 1,800 EA Staff (retired)
Hey there Simmers!

Guess who's here to share some great threads for you to visit this beautiful Friday...? I'll give you a hint - not Eliza Pancakes!

Ok, so what do I have for you? Let me start with a picture to add some color to this post:

Not only a stunning view for a lovely screenshot - this lot by @simmer_jay is also available on the Gallery! Found here.

Now that we enjoyed the view^, let's get to this week's list!

Almost time for me to wrap up, but I have one more topic to share before that. If you have been offline this week or haven't read that yellow message up there, let me tell you: we had an Eco Lifestyle Livestream, and it's very worth a watch if you want to know more about the upcoming pack.

That's it from me for the week, but you can expect more recommendations next Friday!

Until then... happy Simming weekend!


  • illustratedhappinessillustratedhappiness Posts: 258 Member
    Wow, I'm so honoured to be included - thank you @EA_Mai! And have a great weekend everyone :heart:
  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 1,308 Member
    Beautiful castle @illustratedhappiness
  • GPHGPH Posts: 67 Member

    (1) Tree house!
    (2) Fairy/ pixie party house!
    (3) Extra animal toys!
    (4) Extra animal beds!
    (5) Factory departments!
    (6) Factory jobs!
    (7) Supermarket departments!
    (8) Supermarket jobs!
    (9) Retail departments!
    (10) Retail jobs!
    (11) Beauty salon departments!
    (12) Beauty salon jobs!
    (13) Art departments!
    (14) Art jobs!
    (15) Swimming life guard departments!
    (16) Swimming life guard jobs!
    (17) Big school departments!
    (18) Big school jobs!
    (19) Nursery departments!
    (20) Nursery jobs!
    (21) Primary school departments!
    (22) Primary school jobs!
    (23) College departments!
    (24) College jobs!
    (25) University jobs!
    (27) Administration office departments!
    (28) Administration jobs!
    (29) Cars for travelling!
    (30) Vans for travelling!
    (31) Buses for public transport travelling!
    (32) Company lorries for travelling!
    (33) Trains for public transport travelling!
    (34) Delivery driver jobs/ lorry drivers and van drivers!
    (35) More house roofs!
    (36) Extra flowers!
    (37) Squirls!
    (38) Bats!
    (39) Birds!
    (40) Ball room department!
    (41) Cows!
    (42) Sheep!
    (43) Insects!
    (44) Hedge hogs!
    (45) Parrots!
    (46) Pigs!
    (47) Seagulls!
    (48) Extra fish tanks!
    (49) Extra fish!
    (50) Road signs!
    (51) Extra cafe shop departments!
    (52) Extra restaurant departments!
    (53) Sports departments!
    (54) Sports jobs!
    (55) Hospital departments!
    (56) Hospital jobs!
    (57) Police departments!
    (58) Police jobs!
    (59) Helicopters!
    (60) Helicopter jobs!
    (61) Red telephone box!
    (62) Red letter mail box!
    (63) Street bins!
    (64) Street bin cleaner jobs!
    (65) Mobile phone shops!
    (66) Mobile phone shop jobs!
    (67) Motorways!
    (68) Motorway traffic officer cars!
    (69) Hotel departments!
    (70) Hotel receptionist jobs!
    (71) Police cars!
    (72) Police camera vans!
    (73) Farming jobs!
    (74) Horse riding jobs!
    (75) Farmer jobs!
    (76) Security jobs!
    (77) Shoe shop!
    (78) Shoe shop jobs!
    (79) Glasses opticians shop!
    (80) Glasses opticians shop jobs!
    (81) Belly piercing!
    (82) Tongue piercing!
    (83) Extra tattoos! (Dolphins) (Stars) (Dolphins) (Fairies) (Moon) (Hearts) (Butterflies) (Flowers) and more shapes!
    (84) Fish tank decorations!
    (85) Food supermarket isles!
    (86) Drink supermarket isles!
    (87) Nose hoop piercings!
    (88) Tongue piercings!
    (89) Belly piercings!
    (90) Upper ears piercing!
    (91) Tragus ears piercing!
    (92) ❤️❤️❤️❤️ piercing!
    (93) Car parks!
    (94) Bus stations!
    (95) Train stations!
    (96) Railway track!
    (97) Airplanes for travelling!
    (98) Airports!
    (99) Crains!
    (100) Space Rockets!
  • GPHGPH Posts: 67 Member
  • thenameslynith13thenameslynith13 Posts: 54 Member
    I think I used this lot for my mermaid's wedding lol. It's beautiful!
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