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Legacy simmers, how did your legacy family begin?

I thought it might be fun to think back of the sims that started it all and the lives they (and their children) have lived.
I got pretty nostalgic seeing some of the earlier pictures of my legacy family.

Do feel free to post pictures and mention in which generation you currently are.

I'll try to look for some and I'll explain how it all started for me later, but for now I have to pay attention in online school >.>

Edit: posted my story in the comments
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  • EdithVEdithV Posts: 421 Member
    The daughter of Octavia and Thorne bailey-moon, kiwi ( I stuck with the fruit naming theme) went to uni, had babies with two different guys, one of whom ran off with Luna Villarreal who was married to kiwi’s brother orange, she married the guy that liked her for years and lived very happily after. Her eldest daughter became a best selling author and a witch and her youngest settled down eventually and works in PR. She now has three grandchildren and I often find her at the bar mixing cocktails.Kiwi now has only a few days left to live, I’ll miss her.
  • SmellincoffeeSmellincoffee Posts: 488 Member
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    My first legacy wasn't intended as a legacy at all: I'd created three Sims when I first got The Sims 4, to explore different aspects of the game. I ended up following the family for...17 generations, I think?

    This was their house in earlier days -- the office and bathroom on the left wing were added to the original build, but otherwise it's the original starter house I drew out.

    It grew into this beast, which is even more hideous from the back side. :D This house is ALL about function over form -- that little room next to the telescope? It's a computer room so I could get sims Focused from the telescope, then put them on the computer for the tech support wants. The 20 random columns are also there for aspirations.
  • DoloresGreyDoloresGrey Posts: 2,508 Member
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    OMG!!! I just wrote a whole saga and it disappeared on me :(

    I started with a single sim. Her name was Marie. She had a doggo and they love to explore Selvadorada together. Marie also had a girlfriend but she was such a stalker and that was smothering Marie. She gave her the buh-bye. I didn't like Eliza Pancakes because everyone hates her, right? I wanted to ruin her life by seducing Bob. Marie was succesful. She kindly forced Bob to divorce Eliza. Marie and Bob had a beautiful twin girls Opal and Pearl. Later they all moved to a house in Brindleton Bay where their son was born. His name was Benjamin and he was a gay. He fell in love with Atlas Patel - Zoe Patel's younger brother. They wanted to have a biological baby together, which is obviously not possible. Anyway, I think I am a genius because I got an amazing idea which I am really proud of. Zoe was their surrogate. Benjamin was the father and Zoe was the biological mother but Atlas adopted the baby. So little Esme was carrying both Benjamin's and Atlas' genes.

    Also, I wanted to let Eliza suffer more. I had Marcus Flex to get her pregnant and then leave her. And that happened. But somehow I grew to love her and I was feeeling so bad for her. I wanted to make it all up to her. And that is when Johnny Zest appeared on the scene. They had a baby boy together. Johnny adopted Eliza's and Marcus' daughter and then they all shared the same last name. The Zest family :)

    This is the Pancakeses family tree , if anyone is curious. It is up to date.

    Currently I am at gen 6. My goal is to reach generation 10 before this year ends. I play rotationally so it takes quite a long time. Definitely longer than I expected. It is fun though and I am 100% positive I will continue with this legacy even after generation 10.

    Some pictures are in the spoiler below.
    The wedding of Marie and Bob
    Bob with the twins
    Famiy vacation
    Bob feeling his first grandkid
    Bob the dancer :D
    The grandkids were over
    They died only few sim minutes apart.
  • rottmeisterrottmeister Posts: 169 Member
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    I had to do some digging, but I found the family that started my legacy series.

    Meet the Kosters. "Koster" is a pretty reoccuring name when you randomize the names (my game is in Dutch.

    Father Paul, mother Sienna with their kids Maaike, Mei, June and Suzanne (holy plum, June is still alive in my game!)


    Now, I have to be careful what I say because I don't want to mix up my families.

    The Kosters for me, are supposed to be an Asian inspired family (despite the name) that immigrated to San Myshuno because there were a lot of business and work opportunities.

    Father Paul was a scientist and mother Sienna was a stay at home mom because 4 kids... (triplets + the youngest, Suzanne)

    I haven't played a lot with the parents, but 3 of the daughters have been a massive influence in my game.
    Each daughter was special in their own way, they each had different interests (when they were kids I had them complete 1 aspiration that was different from the others').

    Suzanne was a friend of the world, Mei was the creative spirit that loved painting, Maaike was the scientist and June was very athletic, I believe.

    After becoming an adult the 3 oldest went on their seperate ways.

    Suzanne, despite being the youngest was the first to get married

    Mei was the second one to find love. When she was roaming around San Myshuno she saw a sim that made her heart skip a beat. This was when she knew she was gay and settled with the lovely lady. They later adopted 4 children.

    I sadly don't remember the random townie she engaged to, but she 100% lived in the same town.

    Maaike, the scientist then found love as well and married an alien and had twin alien babies

    And then last, but not least, June. The sim that is the protagonist in my story.

    She was the sim I followed the generations of.

    She and Akira ended up having 4 children

    NOTE: the family tree doesn't seem to be completely accurate. Idk why, but a few names are missing. Seems like my game can't load the entire tree

    Family tree part 1

    Family tree part 2

    Family tree part 3

    The current family: Mother Legacy, father Rob (the robot), 3rica and her niece Dieu-Donnée

    They reside in Willow Creek in a MASSIVE mansion.

    Mother Legacy is the Head of staff in the doctor career (lvl 10 + 8 raises)
    Father Rob is a Master teacher (lvl 10 + 1 raise)
    Daughter 3rica is the Pioneer of new technology (lvl 8)
    Niece Dieu-Donnée is doing her last semester in university and will most likely go in the police career


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  • amber_ilumireamber_ilumire Posts: 1,341 Member
    Mine started when I downloaded the sims from the Seasons promos from the gallery. I only put that household together so I could test out the new ep when it released, but I’ve grown so attached to them and now they’re my main save. It started with three of them, but soon I expanded and created parents for them and then they had kids of their own and so on. I play them with aging off because I’m too reluctant to let them go 😂 I could never kill them off!
  • rottmeisterrottmeister Posts: 169 Member
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    Follow up on my current story:

    I had my scientist sim clone herself and her mother. Aged both clones down to make them look more like they would be the offspring of said family.

    This is Sienna, the clone of Legacy and descendent of Sienna (the game automatically picked the name. I was overjoyed).

    This is Saar, clone of 3rica, the adopted daughter of Legacy and Rob

    I didn't know you couln't make the clone your child, so I also cloned 3rica. Legacy has an aspiration where she has to be friends with 3 of her children. So, I'll probably have to clone her again or Saar.

    Edit: oh they both have Uni degrees.
    I don't think I even have to send them to school anymore XP
  • SindocatSindocat Posts: 4,563 Member
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    My legacy began as TS4 recreations of my oldest TS3 couple, minus their original Occult lifestates.


    Riley and Avery were childless perpetual Young Adults in TS3, but by about the time of this screenshot, they were completing their initial Aspirations and had married, and both autonomously rolled Whims to have a child together. So their next Aspirations were family-related, they moved to a larger home (having started in tiny Nookstone in Oasis Springs) and set about having kids. I twiddled custom gender settings to allow Avery to become pregnant - nice not to need mods.

    Three children and four grandchildren later, they have finally completed their family Aspirations, and have retired as Elders to enjoy their golden years in Sulani. I mostly actually play their offspring or grandchildren, but they are still alive and well in my Legacy save.


  • rottmeisterrottmeister Posts: 169 Member
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    Oh wow, I completely forgot about the gender options. That's one way to keep the DNA going, lol.

    If I had 2 sims of the same gender in a relationship, I either made clones of them and aged them down or had them adopt kids.
  • mattiemayhemmattiemayhem Posts: 47 Member
    I've had several family lines that I've followed through but I don't think I've ever actually had a proper legacy :( I've gotten to gen 6 in both of my longest families and both of them were from challenges. First, one of the various iterations of the zombie challenge in the sims 3, and in the sims 4, the not so berry challenge. Both of wish I just so DESPERATELY want to recreate!
  • RLRL Posts: 286 Member
    My legacy is actually an ISBI. It's the one linked in my signature.

    It started 4 and a half years ago because I didn't want to do some biology homework. I ended up marrying my founder Amanda to Don Lothario because they hit it off at the gym. They lived in a box in Oasis Springs because I can't build. She was a painter and later a musician, and he joined the science career. They had four kids - two girls, two boys. Don, being active, even lived to see their first grandchildren - a set of twins - reach teenagehood.
    Check out the Sutherland ISBI!
    (Disclaimer: This blog is mainly an outlet for my weird humour)
    Click anyway! ⬇️️⬇️️⬇️️
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 3,605 Member
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    I've just begun a Legacy-bachelor challenge with Vlad as my founder. It's a regular legacy except each generation the spouse will be decided by a bachelor challenge/bachelorette.

    In a different save, I am on gen 14 but that's not a 'proper' legacy since I haven't followed all the rules. With that save I begun with a sim called Scarlett who had twins with Travis Scott and things went from there.
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  • rottmeisterrottmeister Posts: 169 Member
    I found an ingame picture of the couple that started my legacy!


  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 2,274 Member
    I created the founding couple in CAS, and plopped them into Brindleton Bay. Their names were Stacy and Lionel. They had three children, and one of them, Celeste, had six children. The other two, Aria and Thomas, had only one child. Since Celeste was the heir, her lineage had the longest run, while her siblings' own lineages either ended or slowed down. Two of Celeste's oldest children, Nathan and Rosalie, had more than one child. Since Nathan's and Rosalie's siblings were younger than them, the four siblings were considered the spares. At one point, Nathan married a spellcaster named Sylvia, and things began getting more magical from then on. Two of Rosalie's children also married spellcasters. Although one of my sims created a club for the family legacy, it wasn't utilized often, and the distant relatives rarely met in person... unless they were on the same lot. There was a legacy museum in Brindleton Bay that was close to Pupperstone Park. The graves, however, were behind the Brindleton Bay mansion. Nowadays the spares watch over Brindleton Bay and the biggest mansion in town. I think when I reach the tenth generation, I might upload the family tree on PlumtreeApp.
  • FiddelizFiddeliz Posts: 38 Member
    Well, my main save is the family of my sim-self lol, feels a bit self-centered but I got very attached to my offspring and also randomly making real friends and relatives of mine and dropping them in the save with my descendants. I have kept playing with them since I got TS4 in November and I am currently on my 6th generation. I take screenshots and add them together in Google Photos and write captions for the pictures to keep track of them. I also have a plumtree here that I keep updated. The crafty things around playing a family are very enjoyable.
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