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Let's play a game - "Do you have this trait?"


  • Shadow_AssassinShadow_Assassin Posts: 1,283 Member
    No and I live in an inland city

    Entrance to the abyss
  • cherrysodasimscherrysodasims Posts: 10 New Member
    Oof thats a fun one, does mental illness count lol

  • KiniHokulaniKiniHokulani Posts: 597 Member
    edited September 8
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    Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;
    I have loved the stars too truly to be fearful of the night.
  • MousellineMouselline Posts: 3,572 Member
    Not at all

    Supernatural Lover?
  • CoffeecrumblecakeCoffeecrumblecake Posts: 6,170 Member

  • Addison_Addison_ Posts: 128 Member
    Nope haha, Ambitious?
  • RosysimmerRosysimmer Posts: 486 Member
    Nah. Rather just sit and watch tv all day.

    The Great people who helped her escape never came back from the deep and dark forest.
  • jj_____jj_____ Posts: 167 Member
    I'm a little bit.. but I know people who are way more than me. So maybe not.
    (There is a chance that I've misunterstood the meaning of this word/trait)

  • Simple_Simmer12Simple_Simmer12 Posts: 16 Member
    Generally no, but at times yes.

  • NushnushganayNushnushganay Posts: 5,133 Member
    Really unsqueamish and matter-of-fact about normal stuff like a disgusting sink to clean, or a pot of beans that was 2 weeks too long in the fridge...but really squeamish about: spiders, acne (never had it myself), and gross teeth or smelly feet.
    My husband wore my shoes (we wear the same size even though he's 3 inches shorter...his hands and feet are Statue-of-David proportioned!) to run an errand when his were already wet, and left a faint odor in them, and I took out the insoles, scrubbed them with soap by hand, hit them with hot water, and the next day they still left a faint smell on my socks so I hit them with bleach! Finally eradicated all trace of that smell!

    And then forbade him to wear my shoes anymore. Told him to just get himself however many pairs he needed to keep that from ever happening again! :D

    I see only plumbobs...9uV9dcNm.jpg?2
  • AnnikaperiAnnikaperi Posts: 534 Member
    edited May 14
    Yes, in many ways. Specifically if there were an "Eeek, a bug! Please remove it for me." trait, or an Entomophobia trait.

    Edited to add:
    I saw a mouse in the basement once and screamed bloody murder. After no one came to my aid I thought, "I could be dying down here and no one would know."

  • Thi5areeThi5aree Posts: 11 New Member
    DEFINITELY! I get excited and distracted pretty quickly, maybe even a bit concerning... oh well!

    Cat Lover?
  • AnnikaperiAnnikaperi Posts: 534 Member
    Yes, but more a Dog Lover.

    Nushnushganay beat me to the punch, so I will answer two: Materialistic? Erm, um ... yes.

  • MRSMLOGMRSMLOG Posts: 20,204 Member
    Not usually.

    Wash your hands <3
  • xLunaSimsxxLunaSimsx Posts: 6,511 Member

    Loves the cold?
    Signature Under Co.♥
  • orangehippogrifforangehippogriff Posts: 935 Member
    Yes. Summer is beautiful because of the sunshine and green everywhere, but the heat sucks. At least in Winter I can bundle up in blankets and sweaters with warm coffee... I can't take off my skin during Summer unfortunately.

  • Freezerbunny121Freezerbunny121 Posts: 1 New Member
    I would say that I am a bit of a goofball around those I am closest with, but not generally.

  • xSongxxSongx Posts: 862 Member
    Yes, I'd say so.

  • AlpineCuriosityAlpineCuriosity Posts: 1,579 Member
    Not usually, no...

  • darlingdeviantdarlingdeviant Posts: 36 Member

    The ocean does not apologize for its depth and the mountains do not seek forgiveness for the space they take; so, neither shall I.
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  • AlpineCuriosityAlpineCuriosity Posts: 1,579 Member
    Nooo... ^^’ (Picky eater over here)

    Music lover?
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 3,032 Member
    Oh yeah, I love music. I don't play it myself but I like listening to oldies country and new country music, as well as Elvis Presley, and a few 80's rock singers.

    Animal Lover?
  • Cavapoo_KingCavapoo_King Posts: 4,916 Member
  • SupersonicAvalancheSupersonicAvalanche Posts: 2,852 Member

    Morning person?
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