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The COVID-19 Challenge

Rizzy394Rizzy394 Posts: 21 Member
Hi there! I'm Rizzy394 and welcome to The COVID-19 Challenge! Now, I don't mean any offense to anyone by creating such a challenge; I am fully aware of the severeness of this virus and what damage it's already done as well as the damage it can still do. But like most of the world, I am quarantined at home and have nothing better to do. I also decided to make the best out of a depressing situation. The idea came into my mind when I was sitting in my bedroom and thinking: you know, just about everyone on Earth is trapped inside bored out of their minds like me and a lot of people play The Sims, also like me. Maybe I could combine the two and make a fun little challenge out of it. And so, I hopped onto my laptop and started typing up this challenge! I'm really hoping this doesn't get taken down, because I'm already dreading the drama that could muster by posting this, but I'm willing to take the risk and hope for the best. I have a feeling some people may actually find entertainment in doing this challenge.

For this challenge, you do not need to follow all of the guidelines and rules. You are free to play this however you choose, I'm not going to suppress your creativeness as it's your game and your Sims. However, I would recommend following what's written below if you want to experience the challenge for what it is.

1) You Can't Use Any Cheats At All (Though You May Use Money Cheats ONLY At The Start To Give Your Sims 10,120 Simoleons To Start Off With - Whether You Only Want To Start With That Amount Or Add That To What You Already Have Is Your Choice, But You Can't Use Any Cheats Beyond This Point)

2) Enter CAS (Create A Sim) And Make A Family Of At Least 4 Sims (You Can Make More Than That, But No Less) Or Play As A Generated Household With 4 Or More Sims (They Don't Have To Be Related, But You May Give Them Relationships With One Another If You'd Like)

3) If You Take The CAS Route, Give Your Sims Random Traits (Though You Can Make Them Look However You Want And Make Them Any Age) Before Moving Them Into A Home Or Apartment (If You Have The City Living Expansion)

4) You CANNOT Leave Your Home (Or Apartment) For Any Reason - No Hanging Out With Friends, No Hanging Out At Community Lots, Etc.

5) You CAN Call Friends Over The Phone And Text, But You May Not Invite Them Over Or See Them In Person

5) You CAN Have A Job, But You CANNOT Go To Work Unless You Are A Doctor, Scientist, Or Detective (And You Can't Follow Them To Work, You Must Let Your Sims Go To Work On Their Own)

6) If You Have Teenagers Working Part-Time Jobs, They May Only Go To Work If They Are A Fast Food Employee, Barista, Or Babysitter (You May Have Older Sims Work These Jobs As Well And I Know That Babysitters May Be A Bad Idea, But In Real Life, There Are Essential Workers Out There Who Are In Need Of Babysitters To Watch Their Children - Which Is Why I Included It As An Optional Occupation)

7) If You Don't Want Any Of Your Sims To Have A Career As A Doctor, Scientist, Detective, Fast Food Employee, Barista, Or Babysitter (Or If You Don't Have The Get To Work Expansion); You Can Only Make Income By Gardening, Writing Books, Or Painting At Home (So Working-From-Home Jobs, If You Will - And If You Can Think Of Any Other Way To Make Simoleons From Home, Then Go For It - But You Can't Fish, As That Involves Leaving Your Property)

8) If You Made Children Or Teenagers, They CANNOT Go To School (Only Their Grades Will Be Affected And You Won't Be Able To Pick Their Final Trait Because They Did Not Grow Up Well, So If That Bothers You And You're Playing By The Challenge Rules, I'd Suggest Not Making Any Sims Under The Age Of Young Adult)

9) You May Order Pizza And Have It Delivered To Your Sims (So Interacting With The Delivery Person Is Acceptable)

10) If You Have The Pets Expansion And Own A Dog, You May Not Take Them Out For Walks, But You May Let Them Out In The Yard If It's Fenced (For This, I'd Recommend Not Moving Into An Apartment If You Have The City Living Expansion)

11) If You Have The Seasons Expansion And Made Holidays, You May Not Invite Sims Over To Celebrate With Your Sims, But You May Still Celebrate The Holidays At Home With Sims In Your Household

If All Of Your Teenager, Young Adult, Adult, Or Elder Sims Die In Any Way, You Fail The Challenge (You May Not Revive Them Or Plead With The Grim Reaper). In Order To Win The Challenge, You Must Keep All Of Your Older Sims Alive (Teenagers, Young Adults, Adults, & Elders) And Have EACH Of Them Fully Complete Four Skills Of Your Choosing. This Is Why I Mentioned You're Not Allowed To Use Skill Improvement Cheats. Otherwise, This Wouldn't Be Much Of A Challenge.

TIP: If You Want To Make This Challenge REALLY Interesting, Try Making It More Difficult On Yourself By Making All Of Your Sims Elders Or Make An 8 Sim Household Or Anything Else You Can Think Of To Push Your Limits. Just Make Sure To Stick To The Rules, If You're Playing By Them Or Most Of Them.

Have fun playing my COVID-19 Challenge! Once again, I don't mean any offense towards anybody by posting this. I just wanted to create a fun challenge to make light of a horrible pandemic. It's really no different from the game Plague Inc. (if you've heard of it). In any case, I hope everyone out there stays home, stays safe, and stays healthy. God bless you and your loved ones and enjoy playing this challenge. :blush:


  • EvalenEvalen Posts: 9,997 Member
    sounds interesting, How long are they to live. can they do a generation like this. if so can they marry, and how will they get a wife or husband, any ideas, I would like to start this, can they fish if they have a pond in their yard.
  • Rizzy394Rizzy394 Posts: 21 Member
    @Evalen My apologies first of all, I probably should've included more details, but I'll happily answer your questions! :smile:

    1) In your original family, they must live out their lives until their four skills (per Sim) are maxed out (whether all of them are alive or if you use the remaining ones who haven't died).

    2) No, you can't do generations for this challenge unfortunately. I don't see a way you can continue on without affecting the winning and losing conditions. However, you are more than welcome to woohoo and have children that you may not have already made in CAS. If they grow into a Teenager before you've completed the challenge, they aren't included in the challenge itself. They're just sort of there, but still have to follow the guidelines of the challenge (even as a child); such as not going to school and they're allowed to have a certain part-time job. They just won't have to max out four skills like the other household members. You're still welcome to include them into the challenge if you want, but it's not a requirement for the win.

    3) Your quarantined Sims cannot marry, no. If you want to have Sims with a husband-wife relationship, you must modify the Sims' relationships yourself in CAS at the time you are creating the family. If you do make two Sims who aren't married, but want them to be eventually after they're boyfriend-girlfriend, you can wed them by having a private wedding at home, but not at a venue or community lot (and you can't invite Sims outside of your household for the wedding).

    4) Yes, your Sims may go fishing as long as the pond is on their own lot.
  • Gothoholic18Gothoholic18 Posts: 58 Member
    This seems like a fun idea
  • PitlordMaggiePitlordMaggie Posts: 372 Member
    I like this idea! Can they have a job that allows them to be at home? Like say a gardener, bur select the work from home option when asked?
  • Rizzy394Rizzy394 Posts: 21 Member
    @PitlordMaggie Yes, they can! :)
  • Elly_JonesElly_Jones Posts: 32 Member
    Cool idea!!! I'm going to try this with a strangerville playthrough :smile:
  • TheOriginalSimTheOriginalSim Posts: 1 New Member
    I suddenly had this idea to create a COVID challenge. When I googled it, I don't know what I was surprised to see someone already made one! I also don't know why it took me this long to even think about it... :D

    Thank you for this challenge! I'm excited to start it. And I feel the same way you do. My heart breaks for those who have suffered severe consequences, and I don't mean any offense by my excitement about switching up my gameplay. I can't believe it's been almost a year already. But this challenge, I feel, is going to put some light in a dark and ongoing situation.

    Hope you and your loved ones are staying well. <3
  • Julyvee94Julyvee94 Posts: 6,693 Member
    Sounds interesting! Just to clarify, Sims are allowed to leave the house as long as they stay on their own property right? E.g. go in the garden? Does the garden have to be fenced for sims to go there?
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