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Feedback: Share with us what you would want to see in the game


  • Barney111Barney111 Posts: 20 Member
    Hi, there is something that i would love to see in the sims 4 game. The genealogy, in older sims you use to be able to see the whole family tree i use to love this when you play the same family for many generations its enjoyable to see the family tree. In the sims 4 you can only see the main family and you have to click on specific sims to see their family history. If the sims 4 could be updated in the same way as previous sims this would be a nice update when you work so hard on one family. Thanks :)
  • Hyper_KeyHyper_Key Posts: 26 Member
    I am glad we got the stairs. So yay for that.
    Now where's curved walls, babies that are actual sims? personality traits that actually affect sims and their behavior?
    BUNK BEDS. gosh darnit!
    Additional gameplay for toddlers, kids and elders. It's still a millennial simulator, not a generational simulator.
    how about taking some inspiration from sims3's generations expansion. THAT is what i'd love to see in sims4.
    And maybe more color swatches or at least adjust existing swatches so that things actually fit together.

  • MikkiMikkiMikkiMMikkiMikkiMikkiM Posts: 187 Member
    I would love beaded curtains as doors or just curtains as doors.
  • ShanzyMShanzyM Posts: 1 New Member
    Multiple languages for the UK store please!!! It's ridiculous that in this modern, diverse world of ours we are forced to play in just one language...
  • OrangemonOrangemon Posts: 10 New Member
    I think more society based generational activities would be great:

    1. For parents with toddlers - pushy parents entering their children in beauty pageants

    2. For teenagers - there's no dedicated community plots for teenagers. no proper arcades etc. it has to be something social but not Get Together and not simply a Discover Highschool.

    3. For young adults - entering into reality "big brother" or "love island" or "blind date" type shows that play out as a cross between Get to Work & Get Famous

    4. For adults - entering into more traditional family game shows like "wheel of fortune" or "masterchef"

    5. For elders - not really sure on this one! Lots of older people seem to be talk show hosts, so maybe a new active career but for elders only!
  • VGN34DVGN34D Posts: 9 New Member
    The AI seriously needs tweaking unless there are mods that can do just that. I can't stand watching the Sims getting up from their tables, WHILE THEY'RE EATING, just to binge on TV while having their meal. It's annoying, especially in performing stupid tasks like getting drinks from the fridge, all while watching TV when NOT eating. Seriously, its nerve-wracking.
  • haydendamian_97haydendamian_97 Posts: 39 Member
    SIM COMMAND CENTER, This would replace the old cheats, it would have the same as the MC Command Center which is a mod. This would be different. For example, Sim Command's icon would feature the green plumbob symbol. Also, it would be by default, inside the game, as the replacement of the old buff cheats that was before its time. The same options like in MC Command Center will be inside the Sim Command Center. B)B)
    Hayden Damian, geography buff, aviation buff, likes video games......
  • BluelleBluelle Posts: 242 Member
    Free the babies.
    Free the babies.
    Free the babies.

    Louder for the people in the back!
  • BluelleBluelle Posts: 242 Member
    Also I really really really really really really really really REALLY want cribs for toddlers! At least as an option, come on! Imagine the cute lil' toddlers in their cute lil' cribs aaaah...
  • iceycaticeycat Posts: 9 New Member
    - Automatically scheduling chores. Basically assigned actions to cut down on some repetitive micromanaging. This person will always clean the litter box, that person's chore is picking up and washing stray dishes, etc.

    - Scripted actions. Somewhat similar to above. I shouldn't have to tell my sim to change out of his work clothes each time they come home from work. Homework first on kids. Set specific bedtimes for people, etc.

    - Change work schedule hours. Allow custom hours. My scientis job is 10-7 Mon.-Fri. but sim girlfriend is 3-11 Thur. - Mon. Makes it hard to get time together. If we want a 9-5 schedule we should be able to choose that, etc.

    - Pets shouldn't leave house unless you install a pet door.

    - Microwaves shouldn't make you uncomfortable everytime you use them nor should you have to wait till level 7 to upgrade them to deal with it first

    - An allow mingle setting. It's so frustrating going out on a date for the 2 people to get ❤️❤️❤️❤️ into conversations with everyone around them every 5 seconds and you spend half the time fighting off social mingling when you're trying to increase the relationship with the person you took on a date. If you want a social date, fine. If you want a romantic date fine. But you shouldn't have to actively battle canceling all the random people repeatedly in the hopes that the date won't end badly and cause you negative relationship status because you didn't pay them enough attention because you or your date literally got dragged into everyone that passed within 10 feet of them. I always have to save on dates so I can reload if the attention battle isn't won because of that.

    - lingerie is kinda cool for sexy time but it's weird to equip a characters outfit slot with it for bedtime because they always have it. Maybe add an intimate outfit slot for woohoo sessions? That way you can take advantage of it when appropriate but be normal pajamas the rest of the time or something?

    - Why is meat so scarce in this game? Everything is labeled vegetarian for the most part.

    - Eating a bag of chips or pastry or whatever needs a WAY lower chance of making you uncomfortable. It's an almost guaranteed result and that's silly. Should be more like 10% or something.

    - Can we get cars? They're in the game already. We don't need to actually be shown driving them or anything but it's weird that my sims just walk all over the world. The parked car can just be the spawn point for loading and leaving a zone as a stationary object.
  • FiddelizFiddeliz Posts: 39 Member
    - I want to have the family stories back from sims 2, used to love taking screenshots and writing what was happening for them. Captioning screenshots and writing on them, while they get mixed up with all the other saves' photos and 100-baby pictures and whatnot, it loses its function of being a fun way to keep track of the family you're playing. I know that you can make a thread on the forum blabla but that is so much more work than just having it in the game.

    - Also, I don't like that dead spouses disappear in the family tree, as a generational player I hurt when they just vanish. Overall the whole family tree system in this game is sad. I use the plum tree app so I don't lose everyone.

    - Graveyards. Just let me add one if I like, it does not have to be for everyone. Just a lot with a mausoleum like in sims 3, and that the gravestones of all sims that die spawn in the mausoleum (and cleaned out every week if they have not been placed in the graveyard?). It's a pain in the *ss keeping ghosts on your own lot since they break all of your plumbing every night. Remove this behavior while you're at it.
  • Barney111Barney111 Posts: 20 Member
    Thinking back to older games again, it would be great to bring cars back into the sims4. Gives it that more realistic touch.
  • CNJ93CNJ93 Posts: 26 Member
    edited April 22
    More event types like "pool party", "bachelor/bachelorette party", "baby shower" "prom/homecoming", "teen party", "sleepover" (for kids and teens), "family reunion/family dinner", etc. And generally more stuff to add to the holidays, especially more cross-pack features would be awesome :)
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  • CNJ93CNJ93 Posts: 26 Member
    I was creating a gardening club, and realized that you can't add 'Flower Arranging' as a club activity so this would be a great addition. Furthermore, I created a generic lot which serves as a community garden, but it turns out I can't add a generic lot as a club hangout, so this would also be a great addition :)
  • 11n011n0 Posts: 1 New Member
    I'm actually pretty satisfied with the gameplay, but I really want more customization options for minorities. For gender minorities, you have "pee standing up" for post-transition trans women, but at the same time sims with "feminine" body types are automatically referred to as she/her. My sim might be a pre-transition trans man, or (like me) nonbinary. Body hair options would be great for this too no matter what gender a sim may be.

    For people of color, please improve the darker skin tones. They look very dull, like you simply added black or brown to white skin. In truth, people of color have much stronger undertones of blue, red, yellow, purple, and orange than the diluted shades of white complexions.

    For people with disabilities, I would recommend simple accessories such as a hearing aide or a walking stick/white cane for blind people to more complex things such as forearm crutches or wheelchairs.
  • GodleyjeansGodleyjeans Posts: 274 Member
    Cribs for babies and toddlers.

    Bunkbeds/ladders that function as stairs and routes to places/furniture.


    More food options.

    More bed variations.

    More hair.

    More moodlets.


    More abilities for pets.

    More careers.

    Improved socialization between sims.

    Improved active careers.


    SMALL PETS (Birds, turtles, bunnies, etc).

    Improved events.

    Cute Mailboxes
  • chuckjaymoorechuckjaymoore Posts: 33 Member
    I agree with @Godleyjeans about story progression. Stories help make a life simulation game more interesting. Strangerville has an amazing story and special asperation for completing the story. Asperations tell a story and something we need more of. Though I believe stories are amazing, telling our own story based on an asperation makes everyone's story unique.

    I really love the Get To Work expansion pack. I rank Get To Work as the best pack as it allows Sims to deliver babies at the hospital, as opposed to the Sim disappearing. All the packs need refining, especially Get To Work. Get To Work needs specific asperations to help assist with all 3 careers. The careers can also tell a story of what happens down the road.

    Perfect Patio Stuff could have more features and items added to make up for a hot tub added in the 20th Anniversary update. Asperations would be very useful as owning a hot tub or other items could feel as if it was an accomplishment.

    I would also like to see more pack compactivity. The roar interaction of clubs in Get Together is an amazing example. What I would not like to see is another DLC for a DLC. Cats & Dogs is required for playing My First Pet Stuff and one of these is more than enough. Pack refining is the way to go!
  • TiffM226TiffM226 Posts: 4 New Member
    I would love to see sims roaming or free option that you can turn on or off. There's the aging option but I would also like to see an option where they can get into relationships or have babies on their own depending on their traits. I used to love having that option. That way I don't have to play in every single household as my generations progress. I can choose which households to play and still have cousins or other family members join the family.

    More realistic babies would be cool too. Ones you can teach to crawl.

    Also cars, I would love the option to be able to teach teens to drive and possibly take their drivers test during school.

    Cribs for the babies

    and funtional bunkbeds! I know there are cheats to make beds into bunkbeds, but having the actual bunkbed itself would be awesome!
  • iCarly_like_iShartyiCarly_like_iSharty Posts: 3 New Member
    People mobile should be able to play this game! I hate watching people play it all the time and have fun while I’m just behind the screen crying and thinking about why haven’t they made this game mobile yet. It looks too fun 😭
  • ADukesADukes Posts: 1 New Member
    My biggest wish is that pets wouldn’t count as household members. Or pets are a separate household member category outside the 8 sims. Like you can have up to 8 sims plus up to a certain number of pets. It’s really frustrating when I can’t control the pets yet they take up a spot in the household. I know I can use things like MCC to increase the household limit but that means I can’t go into CAS to change sims at all. If I do the game deletes random members so I am forced back to 8.
  • StripedSimsStripedSims Posts: 23 Member
    Spiral staircases (Kids sliding down)
    Newspaper delivery
    Bunk/loft beds
    More options for wedding dresses/Wedding veils
    More traits
    Better default lots...
    Pre-picked random outfits for townies
    More micro animations. Ex: cuddling, running to parents, etc.
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 2,521 Member
    I still want the heartshape bed, bunkbeds, sims jumping out of cakes, better romance interactions, wedding veils/bouquets, honeymoons, playable babies, tweens, shorter teens, spiral stairs, boathouses, ladders, all-in-one bathrooms, old telephones that can replace the cellphone, and more off-the-grid stuff.
  • StripedSimsStripedSims Posts: 23 Member
    Bonehilda, more lore and storytelling aspects. Townie relationships and scandals. Disability content
  • KathrynnaKathrynna Posts: 9 New Member
    I could go on for hours about everything missing from Sims 4 that I loved in Sims 2 and Sims 3. Some are now in the game since launch with Packs, but there is still ONE thing... and it has been driving me crazy and the reason why I have stopped playing the game altogether now. BABIES! When Sims 4 first launched in September 2014, your Sim would give birth to a piece of furnature and then a 10ish year old child would jump out of the basinette. We finally got Toddlers in January 2017. We waited for four years for that and it's now April 2020 and STILL waiting for babies to no longer be furniture. No more packs, no more expansions, no more ❤️❤️❤️❤️ for me to buy, I just want babies that are NOT furnature and are ACTUAL Sims like Toddlers are! Why is that too much to ask?!?!
  • PointlessHippiePointlessHippie Posts: 9 New Member
    Diagonal stairs.
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