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    @king_of_simcity7 - ah, another introvert like myself. 😃 I’m enjoying this lockdown. My wife works in essential as she works at a retail store with a pharmacy so she has to gamble and go out. I’m in a risk category so I've gone into seclusion. What would be nice would be a working computer. ~sigh~
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    @Nikkei_Simmer Well there is no fear of missing out. No competition. No one sharing a picture of their flashy new car or at a fancy restaurant with people they don't even like. No dramas and it is clear who the decent people are compared to the selfish.

    The other day I was walking down some steps. There was space for two people to pass but someone saw me come down and waited for me to pass before he went up. I like that as it shows that people are thinking of others. There is a surge of Facebook posts shaming people flouting the rules but I see no problem in that. The usual arrogant people are being exposed.

    In fact it is almost like how I play The Sims. Someone must be hitting the C button on our lives right now!
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    Hope all is well with everyone.I miss all our old friends that used to chat here, but glad to
    see new people to!

    Love Alison's outfit so pretty!
    The triplets look great! What
    a beautiful wedding with the red sky in
    the background.Your screenshots always
    amaze me.

    I'll have to level up my sim's science skill!
    I have yet to dabble with that, so now's a good
    time to try.

    Your lockdown reminds me
    of Florida's lockdown.We are locked
    down but still can go out and about.XD

    Thanks for the birthday wishes =)

    As much as the imaginary friends annoy me,
    that is one adorable picture!

    Yay! another chapter coming =)
    Gah, he is one handsome sim.:o
    Omg! Perfect capture of the death stare
    I choked on my soda.XD
    Adorable photos.
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    Haven’t been having a good week, not due to the virus but other things. I didn’t play or do feedback due to that. Gonna take a day or two to feel better but I’m not going to be gone long.
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    @Brandontaylor I'm sorry to hear that and I hope you feel better soon.

    @king_of_simcity7 I hope that all improves shortly. I agree on your longer post on this page.

    @emorrill Been feeling a bit ill for the past 1 1/2 weeks. It was light, so either a really light version of Covid or something else, don't know which is worse. (I can't have spread it so that's good)
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    Alrighty everyone! :smiley: FINALLY the conclusion of Chapter 5 is here (in two posts. Yup, it was too long like I figured. *sigh* Oh well. :p )

    Those of you who are familiar with Stardew Valley might enjoy reading some of the "Lore" (not sure if that's the proper word :lol: ) I incorporated into one of these scenes. :smirk: *Also, I realize that a lot of dialogue to read is not everyone's cup of tea, so I appreciate the time y'all take to truly read my chapters. <3 That being said, there are many important details or clues hidden within all those words about the story that you don't want to miss by skimming so...

    Anyhoo, enough of my rambling. Enjoy! :blush:

    Pelican Town to Sims Town
    Continuation of Chapter 5...

    After they finished foraging all around the lake, Abigail, Leah, and Maru got back into the car and traveled down to the base of the hills where they happened upon a walking path that led...somewhere. Their curiosity was piqued. It was now midday and the outside temperature was rising quickly. Walking the path in the heat with barely any trees around to provide shade didn’t sound too appealing to Leah, who never cared for hot weather to begin with. “I say if the trail is longer than a mile we turn back,” she suggested. “Besides I’m almost out of water.” They each felt guilty for not packing more.

    During their mile walk they all happened upon a few different gemstones sitting around on the grass just off the path which seemed...interesting to them all, but mostly to Abigail. Finding these was too easy, she thought with a raised brow. Then her eyes caught hold upon a tall and massive structure; a water tower. “Oh wow!” she breathed and darted towards it to get a closer look. Leah and Maru followed.

    “Oh my goodness isn’t it amazing!?” Abigail asked, clasping her hands together in excitement.
    Leah glanced over at Maru and asked, “Are you seeing just a water tower too?”
    “Yup,” came the reply.
    “Okay. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't hallucinating from the heat or something…”
    Maru stifled a chuckle.


    “Sorry girls,” Abigail said, somewhat overhearing, “I know it’s not the usual thing to get excited about, but I’ve only ever seen one in books and they were always kinda cool to me. I’m gonna go stand underneath it! Join me if you want.” And off she went.

    Leah and Maru stayed put, standing side by side gazing up at the tower. A light breeze kissed at their cheeks.
    “Well,” Maru started with a sigh, “you mentioned being almost out of water so…,” she gestured with her head and winked.
    “NO thanks!” Leah emphatically voiced. “I’d rather drink from the lake back there than that smelly, stagnant water that’s been in that tower for goodness knows how long!”
    Maru laughed. She felt exactly the same.


    Back at the girl’s house, Emily had been hard at work harvesting the fruits and vegetables that were ready out in the backyard, while Haley hung out on her bed surfing the World-Wide Web from her cell phone, teetering her legs and blowing gum bubbles. Penny was taking it easy, per Harvey’s orders, and sat on the couch reading some books while sipping on water at the same time. Once noon approached they were all hungry and joined up in the kitchen to find something to eat.

    At the table, upon finishing her lunch, Haley groaned, “I’m so bored!” Emily just rolled her eyes. “Hey Emily, will you let me play with your hair?”
    “No,” her sister answered with a hint of annoyance. It’d been asked many times before. “I don’t know why you keep asking me, you know I don’t like it.”
    “Well maybe because it’s fun and,” she then mumbled, “you could use a new style.”
    Emily heard and shot her a look.
    “Or at least let me put some make-up on you. I promise to use only the colors you want.”
    “Oooh, are you offering a makeover?” Penny asked in her ever soft tone. “That sounds like fun!”

    Haley glanced over at Penny with wide eyes and a bright grin, like she’d just seen a giant diamond. “You'd like a makeover? Because girl I’ve been wanting to play with your hair for a LONG time!”
    Penny wasn’t exactly sure what she meant by that, but she smiled and replied, “Sure. I’d love to get some ideas on how to better style my hair. I figure I’m about due for a new look.” She cupped one of her loose buns with a blush and might’ve been thinking about wanting to surprise Harvey.
    “Yeah girl because pony buns are SO ten years ago,” Haley said with a dismissive wave. “No offense…”
    “None taken. I’ve kinda kept this same look since I was 16 so…”
    “Well what are we waiting for?” Haley asked, holding out her hands. “Come with muah!” And she led Penny into the bedroom like an excited schoolgirl at recess.
    Emily lowered her head and thought, Oh boy…

    Haley pulled a chair up to the vanity and bid Penny sit down. Then she stood directly behind her, studying her, as they both stared into the large mirror.


    “Okay,” the blonde began, “so what we want to do is give you a more womanly look since you’re not in the schoolhouse tutoring kids anymore’re in your twenties now, right?”
    “Yes. Twenty-two.”
    “Perfect! I have just the right look in mind for you. Let me go plug in the curling iron and then I’ll give your hair a good brush while it’s heating up!”
    “O-Okay,” Penny said, suddenly feeling a little nervous.
    Emily passed by Haley while entering the room and sat herself down in a nearby chair. She and Penny exchanged smiles for a moment and then she said, “There’s no going back now,” and winked.
    “Yeeeah. Should I be nervous?”
    “No. She’s the best,” Emily sincerely replied.
    “Alrighty!” Haley practically squealed upon entering the room again with a brush in hand. “Out with the old Penny and in with the new!”
    Oh dear, Penny thought, with a gulp, I hope this is a good idea…

    Haley pulled the hair ties out of Penny’s hair more forcefully than she cared for, but could tell Haley was already enjoying herself. That always made Penny happy, helping others feel happy. The three girls made small talk as Haley ran many brush strokes through Penny’s fine, auburn hair. The time soon came to use the curling iron and Haley didn’t use it as much as Penny, and Emily, were expecting; just curling the ends of her hair and bangs.

    When she finished, she set down the curling iron and sighed while saying, “’s done. What do you think Penny?”
    “Wow!” came the whispered response.
    “I think you look fabulous!”
    “Beautiful,” Emily added.


    Penny’s smile beamed while gazing at her reflection. For a moment she could hardly believe it was her. She felt prettier than she’d ever felt before, and more confident. Like a woman. I wonder what my mom would think of it? She dismissed the thought rather quickly though...because she knew exactly what the reaction would be.

    “Well? Do you like it?” Haley asked, feeling a little antsy.
    “I love it,” Penny expressed, “I feel like a whole new person.”
    “Yeah yeah girl! That’s the point!”


    “The guys will be lining up outside the door just to ask you out,” Emily said with a wink.
    Penny blushed and pulled at the end of her hair a bit while looking away. “Oh I doubt that…”
    Then Emily playfully slapped her shoulder. “Yeah right! One of them is bound to get all googly-eyed over your new look like say...I dunno...SAM!”
    Penny whipped her head around and faced her with a look of shock.
    “Ohhhh yeah!” Haley chimed in. “I forgot about what that little squirt Vincent was going around and telling people.”
    The color drained from Penny’s face. “What was he telling people?” she asked, heart pounding.

    Now it was Haley who playfully slapped Penny’s shoulder. “Like you don’t know!” she exclaimed. “How he saw his older brother pinning you against a tree and--”
    “No,” Emily corrected, “he wasn’t pinning her against the tree, he was lifting her up into the tree and ‘they sat on a branch for hours flirting.’” She grinned at Penny. “Those were his words not mine.”
    Penny facepalmed. “Vincent saw that?” she whispered. “And told everyone about it?”
    “So it DID happen!?” Haley about squealed. “Oh now you gotta give us the details girl! What were you two doing up there?” She smirked.

    “Nothing!” Penny replied with a tone, her hand slapping down upon her lap. She felt mortified by the implication that’d been going around town against her knowledge. “We were just climbing a tree together, like we always did as kids, chatting about...oh I don’t even remember what we were chatting about.” Then she looked both of them straight in the eye. “Sam and I are just friends, nothing more. Sure I had a crush on him when I was thirteen, but...he never showed any interest in return so that faded and we continued on as friends.”

    Emily’s eyes lowered in remorse. “I’m sorry Penny...I didn’t mean to upset you.”
    “I’m sorry too,” Haley added.
    “It’s okay,” Penny kindly assured. “I can understand both of your curiosity.”
    “And if I’m being honest,” Emily added, “I had a hard time believing you and Sam were an item. You two are like total opposites to me.”
    “Well you know what they say? Opposites attract,” Haley said, picking at her nail.
    “Not in this case,” Penny politely said, then smiled. “I can see how Vincent misread what he saw. He’d sometimes ask me if I would ever become his big sister.” She chuckled, with a glimmer in her eye. “I love that kid. I miss him…” Now the smile disappeared as she tried not to let her emotions get the best of her again.
    Emily placed a comforting hand upon Penny’s and smiled.
    “I will say this, that Sam is mighty fine,” Haley said, fiddling with Penny’s hair again. “He and Alex both are. The best looking of the bunch I say!”
    Hearing that, Penny and Emily looked away for a moment, disagreeing.

    Once the short silence passed, Penny spoke. “Say Haley, do you have any cute outfits I could try on to go with my new look?”
    Haley’s face beamed. “I thought you would never ask!” She then had Penny stand in front of the floor mirror to get a better look at her.


    “Hmm,” she mumbled, gripping her chin. “While I agree that yellow is a great color on you, it’s bright and screams energy, which is so not complimentary to your calm and quiet personality. We need something lighter, and I don’t want to go with any shade of green because it’s such a commonplace color for redheads.”
    Emily just shook her head with a slight grin.
    “Let me see what I can find here…”

    After trying on numerous different tops, Penny and Haley finally settled on one they both agreed with. Not only did it match with her hair, but with the darker shade of red in her skirt as well. Haley picked out a few accessories to go with it, as well as promptly ditching her stockings and fuchsia pumps for some matching strap heels. Lastly she applied a little makeup.

    “That should do it,” Haley concluded, gazing into the mirror with Penny.


    “Girl you look amaze! Not to mention that top really shows off your amazing cleavage!”
    “HALEY!” Emily cried. “My gosh…”
    Penny blushed.
    “What!?” Haley cried, with her hands spread out. “‘If ya got it, flaunt it’ right? And this girl’s GOT it! It’s about time she flaunts it.”
    Emily gave her an unamused look. “There’s nothing wrong with being modest about it,” then she addressed Penny. “That aside, you really look stunning Penny. You’re gonna surprise everyone with your new look.”
    “Thanks,” came the sweet reply. I sure hope so… She then turned and gave Haley a hug, thanking her as well.


    “It was my pleasure,” Haley said, giving her a quick squeeze before breaking the embrace. “Come back to me anytime you wanna change up your look.”
    “I think I’ll stick with this one for now, but thanks.”
    Emily came over and gave Penny a hug too. “Now go take on this new world sweetie!”
    “That’s the plan,” Penny said with a grin.


    She now had a feeling that great things were going to come to pass for her here. So many opportunities had already opened themselves up before her. It felt glorious and freeing, something she really hadn’t felt in years. Her anxiety was gone and replaced with a renewed hope in the future.

    Jas and Vincent, take care sweeties. You’ll always hold a special place in my heart. And mom...I hope you know that I understand and...I forgive you for it. I pray you’ll be there to greet me when I return.


    Continued in the next post (hopefully :lol: ) below! 👇
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    Part 2 of today's update:

    Author's Disclaimer:
    There's a little bit of cursing in this one and references to addiction withdrawals.

    As the day wore on into the late afternoon, Abigail, Leah and Maru found themselves in a dusty area, surrounded by a low chain link fence, just down the hill from an old vacant gas station and gift shop. The enormous statue of some reptilian creature they just passed intrigued them, but also gave them the chills. But what was even more chilling, was running into skeletal remains of possibly just such a creature and they instantly froze in their tracks.


    “Does this mean those giant reptiles actually exist!?” Leah asked with a shiver.
    “These are SO cool!” Maru said with excitement.
    “On the bright side Leah, this one is dead,” Abigail grinned.
    “NO! They HAVE to be extinct! Please oh please God let them be!” Leah cried, eyes closed and hands clapped together in prayer.
    “They most likely are,” Maru assured, stepping closer and placing her hand upon one of the bones. “These bones look ancient; and are fossilized. I’m gonna give one a quick scan with my handy dandy scanner here.” After a minute doing that, she informed, “Yup. These bones are 68 million years old.”
    “Oh thank you Lord!” Leah praised.
    “And they’re known as Dinosaurs,” Maru read on. “And they are indeed classified as reptiles.” She continued reading on in her head. “Hmm, this is fascinating. The existence of these creatures is WAY cool! But yeah, wouldn’t want to be alive during the same time as they were.”
    Leah shuddered again.
    “Do you think a fragment of these fossilized bones will be of any use to us?” Abigail asked.
    “Useful? I doubt it, but definitely great for studying and analyzing.”
    Abigail whipped out her phone again. “I’ll call Harvey again and ask just to be sure. He kinda blew me off earlier when I asked what his thoughts are on the barrier I ran into because something came up on his end I guess.” She shrugged and dialed.

    “Hey it’s me again,” she greeted when Harvey answered. “Why did you blow me off earlier?”
    “Sorry about that,” Harvey said, “we were trying to have a discussion with a guy at City Hall wasn’t going so well.”
    “How do you mean?”
    “It’s,” he hesitated, “too much to explain over the phone, we’ll have to meet again as a group and talk about it later.”
    Her brows furrowed. “Okaaay. So anyway I called to tell you that we happened upon some 68 million year old bones from these giant reptiles called Dinosaurs!”
    “Really? That’s awesome!”
    “Yeah, so should we grab a fragment of one of these things? Will it be useful to us in any way or just for studying?”
    “It’s possible both. But yeah please do grab some fragments, I’d love to take a look at it.”
    “I figured as much,” she smiled. Definitely keeping one for myself!

    “So you guys haven’t run into any magical barriers too?” Abigail then asked him.
    “Nope,” he replied. “I doubt there will be any in town, but I’m sure if we traveled far out in the opposite direction from the hills we would.”
    “And what are your thoughts on the barrier?”
    “Well, it’s now apparent that magic is involved in this world. Perhaps the Wizard is trying to keep us contained into one area of it for the purpose of the quest.”
    “Ugh...that just makes me feel claustrophobic!”
    “It certainly creates a suffocating feeling for sure.”
    “But WHY though? And is this even a real world out in the cosmos or just one the Wizard created to watch us in like a snowglobe!?”
    “I don’t know Abigail, we’ll have to figure that out later. Right now I’m trying to find out where the Hospital is…”


    “Yeah and you shouldn’t be driving and talking on the phone at the same time Harvey!” Shane raised his voice to purposely reach Abigail, straight through Alex’s ear it seemed.
    “Oh you’re driving?” Abigail asked. “You coulda told me that…”
    “Well we’d just gotten in the truck when you called and I didn’t want to ‘blow you off’ again,” Harvey said, “Plus I’m driving so slow here in town that I figured--”
    “He figured that HE, mister high and mighty, is okay to do it when normally he’d get after US for doing it!” Shane leaned over to yell once again into the phone.
    Harvey sighed. “I gotta go…,” he told Abigail, with an unamused look.
    “Yeah, good idea. Catch up with you guys later!”

    Shane leaned back into his seat, arms folded and with a proud smirk, but the feeling was short lived. As he watched the same buildings pass by again out the window, he let out an exasperated sigh. “Why do we need to find the Hospital right now anyway? None of us are dying or anything…”
    “Because,” Harvey snipped, carefully studying each building, “I wanna make sure I’m not the only living Physician around here.” I sure hope I’m not…

    He was still trying to recover from what the three of them were continuing to discover. When they stopped by the Library, Gym, Art Studio, City Hall, and other random offices and stores, they encountered the same android-like persons as the woman in the Grocery Store; carrying very little intelligence with pre-programmed responses. And they were all just manning the front desks, there were no other workers or residents mingling around. It was quickly becoming apparent that the twelve of them from Pelican Town were the only living and intelligent life forms on this least in this town, which seemed to be shut off from the rest of the world, as Abigail had recently informed. Harvey wasn’t ready to believe it, or to accept it, for many concerning reasons.

    Having gone up and down the streets of the small town a couple of more times and not discovering any sort of medical clinic (“Hey! There’s the Bar!” Shane exclaimed), Harvey pulled the truck over, stepped out and abruptly closed the door behind him, leaving the other two within. He wove his hands together behind his head and stared off into the distance, trying to catch his breath. Alex shot a questionable look at Shane, who just scowled and sunk back into his seat.

    Why are there no medical clinics or a Hospital here? Why aren’t there any real people? And why the barrier? Harvey asked in his mind.


    He gazed up toward the sky. “It doesn’t make any sense!” he voiced. “WHY!?”

    Then he lowered his head. What is the meaning of all this? This is not what we signed up for. We were just supposed to go on a quest; do a favor for the Wizard. He sighed. God help us...if You’re even there.

    “Harvey?” Alex gently asked, he and Shane approaching him from behind. “You okay?”


    Quickly pulling himself together, the Doctor replied, “Yeah. I will be.”
    Shane folded his arms. “Are you seriously getting emotional over the fact that there’s no Hospital?” he asked while rolling his eyes. “We’re not gonna need one.”
    “You don’t know that…”
    “The Wizard is playing some game with us in this made up world. We’ll solve it eventually without hurting ourselves.”
    “Again, you don’t know that.”
    “Don’t treat me like some mo'ron Harvey! I’m smarter than you think!”
    “He’s not saying you’re a mo'ron Shane,” Alex stepped in. “Harvey, it makes sense there aren’t any medical clinics here because the residents aren’t human.”
    “But WE’RE human. The Wizard knows this.”

    Alex gulped. “Well, if anything does happen to any of us...we’ve got you. You’ve been patching us up back home for a while now.”
    “True, but,” Harvey paused to turn and face them, his bangs plastered to his forehead from the perspiration, “there’s only so much I can do. I’m no specialist or surgeon and beyond that I have no medical supplies. The Grocery store had nothing except for band-aids and a few pills to cure a headache and alleviate allergy symptoms.” His tone grew louder. “I don’t have much to check basic vitals with. I can’t run tests. I don’t have any needles or thread for sutures, nothing to start an IV with or IV fluids. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I don’t even have a defibrillator! I have NOTHING!” The two stared at him blankly now. “We don’t know what’s out there,” he said, pointing behind him, “what dangerous wildlife there is or foreign illnesses to our systems. You two understanding now!?” His wet bangs now dangled over his stressed eyes, giving off that mad scientist look. It made what he was implicating pierce into Shane and Alex’s minds all the more.

    After a moment of silence, Harvey brushed the bangs away from his eyes and continued in a softer tone, “I’m not going to trust that the Wizard has removed all harm in this world from us or if so, will protect us from it. He is not that powerful.”
    Alex lightly nodded, some of the concern rubbing off on him. “We’ll figure everything out Harvey. We’ll be alright,” he said to comfort himself more than anything.
    “I say we could all use a drink,” Shane expressed, with his arms still folded. “Unless you don’t drink Doctor?” he disrespectfully asked Harvey with a raised eyebrow.
    Harvey met his gaze with a stern look and replied, “I drink...just responsibly.”
    If he was implying anything, Shane didn’t care to acknowledge it. He was just finally happy to get his way. “Alright then, let’s head on over to the Bar! The day is done and we have certainly carried it.” He then swung on his heel and made for the truck, promptly getting himself in.

    Alex and Harvey shot each other a curious expression at the term Shane just used, not sure if he knew exactly what it meant, or if it was even truly accurate, but they both shrugged it off and got back into the truck themselves.


    When Harvey pulled up to the bar, Shane gazed upon it from the window like he’d just found buried treasure.


    Finally, he thought, pulling the elastic cuffs from his sleeves further down over his shaking hands. He could no longer control them now and it’d taken a great deal of deteriorating mental effort to do so. Soon this will all be over and I’ll be just fine.

    Upon entering through the swinging doors Shane stopped right before the bar, drawing in a breath and exhaling it pleasurably. He could swear it smelled just like the Stardrop Saloon back home. The guy behind the bar was mindlessly drying the glasses; he expected as much.


    Alex took a seat at the end of the bar, reading the available drinks from a small chalkboard on the wall. Harvey stood between him and Shane, thinking it probably best that he refrain from drinking since he had already become the designated driver.

    “Bartender,” Shane happily addressed while sitting down, “get me a ‘Boilermaker.’”


    The man stared blankly at him for a moment and said, “I don’t know that kind of drink. What can I get for you this evening?”
    Harvey couldn’t help cracking a smile while Shane facepalmed. “Just give me the strongest drink you have.”
    “You got it!”

    In no time at all the bartender shook up a drink and poured it into a martini glass, sliding it before Shane. It was lime green in color which he found to be a bit strange for their strongest drink, but this world was bizarre and at this point he didn’t care. He promptly lifted the glass and began to drink.


    No sooner had the liquid touched his taste buds that he abruptly spit it out, projectiling forward, and barely missing the bartender. It certainly caught everyone’s attention. “What the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ is this!?” he cried, wiping at his lips. “This isn’t beer or whatever the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ you machines call it over here!”
    Harvey came up to Shane’s side. “It probably contains a different form of alcohol.”
    “No! I KNOW alcoholic beverages, and yes I can even pick up on a foreign style of it, and this ISN’T one!”
    “Shane you can’t possibly--”
    “Oh yeah Mister smarty-pants if you don’t believe me try one yourself!”
    Harvey sighed and reached for Shane’s drink.
    “Not mine! Order your own!”
    Begrudgingly Harvey ordered a completely different drink and took a small sip of it.


    Licking his lips a bit he said, “Hmm. Delicious. That’s the healthiest bar drink I’ve ever tasted.”
    “Shut up Harvey!” Shane murmured while rubbing at his forehead.
    “You’re right though Shane, this doesn’t taste alcoholic at all. It almost tastes like...juice.”

    In that moment, Shane froze; the color draining from his face, beads of sweat dripping from his brow and his heart pounding within his chest. Genuine fear radiated in his eyes as he gazed at his reflection in the bar mirror and he could feel his airway becoming constricted. Oh no…

    “Bartender,” he addressed again with a choke, “What are the names of your drinks here?”
    The man paused to think for a second before replying. “Spritz Juice, Martini Juice, Daiquiri Juice--”
    “That’s enough,” he stopped. “Juice?” he then questioned, staring at him with a twitch in his eye. “ALL of your drinks are made out of JUICE? The stuff squeezed from fruits!? Even in a BAR!?”
    “Yes sir. Squeezed only from the perfect quality fruits,” came the cheeky reply.

    Shane was fuming. Crimson red outlined his vision. Unable to control his rage any longer he sprang forward and grabbed the man by his shirt collar, bringing his face before his, causing numerous glasses to fall and break onto the floor.
    “Hey! Shane!” Harvey addressed, gripping his chest to pull him back. Alex rushed over to help.
    “Quit with the bull ❤️❤️❤️❤️!” Shane hissed in the man’s face.
    The mechanical man simply stared at him in terror, not uttering a word.
    “Are you telling me that there’s not a FRICKING drop of alcohol in this entire town!? Da'mn you all and the Wizard to ❤️❤️❤️❤️!”
    “SHANE!” Harvey shouted, finally pulling him away from the bartender. He gripped his wrists to better hold him in place and ordered, “That’s enough!”

    Surrendering, mostly from his own weakness, Shane hated meeting Harvey’s gaze as he tried to catch his breath. His chest rose and fell rapidly like he’d just run a marathon and Harvey could feel his pulse palpitating through his wrists and witnessed beads of sweat rolling past his bloodshot eyes and down his cheeks. Realization suddenly set in and the Doctor couldn’t believe he didn’t recognize it sooner. “’re really not okay are you?”


    “Get your hands off me!” Shane fumed, jerking free from Harvey’s grasp, and dashed toward the swinging doors. He kicked the trash can over with great force before shoving the doors open and exiting.
    “Shane, where are you going?” Alex called out.
    “Home,” came the sharp reply. “Screw all this investigating, I’m DONE!”


    Alex and Harvey stood still, watching him disappear with sorrow in their eyes.


    “Geez,” Alex whispered, then glanced upward from hearing the hail rattling on the roof. “We can’t let him walk all the way home in this.”
    “He’s not really giving us a choice,” Harvey said, pulling out his phone and searching through his contacts.
    “But he might get hit by a car or something! You saw how he was staggering!”
    “I know, and that’s why we’re going to stealthily follow him home. If that’s actually where he’s going.” He held the phone up to his ear and waited for Elliott to answer.

    “Hey, we’re done for the day and heading back. Shane will arrive there before us.”
    “Huh? Why?” Elliott asked.
    “He’s in deep distress because he’s suffering from alcohol withdrawal and decided to walk home. We’re gonna trail behind him a ways to make sure he does, but once he steps through the door I need you to approach him calmly and keep a close eye on him. Make sure he doesn’t attempt anything...crazy.”


    Alex’s eyes widened, same with Elliott’s on the other line.
    “Once we get there I’ll see what I can do to help him.”
    “Okaaay, but...I doubt he’s gonna let you near him Harvey, especially when he’s feeling like cr’ap. It’s no mystery he doesn’t like you.”
    “I know,” Harvey sighed, “and that’s why I’ll need help from you and the other guys. He’s gonna need to be closely monitored for the next few days because...he’s gonna get a whole lot worse before he gets better. He’s going to need all the care and support we can give him.”


    That's it for Chapter 5. :) Stay tuned for Chapter 6 which I will get started on as soon as I'm able. Thank you again for reading. It means so much! :kissing_heart:
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,917 Member

    We have no lockdown in Sweden,
    here its some tougher restrictions only.
    I hope your lockdown will be over soon.


    Alex looks mighty fine in that screenshot <3.
    oh, update will go read and leave a comment later.


    Sims is fantatastic that way, we all can play the way
    we prefer to d play.


    I remember you, welcome back.
    I have a save based on the old 1989 Teen witch movie atm.
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,917 Member
    edited April 2020

    Now I have read both parts, I can tell you had great fun
    writing this cause I had fun reading it.
    Shanes look is so hot in that photo of him staring at Harvey. <3
    Penny's new hairstyle is lovely. :o,
    Hayley should become a hairdresser.

    I had to laugh at Shanes and Harvey's outing and they finding out its juice, that was a well-written scene,
    I know Shane wants his alcohol but in the sims its juice sorry Shane o:).
    I can't recall that Vincent went around saying that or it was your own writing of that scene? It would have
    been fun to see in the original Stardew valley game hehe. :D

    I loved this update great job.


    Great looking triplets right there.
    I love seeing the different saves you play.


    Great updates.


    Hope to see you back posting when your busy week
    is over.

    Happy Easter weekend all.

  • IngaInga Posts: 9 New Member
    One of the paparazzis outside my home caught fire from the heat. I felt bad for him and called the firefighters. Bizarrely when they arrived they just said that they couldn't reach the source so the poor guy died XD Now my sim is grieving this rando paparazzi haha
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,705 Member
    I feel like I shouldn’t be posting so many updates.Feels like I’m spamming.Sorry guys XD
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,917 Member
    edited April 2020

    Feel free to post as much as you like,
    no need to apologize for, its no spamming at all. The thread is a bit slow again and I think cause of the Easter
    weekend, people are busy.
  • MamaSimTeeMamaSimTee Posts: 800 Member
    You are not spamming the boards @GraceyManor You make up for slackers like me who don't post pics or stories often. You'd think that someone who writes (not for a living....yet) I'd be making up stories all the time, but I don't. Weird.

    @Brandontaylor take the time you need. We're all living in a time where we have no background on how to deal with this situation.

    It's a subject we've been talking about at the museum this week. We have no context on what we should be presenting to the public and how we should do it, because no one alive today, has had any experience with the situation at hand.

    I have good days where I'm productive (work and fun). I read. Work on various projects at home. Then there are days when I lay in bed and watch TV because I'm missing my "old life". I was hit hard this week due to a cancelation of a music festival I go to every year. Logically I knew it'd be canceled but I'm heartbroken because I only see a group of friends once a year at this festival. I miss them so much. I want to visit them but we all don't know what the future holds for us.

    I hope everyone is healthy and if you've caught the virus, I hope you have a mild version of it. For those that celebrate Passover and Easter, I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your families. Maybe even start new traditions.

    Happy Simming everyone!
    <insert inspiring comment here> :)
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,705 Member
    I got marked for spam, so I kind of felt like i was posting too much.
  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,351 Member
    edited April 2020
    I got marked for spam, so I kind of felt like i was posting too much.
    @GraceyManor What? Who would do such a thing? Your stories are awesome, and you put lots of effort into them. Did any moderator react to that?

    @emorrill Marvellous update. You are the wizard watching them in the snowglobe - and they are looking at you :lol: . Let's see what Harvey has to say about Penny's transformation. The little girl grows up. Given how long I let my sims run around in rags, it's nice to see some care in that direction.
    :lol: Another "juicy" disappointment. I can only imagine how withdrawal must be like. It's already difficult enough to abruptly stop with drinking coffee, and nobody ever talks about that. Well, I guess you don't drink any of that, so you probably don't know that reference.
    Anyway, great storytelling. Let's see how this will turn out.

    @Silverofdreams30 It was nice seeing an update from you. Beautiful pics, as always.

    @Brandontaylor I hope you hang in there. Thanks btw for the nice words from earlier.

    @Evalen That was a nice trip to Lunar Lakes. What you did to the town looks great. Anyway, it seems the trip is over.

    @MKSizzle I see Blair Wainwright's genes are still going strong in your family. Nice update.

    It's rare to see part of the family sit together and watch TV.
    The rest was either sleeping or gone on dates. Friday night...
    I still need to fix Morgana's and her two daughters' hair. They all got this hair model and this color by the game when I got rid of some cc.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,705 Member
    Ray: Hey Piper, Kimberly's not here is she?
    Piper: No, she's out with mom and dad at the moment.
    Ray: Good, I wanted to get your advice on something.
    Piper: Sure, ask away.
    Ray: So, you're female right Piper?
    Piper: I am? That's news...When did this happen?

    Ray: I just wanted to ask...What should I do if I think a woman is special?
    Piper: You want to woo her? Here's a good tip: You shouldn't ask her about
    her female-ness.
    Ray: Good point.
    Piper: Why do you ask? Are you afraid things will not progress naturally?
    Ray: Why would they? Especially when I ask a lady if she's female.
    Piper:It adds to your charm, Ray.
    Ray: Thanks.

    Kimberly: Ray...What are you doing here?
    Ray: Just wanted to thank you again for helping me out.
    Kimberly: Just doing my job.
    Ray: I know..but still...thank you.

    Ray: Sit?
    Kimberly: Sure..



    Kimberly: Uh...Ray?
    Ray: Oh..sorry.
    He quickly removed his hand from hers and looked away.
    Ray: I guess I should head back..before I do, here's my new
    address.I just moved...along with our...workspace.
    Kimberly: Alright, thanks.
  • EvalenEvalen Posts: 9,955 Member
    @Turjan Yes the Dexters are gone from Lunar Lakes, where to, will be continued in another world, The thing is I don't think that Lunar Lakes agreed with what I was doing and I had a lot of funny problems. could not solve them, so that is why my story went the way it did. But the Dexters are somewher traveling and excited to see where they end up, will they be back on Earth, will they be back to their old town. Well I do not know for sure. But they will continue.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,896 Member
    edited April 2020
    Hello all. Thought I'd pop in and maybe add a few pictures just so you've got something else to look at.

    I started playing my Perfect Genetics household yesterday but I just couldn't get into it. I wanted to age Gary up. But I don't have his future spouse nearly ready for him yet. So I shut down that game and launched the save I have in Sunset Valley and played with Donna and her girls. Donna is the sim I'm setting up to be Gary's future spouse.

    As soon as I started playing Donna's save I realised before I age Gary up I still have to get Owen to make his IF real and age up Percy to teen and his IF made real Pat will need to age up too. But before I age them up I need to have them play with Martin for a while because Martin has just aged up from toddler. And Pat needs to go to school to get a Grade of A so I can choose his trait. So it's still a while before I can age Gary up. I knew that but aging him up soon was all I could think of. Plus the game crashed. I'm pretty sure I need to reset the lot again and also probably need to move a few of them out soon as there are currently 17 sims in the household including the cat and dog.

    I managed to get a few screenshots and recorded some video of Donna and Mabel and Petunia. Poor Mabel - her name is in a constant state of change it was Mia, then May and now she's Mabel. She's another version of Petal from Perfect Genetics. I gave Mabel a makeover so she is the least like Petal of all of her clones so far.

    Donna is in the Gardening career and she's currently level 9. She needs to sell another 50,000 or so simoleans to get to level 10 in her career. A while back she had to go to City Hall to pick up her hero award for gardening.


    I keep sending her out to consign her produce to various places. Mostly to the humble harvest stands I've got at the Greenhouse, but last time she also tried the consignment store and the elixir consignment store. I think it'll take a while. She may not make it to the top of her career before I move her to the Perfect Genetics challenge save.

    As I mentioned previously, Donna had a wish to do a gene splicing experiment. She's got to level 10 in Science now. So I let her do her experiment (once) and she got a forbidden fruit seed - so she planted it near the fountain inside her greenhouse. I placed the fountain to get more environment points to encourage them to get more lifetime happiness points faster.

    Well, Donna picked her forbidden fruit soon after making it bloom. Now she's got her LTW she is crazily blooming 'everything'. It seems to have become her favourite idle activity. She also has the Queen of the Fairies lifetime reward. I don't remember ever using it before. I don't think I was even aware of it but came across a reference to it during my research into why she couldn't get the Bloom menu option. So I got rid of the Hybrid mod temporarily. Haven't put it back yet. When I do return Hybrid to my mods folder poor Donna won't be able to get anything to Bloom ever again. Unless Hybrid gets fixed.

    Well, Donna picked her forbidden fruit seed and she got a baby girl plant sim. We named the baby Petunia. Had to come up with something plantlike for her.

    Here is Donna holding Petunia still standing where she stood as she picked her new baby girl. Donna spends a lot of time in her swimwear due to the number of sprinklers she has available to her for playing in sprinkler.

    I set up a little nursery for Petunia in the corner of the greenhouse. She is, after all, a plant so she may as well grow up among the plants.

    The house that's attached to this greenhouse has only 3 rooms. A main room containing kitchen, TV, Dining and reading objects. A bedroom with a single bed. That's where Mabel sleeps now. A tiny 4x2 bathroom with toilet and shower attached to the bedroom. There is another shower in a second larger room I added to the side of the greenhouse. That room has a lot of different skilling objects.

    Here's Donna working on her sculpting skill. I'm getting her to make 25 ice sculptures so she will be able to make ice sculptures that don't melt before she goes to live in her new home with Gary.




    Mabel wants to join the gardening career too. If she does that, she'll start off at level 9 as that's where the household gardening career is.

    Mabel is now a Young Adult. Her toddler times lasted about 2 seconds in this save, her childhood was similarly brief and she was a teen for a while but when she got up to A Grade student I was over her going off to school every day so she had a birthday the same day as baby Petunia. I got video of their birthdays but didn't manage to get a screen shot. I will weave some of the Donna/Mabel/Petunia video into the Perfect Genetics challenge videos until I finally move them into the world with the Walker household.

    It's Winter in Sunset Valley and Mabel has developed a passion for making snowmen. She started on this one while I allowed her about 3 seconds of free time after returning her home. She'd been out collecting gems and metals and had built a snowman at the graveyard. I got video of that but not screenshots. Lucky I managed to get this screenshot. It is just behind the greenhouse on their home lot in Sunset Valley.


    I'm trying to give you extra screenshots due to the situation - we are all stuck indoors hiding from this virus. In my country we are not even allowed to go out for a drive. Police are everywhere stopping cars to ask why they are out and if it's not for an approved reason there are huge fines imposed and they are told to turn around and go back home. My state is very serious about keeping the people with the virus to a minimum. We still have less than 1,000 cases in the state and a lot less than 100 deaths. Most of our cases (about 3/4 of them) came from people returning from overseas but there is a small amount of community spread in 3 locations in the state and that's why they won't let us leave our suburb until they have found the source of each of those areas of community spread and have them under control. There is a list of about a dozen or so reasons why you can go out including to buy food, medication, see doctor, go to essential work. Definitely no groups of more than 2 people allowed anywhere including inside private homes unless the people in the house actually live there, or the people in the group live in the same house plus one other individual provide they all apply the social distancing rule.

    Anyway, I got some pictures of the house Donna and her girls live in.



    I built the tiny house at the bottom of the screen first because she didn't have much money. She started her garden outdoors and sold her produce at the humble harvest stands at the greenhouse. The first lot she sold direct from her inventory.

    When she had enough simoleans I added the greenhouse to her house. I used constrainfloorelevation false cheat to make the external walls a little taller so the trees wouldn't poke through the greenhouse roof.

    After Donna had got to level 10 in gardening she hired the gardening service.

    I did a bit of research to find out why she couldn't use the bloom interaction with plants and discovered it was due to a bug in the Hybrid mod. I downloaded all my mods from NRAAS to get the newest versons. Some hadn't changed but there were new versions of many of them including GoHere. I had previously removed GoHere from my mods folder as it has a bug that stops the Plant Sim flower trail. I want that in my videos. Since I was getting new versions of the mods, I got the new version of GoHere but didn't have a Plant Sim in the household to test if the mod had been fixed. I have a toddler version of Petal in my library. I grabbed her and aged her up to teen just so I could see her flower trail. I could have seen it in younger versions but I didn't want to go through all the toddler training and child training as she was just going to show me her flowers or not and then be annihilated. There were no flowers when she walked. I got rid of the mod. I kept the sim. :s

    So that's a very brief history of the game so far.

    Donna, and now Mable, are working on getting as much skill as possible.

    So far Donna has maxed gardening, science, sculpting.
    She's working on Fishing and Handiness and is more than half way there with those two skills. She's also working on sculpting as she needs to be able to make non melting ice sculptures because that's what I like to have my sims do. Until she can make the ice sculptures that don't melt she's selling all the ice sculptures she makes and is making quite a lot of simoleans out of it. She needs to make 25 ice sculptures to get to her goal and she's made 9 so far so she's still got a way to go. She should speed up a bit soon as she's made a total of 16 sculptures so far and once she's made 20 she'll get faster.

    Donna needs to catch a dragon fish for an opportunity she has so I sent her and Mabel to China. Mabel had a successful trip. Both of them completed their first adventure and Donna collected 1 part of the Tomb Collection from China. Donna then went fishing for Dragon Fish and didn't catch anything due to her fishing skill being too low. Mabel amused herself by borrowing Donna's collection helper and using it to collect as many gems and metals as possible during their 3 day stay. Her adventure was a bit of a chain - went to the Dragon Cave and then had to find palladium and lapis lasuli. As a result she has visa level 1 now. Donna is still on visa 0.

    Now they've returned home, Mabel is going to continue working on various skills. She hasn't mastered any yet but is level 8 in Gardening and 6 in Logic. She's been discovering potions to advance her logic skill. Now she's got an inventory full of gems she can start cutting them in the gem cutting machine to try to learn how to make as many different gem cuts as possible. I'd like Donna to get to know a lot of those cuts too. She can do emerald and sculptors egg so far so she's got a long way to go.

    Here is the main living area of the original house (at the bottom of the picture above).



    The bedroom and bathroom in the original house are too small to effectively get a screen shot of them.

    Here are the three occupants sleeping.

    Donna sleeps in her fairy house

    Mabel has taken over Donna's old bedroom.

    Petunia is still small enough to sleep in her garden nursery.

    When the time came to add some extra skilling objects to the household, I decided to add a new room to the greenhouse, separate from the original small house. The original greenhouse was an odd shape as I sort of followed the layout of the original outdoor garden. I couldn't follow the original fences exactly because when using the greenhouse roof decor you must follow the rule of 6. Each piece I use is 6 x 3 squares so to fit them all together nicely I need to work on a grid of 6 x 6 squares. Therefore the greenhouse didn't exactly reflect the exact shape of the original garden.

    I decided to add the new work room to the rear and side of the existing greenhouse.



    I have extended it a bit to allow extra skilling objects to be added. They haven't used everything yet. I expect Mabel to use the bot building machine soon as she got the bot fan trait when she aged up. I briefly wondered how that'll work with a plant sim. I haven't had her transition to bot form yet. She got it because I couldn't choose her traits when she aged up due to me not allowing her to get any skills. I did choose a trait for her when she aged up to YA as she'd been to school by then and got a Grade of A. I gave her Green Thumb. She seems keen on gardening.

    It's Winter in game and fishing holes are iced up and it's just too cold to go out and fish. Also wanted a place for a few other things including tables to hold birthday cakes and they are growing a lot of grapes so I added a couple of nectar making machines. When Petunia aged up to toddler I added a few toddler items for her to use. So far she's mastered peg box, xylaphone and learned to walk. Mable taught her to walk.

    This final new room I called the Nectary. That's what I wanted it to be initially. But it's more than that now after I added a computer and desk, and a wishing well. Donna is fishing to get her fishing skill up so next time she goes to China she will be able to get that elusive dragon fish.





    The nectary is doubling as a place for birthdays to be celebrated and for the toddler to be safe from sprinklers and gardeners - although she will be free to wander wherever she likes to be.

    This household is preparing to be part of the future of the Perfect Genetics Challenge and if you've been following that video series you will probably like to see this post to get a feel for what's coming. I am delighted that this household is all female. Including Petunia's Imatinary Friend. The current Perfect Genetics household in Moonlight Falls is almost totally male. Out of 15 sims only Olivia, Cindy and Petal are female. We need to do some work on balancing that out and adding Donna and her girls to their number, even if in a different house, will help I hope. I think even the dog and cat in the Walker household may be males as well.

    So that's it for now. I better get to work on my next video. I hope you are all staying well and safe.

    Bye for now and Happy Simming.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,896 Member
    It occurred to me I hadn't shown you any nice shots of Mabel.

    Here she is in her everyday outfit and in her robot form.



  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 9,430 Member
    Well, I'm off for the next few days so what do you guys think I'm gonna be doing? lol, yep, Simming!! Sorry, these comments are late, but I was busy and played catch up this afternoon.

    @king_of_simcity7 Cute pics of them sunbathing.
    Ah, more kisses.
    I hope the PM is getting better. I saw a report he is not on a vent, just oxygen which is a good thing.

    @Silverofdreams30 He's a cute fellow. I guess they could have sat on the bed or the floor. :lol:
    The one with the orangey hair is probably Asteria. She is the daughter of the King. Although, the Prince's wife has ginger hair too, not quite as orange though.

    @jonny522 The portrait turned out really good.

    @emorrill I read that part, but didn't really place it that he was the oldest!
    Those microphones were around after I didn't sing out loud anymore. lol

    @Cororon That is a cute sewing pose!

    @GraceyManor Hope you feel better!
    I've not tried to firefighter career but read enough about it that I'm probably not going to try it.
    Nice to see her being nice and sweet to Ray. Whoa.... a hug even! Cool!
    Oh, hope you are not coming down with something! But, you don't need to be spreading anything right now even if it is not the virus, people are freaking if you sneeze from allergies.
    Morgan! A woman scorned. Gotta watch out for them.
    Poor Ray, in trouble again.
    Sure is good he has Kimberly at his back.
    Ray must have the socially awkward trait! I laughed at the convo with Piper.
    They put a spam thing up back when the bots were attacking the forums. You have to wait about 5 minutes I think before you can post after getting that message. I've got it before when I was popping around the forums and making comments in several threads.

    @MamaSimTee Thank you! Don't forget to hit that C button every once in a while. :grin:
    I hope you have a lovely Easter as well.

    @Karritz Congrats on the new video.
    Donna sounds very successful!
    Bummer about your supplies. :disappointed:
    It's nice seeing Donna's space and all her skilling equipment. She's been very busy learning and taking care of the little one.

    @Turjan Thanks for the comment on the king as a great-grandpa.
    Those are cute pics of Lucas and his Mom dancing. I finally turned off tourists in my main traveler connected towns. I kinda was weird seeing Rafe or Gardenia or one of the others running around as a tourist when I knew they were supposed to be in their homeworld doing something else. lol
    ya, know...all these years I've played I've never had a meteor attack. I don't know what I'd do if it did happen, but, I don't have seasons in right now and I think it has to have seasons in play to happen. That is a cool picture of the aftermath.
    cute photo of the family watching tv. Mine seem to play video games more than watch TV.

    @Evalen Asha is a cutie. Congrats and glad to see that Lillie was able to accept her.
    oh, wow....nasty fire.
    Nice new house. Ah, another portal. Good luck to them!!

    @Nikkei_Simmer I was never crazy about building a city because of all those whiny citizens wanting more roads, more parks, don't put industry near my neighborhood, don't raise my taxes but gimme gimme gimme! etc. I let loose the disasters and enjoyed watching the destruction. I learned to cheat the game when I restarted and turned off the whining. lol

    @MKSizzle Glad, you got your new puter up and running. I do remember the family and look forward to new updates.

    @emorrill Great pictures of Alex and Harvey! :love:
    I do believe the guys were trying to tell you to back off and let them get on with it.
    Gosh, Shane is cute even when he is giving you the stink eye! :heart:
    Lovely scenery picture!!
    I loved the update and enjoyed reading it this morning with my coffee.
    I loved Penny's makeover. She looks lovely with her new hair and outfit.
    Oh, the folks back home thought she and Sam had a thing going. I wonder if Harvey heard that?
    lol at Haley commenting on Penny's cleavage. Hopefully, Harvey will approve. I look forward to seeing that part.
    I enjoyed reading about the girls finding the statue and the bones as they explored.
    The argument about driving and talking on the cell phone was funny. Shane sure enjoyed fussing at Harvey.
    What happened to the hospital? Harvey sure is perturbed and worried about that. I guess if there are no people, just droids, they don't need a hospital. Weird though.
    Shane is happy to be at the bar! Oh...he's not happy with the juice though. LOL
    Well, glad Harvey realized what's wrong with Shane. I sure hope he can help him through it with what is in the medical bag or they found exploring. Shame they didn't have a bottle or two of nectar around.

    @Brandontaylor Hope you feel better soon.

    @Inga Welcome. Poor fried paparazzi!

  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 7,928 Member
    @bekkasan, I love the way you play SCBI. :evil grin:
    Nikkei_Simmer's Sims 3 Blog - For more Sims 3 stories...

    "The only conceivable use for a vampire is as a sharpened stick tester." ~ Haruo Chikamori, werewolf
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,896 Member
    @bekkasan it's great to see you're having a few days off.

    I'm afraid Donna isn't doing much with little Petunia - she's leaving most of that up to Mabel.

    I'm about to start playing them for a while. I didn't get any video or screen shots of their visit to China. I am carefully trying to not end up with a heap of spin off video series with this lot as has happened with Oscar and Louise.

    Enjoy your simming. I'll be at home for the foreseeable future. They have us pretty much isolated from each other at the moment - except my son who lives with me has to go to work this afternoon and will have to stay overnight and return in the morning. Only people with essential jobs can go anywhere this long weekend.

    In the meantime there is always SIMMING.

    Happy Simming
  • LucidLennyLucidLenny Posts: 180 Member
    My flirty sim on a quest for the heartbreaker lifetime wish got her romantic interest to break up with his fiance... only to have to tell him later to break up with his girlfriend. :/ rethinking this one. :') I think we need to switch gears and find someone else!! She has commitment issues too so I think it'd be for the better.
    Lenny | Sims 3 | Uni Student | Timezone: EDT (UTC -4) |My blood type is A- | 50% Anxiety 25% Angst 25% Awesome | I bleed for cute sims <3
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,917 Member
    edited April 2020

    It looks like you have been busy.
    Great screenshots.


    I finally beat " Fire emblem three houses" on my Switch Lite last night
    after months trying to beat it so I'm happy now hehe.
    I hope you take a rest during your free days too, have a nice Easter.


    Thanks, nice screenshot.
    Have a good Easter weekend.

  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,917 Member
    edited April 2020
    I had to resort to removing my sliders, they have made my sims look weird in cas for a long
    time, so next update will be without sliders.
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