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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,269 Member

    lol, I forgot to put the link to that info on having a mansion but paying no bills!

    It's the second paragraph :smile:


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  • Kellogg_J_KelloggKellogg_J_Kellogg Posts: 131 Member
    Tonight I played my regular, vanilla, presesnt day rotational setting and it was the turn of newlyweds Benjamin and Faye Whalley. She works as a writer, he's a musician who had a day off. He spent the day writing a jingle, going to the gym and playing piano at the Blue Velvet nightclub and when he and Faye got home a nice, quiet and intimate night in was ruined by visits from next door neighbour, Paul Nice, Vivian Lewis and Lily Feng. The Whalleys are nice people so they didn't tell them to clear off so a little impromptu social evening happened. It was quite nice in the end.

    Things I learned: At one point Benjamin kissed Faye on the cheek and Lily Feng recoiled from it, making a "bletch" noise. Second, once everyone had left Faye was feeling energised and she and Ben finally had their intimate time. I learned that when someone is energised, the woohoo is more energetic with more popping noises. I like playing "whose foot is that" during those moments.
  • AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,269 Member

    I was in such a rush to post the comments that I forgot to address your personal issues.

    I'm sorry that you're feeling so badly. The stress does sound awful.

    For some reason I thought that your grandma was living in your home with you. But if you can't see her then I guess she isn't.

    And that's too bad that your parents can't work from home. It would be very stressful to know that one of them could be exposed at some point.

    My son and I never go out, but my husband still goes to stores and such. He washes his hands a lot! But it's still scary.

    I know you have health problems, though I don't remember what exactly they are.

    And yeah, obviously if you aren't up to posting updates don't give yourself more stress worrying about that!

    If you feel like you Have to post something you could post a stand alone screenshot or something. But yeah, you sound like you're not well at all.

    I wish I could help. I only know that I've heard reports that in places where everyone is actually staying home the spread has really dropped. So at least that's good news.

    Also, I know that people with underlying health concerns have recovered. I don't know about the elderly though. I'm sorry to say.

    If there's anything I can do to help please let me know 🤗

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  • DaepheneDaephene Posts: 688 Member
    Small update because I'm having trouble having fun with my vampire household right now. The big problem is that some of the character values are so hard to move, especially to get into the red. And I'm trying to get Cornelius to max the red on empathy, emotional control and conflict resolution. He and Wolfgang can argue for hours and it barely moves the bar, even though it might give a "-conflict resolution" message 3-4 times. Meanwhile Charlotte is trying to get the permanent green trait for every character value, and conflict resolution is almost as difficult there.

    Fortunately, there are other members of the household who can make me happy. For example, Wolfgang.
    Unlike many of you, I have kept him blonde. And apparently he has bleached his hair so much that it became genetic, and his children are natural blondes.

    Here he comforts his daughter Charlotte after her brother smashed her school project.

    I didn't know that was a thing, but it was suggested for moving emotional control further into the red, and it works. Unfortunately it can only be done to other students' projects, so Cornelius was the only one who got to turn in a project this week.

    Wolfgang has an atrocious reputation, mostly due to vampire duels and drinking without permission, so whenever he tries to make up with Cornelius after they argue he gets a lot of fails. So he had to resort to bribing his son to be his friend again. I did not know that was a thing either, and I think it's hilarious.
    Cornelius badly needed a shower at the time but his face is so funny I kept the shot anyway.

    Also, here's a shot of Wolfy trying to distract his sister in law with witty conversation while his wife drains the blood out of her arm.

    And below the spoiler, Cordelia and Wolfgang explore leaf pile woohoo.
    It might not be clear but in that last screenshot she was picking a leaf off his back. I loved that little detail.

    Other than being frustrated with the Parenthood pack right now, I'm doing ok. Hope everyone's sims are helping you stay sane in isolation!
  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 2,026 Member
    Astraea had grown a little older, yet she was still a teenager through and through. Her sixteenth birthday was coming up, and she wanted to go visit Sulani again. She remembered the boy she had met during her preteen years. Kai... the boy's name rolled off her tongue nicely. How much she missed him. They didn't share an innocent, childlike kiss for nothing. Surely the fates had put them together during her vacation. What did he look like right now? Was he as strong and muscular as she once imagined his older self to be? Not that he was a knight. She giggled at the notion.


    "Astraea, focus. Your magic is going everywhere," Hilda said, which interrupted Astraea's train of thought.

    "Sorry, mom," Astraea replied. "I was daydreaming."

    "Well, it's usually nighttime over here. So technically, you're night-dreaming."

    "Very funny. Another one of those puns?"

    "Yep. Since you're inexperienced, you can't overuse magic, as it could either drain you or cause you to explode."

    Astraea nodded. "Good to know."

    Hilda glanced at the window. "It's a genuine warning."


    Once the teenage girls finished their daily training, they approached the door. As usual, the academy was busy with young spellcasters and ancient mentors walking back and forth. Then, there was the royal meeting to attend to a few minutes. Dawn and Selene were probably in the middle of an audience outside the academy by now. Zelda and Hilda decided to speak with Cassiopeia and Astraea.

    "Is there anything you want to tell me?" Hilda asked.

    "Yes. I want to go to Sulani," Astraea replied. "To meet an old friend."

    Cassiopeia smirked. "Is it the boy again? Do you still believe he's a mermaid?"

    Astraea rolled her eyes. "He is a mermaid. I just haven't seen him in the water yet."

    Zelda held up her palms to settle the quarrel. "Now, this isn't the time to argue. Also, Astraea, if you're going to Sulani, just be safe over there."


    Cassiopeia followed Astraea into the main area. "Astraea, wait up... there is something else I want to say to you. Other than my usual teasing, of course."

    Astraea turned. "And that is?"

    "Even if I've never met a mermaid, or a merman, in your childhood friend's case, it doesn't mean they were just fictional. The other night, I had a dream where mermaids were swimming around the island. There were evil ones. If you encounter a sinister-looking merman, just teleport home. Or get someone to defend you."


    "You seem worried. Did I say too much?"


    Astraea's shoulders slumped. "No, it's not that. I'm a little scared. Am I making the right choice or am I just stumbling into danger?"

    Cassiopeia wore a comforting smile. "Well, as long as the evil merman isn't there, you're fine. If your childhood friend happens to be a strong man, he can help you."

    "I can use magic, though."

    "Yes. Use magic to defend yourself in a perilous situation."


    Astraea pulled Cassiopeia into a tight embrace. "Thank you for your kind words and your advice. Now I can enter Sulani, while keeping your words in mind."

    "No problem," Cassiopeia said. "I'll get back to my training. You can teach yourself some spells."

    "Alright, then." Astraea left the building and approached the portal. She hummed to herself as she imagined meeting Kai. "Prince Kai, here I come!" She stepped through the portal without looking back.
  • March306March306 Posts: 951 Member

    @AlwaysAsking Your update was just so sweet <3 Thorne trying really trying Lol. Don makes a great dad.

    Vlad didn't come with a ghost dog but there was a homeless one I found in the world and I moved it in with Vlad. I also edited his household to add other pets. I also did that with Caleb and Lilith. I don't like doing vampires so I'm perfectly fine that they have no room to make vampire babies. In my Game of Thrones legacy I cured Vlad and he was one of the spouses that was married into my family. The next two generations looked so crazy. In fact my generation 10 was twins and they both had Vlad's features. Lol

    The cowplant berry, I think you can get it other ways. The best way I have found is fishing it out of that way back pond at the park in Oasis Springs.
  • sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 388 Member
    Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing really well and staying healthy. Catching up on comments and stories:)
    @simyim -I liked your story with the Vatores and Kalamainu! I am looking forward to what happens next:)
    @beardedgeek -I like the idea of what you did with the tv and the trailer! I have not used that one, although I use a lot of the B/B stuff from the Movie Night Pack. Its nice to know its rain-proof! I’m getting ideas for movie night in the park….:)
    Alejandra looks amazing! I am looking forward to seeing who she will start dating:)
    @drakharis -I love playing occults too and the more the better! I seriously hope we get more. I think I probably play more of them then regular sims. Check out the expanded mermaids mod, its really cool!
    @chuchuexpress -Roddy has some very impressive iceskating skills!
    @simmelina1 -It looks like Britt and Bruce are a match made in sim heaven. They share so much in common!
    @angeliqueadelaide -XD Thorne gets all the luck!!
    @galacticgal -Wow the kids are having a very busy and productive time at university! But they seem to be enjoying themselves. I hope Erik is able to make time for Tamela. I hate to think of them breaking up. And also, WOW! That facial expression was terrifying lol!! XD
    I know! I plan on having Vivienne picking up that same gig. I am curious to see if that is part of the acting or if it is a glitch. I am kind of wanting to make a story out of it! She’s never refused a scene either, but it was weird her co-star pushed her away…
    Stay safe and stay well too:)
    @archerdk -Elric is a really cool name!
    @march306 -Poor Colby! She lived a good long life though. She will be missed.
    @daravi -I like you spellcaster sim! Sometimes its more fun to make the occult in game rather than in CAS I think. Especially the spellcasters.
    @reddestiny92 -Poor Troy! He’s in such denial! Why can’t she just end it with him so he can get over her and move on! And what kind mother is she to be living a double life? I love this story and am looking forward to more!
    @ryttu3k -I know! I think I am going to try that acting gig again to see if it wasn’t a glitch…
    @deafsimmer -I am looking forward to reading this storyline!
    @siliclone -I am glad you are hanging in there! Same here. I am so looking forward to this mess being over and done with.
    @alwaysasking -I can’t wait to see Thorne and Don’s little girl! And I am looking forward to your ROM save gameplays! Its always good to see them:)
    I am having fun with Get Famous because I have never really played the acting career that much so all these interactions are new for me. The skit really is called Tea and Treachery! Yes, sometimes their co-stars may not have the best acting skills and might flub a scene. And sometimes your sim can too! You won’t get as much money from the gig. I am planning on having Viv pick the gig up again to see what would happen, it might have been a glitch. I kind of made up the story because both co-stars were awful. I actually placed the other lady in a household (she’s still and actress) but her acting level was like 2. Viv’s is 10. I had Viv max out her acting skill by practicing in front of a mirror and reading skill books before she ever started. Should be interesting…
    The screenshots of Thorne and Don with Kalila were absolutely precious!
    @daephene -Ok, Wolfgang bribing his own son back into friendship was hysterical. I was literally laughingXD!!! He looks awesome as a vampire btw!

    So I decided to hang out with another of my Oasis Springs families! My local vampire household, the Morecombe Siblings. Siblings Griffin, Barnaby and Joanna and all their kids have been doing well. They live next door to the Fontenots. Aunt Viv Fontenot’s son, Vincent, is married to Joanna Morecombe. Apparently Joanna’s son (his biological dad is Don Lothario) is quite talented. First time I have seen a toddler holding an umbrella XD ITsGDp1.png
    The eldest sibling, Griffin Morecombe, is super happy today. He just split from the family and bought a house across the street. No worries, they all are on all good terms. Griffin’s had a hard year or so.
    Lisette shows off her new outfit to her dad. 9lu7WnA.png
    I had switched my MCCC story progression back on for a short time and some interesting results happened lol. Griffin recently found out that his ex-wife Agnes was pregnant with his twins, Isabelle and Aldo. She gave them up for adoption when they were born, as she had just started a new life with her new husband. His father Harry heard about it and managed to get custody of the babies and was caring for them until Griff could get a place of his own again.
    Actually, MCCC decided to have Agnes and Griffin have a singleton pregnancy and a set of triplets back to back. That was bananas so I deleted 2 (they live on in my library don’t worry!) and kept two. I am calling them twins.
    Griffin travels to his father’s, Harry, house in Brindleton Bay to age them up. Harry and his current wife run a foster home. Griffin ages up Aldo - iY5mXmq.png
    After their makeovers! I didn’t get a pic of him aging up Isabelle
    Isabelle atlr23w.png
    Aldo 87F9rPY.png
    Both are little stinkers.
    Griffin is a Grand Master Vampire and is head of the local vampire clan in Oasis Springs (basically the Morecombe siblings). Both his and his sister Joanna’s houses have the registered vampire lair and vampire nexus lot traits so its not uncommon for them to get random visitors of the fanged variety. They all check in if they are in the neighborhood.Vlad Bloodvein, another grandmaster vampire and a friend stops in to say hello. Vlad Bloodvein runs his own clan in Forgotten Hollow. Not much going on with his clan, they just stick to raising their kids and going to work. The guys talk about the latest gossip in the vampire community. kQTX1uy.png
    In the spoiler below. Just some random sim vampire stuff. Not really part of the story
    Vlad Bloodvein shares some news from Forgotten Hollow. Rumor has it Lacrimosa (Lacy) deMagpyr broke from her uncle Bela DeMagpyr’s clan and started her own consisting of Miss Hell and Kat Cave. She’s evil and erratic. They disappeared from Forgotten Hollow and supposedly moved to San Myshuno. Vlad heard that they attacked the Parikh family. The ladies are calling themselves the Mistresses of Mayhem D0ZGmX7.png
    Lacy unlocks the door. Rjak0iN.png
    She feeds on Mrs. Parikh VfBvWME.png
    Kat Cave feeds on the daughter. Lacy is very powerful. She managed to cause Mr. Parikh and son to hallucinate at the same time. nV4EXhu.png
    Miss Hell had accidentally crossed paths with a vampire hunter and had the cure splashed in her face. She tags along with the gang in hopes they turn her back again. She’s a kleptomaniac and steals stuff while the others feed. rUCVuCc.png
    They sell what she steals for profit.
    Vlad did have some positive news though. Lacy’s brother, Vlad DeMagpyr, who used to be very predatory himself, has turned his life around. He’s become his Uncle Bela deMagpyr’s righthand man. He and his wife Agnes Nitt (witch) had a daughter. They think she might be a vampire/spellcaster hybrid. L5lQasP.png
    He’s a doting father. l8VXRkl.png
    Griffin had some bad news himself. He has heard that another grandmaster vampire, Jacques Villareal has been causing some major problems. He’s been attacking people and fellow vampires. Griffin used to be top bat in Windenburg, but that space opened up when he moved to Oasis Springs. He wanted to move back to his old home soon, he had friends, family, and vampire offspring there. Griff’s vampire offspring Bjorn Bjergsen was particularly hard hit. Jacques had drained the life spirit from his wife Clara, causing her to lose her memory and defeated Bjorn in a fight and drove him out of the house. Griffin gave Bjorn his old house to live in. Clara left Bjorn since their relationship was destroyed. Griffin went to Jacques’ house in Windenburg and confronted him. It didn’t go well eugMk7R.png
    Griffin dismissed his evil ways and denounced him for his appalling behavior. He was a lot older than Jacques and remembered when vampires were once hunted by humans. The survivors changed their philosophy and found a way to get along. They had a good standing going on now and didn’t want vamps like Jacques ruining the status quo. btQ1jnv.png
    That resulted in a fight tfjMJj1.png
    Jacques won! RfLcSUP.png
    Griffin was humiliated!
    Vlad Bloodvein couldn’t believe that bit of information! QAZJxKF.png
    Griffin felt horrible. He couldn’t believe he was defeated. He got fairly depressed about it. Also, raising 4 kids on his own was really stressful. All his friends and family talked him into hanging out with the guys one night.
    He met up with the Oasis Springs Singles club run by Don Lothario one evening. They meet up at the Rattlesnake Bar and Grill.
    Griffin kept ordering rounds for the group 1XFmE2b.png
    His brother Barnaby, also single, tagged along (he’s the dude in the leather jacket). hfowuV9.png
    They had a good time kXTFkmA.png
    Don also was the head of a work out club. He talked Griffin into joining. Griffin figured he need to work out if he ever wanted to defeat Jacques. Don turned out to be a great trainer! gDBuZwl.png
    It was more fun working out with friends Zj4aq7B.png
    He met a particularly lovely gym trainer rmeTc9p.png
    I have never had a sim who is able to romance as fast as Griffin. No he did not use his flirty vampire power either. Its all him
    Don would be impressed. Good grief At0nn5p.png
    One thing led to another
    I think he might have a new girlfriend dfXxVCc.png

    A short while later and the family is settling into the house nicely. He runs a tight ship when it comes to parenting so the first thing they do when they get home is homework and journal entry plus chores. He was working on a legal case here too. 4e5vKvv.png
    The girls took some of their pictures and decorations from their old house and rooms to the new one. Lisette really enjoys her room and new bed. It's much bigger than her old one! 4PsXQe1.png
    Marla likes it too. Her dad got her a voidcritter battle station. 6f5zGNr.png
    She enjoys playing in the front yard. She remembers living in Windenburg and all the snow in winter. She enjoys playing outside without getting cold y1kAZdv.png
    She has been making some friends too nXNxa1N.png
    It's weird having younger siblings. She and her big sister Lisette are very close. They have been through a lot together vVI0a8M.png
    The twins Aldo and Isabelle are quite the handful. Isabelle can be very moody. She’s even trying her dad Griffin’s patience. Which is saying a lot because, he loves going into dad-mode ilqw0id.png
    Aldo is a trip. He rolled for independant and literally potty trained himself, no prompting from me! YsY6ARW.png
    He loves talking in the mirror and telling jokes. MCs6fqG.png
    Telling his dad stories 7YqNTsC.png
    And his big sister Lisette (I’ve been trying a lot of different outfits and hairstyles on him) g6s3Exj.png
    Griffin’s ex-wife Agnes comes to stop in and help on occasion 1R3iaAT.png
    Joanna Fontenot, Griffin’s little sister stops in to visit all the time. Aldo asked her to change his diaper lol! XD ODEaIVc.png
    They are slowly bonding with the twins 1nnOp67.png
    Aldo and Isabelle are quite the duo lol pMlbRHw.png
    They both had woken up hungry and were throwing fits. Griffin tries the funny face to try and get them under control GIl3fsI.png
    I make sure meals are kept within easy reach but its hard to corral them long enough to get them to eat completely. The older two girls start complaining, so the first Sunday in Spring he drops the twins off at daycare and takes Lisette and Marla to Bob’s House of Pancakes (owned by none other than Bob Pancakes XD) in Willow Creek for some father/daughters time.
    They get a table GiyKYJ4.png
    And order their food. He let Marla make the order this time. She needed to learn rmW2OSd.png
    While they wait for their meals, Lisette starts complaining about her lot in life. Acne. Dating. Clothes. Homework. Etc. Typical teenager. Well pre-teen. She just aged up. She wants to start dating, but Griffin says she’s way too young. Lets wait a few years. Ahh the joys of puberty.
    Their food finally gets there. Griffin just got coffee since he has the withered stomach and eating makes him vomit. The pancakes were good! dSiUbv5.png
    Till next time!
  • March306March306 Posts: 951 Member

    Update on Legacy 2.0 Michael + Curtis Generation 5


    Triplet #1 Ed


    Triplet #2 Gordon


    Triplet #3 Bortus

    Then the two oldest twins have birthdays.



    This is Kelly.



    This is Alara.



    Good Grades!

    Naming Theme: Characters from the show The Orville. It's a Sci-fi show taking place on a ship in outer space. It's kind of a parody of Star Trek.
  • ArcherDKArcherDK Posts: 503 Member
    @AlwaysAsking He's not a premade, no. The game makes questionable decisions regarding creation of new sims... It doesn't matter, really. Alvinas father may be some random deadbeat, but she is still my granddaughter and she will remain such.

    As for Fengs - perhaps that is the case. Who knows, really,.

    @sarabeth2984 Most gracious. :)
  • marcel21marcel21 Posts: 12,060 Member
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    Hi simmers :)

    I hope everybody. is at home and OK. looking after yourself s during this difficult time around the world right now. stay safe.

    in my game this morning
    created a new base game house bellow, a new sim and. plan to fix up. the
    House. and create a gay couple with both sims below




    my roof needs fixing first before any romance it seems lol
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  • DaraviDaravi Posts: 201 Member
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    Lol! I love that Morgyn transformed Vlad into a bunny statue! We're you controlling Morgyn, or did you just watch him do it?

    At this point I've controlled him. I've read in another thread where people show the things they transformed and I wanted to try out too.
    For me Vlad was a welcomed target >:) . Unfortunately I didn't make pictures. Also the Morgyn in this save didn't look like the original Morgyn anymore, but still eccentric. I have a soft spot for blue hair. <3

    You have made a cute update, I love these baby pictures. :D The Baby come definitely from Don. The Baby has his eyes!

    I like you spellcaster sim! Sometimes its more fun to make the occult in game rather than in CAS I think. Especially the spellcasters.

    Thank you. I think you are right.

    It turns out that Rangatira is my "baby" now, I want to make him happy <3. He has rushed (no cheat) through the career and is now a ocean observer. And, he was so happy when he saw a shark. I can clearly imaging that he has pet him and told him that he's a good boy :D.

    Well, Dora started her next step to be an astronaut, she has left the army base and moved with Maria and Tomax to Sulani. Maria has decided to take a sabbatical and started the painter career. It's autumn now and they arrived in a heavy monsoon.
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    @AlwaysAsking yes the outside of the trailer was taken from another build. ...I think I'll go the IRL celeb route. ;) I mean she's not a celeb in game, so...
    Origin ID: A_Bearded_Geek
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    @AlwaysAsking Thanks for your continued interest. I've been meaning to post pictures from my game but had a hell of a time finding a hosting site before settling on imgur.com.

    Tiberius Landgraab Jr. is a dance machine so I send him often to nightclubs. I rarely change any features of my sims as I say that "they want to look like that". He's the double of his father and his grandfather, Jim.

    Rohan & Erin I shall sort something out when I rotate back.

    Fernando Veleta is Malcolm Landgraab's grandson but inherited the dark hair from his father, Ernesto Veleta. He resurrected his Public Enemies club but is having issues with one of the members, Glenn Mayo. His club meet at the Rattlesnake Juice bar in Oasis Springs to do battle with Jordan Knight's Chiefs Of Mischief club!

  • ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 1,752 Member
    @sarabeth2984, page 653.
    Thank you!

    Right, here we go. First screenshot today, this!
    Bees and photoshoots!
    Benjamin checked on his bees:
    And then it was time for a photoshoot!
    Visiting Eliana Bunch
    Roddy visited Eliana Bunch's house:
    Eliana smiled. She then made a kissy face at Roddy, which made him giggle:
    And then Eliana gave Roddy a big smooch on his cheek:
    Eliana smiled and gave Roddy a big loving hug:
    Then the pair talked to each other:
    Later, Roddy watched the news:
    'Yeah, that was pointless' Roddy thought:
    Later, he got a snack:
    When Roddy had finished his snack, he washed the dishes:
    And then he washed his hands:
    Later, Roddy and Eliana made a snowpal:
    Later, Eliana made a kissy face at Roddy, which made him laugh:
    And then she gave him a big smooch on his cheek:
    And then Eliana gave Roddy a big loving hug:
    Roddy responded by giving Eliana a big hug as well:
    Roddy then said goodbye:
    And then he went back home.
    Cowplant time!
    Shine fed her cowplant:
    And then she gave it some attention:
    And then Shine got the mail:
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Wendy, Chloe, Shine, Tiffany, Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar.
    Be Kind Online and Stay Safe
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    Me, last night, trying to look up home remedies for secondary sinusitis: *finds line reading 'Acute sinusitis is usually precipitated by an earlier upper respiratory tract infection, generally of viral origin, mostly caused by rhinoviruses, coronaviruses, and influenza viruses'*
    Me: "Huh. Well, at least I don't have any coronavirus symptoms."
    Me, today: *starts coughing and feeling breathless*
    Me: "...ah."

    So anyway I am now living in my bedroom. Wish me luck! It's probably my asthma, but given my grandmother lives with us, better safe than sorry!

    @DeafSimmer wow, Storm is a piece of work! The last generation was Zelda-based, could this be Lion King-based?

    I mean, they have seen spell explosions, it's not an idle warning! I'm glad the girls still get on really well, too!

    @Beardedgeek wow, she resurrected it? That could be interesting! For country girls, maybe Alice or Leslie, if they're not already paired with someone else? If they're already friends, that works too! (And I did like the 'tour', mini or not!)

    @AngeliqueAdelaide they have been!! Thank you so much for the tip! I have the computer stashed in one of the empty wall spaces (there's one next to the closets) so they can order some more, but so far they're autonomously going for the packs when thirsty instead of, y'know, their roommates' throats. And yeah, I normally use those packs or various plasma food-related items as well.

    I love the tattoos I use for Caleb. It's actually all one set, this one. Lilith's are also one set (these ones), and Johnny and Morgyn's are various multiple ones. And Malcolm is so going. There's one vote for Cass to go versus six for Malcolm (and I didn't include myself there!), he is gone. Moment of reconciliation with Johnny or not, he's out the door.

    Oh my, those multiple characters do make things awkward XD

    @AlwaysAsking huh, even if you click Results? Weird. Hasn't changed much, aside from an extra vote for Malcolm XD
    Everyone is set to be able to, yeah. And it's 5% for every encounter, so statistically, there probably won't be any. I'm kind of hoping not, anyway XD;; It'd absolutely make things awkward!

    Plants are growing decently-ish! Lilith did some watering as well, although no one is autonomously harvesting anything. I'm wondering if I need to intervene then again, since I was intending that to be an income source.

    XD My main save has Lilith/Morgyn, and my Morgyn is... 5'2". In fairness, their personality is approximately seventeen feet tall ;D I think more to the point she wouldn't be happy with someone fairly chill and easy-going? She needs someone who's going to meet her at her own level of intensity. It's why I can't see her with Johnny, say (and that's even ignoring the fact that my Johnny is gay so it wouldn't work anyway!), even though they're both Outgoing.

    Cass and Morgyn both managed the cannonball, and they're the two shortest! And yeah, Caleb's pretty average height. He's actually gained a bit of muscle, amusingly, given how much he's resorted to swimming and basketball! (He sticks to yoga in my main save.)

    Aww, I did like how you told the story in this post! I still don't like Thorne much, but it was actually - dare I say it - sweet.

    @Daephene oh no XD Wolfgang is an actual disaster. Bribing his own son, really? XD

    @sarabeth2984 aww, cute kiddos! The vampire drama is really interesting - Miss Hell being cured sounds like it has some good drama, and Jacques is definitely a cause for concern! Glad Griffin had some good bonding time with his girls!
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    Hi all - I really miss this thread - I have holidays soon so at least I know there is plenty of good reading waiting for me :)
    Who would have thought that working from home would make you more busy then doing your job and commuting etc???

    I have been too tired to play my regular sims so I have been continuing with the 100 babies... it is quite routine once you get into it. However, my matriarch has had 28 kids and only has 6 days left until she is an elder - plus she currently has 7 kids in the house and the oldest has just become a child so I think her time is done - little Rose Hecking, who was just born, looks like becoming the new matriarch. Maybe if the older kids study hard, we could fit in 1 more pregnancy but its the weekend so no one can get As to age up.

    She has had some interesting children including triplets with Vlad.(who I posted before). Jacques Villareal fathered this young man who looks like a perfect blend of Hugo and Max.

    Bob Pancakes genes mix well with a lot of people but he generated this poor girl in my game.

    Darrell Charm's daughter inherited his freckles which are so cute.

    The best and worst things about this challenge is being surrounded by toddlers and their cuteness (and neediness).

    I made my simself a new office - previously I replicated my old office that had to be cleared out - now I have made my home office. I really like how it turned out and should probably do my whole house. I really enjoy creating real life stuff now I have a reasonable amount of packs. (go away sales - stop serenading me!!!) The only unrealistic thing is that my reality does not contain Finn :(


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    Here we go, another update...oh dear...Rubanoid Gearsprocket's malfunctioning.
    Shine to the rescue!
    Shine joined Roddy in San Myshuno. She got to work, repairing Rubanoid Gearsprocket:
    A few moments later, Rubanoid was back in action:
    Rubanoid was grateful. Afterwards, Shine and Roddy did some karaoke:
    Afterwards, Shine toasted Jessica Honeydew, her mother:
    And Roddy recieved a big hug from Erin Goetz:
    Erin Goetz also gave Roddy a big smooch on his cheek:
    Shine and Roddy went back home.
    Well, someone's happy!
    Shine went over to Benjamin...and autonomously passionately kissed him!
    And then kissed him again:
    And this is what a suave kiss looks like when a female sim does it:
    Shine then kissed Benjamin's hands:
    Benjamin kissed Shine:
    And then he kissed Shine's hands:
    And then they woohooed. In Roddy's shower!
    And that was apparently the best woohoo that they've had:
    Renewal of vows
    Shine, Benjamin and Roddy went to Von Haunt Estate. Shine and Benjamin went to the wedding arch. 'Shine, my fair maiden. Every time I look at you, you bring me joy. You are a beautiful woman, not just in terms of your appearance, but your personality. Always looking out for the best in everyone' Benjamin said, looking fondly at Shine:
    He kissed her hands:
    'Benjamin, my honey. You are an amazing man. Always understanding, and caring. I am so glad I met you' Shine said, kissing Benjamin's cheek:
    The pair embraced each other:
    'As the Llama God as our witness, we renew and strengthen our bonds of love!' The pair said in unison. They kissed.
    And embraced each other again:
    When the renewal ceremony was over, Shine went over to Roddy and gave him a big loving smooch on his cheek:
    Roddy then gave Shine a big loving hug and a big kiss on her cheek. He loved his mummy:
    Benjamin then gave Roddy a kiss on the cheek:
    Later, the trio went home. Chloe gave her brother a big loving congratulating hug:
    A townie becomes a door!
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Wendy, Chloe, Shine, Tiffany, Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar.
    Be Kind Online and Stay Safe
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    Astraea went to the same beach where she had met Kai during their preteen years. She was wearing an outfit that was fit for summer and warm spring days. She put the purple flowers into her braids. Surely he would recognize her, as her signature color was purple, and she barely ever cut her hair short. The sun climbed into the eastern horizon as she stared at the expansive ocean, waiting for Kai to appear. She tucked her hair behind her ears. They weren't on a formal date. Still, she wanted to look nice. The salty breeze whipped her raven locks, undoing her work. Alright, let her hair be a little wild.


    Sure enough, a young, muscular man appeared, and he was wearing a white shirt. His face seemed familiar. "Have we met before? The girl who followed me to one of those secret spots on the island? If you are Astraea..."

    "I am," Astraea interrupted. "And you're Kai..."

    "You grew up beautifully. Your hairstyle looks regal."

    "Thanks for the compliments. We've met again. Our meeting is worth the risk, and no evil mermaid can divide us apart."

    "That's for sure. Still, my uncle is dangerous."

    "Yep. You told me before, when we first met..."

    Kai ran his fingers through Astraea's hair. "I don't want to spend another five years or so without you. There has to be a way for us to be together."

    Astraea smiled. "I'm sure there is."


    Kai lifted Astraea, then proceeded to spin. They both giggled. Once he released her, she took his hands into hers. He was as strong as she imagined him to be. Perhaps because he had been doing a lot of swimming, but he was a man and she was a woman. She couldn't even imagine lifting him, as she didn't have as much upper body strength. At least she had magic in case she needed to defend herself.

    "Have you been swimming? You smell like the ocean," Astraea said.

    "Well, I'm a merman, after all," Kai replied.

    "Yes, you are."


    They began walking toward the warm shores. Astraea could feel the wet sand on her shoes, yet her focus wasn't on her appearance. Her mind was on her love life, after all. Once they reached the bridge, they continued their journey to the same place they had sat when they were young. For a brief moment, she wondered if someone was watching them. But there was no one else around them. At least not for now.

    "I'll have to return home by evening, though," Kai reminded her.

    "Are you scared that you would somehow break his strict curfew?" Astraea inquired.

    "I don't want him coming after us... especially if I had been hanging out with you."

    "I can defend myself with magic."

    "I just want to protect you from Storm. He's capable of harming innocent people. Not to mention that he's physically stronger than you."


    They sat down, and Astraea leaned into her romantic interest. She wanted to be with him all day, yet there were other priorities in both teenager's lives. First, Kai had to listen to his uncle. Second, Astraea must return to Glimmerbrook at one point to further her training in the magic academy. And third, if Storm caught them together, there might be dire consequences.

    "Would you mind staying the night in Sulani?" Kai asked. "I like being close to you."

    "I'll ask my parents. If they say yes, then I'll find a place to stay," Astraea replied.

    "Okay. Just be careful. Maybe I could sneak out of the castle at night and watch over you."

    "Alright, fine. You can protect me."


    They gazed into each other's eyes. Astraea glanced at Kai's lips for a moment. She imagined kissing him. Well, someday, she would have to introduce him to her family. That way, her family would know who she was going to marry in the future. Besides, they had more wisdom than she did. What if after spending the night here, she could take Kai to Glimmerbrook for a few days? Surely Storm wouldn't notice... would he, though? And what would he do if he found out about their relationship?
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 15,749 Member
    @DeafSimmer Ah, the hazards of young love. Can't wait to see what happens next. And if Astreas? had managed to learn enough magic through her less-than-attentive lessons. :open_mouth:
    You can download (free) all three volumes of my Night Whispers Star Trek Fanfiction here: http://galacticgal.deviantart.com/gallery/ You'll need to have a pdf reader. New websites: http://www.trekkiefanfiction.com/st-tos.php
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    Dianesims wrote: »
    I built an Italian Restaurant. The Landgraabs own it.


    Hey how do I find it on the gallery? :)
    Origin ID: A_Bearded_Geek
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    @AlwaysAsking You said, "Is everything all right with their mom?" Funny, you should ask that. I may be able to clarify that situation with my next update. I don't rotate when kids are at uni as there doesn't appear to be any way back to the dorm for the player. I know, because I tried to add a venue to one of the other neighborhoods and used the world button to take myself to the desire town, placed the venue and then found there was no way back, unless I exited and started again. Face/palm.

    In fact, I had a bit of dialogue flash through my head that I was quick to write down, toward that end. We'll see what comes up. ;)
    You can download (free) all three volumes of my Night Whispers Star Trek Fanfiction here: http://galacticgal.deviantart.com/gallery/ You'll need to have a pdf reader. New websites: http://www.trekkiefanfiction.com/st-tos.php
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    @Daephene Thank you! Although sometimes I do worry for her sanity. :D

    Wolfgang? As in Wolfgang Munch? Neat!

    @ryttu3k Yeah, most Sims remember the Romance Festival the most, but for Luise and Dino, it's definitely the Humor and Hijinks Festival. :D

    What did Lilith see? :o

    @sarabeth2984 Thank you, I'm happy it's received well. I'm not really good with building, so I was intimidated to even attempt a neoclassical house.

    I think I lost track of which gameplay of yours I was following, this one is good though!

    @AlwaysAsking Thank you! I honestly have no idea if it's MCCC or just the game itself. I wish they had included native story progression here so the world doesn't seem so dead. Still, this stuff is practically writing itself for me, so that's a plus.

    Oh Don :D

    I wouldn't be sure about that yet. That noncommittal and romantic trait combination is making me nervous so he's been flirty a lot; fortunately it happens at home with Luise around so she takes the brunt of his affections, but one of these days it might just make him have wandering eyes.

    Maybe there's a lot trait making it flirty? Or they're drinking Cupid Juice?

    That is so sweet. Don speaking heartfelt words he could never say to Thorne to their kid. Even if Thorne never knows, their kid will and it'll stay with her for the rest of her life as a lesson. By the way, does he still have the noncommittal trait in your story?

    This post should've contained updates up to Renata's birthday, but honestly the game was providing so much scenic drama I couldn't get there fast enough! Next update, I swear.

    Renata laying eyes on Lilly for the first time.

    Looks like she gave her seal of approval.

    Resting after a looong day.

    Some time passes, and Winterfest arrives. It's greeted by a blizzard.

    They're invited out by a certain well-known individual. Dino's premade formal outfit is a dead ringer for a certain other Italian's. What is it with Italians and the color red? It seems the Landgraab family was one of his (non-intimate) sponsors when he was a painter back in Venice and Milan. Luise seems a little put off though, like she just remembered something really important.

    "Darling, this is Geoffrey Landgraab, he and his wife were old sponsors of mine back when I lived in Venice. Sig. Landgraab, this is my wife, my muse and my life, Luise."

    "It's a pleasure to meet you finally, Mr. Landgraab. I've read about you and your family on econ mags, newspapers, and library books, and heard many things as well."

    "Only good things, I hope," the man joked.

    "Quite so. Thank you for supporting my husband on his painting career when he was still in Italy. If I may ask...about...Sunset Valley?"

    "What about it? My wife's family founded it, and though we left to move to Oasis Springs and extend our reach, it's still the crown jewel of SimCity and managed by some relatives."

    'I see...SimCity, huh?' "Nothing much, Mr. Landgraab. I just wanted to know if it was true that the view there is breathtaking."

    All of a sudden, Geoffrey felt his vision dim into tunnel vision. Not wanting to disturb his guests, he stood up to go alone. "Excuse me, but I think I may need to use the restroom."

    The couple were in their own little world right away, unaware that something was amiss.

    His senses were starting to dull, but for a moment, Geoffrey believed he could hear a voice he hadn't heard in so long and dearly missed. Was...was it a hallucination? He didn't know anymore...but he could barely speak out the name he hadn't said in a long time...the name of, "..."

    Geoffrey collapsed, and the dissonant thud finally caught the attention of those around him. "What in...is...it can't be...dad?!"


    ''Dad?' Wait, who is that? That doesn't look like Malcolm Landgraab. The Landgraabs have another son?'

    "Uh, dear? Dear! Shouldn't we call an ambulance?"

    The whole thing set off a domino effect that caused quite a ruckus.

    Surprisingly, Luise had reacted neither shock nor sympathy, but uncharacteristically dismissed Dino's concerns. "You can't do anything for him now. I may not be close with Death, but I know a good death when I see one. This could only be a mercy; he lived a long life."

    "How can you say that?"

    Clearly, that was the wrong thing to say, and Luise quickly realized her error and how horrified Dino must be for her to be seemingly trivializing this sad event right as it was happening before their very eyes. She felt a tinge of regret and fear pierce her heart when he looked at her with a disbelieving expression. "I...I..." 'Don't say it, don't explain it. If you turn this tragedy into anything about yourself, you really won't be any different from mother. What are you even going to say, that you actually met Death and stared him in the face while he foretold you'll get three miracles in your once unwanted survival? That when you were young you, you brother, and cousins were forced to think about death for ten minutes everyday so you wouldn't fear it? How about the fact that you were brainwashed to believe that the only good and honored deaths in your family are in the battlefield, on the stand, and old age? Even childbirth didn't count because dying from it only meant you were too weak and pathetically unworthy to be a Keller bride or daughter.'

    She pathetically felt the words she wanted to say and explain herself wither at her mouth at once. That uncertain part of her ranting in her mind was right. To try and make it about her now would no matter how she wanted to explain her reaction would simply be narcissistic. With a look she tried to muster to be as contrite as possible, she nodded in agreement. "I'm sorry...let's...let's just go. I'll call the ambulance. This has been...the strangest Winterfest I've had in the sixteen years I've been here."

    The two went home with some distance between them. This can't be good...

    Lillian celebrated her birthday that night, a year older at last. She inherited her father's brown eyes, and much to Luise's relief, the latter's once golden -and normal- tresses. Luise should've been happy, but more than ever she felt tormented. Her indiscretion at her husband's former sponsor and friend's death had no doubt driven a wedge between them; she felt a palpable silence between them when they finally got home to Sonnenbrise Knoll. She was also secretly ashamed at how callous she had been during their walk and ride home apart, more focused on how it was a shock the the Landgraabs apparently had another son her investigations or "displaced memories" were unaware of. Furthermore now that she was here, since this child apparently looks normal, Luise worried that she may subconsciously start to prefer Lilly and neglect Renata, the same way her mother preferred her twin brother over her. What a Winterfest this is turning out to be. "Lilly, I'm sorry. No matter how hard I try to be good, it seems your mother may be a bad person after all..."

    So that's it for now. I have three more pictures, but I figured it's best to stop here for now and just include them in the next update, despite not happening "today" according to the thread title.

    I swear to God this thing is practically writing itself. :D The game is providing my legacy sims more drama than I ever could with a plot-driven gameplay.
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    I created a new save today. Starting with a straight up legacy-inspired challenge. Bargain Bend is the family lot. Money set to zero. And a new progenitor arrives in Willow Creek: Sergio DePalma!

  • DaraviDaravi Posts: 201 Member
    It took me over 3 hours, but noch I'm almost finish with bedroom and bathroom 1. I think I need, a few plants though.


    The Neighbors thought that Rangatira was hungry, but he wasn't. But anyway, he welcomed them, even when he was tired.


    A normal scene on the beach in his freetime :)

  • Simmelina1Simmelina1 Posts: 2,612 Member
    @AlwaysAsking Thank you. It's good Britt is still alive. I wonder if her children will look like Candy Behr too.
    @sarabeth2984 Thank you. Yes, Britt & Bruce are a good match.

    Britt Behr Le Chien
    My birthday

    Frans helped me plan my birthdayparty.
    The birthdaycake for the big day tomorrow is baked.
    This is my snowpal.
    I went to norebang with Darrell Charms.
    Jamie told me some women get 100 babies.
    I told her it can’t be possible for one woman to give birth to 100 babies.
    But then we remembered our grandmother Lina Vera Allocco is the mother of 16 children.
    So it is possible for a woman to give birth to many children.
    It was finally time for my birthday party in sunny Sulani.
    I’m now a young adult.
    Origin id: Simmelina
    The life of my sims. Clara Vera Scott.

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