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Friday Highlight April 3rd - A week on The Sims forums

EA_MaiEA_Mai Posts: 1,800 EA Staff (retired)
Sul Sul Simmers!

As every week, I hope you are ready for some 'forums time' because I have a bunch of discussions for you to check out!:
  • Let's start with an ask for advice! It comes from @MayaioYT and I'm sure they are not the only ones getting started with Realm of Magic these days. Share your expertise with the community in 'Any tips? [Realm of Magic]'
  • You know what else is magical? The creativity of this community! Here a challenge by @Drbigt for you to try something new in your game: 'Endure the trials'
  • Moving on, remember that discussion from a couple of weeks ago about avoiding traits? It inspired @Huiiie_07 to open a new topic so we all can discuss: '"Negative" traits' ! The title doesn't need an explanation, does it? :wink:
  • Now, don't we love polls? @Talonflare seems to as well! They have one for us in The Sims 3 section: 'What Expansion Do You Play With The Most?' Seasons is the clear winner so far - click and leave your vote!
  • To close the list this week let's explore a different corner of the forums! Any The Sims FreePlay players around? @Kersiexx wants to hear from you in 'Sims FreePlay Discussion'! :)

That's almost it! Before you close this tab, one more from me ;) : 'New Simmers, welcome! - Community's tips & tricks to get started' - a welcoming space for all the new players, come share your knowledge!

@icanhassims' Sim enjoying her time in her new meditation room - found here (also a link to the download!)

Hope you enjoyed the read! More from me next week Simmers - stay safe, and happy Simming!


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