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Items that I don't even know exist?

The way to find what is there for items in-game, is frustrating for me. The search can find something specific, but I just realized there are tons of items I could place that I didn't even know exist. Like cars and trucks for example.. Is there a way to look through all the items like folders and files like you would on a computer?

Or a way to see a diagram tree of items by category, subcategory, etc?

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  • beadierturtlebeadierturtle Posts: 295 Member
    edited March 2020
    There are vehicles? Crazy.

    edit: Okay, wow, there really isn't a comprehensive list available of all available TS4 items. At least, not one I feel is actually complete. I'm still looking, but I really didn't think it would be this hard to find a complete list, especially considering how long the game has been out.
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  • elanorbretonelanorbreton Posts: 12,327 Member
    I wish we could make our own folders for stuff like we could in previous games.
  • BloosmooBloosmoo Posts: 716 Member
    Have a look for debug items on the gallery, some people are super helpful and make little rooms with all of the hanging plants in, or all of the clutter for a bedroom in, which is super helpful. @Admiral8Q I'm not sure if you know about the cheat codes to get at them or not, but I hope this helps.
  • Admiral8QAdmiral8Q Posts: 1,779 Member
    I've figured out the 'cars' and other stuff like that are in decorations/sculptures. I forgot that you can make anything bigger if you want.
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  • SharoniaSharonia Posts: 3,424 Member
    I don't like the search cause items have such weird names and often it isn't even an item related name. :D
  • Admiral8QAdmiral8Q Posts: 1,779 Member
    Sharonia wrote: »
    I don't like the search cause items have such weird names and often it isn't even an item related name. :D

    That was like for me at first, I couldn't remember what the baby thing was called. I kept searching for 'baby cradle', 'cradle', 'baby basket', 'baby bed', 'crib'? ARRRGH!!!!

    Oh yeah, 'bassinet'. Even then I'd spell it wrong, 'basinet', or 'bassinette'. BLOOBYDOOO! :p:D
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