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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • Simtown15Simtown15 Posts: 3,870 Member
    @KayeStar Awesome family! I’m currently at generation 3 with mine! I hope I get that far!
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,069 Member
    I haven't been posting much as not many others are
  • Shadow_AssassinShadow_Assassin Posts: 1,318 Member
    I started a new BG save and make Yin looks more like the appearance of TS4

    The creepy cutie Valili!

    Suddenly found out that he looks a bit like Sephiroth
    Entrance to the abyss
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    Morning everyone.

    Well, last night was another rough night :confounded: , but I should give myself credit for getting out of bed (had to to get daughter off to school) and showering and...losing 10 pounds in the past 2 months. :star:
    My weight loss started off slow because I was slacking a bit, but I'm off to a relatively strong start with Weight Watchers (started that 2 weeks ago - 5lbs lost so far with it). :)

    I'm really beginning to see that we tend to beat ourselves up WAY too much over our faults and shortcomings when if we just stop and look at all we've accomplished at the same time, we're really rocking at life! :star:
    (It's not easy having this kind of mentality when you have depression or other mental health struggles, but I'm working on it.)


    I've been on a 3 Doors Down kick lately. I absolutely love just about all their songs. They're so deep and meaningful. Some are sad, some are romantic, some are empowering, and some are...depressing. But aren't those all the different kinds of emotions we feel in life, along with many others? The fact that the lead singer was an alcoholic and is now in recovery and doing well...he gets the struggles of addiction, depression, and the challenges of life in general. I feel like I can relate to many of their songs, especially this one lately. This song can be interpreted in a few different ways so each of you might get something different out of it, but that's okay. 👍 Gotta let the music speak to you in the way that's best for you. ;) I hope y'all don't mind if I share.

    I'll include the lyrics, but listen to the song too because it's a hot beat! :mrgreen: (2000's music nostalgia my friends. :blush: )
    Not Enough
    3 Doors Down

    Seven days underpaid, gotta give it up
    Got no time for this life that I’m living up
    Shackled down, kicked around, now slave to the grind
    Need some time for myself

    I’ll give you anything that you want me to
    But I don't have the time, so I’ll get up with you
    If you don't understand, man, you’ve gotta believe
    There's too much of you, but there's not enough of me
    There's not enough of me

    Same old song, world moves on while I’m still in bed
    Meet tomorrow today just to get ahead
    Jump the gun on the run
    I’m the only one who thinks I’m falling behind

    I’ll give you anything that you want me to
    But I don't have the time, so I’ll get up with you
    If you don't understand, man, you’ve gotta believe
    There's too much of you, but there's not enough of me
    There's not enough of me
    I’ll give you anything that you want me to
    But I don't have the time, so I’ll get up with you
    If you don't understand, man, you’ve gotta believe
    There's too much of you, there's too much of me

    There's not enough of me

    I might share another one of their songs later, but for now I hope you enjoyed that one. ;)

    Now to reply to your sweet comments. <3

    emorrill: Hello. Yes, I understand about struggling with mental health. Sometimes I have really awesome days and then I have really bad days. Smile.
    ^Hi. :)
    Amen my friend...amen. <3 We gotta savor and seize the good days right? ;)

    emorrill Hey, hang in there! Let's hope your daughter will be doing better soon and you get a breather.
    ^Thank you. I appreciate it. <3
    Enjoyed your post.

    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks chica. {{{{{{Hugs back}}}}}} <3

    I am not a mom, so I can't relate on that level, but I am someone who grew up in a family that, well, wasn't so empathetic and was more afraid of what the neighbors would think.
    ^I'm so sorry to hear you were in one of those families. :pensive: My heart goes out to you. {{{{Hugs}}}}

    My daughter is experiencing the very same anxiety symptoms I had as a child only mine reared it's ugly head when I was older (around 13) and it was SO bad I finally had to be put on medication or I couldn't sleep or function! I remember the horror of being unable to shut my brain off no matter how hard I desperately tried! I did not have the brain doesn't produce the right chemicals to give me that ability. It was terrifying! Meds gave me my life back.......and I refuse to watch and allow my daughter to suffer from the same thing, or cause her to feel like it's something about herself to be ashamed of.'s out of her control, it's an illness just like any other, and it's very normal for so many of us and there is no shame in getting help. 👍 Anyway,
    The small bit I know about parenting is it's hard and there's no manual, but just from that paragraph alone, I see you as a fantastic mom. Your daughter is incredibly lucky to have someone who fights so hard for her.
    ^Thank you. <3 (Not going to get teared up...... ;) ) I appreciate that.
    Many people have told me that before...I guess I just find it hard to believe in the depths of my struggles and sorrow...

    I haven't been posting much as not many others are

    ^ @GraceyManor I feel ya girl.....but if we stop posting then this thread really will die. :cry:

    Been enjoying your story and DANG this kiss!!! :love:


    To the rest of you, I've enjoyed your posts too and have given out L&A's. :)

    I hope to work more on my story today and hopefully get something posted early next week. :star:

    Keep calm and Sim on my friends. <3
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    Update: Katie now has a fiance named Steven and they have a child together named Wendy. Meanwhile, Reed and Hollie had two kids, Kris (Artistic, loves the cold) and Liam (Friendly, loves the outdoors). Reed is already at level 6 of the music career and Hollie is at level 4 of the singing profession. I also set Cameron and Sheila to "unselectable" because I've done everything that I wanted to do with them. Reed is at level 7 guitar and level 6 charisma, so he's more than half-way to compleing his lifetime wish! Hollie is almost halfway.

    This is Kris. He likes blocks.
    Reed played the guitar to level up his skill.
    This is baby Liam being held by his grandfather.
    Hollie had her first gig.
    It was a hit!
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,521 Member
    I will post an update tomorrow night, need to make a call to that jobcenter first,
    something we need to do over here every couple months if no job.
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    @emorrill: I love 3 Doors Down. My favorite is Kryptonite.
    :) Smile!

  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,763 Member
    Puddinroy wrote: »
    @emorrill: I love 3 Doors Down. My favorite is Kryptonite.

    @Puddinroy My very first favorite of theirs. :blush: Perhaps it's because that was their very first hit. :lol:

    "Landing in London" holds a special place in my heart as hubby sent that song to me when he was deployed in Iraq. <3

    "The Broken" and "Here Without You" are a couple of other favorites. Really they are ALL good! ;):star:

    @GraceyManor I'm expecting more of your story. :p Hee hee!

    @Silverofdreams30 Looking forward to your post. :)
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    Kris became a child! He aged up with the cat lover trait.
    Thus, he got a kitten named Maria for his birthday.
    They get along great!
    Hollie had a little mishap while performing a singagram.
    Kris's school had a field trip to the science lab.
    Hollie got a new outfit for her gigs!
    Liam aged up with the good sense of humor trait. (I don't have any pictures of him as a child yet.)
    Reed and Hollie formed a band. (They haven't gotten any gigs though.)
    Hollie is now a rising star!
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    edited March 5
    New file: setup

    Starting a new file again. And gonna start on University for the first time in a good amount of playthroughs. So I decided to build up campus a lil before commencing. Then I'll follow up with the initial idea and back story.

    I mainly just added more dorms. But in this first pic, I added a ton more houses to the residential side of campus. It was way empty imo


    Across from the union, placed this dorm with some scenery around it.

    Across from the main hall on the main road there added this dorm. Added a lil parking lot next to it and some flowers out front to fill some empty space. Couldn't put the lot right against the road for routing reasons apparently...

    Added this dorm behind the coffee shop.

    I also added a tattoo/salon. I was gonna add a laundromat too since that'd be perfect but I totally forgot to! Next time go to University I've gotta add it!

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    @king_of_simcity7 Very nice story update! :)

    @Simtown15 Nice pictures! That engagement looked really sweet!

    @emorrill The fact that you're worried about your daughter and worried that you're not doing enough for her is proof enough that you're a wonderful mother.
    I'm happy your story is still going well, but real life and family definitely come first. The thread will be here for a long time. Sometimes, we need a break from the online world to take care of our real life selves and the people around us.

    @Turjan Ah, that makes sense. Inappropriate sims really like to just up and argue in the middle of positive conversations and then go back to being positive again.
    Nice pictures! Don't you hate it when you purge some of your CC and then some of your sims end up in ugly Base Game clothing? :lol: At least it's and easy fix.

    @KayeStar Very nice looking family! I love the colour theme to help remember the generations. It seems very creative. :)

    @Shadow_Assassin Great pictures and update!

    @Simtown15 Very nice pictures and update!

    @SimzxZelda_fan Amazing pictures and update!

    Sorry for the lack of good comments. We've been busy doing a lot of moving that I've barely had time for anything else and am usually not able to get online fully until the nighttime and by that time, I'm too tired to even look at this thread or touch my game. Hopefully I'll get some time after we move in.
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,521 Member



    Will play a bit later today.
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    edited March 5
    @Silverofdreams30 Thank you!

    @emorrill I really hope your daughter gets the help she needs. Sometimes, a small chemical nudge can make things better for good, although that may be too much to hope for with anxiety. But who knows?

    @LunBeauty Moving can be quite exciting in the good way, too. It's a bit more effort than decorating your house in The Sims3, but you can enjoy the result all the time :smile: .
    Thanks. I guess I have to search for some of those hairs again :lol: . I need more for female sims though, as most hair that came with downloaded sims is a bit too extravagant for my taste. I just want good-looking versions of "normal" hair.

    I said I'd do makeovers of the female sims next, and that was less work than I anticipated, as I had downloaded quite a few sims by Miss Blue, and most of those were perfectly fine as they were (for my taste). As I don't watch TV and hardly ever any films, I don't have any connotations when I see those celebrities she made. They are just normal sims with the advantage that they look like real people. Well, "Hollywood real" :smiley: . Anyway, here is one example where I made more changes to the eyes and the chin (to get rid of an artifact):
    Still, it isn't really "my" sim. Sorry, I don't remember who this was supposed to be.
    Some elixir consignment store pudding service sim I helped to a more unique face:

    For my upcoming play, I edited Ethan Bunch slightly, an advanced adult at this moment. Here, the mouth height slider for all ages except YA that Mikezumi suggested made it possible that his mouth ended up where it was sitting when he was a YA and not at the tip of the chin, yay!
    I may need to get rid of those earrings.
    Next was Madison VanWatson, also an adult. It's funny how much her appearance hinges on the hair. I kind of liked this one with her:
    I really have to look for some retextures of the standard hairs. I like that hair in principle, but it could use some TLC.
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    I'm debating whether or not Reed and Hollie should have a third child. Reed wanted a girl since the first pregnancy, but I cancelled the wish after the second boy because taking care of two toddlers at once was too hectic. Now, both boys are children (and one is almost a teen) and I'm wondering if it's time for a third kid, possibly a girl. However, the parents are both about to age up to adults, and I normally don't give them kids unless they're young adults. Is there any advantage to having kids as adults? Any disadvantage? Also, if Hollie is pregnant on her birthday, will she be able to age up?
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    Teen Witch save update


    Jodies best friend came over during the evening for a quick visit.


    " Jodie, you did not forget about that class report tomorrow did you"?


    " OMG, I knew there was something this Sunday have not been like the
    usual ones at first Milton was asleep in MY bedroom, can you believe that"?


    " What?, No way did he sleepwalk again?"

    The two girls chitchatted like that for over an hour.
    then it started to suddenly rain so Jodie followed her
    friend back home.




    On her way home she passed a mysterious house, she could not think of a time when she had noticed it
    before, but it must have always been there. She took a closer look at it.


    As she walked up closer, a woman suddenly stood outside.


    Jodie walked up to her and after greetings asked " Who are you"

    All for now

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    The group arrived at the circle of Magi...The circle was recovering
    from a recent attack, and still hadn't fully recovered.

    Edward: You must be First Enchanter Irwin.
    Irwin: I am, your majesty.And this is senior Mage, Wynn.I know we are bound
    to support the grey wardens in a time of need, but as you can see most of our
    numbers were wiped unknown demon...we managed to recover the circle,
    though we lost many.
    Eleana: Speaking of demons, this is one reason we need help.A little boy in Redcliffe is possessed
    and we need the aid of mages.
    Irwin: But to defeat a demon within a child, would mean to kill....unless, you plan to enter the fade with
    a group of mages, it could be done.
    Edward: So you'll help?
    Irwin: I will gather what mages we have left and will leave for redcliffe immediately.

    Eleana: Andraste's breath! You smell like an old barn..bleh.
    I am never leaving you with Morrigan again.

    At redcliffe castle....

    Irwin: Your majesties.I have some news....we had to proceed without
    you..the child was out of control....
    Eleana: Please tell me Connor is okay...
    Irwin: I'll let you decide that.

    Edward: He looks completely fine.
    Irwin: He is, but it was not easy..In the end, regardless, someone was
    Edward: Please don't tell me.Eamon's wife...
    Irwin: No...It was a the name of Sarah? Said she had to set
    things right...
    Eleana: That's my sister!

    Irwin: I'm really sorry for your loss...but Sarah was set on saving the child..
    Eleana: I understand...
    Irwin: Arl Eamon remains Ill however, even with our magic, we are unable to revive
    Edward: There's no help at all?
    Irwin: Not exactly....Far in the Arendafal mountains, is said to be the Urn of Sacred Ashes.
    Eleana: I don't know much about that...
    Edward: According to legend, before the Maker spoke to Andraste, she despaired at the fate of her people. At that time, every night, her husband Maferath would come to console her and each time Andraste would tell him of her despair while shedding a single tear, which Maferath captured in a vial. As a barbarian, she was taught to revere the Alamarri gods, the gods of mountains and the wind. When she prayed to them, none answered. On the thirtieth night the vial was full, and when dawn came Andraste saw her first vision of the Maker. Even though this legend is popular and has been passed on for ages, a part of it isn't in the Chant of Light.

    From an early age, Andraste suffered troubling dreams of a deity known as the Maker. Over time she began to interpret these dreams as the answer to questions that plagued her, and she came to believe that the Maker was the supreme being who had abandoned the world when his people took up the worship of the Old Gods, those beings worshipped in particular by the Tevinter Imperium. According to Chantry canon, after having fled the Imperium and marrying the warlord Maferath, Andraste appealed to the gods[ but her prayers went unanswered. She would sing, and one day the Maker, enchanted by her voice, invited her to join Him at His side. She instead encouraged Him to return to humanity and forgive them, compelling her fellow Alamarri and others to accept the one true god of Thedas.

    Eleana: Are you saying the maker spoke to Andraste?
    Edward: So the legend goes...After her death, her remains were buried somewhere high in the Anderfals, it is said
    they hold a power stronger than any bond...Her power can heal any injury, revive a man from death even.
    Eleana: This could all be a myth...
    Edward: But if its real, it could help Eamon, we have to try.
    Irwin: I'm surprised, you haven't heard about it before, your majesty.It is a tale that goes
    back many centuries.
    Eleana: I fear that I have only been Queen for a year, First Enchanter.I haven't had an opportunity to
    study Praaven Legends.
    Irwin: That is right, you were thrown into this whirlwind shortly after your marriage.I am so sorry,but
    I am glad you two are still holding on.
    Edward: I won't abandon her...
    Eleana: Nor will I.
    Irwin: I can offer you one thing to help, Wynn would like to join your battle of the Darkspawn and
    reuniting Praaven.Would you allow her to go?
    Edward: It would be an honor to have her come.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,069 Member
    Gonna do some feedback:

    I understand completely.Life has been a struggle here as well.
    And I'm coming down with a cold/flu so I haven't been up to par.
    But I try to post enough to keep the board going.XD

    Thank you! Aww, glad you enjoyed that photo.XD
    I said the same after I posted it.LOL

    No worries I got more coming...They have to save
    Praaven right? XD

    Oh! Those are some mighty fine looking sims.
    I noticed the same issue sometimes my sims lose
    their hairs.XD

    That's a good idea to color each of your generations.
    I might do that with my other sims.
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    It was just as he was thinking about school he then saw a familiar face, a guy called Bill who Duncan had known since he was younger but was another familiar face that he had lost touch with.

    'Duncan? Long time no see!' said Bill as he walked up to him 'Who you down here with tonight?'
    'Alright? I'm just meeting a friend, you?' replied Duncan feeling slightly pleased to see someone that he did know.
    'I am down with a few people from school,' replied Bill 'loads of people are out tonight!'


    Duncan thought that maybe he could perhaps tag along with Bill and some people that he went to school with and then maybe he could have a good night out for once. Dean was not even replying to his text messages so Duncan knew it was a case of either staying out and hoping for the best or go home disappointed.


    'So where are you going tonight?' Bill asked Duncan.
    'Not sure yet, where ever is good,' replied Duncan not actually knowing which clubs where good on a Saturday night.
    'You should come to Lava Ignite,' suggested Bill 'we are all heading there later,'
    'Is it any good?' asked Duncan knowing that he had heard of the club before.
    'We they have good discounts on if you get there at the right time,' replied Bill enthusiastically.
    A couple of other guys from Duncan's old school had also come over and greeted Duncan and joined in the small talk for a while until they headed back to the dance floor. Duncan then went outside to try and ring Dean one more time but as expected there was no reply. There were a few other people outside smoking and talking as Duncan sparked up a cigarette and overheard a conversation between one of the group.
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    Popping in to say: As I was writing the second half of Chapter 5 I added in a tiny little scene which will require me to create a small 'scene' in the game and take a couple of pics with it. :p I'm gonna try to make the scene as simple as possible. So it's gonna take a little while longer to get the other half of this chapter posted...... :neutral: *sigh*

    But it's all good! ;)

    Replies to your sweet comments later my friends. :kissing_heart:
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    New file: Backstory part 1

    So I've never made an artsy sim before. I usually play more practical family sims, and if it's something not on that usual path then it's usually something supernatural or off the wall. I also noticed I more often than not play as males (probably because I psychologically relate more to that kind of thing haha). So, for this playthrough I've decided on making just a female, artsy sim. And I started off by immediately enrolling in University to build up some skills and a backstory.

    So this is Rachael. I didn't just want to make an artsy sim, but also one that's too cool for school; a colour outside the lines kinda sim. Her traits are:
    • Artistic
    • Avant Garde
    • Rebellious
    • Eco Friendly
    • Slob

    Here is a view of all her tattoos. She's got quite a few of them as you can see. I don't usually make sims with tattoos or sims who go and get any but I figured this would be the perfect time for an exception. Lol

    The most I came up with for her childhood and teen years was the typical small town girl story, being fed up with the usual 5-to-9 lifestyle and always dreamt of more out of life, etc and so on. I'm not very creative in this field, sorry :#
    So that's her backstory, and I'm sticking to it haha

    Her lifetime wish is settled on becoming an author. She actually hasn't gained all that much painting skill. Even as artistic as she is, she's always been more drawn to using words to illustrate rather than drawing. Still, if she's going anywhere she must go to University and her best fit would be going for Fine Arts.

    Through most of her first two years at University, she spent her time hanging around the rebellious crowd, protesting "the man", dumpster diving, eating herbs, and of course vandalising campus. She actually got caught twice in her first semester vandalising public campus property and lost a lot of the money she'd been saving to last her. She also didn't do so hot on her first year exams and came to the realisation that University was not as easy as she expected. But she learnt a few tricks from some friends and did much better with some help from an answer sheet or two.



    She didn't really go to any parties. For someone like her, parties are lame especially college parties. I'm not gonna say I hung around goths or punks or anything like that, but me and my groups of friends in high school and soon after were rowdy, all had heavy metal music in common, preferred moshing to dancing, and did our fair share of property damage/vandilisation. We didn't dress any certain way, but we considered ourselves an outcasted bunch who weren't a part of the popular/fashionable crowd. I can't tell you how many times we went to parties because of girls or something and got stuck at lame get togethers listening to stuff like Flyleaf, Shinedown, or The Skillet with only wine coolers and sodey-pop to drink lol - Rachael here, though, is a girl and would have a little more sense than that, I would say. So yeah, pretty much ignored all party invitations. lol

    Will follow up with part deux in due time.
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    Lauri has now worked for her company for 3 years. Certainly is a decent chunk of time.
    A game of peak-a-boo between Lawrence and Wray.
    Ryan is undergoing a mid life crisis, and so he decides to work out and become muscular. Ironically he's more muscular than he was during his military service.
    Ryan meets a colleague to discuss a court case, he lost it but what can you do.
    Lauri has a big meeting coming up, time to gussy up.
    Well her head is exhausted and emptied. But a little bit of romance time with her husband should help.
    Ryan cooks some Goopy Carborana. Helps everyone get their energy back.
    Time to go camping, and fishing with a father for breakfast.
    Lauri has to go to France for a business meeting, she says goodbye to her husband.
    She arrives at France, and the first thing she does is go to the local Museum.
    The business meeting is discussed over lunch, and now the deal is set.
    Ryan greets Lauri as she returns from her trip.
    Just cause Summer break has come doesn't mean that Lawrence is excused from chores or bedtime.
  • jonny522jonny522 Posts: 179 Member
    edited March 6
    Lawrence goes to visit the local fire station.
    Saturday Morning.
    A fire started at the home, as Lauri forgot to turn it off when she left for work. Ryan successfully extinguishes it, but it was close.
    He's just happy that everyone is ok.
    Gotta replace and upgrade that stove.
    Leisure day arrives, and Lauri gets a summer dress (how does she look?)
    Wray's birthday has come, and now he has become a child.
    And Lawrence shows him how to fish.

    @bekkasan Also I forgot, the reference in regards to "flaming eyebrows" was a version of Little Red Riding Hood, told by the main villian Aku in the TV show Samurai Jack.

    Also listening to some of the old music for Sims 1 has really made me undergo a nostalgia trip for that game. Ahhh that brilliant music. Perfect.
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    No updates from me today as in London today and nice weather :smile:
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,521 Member
    Great updates everyone.
    Have a nice Friday.
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    Valentin Vicious is watching you

    I try to let everyone see Jiuquan's face

    Viorel Morbid
    Entrance to the abyss
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