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    Comments on your posts later my friends. :kissing_heart:

    Right now I gotta get the first part of Chapter 5 posted (I had hoped to post the whole chapter...) because I feel like I've made y'all wait long enough. :p It's been SO busy on my end lately! :confounded:

    Plus I have a phone date with Microsoft again in like an hour..... *sigh*

    WARNING: Some cheesy flirting occurs in this chapter. If you don't care for that kinda romance, read at your own risk. :smirk:


    Y'all know me! I love me some cute flirting and any kind of romance. :blush: Just what does author emorrill have up her sleeve you may ask yourself.. :smirk:

    *Also please note that I barely have any pictures for the first part of this chapter, so you'll want to really read it to catch everything that's happening and not miss some funny comments. :mrgreen:
    A big part of why I am enjoying writing this story so much is because I've decided to not be so focused on finding a pose (or picture) for EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING my characters say or do. I got WAY too caught up in that in my other stories and it was incredibly time consuming posing sims and taking all those pictures when they weren't really necessary, and I wasn't finding any joy in the writing part of it because I was feeling overwhelmed. No bueno! :neutral: So yeah, less pictures = more fun writing.* :blush:

    ^Look what I found: Color text! :mrgreen: Hee hee!

    So now without further adieu, enjoy Part 1 of Chapter 5. :)

    Pelican Town to Sims Town

    Chapter 5
    Part 1

    Just before the men departed from the ladies’ humble, otherworldly abode that evening, it was decided who would be doing the investigating tomorrow and who would be staying behind at the houses to gather various information from there. Harvey wanted at least one person to stay behind at each house in case one of them needed to return home due to an emergency and would need some help. Also he felt it good to have someone around in case any random visitors showed up at their doorsteps for whatever reason. It would be a great way to interview a local, and hopefully be a good thing making themselves known to the general public.

    Abigail chimed in to express finding what she assumed to be a handheld gaming device sitting deep within one of her pockets. Her two guy friends cried out, “Seriously!?” as they reached into their pockets and found the same device too. “Sweet! Playing a video game anywhere we go? Rock on!” Not everyone shared their enthusiasm for gaming on the go though, particularly Harvey and Maru, for they felt there had to be an even greater and more purposeful use for the small electronic device.

    Upon closer inspection Maru quickly discovered that the device was a wireless telephone, with all of their numbers miraculously programmed in, and much smaller and more portable than the ones they were used to back home. Everyone found that to be even more cool, particularly Haley who scared everyone with her scream-like outburst while they were checking out their new phones.
    OMG! You can write little messages to people and send them off! Check this out!”


    One press on the screen and soon Alex’s phone made a little chime and lit up to show Haley’s message to him. He shot her a smile after reading it.

    “Ooooooh!” They all breathed in fascination.


    “These are perfect!” Harvey declared. “They will be most helpful in keeping us in touch with each other, especially during our explorations in the morning.”

    Right after Harvey spoke, Shane somehow dropped his phone and cursed under his breath as he bent himself down to pick it up. The Doctor lifted an eyebrow at him, wondering. Once Shane stood upright and saw that all eyes were on him, he asked in a rather rude tone, “What? These things don’t have a very good grip on them.”
    “Totally!” Abigail agreed. “And with my butterfingers that’s double the chance I’m gonna--,” and as soon as she said that, she dropped the phone. Instead of instantly going to pick it up like Shane did, she just stood there with her hands behind her back wearing a very cheesy grin on her face with flushed cheeks. They all chuckled.

    “These are the spiffiest things ever!” Emily declared, tapping and swiping away on her phone. “I could see myself getting addicted to this thing pretty quickly!”
    “They will most likely require some charging,” Maru gathered, “at least every night. I wonder how we do that?”
    They all thought for a second. “Well, there’s wall outlets here too,” Alex said, “so maybe there’s a way for us to plug these into them.”
    “Perhaps,” Maru said, drawing her lower lip between her teeth as she more thoroughly inspected the phone. “It doesn’t have a plug, but it looks like a much smaller plug goes into it through this port here. So maybe that has a cord that connects into the wall.”
    “Guess we’ll find that in the kitchen,” Haley expected.
    “Or our bedrooms,” Leah said with a little shrug.
    “Yeah I vote the cords are in the bedroom,” Sam said, “that’s where I’d be charging my phone every night.” Then he turned to his buddy. “Quick Seb! Let’s head back to the house and see if I’m right! That’ll be so RAD!” And they bolted for the door.

    “Hey! Wait for the rest of us!” Harvey called out to them, but they were already heading off down the road. Shane had promptly followed after them, as well as Alex. Elliott stayed behind for a moment to hold Leah and kiss her goodbye.

    Harvey then turned to face Abigail with a sigh and said, “Alright. I’ll be here first thing in the morning to check on Penny, probably around eight.” Abigail nodded. “Then right after that we’ll lead our investigative parties into the town and countryside alright?”


    “Yes sir,” she replied, throwing out a playful salute.
    Harvey smiled. “You ladies have a good night,” he wished them and turned towards the door. Elliott stood aside to let Harvey out first and then blew a kiss toward Leah before exiting and shutting the door behind him.


    Early the next morning, Harvey arrived at 8 o’clock sharp and Abigail was quite impressed with, although not expecting, his punctuality. Glad I didn’t wait long to get myself dressed once I woke up! She shuddered to think.

    Once Harvey stepped over the threshold his eyes met with Leah’s, standing a few feet before him, who was in a silk nightie and just about ready to enter the bathroom for a shower. His face flushed a little, but his presence didn’t seem to bother Leah at all. “Oh you’re here,” she addressed him, “I just woke Penny up and told her you’d be here any minute and that she should get dressed.”
    He nodded.
    “So I’d give her a couple of minutes…”
    Harvey simply nodded again. He wasn’t used to seeing a woman so exposed, except for in a professional setting like his clinic, and he rubbed at the back of his neck while thinking, Perhaps I should’ve called to let them know I was on my way over. Then again I did say…

    “You’re thinking you should’ve given us a little heads up call before your arrival huh?” Abigail asked him with a smirk, interrupting his thoughts.
    “How’d you know?” he asked, his arm falling back down to his side.
    She shrugged. “Lucky guess.”
    “Well I told you I’d be here at 8 o’clock. I just assumed you’d tell the other girls.”
    “I did, but you said you’d be here around 8 o’clock, not AT! Besides, since when are Doctors on time for appointments?”
    Harvey shot her an unamused look, but wasn’t too insulted by her comment as it was more often true than not. “I apologize for not being more specific,” he said, “I just assumed know what? Nevermind.” He always had a hard time understanding women and would forget that they don’t think along the same lines as he does.
    “No I should’ve advised the girls to be all up and dressed long before eight,” Abigail said, “I’m just not used to telling anyone what to do, even something as simple as this, and half of these ladies are older than me.” She sighed. “It’s not going to be easy with all of us living under one roof like this. It feels like Summer girls camp when I was a teen all over again…” Her eyes bugged out at the thought.
    “Ohh I understand,” Harvey said, with a muffled chuckle. “Back at our place it’s like a very un-enjoyable Boy Scout Campout where everyone’s bickering with each other because they don’t really want to be there.”
    Abigail burst out laughing! “Oh man,” she whispered, rubbing at her eyes. Her dad once told some humorous stories about those Campouts when he was a boy. “Anyway, I’ll bet Penny’s ready for you now,” and said, gesturing her head towards the bedroom.

    Harvey stopped before the door for a second to compose himself and then lightly knocked on it. “Come in,” he could faintly hear Penny say.
    “It’s me, Harvey,” he informed while slowly entering. He froze a few feet before her bed when he discovered her still laying upon it in her somewhat revealing pajamas.
    “Oh...Doctor,” she greeted, lifting her head up a bit. Her heart suddenly fluttered. “You arrived sooner than I was expecting.”


    “Forgive me,” Harvey said with a flustered look, “I should’ve allowed you more time to get dressed…”
    “No, it’s alright,” she assured. “I sat up for a moment to do so, but,” she paused, “I got really lightheaded so I laid back down.”

    “I see,” Harvey said, pulling the chair close to the bed again. “Did you sleep well last night?” He asked while sitting himself down.
    “I did for the most part,” came the reply. “I woke up a couple of times tossing and turning. I think it's because I’m not used to this bed.”
    Harvey cracked a smile as he’d done the same last night in his new bed. “Were you feeling any nausea then? Or now?”
    “No, just lightheaded.”
    “Have you had anything to eat or drink yet this morning?”
    She nervously shook her head.
    He noticed and thought it was a little cute. “I want you to drink a lot of water today okay? At least eight glasses full; that should ease your lightheadedness considerably.”
    She then nodded.
    “Alright then, how about you try sitting up again so I can take a better look at you.”

    Hearing him say that made Penny blush a little, but she knew he was being totally professional while she was being completely silly. She told herself to quit crushing on him, but seeing him in this new world light kept making her heart go pitter-patter and was keeping her anxious thoughts at bay and...she rather liked it. Not to mention that’s just what she needed right now; a distraction from her worries.

    Carefully she sat herself up and once she did she rubbed at her forehead, feeling wobbly. She took in a few breaths to help keep herself erect and conscious.
    “You alright?” Harvey asked, placing a caring hand on her arm while trying to look into her eyes.
    “Yeah,” she replied, boring her fingers into her forehead. “Oof, I’ve never felt this lightheaded in all my life!”
    “It’ll get better soon once you start moving around and get re-hydrated,” he said, while reaching into his coat pocket. “Alright look at my nose here while I shine this light into your eyes. Good.”
    She meant to look at his nose, but she got lost in his beautiful hazel eyes instead. He went on to feel at her neck a bit and then took her left wrist to check her pulse. She caught him cracking a smile as he stared down at his watch counting and she wasn’t sure why.

    “So how do you feel mentally?” he asked, stopping the check-up for a moment and looking her in the eye, his fingers laced together in his lap. He wanted to assure her she had his undivided attention.
    “Well...I definitely feel a lot less freaked out than yesterday,” she replied. “It’s really a comfort to know more of you from Pelican Town are here too.”
    He nodded. “Anything feeling overwhelming to you? Even something simple like getting out of bed or dressed?”
    “No,” she answered, shaking her head. “Mostly I’m just worried about what’s going to happen to us here or what I’m meant to do here. And I’ll always be concerned about my mom, Jas and Vincent back home. I can’t help that.”
    “Of course not,” Harvey sympathized. “And speaking of, let me tell you everything we discussed as a group last night and what we think this quest is all about.”

    Penny listened very intently.


    “I see,” she said when he was done, staring down at the floor. “I can’t imagine what greater happiness I’d find here, since it’s given me nothing but anxiety. I was really happy and enjoying life back in Pelican Town. I mean...for the most part. I was finally beginning to discover my purpose there.”
    “I could see you were,” he smiled, “but the Wizard seems to think we all need something better in our lives and this was the way to make it happen so,” he sighed, “here we are.”
    “Well who is he to say what I need in my life?” she asked rather bluntly. “He doesn’t know me!” She closed her eyes and lowered her head again. “Why did he do this?” A tear tried to escape from her eye.
    “That’s still the greatest mystery,” Harvey replied, “but all we can do is focus on accomplishing this quest as quickly as possible so we can return home as soon as possible. Do you feel like you’re up to it? Like you can handle it?”
    “I don’t know…,” she sniffed. “I want to be...but I don’t think I’m strong enough for this.”

    “Hey,” Harvey said, gently lifting her chin and brushing away a tear. “I’ll admit I don’t feel like I’m strong enough for this either, but you’re a lot stronger than you give yourself credit for.” She stared at him curiously. “These past six years I’ve seen you endure many hardships, some that would knock most people down hard, and yet you always walk away from them with your head held high, a smile on your face, and burying yourself in the service of others. To me that’s a rare gift to have. You haven’t lost it being here. You can DO this!”

    Penny smiled brightly at him with a blush, her heart fluttering once again. His sweet words buoyed her up and almost literally took her breath away, especially the touch of his finger on her chin. “Thank you,” she said, as he removed his finger, working to catch her breath for a much different reason than anxiety. “And forgive me for not properly thanking you earlier for looking after me. I’m sorry to have been a bother…”
    “You weren’t,” he assured, “and I’m glad I was here to help.”
    “I wish there was some way I could repay you...”
    “You don’t have to repay me,” he said, with a dismissive wave of his hand. “I’m a doctor, it’s what I do.”
    “Still, I have to find a way to repay you. It doesn’t feel right not to,” she continued breathlessly. “Wow,” she paused, holding her hand to her heart, “I don’t know why I can’t seem to catch my breath again; I’m not feeling anxious!” That's right, don't give yourself away!
    “Here,” Harvey said, taking her hands. “Let’s try standing up and we’ll practice that breathing technique again okay?”
    “Steady now…”

    They did the breathing exercise together for a good couple of minutes until Harvey felt she was relaxed enough to take a quick listen to her heart. Penny had her eyes closed, focusing on relaxing and taking those deep breaths when Harvey jokingly stated, “Heeey, it’s a normal heartbeat!” Penny’s eyes shot open as they were met with Harvey’s smile. She couldn’t control what her heart did next, as usual.

    “Aaaand there it goes again,” Harvey playfully continued with a smirk, removing the stethoscope from her chest and then draping it over his neck.


    Now Penny’s cheeks really got red! “Oh gosh,” she whispered in embarrassment, facepalming and chuckling. “Ohhh I’m so sorry Doctor. Really, I am.”
    Harvey just stood there grinning with his arms folded and let out a sigh. “So what do I have to do to get you to not feel so nervous around me anymore?”

    Penny’s heart fluttered more wildly than it had earlier, being presented with this rare, golden opportunity. She laced her fingers together behind her back and smiled coyly at him with her head tilted. “Well...maybe if we spent a little more time together,” she hesitated at her boldness, “and became friends...then the fact that you being a doctor wouldn’t make me feel so nervous anymore.” Though she knew perfectly well her racing heart was no longer the result of “White Coat Syndrome.”
    Harvey nodded in thought for a moment. “I like that idea.” Now he was blushing. “And I’ll start off this new friendship by insisting you call me Harvey.” He smiled.
    The hopeless romantic side of Penny felt like squealing, but she managed to keep herself well composed. “Well, Harvey, whatever you all discover out there that looks like a great place to have dinner or a good spot to hang out, be sure to let me know.”
    “Will do.”


    At that moment Penny seemed to have lost her footing, feeling a touch of dizziness, and Harvey instinctively reached out to catch her while saying, “Woah...careful…”

    He held her so closely that their faces were mere inches from each other. Staring into each other’s eyes for a moment they both blushed and then quickly stepped back from each other, nervously scratching at their heads.
    “ should take it easy today alright,” Harvey counseled her, “Lay down and rest if you need to and I’ll go get you a glass of water.”
    “No,” she stopped him, softly placing her hand on his arm. “Don’t worry about it, I’ll get it. Promise.” She smiled. “You should really get going with the exploring. I’m sure the others are waiting for you.”
    He returned the smile with a nod. “If you start feeling any worse give me a call right away okay? And I’ll be here. If you feel some anxiety coming on, don’t forget to breathe.” He winked.
    “I won’t,” she grinned, her face beaming. “Guess I’ll...see you later?”
    “Yeah. See ya,” he said and turned toward the door. When he opened it he looked back at her with a little smile and then closed it behind him.

    Penny stepped backward a couple of feet until her calves hit the bed and allowed herself to blissfully fall back onto it. Feeling so love-struck she couldn’t stop smiling while staring up at the ceiling, the image of Harvey and his flirting back with her consuming her mind. That was a pleasant surprise. I guess his interest in Maru has passed? She thought for a split second and then shrugged it off. She felt like a giddy teenage girl again swooning over her first real crush, wanting nothing else in the world, but to BE with him! It’d been years since she ever felt this way about a guy, almost to the point that she’d forgotten what it felt like to fall in love. Was she falling in love? She couldn’t be sure. Harvey was the last guy on her attraction radar so how did he suddenly jump to the front here and now? Perhaps because he is an actual MAN compared to other guys she dated in her life thus far and that aroused her. Or maybe it was due to his gentle, compassionate nature and caring personality. Either way she found herself falling head over heels for him and he seemed to reciprocate her affection. She began to wonder, her smile finally chilling out, would dating Harvey be a way for me to find that happiness I’ve been missing in my life? She pondered on the thought.

    Oh surely there's more to it than that! Besides...what does the Wizard know about love?

    Gonna end this with a cute, and very accurate, song to express just how Penny is feeling laying on her bed there. ;) Give it a quick listen.

    Any of y'all remember The Wilkinson's? I LOVED their music back in the day! <3

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    When your gun suddenly turned into fairy

    I temporarily change Shion into human for better visual effects for (temporarily) played with a mod that can't say

    There's Dusan's human(alive) form(he's young adult)
    Entrance to the abyss
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    This was an amazing start to the first half of the chapter.
    I love how excited they all got when they save their cellphones. <3
    It can for sure come in handy during their exploration :D
    Good Penny finally woke up and that Harvey could be there explainingthigns to her. <3
    Lol those gaming guys wil lhave a blast wit h their phones :p
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    Has anyone every had a weird glitch where objects suddenly become unusable? My sims can’t use the wood stove or bakery stove Eleana acts like she can’t reach it but it should be fine
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,556 Member
    Has anyone every had a weird glitch where objects suddenly become unusable? My sims can’t use the wood stove or bakery stove Eleana acts like she can’t reach it but it should be fine

    I've had the fridge become unusable when the pizza oven is on the lot and is used by a sim. The oven can sit there for ever without being used and no fridge problems. But the instant it's used the fridge can't be used. Have to replace the fridge.

    But that isn't your issue. I suspect if your sims can't get to the objects there may be social jigs in the way. That's the most usual thing. The social jigs are placed when 2 or more sims are interacting so other sims don't walk through them. The game is supposed to delete them when the interaction is complete, but sometimes it doesn't. Mostly if the interaction gets interrupted the jigs stay behind.

    They are often visible if you go into BuyDebug. They are dark grey or metallic looking ovals or circles. Pet often have tiny spheres as well. If you can't see them that way, then get Master Controller to list all non inventory objects and delete any that have then word jig in their name.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,060 Member
    Tried that but it didn’t work replacing them ccmerged file did though
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    @Shadow_Assassin Gorgeous romantic pictures and update!

    @GraceyManor Eleana's cute, watching the fairies. :lol: They're definitely a bit more interesting and fun.
    As much as I dislike Sarah, I agree with Eleana. They're still sisters, no matter what happened between them. Not to mention, Sarah may know things that they don't, yet and could be of help. She wouldn't be able to help if she was dead.

    @KayeStar :lol: "My husband may be dying in the background, but happy birthday to me!"

    @GraceyManor Good thing she's not going into battle in her condition. I laughed when the king was like "Who are you and what have you done with the queen?" :lol:
    Zevran better stop talking about the King's wife like that. But I love that he's a flirt.
    Nice of Edward to defend his queen's honor though.

    @HillyBeth I don't think teen sims can use the online dating site, unless you're able to change that with a mod. Maybe make a sim or use the sim-finder app?

    @LunBeauty That's happened to me with some community lots. It's happened with a lot of University community lots with me in the past and got pretty old really fast.
    In one of my old saves, one of my sims ended up marrying a paparazzi sim who was very close to being pudding faced, but her features were originally adjusted just slightly to where she was actually really pretty. I can't remember her name, though.

    @Silverofdreams30 Nice update! Can't wait for more. :)

    @emorrill This is so cute! Penny and Harvey would make such a great couple if it ever happened! :love:

    @Shadow_Assassin Very nice update and pictures!
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    Starting work on the next part of my story today :smile:
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    edited February 28
    wow, the thread has been slow this week.


    Thank you, I will use bits and pieces from the film, the whole movie is a bit difficult
    to create in the sims sadly hehe.


    Thank you.
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    @emorrill Reading your update :smile: It is annoying that everywhere needs plug sockets for phones and other devices these days. Penny seems to be interested in Harvey :smile:
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    Hi! After playing The Sims 4 for a few months, I decided to abandon it in favor of The Sims 3. I had forgotten how amazing this game is! I started with a couple, boyfriend and girlfriend, placed them in Riverview, and spent a few days re-exploring the game before having them get engaged.










    After that, I started down the traditional route of having them get married and start a family.




    Their first child, Reed, looks like he had his father's face photoshopped onto his head. I've never seen such a clone before! My mom, who was watching me play, nearly jumped out of her skin! (She thought his dad had somehow aged down.)


    Some info on the parents: Cameron and Sheila are both at level 4 of their careers, business and journalism respectively. (Their backstory is that they met because they work in the same building.)
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    Welcome back

    Teen witch based save


    " Wait why are you holding my diary? Did you read it again ?"


    " This old thing, oh Derek my darling why can't you kiss me?
    I love you so much, Derek".

    Milton's voice was heard in a
    way to annoy his sister. Jodie was so angry that she screamed for her brother to leave her
    room immediately and never touch her diary again.



    " I will read it again, you need to find a new hiding spot" then he left her room while
    she stood there fuming. This Sunday did not start too well.

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    Life has been continuing normally for the Baxter's
    Love day comes and the family spend the morning watching some morning cartoons, with Ryan making pancakes for Breakfast.
    Lauri explains that she and Ryan are going out for a bit, and that Lawrence should go visit his aunt, it is love day after all.
    Just a straightforward date.

    Ryan's Birthday has come, and they ate all the cake.
    Lauri's Birthday comes too.
    Seems like Lawrence and Kimberly are getting on well.
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    Zevran: Ah, so you want to hear about antivia do you? Well, it is a warm
    and quiet place..Flowers were always in bloom.But we didn't have quite the loviliness
    in Antivia
    Eleana: Do you ever want to go back?
    Zevran: Its not a matter of wanting to go back.I can't.
    Eleana: You don't like it in Praaven?
    Zevran: Its fine enough, with its muck and mud.And the people are spirited...even
    if you can't tell an assassin from a normal person.I hail from the glorious antivia city...
    Home to the royal palace.It is a glittering gem admist the city.Do you come from somewhere
    Eleana: My mother's belly.

    Zevran: Ha you got me there, anyways for years I lived in a tiny apartment in the leather district.
    I grew accustom to the stench, even though humans complained.
    Eleana: Sounds like your a bit homesick.
    Zevran: Perhaps.It is my first time away from Antivia.I figured once I got paid
    for a job well done, I would return home.
    Eleana: That job being Killing me?
    Zevran: Yes, indeed.One simply knows what would come next? How could I suspect
    I would be defeated by a beautiful grey warden, who then spares my life, its not so bad.
    Eleana: Beautiful grey warden?
    Zevran: I say it, because it is true.
    Eleana: Zevran, I think your pretty talented with a blade.And I'm glad your helping.
    But you need to stop with the compliments.I'm married with a child coming..
    And its making me uncomfortable.
    Zevran: I see.Point taken.

    Morrigan: You men, drooling over girls makes me sick.
    Edward: This is the part, where we learn you don't have a friend in the world.
    Morrigan: I can be friendly, if I desire to be, but alas, being practical makes it not so.
    A lady bats her eyes and you men get all swoony over it.
    Edward: You have no one, so you can't really judge.

    Morrigan used a little of her mage magic to flirt with Edward.
    Morrigan: See, all I did was smile, and your acting all sweet.
    Edward: ..I am not...and whatever your doing stop it..

    Morrigan: Or how about this?
    Edward: ...Morrigan right now.
    Morrigan: Proves my point.

    Eleana: What are you doing?
    Edward: Eleana, its not what it looks like.

    Eleana: And you get all upset when someone pays me a compliment...
    Edward: wasn't me, It was her.
    Morrigan: Always play the victim....takes two to flirt.
    Edward: tell the truth right now or you're
    going to the circle.
    Eleana: I'm going for a walk.

    Eleana: Oh...stop kicking around so much...ow.
    Edward: Eleana...wait.
    Eleana: Go back to camp and stop following me.

    Eleana: Don't touch me.
    Edward: Would you please calm down and listen to me...It wasn't me...
    Eleana: You think I didn't see both of you...
    Edward: Morrigan..I don't know what she did...but I would never...Eleana,
    I love you.

    Eleana: I just want to be alone right now...go back to camp...
    and Morrigan..

    Eleana: In fact, you can have this crown back Edward.Let's end
    Edward: You can't do that, not now Eleana...please

    Eleana: I need some time to myself....just go.Don't worry about me.
    She removed her crown, dropping it to the ground.


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    Hello. :smile:

    It's been a minute. I haven't been keeping up with the forums very much recently because I at every aspect of life. But ehhh what can ya do. I made a new sim recently and plan on making a few more to be models for an ever-upcoming conversion re-haul. :lol: Anyway, everyone say hi to Karina Richards.

    I was really proud of her eyeshadow. :lol:

    I make these sims in a fast loading saved game in a tiny world as to not have several minute load times. :lol: So they typically just get added to Sable's household. I call this one, "Ohhh god...should I tell her about the giant bug on her head?"
    หยาดฝนโปรยปรายลงมามานะ เธอลุกขึ้นมา :star:
    *Insert Game Here* to TS3 Conversions by yours truly!
    My CC blog!
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    Emily4331 wrote: »
    Hello. :smile:

    It's been a minute. I haven't been keeping up with the forums very much recently because I at every aspect of life.
    Hello back :smile: . You obviously don't suck at that aspect of life, since those images are gorgeous.

    @emorrill Looks as if you took care of Harvey already. At least you leveled the path :smile: .
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    Glad Dedric was able to stop the burglar in his/her tracks!
    Joining in their debate, couldn't they place it in a descreet spot
    or some how blend it in so its not as noticeable?
    I like the pattern on the bench in the 3rd photo.Where did you get it?
    Yeah, this whole new laptop is a PITA.They won' t take it back, they want
    to try and fix it first, so now I'm without it and still have to make payments
    for something I cant use.

    Lol I'm not sure if Edward would go for Zevran...He's too
    That nerd certainly looks cute. <3

    Both girls are really pretty!
    love the bedroom for your teen witch save.

    I must admit while I was reading the part about him
    checking her heart, my heart rate got going to, like
    his character is really charming! great job on that!

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    Hey friends. :)

    The thread has been super slow lately. :disappointed: I hope all of you are alright and that life is treating you well. <3

    Life has been SO busy for me lately...hence my absence, but I'm jumping on here to make a few comments and share some pics. :blush:

    @Silverofdreams30 I like the way your Teen Witch story is starting out. :grin: She is one gorgeous girl and while her little brother may be annoying ;) he's still a cutie.
    Yup they all got to discover the wonderful world of cell phones! :lol:
    Thanks for the comments and glad you enjoyed the chapter. :blush:

    @Emily4331 LOVE Karina's hair color! <3 She's beautiful!

    @LunBeauty Thanks girl. :) They really would make a cute couple. <3 Glad you enjoyed the chapter.

    emorrill Looks as if you took care of Harvey already. At least you leveled the path :smile: .
    ^Did I? :smirk:

    @GraceyManor I promise I'll catch up with your story very very soon. :kissing_heart:
    I must admit while I was reading the part about him
    checking her heart, my heart rate got going to, like
    his character is really charming! great job on that!
    ^Hee hee! You just made my evening with this comment. :mrgreen: My heart was racing a little too while writing it. ;)<3
    Did you listen to the song at the end? It's so cute I bet you would like it, and it's 90's country. ;) Me thinks you already knew that though. :p

    *If I missed anyone, please forgive me. <3 I've enjoyed all your posts and have given out L&A's.

    Speaking of Harvey everyone......


    Rawr! :love:
    I swear I can't get enough of him lately...

    I promised (sorta :p ) @bekkasan that I would share some pics of Shane with her so lady...these are for you. :blush:
    (Oh and I wanted you to know I enjoyed your reply comments to me on the previous page. :kissing_heart: I knew you'd like that Sam and baby gif. :blush: )

    Here he is having a pillow fight with Emily. It's nice to see him smile. ;)


    I wonder what kind of serious conversation they are having here:


    But yeah on to the good stuff... :smirk:


    ^He didn't want to cooperate with me very well here... :(

    THERE we go! :star:


    He really does have a charming smile. :blush:

    Happy Simming my friends. :)
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    I love that song!
    Yeah, lots of stuff happened in my game.XD
    Now I'll be listening to that song all night LOL

    Hope everyone is okay, its been a few days since there's been any activity on here.:o
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    Eleana ditched her Queen's clothing and went for a more peasant look.
    She was close to giving birth, she could sense it.

    "I don't know much about fruit.Hope its safe." She took a big bite
    of the flame fruit...Not much taste, but better than being hungry.

    Edward spent the night searching for Eleana, he finally found
    her down by a pond.

    Edward: There you are! I've had the boys out looking for you all night.
    We need to stop this bickering and you need to come back now.
    Eleana: I asked you not to follow me Edward.I want to be alone.
    Edward: You had all night to be alone...I'm not leaving you out here, now
    let's go.

    Eleana: I'll just walk away.
    Edward: Don't you dare...Eleana, come back.
    Maker's breathe!

    Edward: I'll just keep following you Eleana..I'm just as stubborn as
    you are.
    Eleana: No..I'm not coming back, just go now.

    Edward: Eleana...what do you want me to say? That I'm sorry for something
    I didn't do or start? Or that I need you to come back, your the most important
    person in my life?

    Eleana: I just....need more time...please go.
    Edward: Alright...if that's what you want, fine.I'll go.

    Edward: I won't force you to come back..I hope you will on your own...
    but if not...then farewell.

    Eleana: -_-

    Eleana: Oh maker! the baby is coming.
    Eleana had slept on the beach all evening and woke around 2:30 am to

    Eleana: Oh maker...this really hurts!
    Alone and cold, Eleana gave birth to a baby boy.


  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,518 Member
    edited February 29

    Thank you, I have to skip the school scenes because that would mean creating tons of more characters and nope
    take o much time so will use the other bits as much as I can.
    I love the shirtless Shane screenshots. <3
  • LunBeautyLunBeauty Posts: 2,724 Member
    @Simtown15 Looks like you've been busy! :) Usually when I get back into the Sims 3 after a long break, I also take lots of pictures of the first household I create.

    @Silverofdreams30 Gotta love annoying little brothers. I have a little sister and she always found ways to annoy me when we were younger. I still love her though and am happy that she's making me an auntie. <3

    @jonny522 Nice pictures and update!

    @GraceyManor Well, from Eleana's point of view, it did look like Edward was accepting Morrigan's advances. But then Morrigan was horrible for trying to flirt with a married man. I really can't stand people who do that. They know that the person is in a relationship, but they still try to ruin it.

    @Emily4331 She's really gorgeous! You have a talent for creating beautiful sims and taking good pictures!

    @GraceyManor Eleana is being a bit too stubborn. If anything, I'd go back and give Morrigan a piece of my mind...maybe pull her hair a bit. :lol: Hopefully she and Edward can fix their relationship. A baby boy! <3
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,518 Member
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    She looks great as always you create beautifully


    Thank you, I'm the little sister here since I have two older
    brothers hehe.
  • Simtown15Simtown15 Posts: 3,860 Member
    @emorrill I just woke up and the pictures of Shane shirtless already made my day! (He’s my Stardew crush; probably because we’re both depressed chicken-lovers.)
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    Eleana: Are you a happy baby?
    the baby giggled as Eleana tossed him in the air.

    Eleana gives her baby boat loads of kisses.

    Eleana: Zevran? What are you doing here?
    Zevran: M'lady, your husband worries for you.Its not safe for
    the Queen to be wandering about...there's assassins ;) and more.
    Eleana: I'm no longer Queen, Zevran and I'll be just fine.

    Zevran: Well, if you won't come back for HIS sake, come back
    for the baby's sake..If Jacob finds out...your baby will be next.
    Eleana: Good point...fine I'll come home, but I'm doing it for the baby.

    Edward: Eleana, you've returned? The kings eyes lit up at the sight
    his queen.
    Eleana: I did, for the baby's sake...not mine.
    Edward: Eleana...

    Edward: Maker's breathe.

    later that evening..
    Edward: Losing you is seeing that precious jewel fall from a finger into the sea, forever carried away by the tide.
    please, let me love you again.
    Eleana: ....
    Edward: Wait here, Eleana.

    Edward: I'm giving you one more chance Morrigan...tell the truth!
    What did you do?!

    Morrigan:Alright, don't get everything a twist.I just used a little influence.
    I was bored.
    Edward: Well, your idea of fun, cost me my relationship.

    Eleana: You did it because you were bored?
    Morrigan: Yeah...Funny?...
    Eleana: Not at're just like my fact you're worse.
    At least I knew where I stood with her, your two-faced.
    Morrigan: Say what you must.I am not offended.

    Eleana: I'm sorry...but from my really looked
    Edward: I'm sure it did, but know I would never do such a thing.
    Eleana: I know..


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