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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,060 Member
    "I see you managed to find shelter...well I guess its time to take things
    into my own hands." Sarah yelled as she raised her hands, and aimed toward

    "I told you you were useless." Sarah scoffed and mocked Eleana."She is not!"
    a voice rang out from behind her.

    Sarah gasped."Oh, your majesty, forgive me for not hearing you come in.
    If my sister has been a nuisance to you, I'm taking care of her right now."
    "You will do no such thing Sarah, Eleana has been no trouble at all."

    Edward marched forward toward Sarah."You are lucky to still be alive,
    after everything you've done Sarah." For once in her life, Sarah felt frightened."You aren't
    going to have me killed are you?" "I should...but I won't, I will let the templars decided your
    fate." Sarah gasped once more."Not the circle of magi....they don't take well to apostates..."

    "The circle of Magi is where your going Sarah...Jacob take her away." Sarah cried."Eleana, don't let them
    take me!" "I dare not go against the king's orders Sarah." Eleana said."Eleana!"

    "I'm so glad we found you Eleana, we've been searching everywhere." The king offered his hand
    to the young lady."Let's get you out of here."

    "Thank you." Is all she could get out before she started crying.
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    @GraceyManor Cool, that is good to know that he is finally getting it.
    Thanks for the comments. :) Glad you liked the nest.
    Maiden is a smart horse searching out the king for help.
    Sheesh, mean sister! horrible sister, murderous sister! :rage:
    Glad she found a shelter and the king is searching.
    Looks like both Eleana and the King are faring well on the search. Hope they find her soon.
    Glad he showed up in the nick of time. Hopefully the magi will take care of Sarah.
    Sweet hug.

    @Turjan Thanks! I am finally starting to feel better.
    Yes, the baby arriving safely through all those clothes is amazing and fully clothed and clean as well. :o Different universe for sure. I would have opted for that had I a choice! :D
    Another birthday! Yay!
    Conner looks like he is having a great time for a change. Awesome to see.

    @emorrill I'm glad you are better and I'm finally feeling better today.
    That campfire is cc but I don't recall who. I've had it a long time. It is possibly one from severinka. If you've never been to her site...go!! :smiley:
    You will lose your whole day exploring and downloading! lol
    Thanks so much for the comments on my update. I wish I did have that stuff organized but I've had it so long and it was before I was trying to organize where I got what. Her site is fun to look at so plan some time there as well. :lol: It will take days to go through it!
    I was looking for a name that meant wolf and found Fillon, so I figured Fillion was close enough, worked better as a first name, and a lovely tribute to Nathan as well. Loved his character in Serenity and Castle and he was a great bad guy in Buffy!
    It was nice seeing Maru and Sebastian able to talk through their issues. He shouldn't blame her for things the step father did, certainly not her fault.
    I thought he was a bit out of line yelling at her for going to the wizards. She has as much right to curiosity as he does and if her Dad got made at him, again not her fault. Doesn't really matter since they are both gone. lol
    They can be much more supportive of each other after that talk. How old are they supposed to be? Maybe it's time for Seb to move out when they get back home.
    I really enjoyed reading the bickering among the group. It is much more realistic that they will all have differing opinions about what is happening and 'leader' and all that. I laughed at Shane being the eternal grump, questioner and complainer, and obvious he is gonna speak his mind whether it is right or wrong and be very candid to boot. lol
    Sounds like Shane is going into DT's already! He may need that sedative in Harvey's pocket and may wish Harvey brought more with him. :smirk:
    I can't wait to see what the town has to offer and hopefully they will meet some townies as well and perhaps figure out what is going on.

    @PalmArrow Thanks for the comments. :) I do try to catch the wink, but happens so fast sometimes!

    @imdragonit Thanks!

    @Nikkei_Simmer I did get seen and feeling better. Thanks!
    I imagine there is a lot to research for certain types of stories and certain types would stick you if you get something a wee bit wrong. :flushed:
    lol at Haruo attacking the guys and giving them the were bite.
    Drives me bonkers when Jennifer occasionally passes out as long as she's been married to Marshall when he transforms. I usually try to have him and Adam change elsewhere and she is fine when he arrives home as a wolf and will usually attack him. :wink: Go figure. :lol:

    @imdragonit so cool seeing him out riding. I rather imagine he can take care of the invaders!

    @LunBeauty You get the dragon based on how you talk to the eggs, so it is not really cheating after you learn what you need to chat with them about to get the color you want. :wink:

    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks for commenting. I new Dedric would make pretty babies with her. :smiley:

    @king_of_simcity7 Nice to see you starting your story.

    @thuggishsplicer Totally agree!

    @Lucy_Henley Nice to see some of your gameplay. I see possible baby...or bad food! :grin: I do miss carving pumpkins.

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    After Alex's death, Lawrence's parents move to his room, and he moves into their's.
    Both of them are laid to rest.
    It's the start of winter, therefore the start of Snowflake day.
    Lawrence goes to a scouting event.
    Winter break starts, and Ryan uses his time wisely by making an army.
    Then suddenly, an artillery strike, at least in his head.
    Lawrence's parents head off camping for a few days, this is day 2.
    And they need a bath, so they take one.
    It seems like Mona has had another child, welcome Kimberly.
    The camping trip is over, and Lawrence hugs his parents when they get back.
    And to finish it off, they decide to have some fireworks.
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,960 Member
    @bekkasan Thanks for the feedback :smile: I will have another update to come when I get home that would be longer and will have new pictures :smile:
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 627 Member
    The Asquiths are back, with a bigger and better kitchen! Now with pizza oven, teppanyaki table and chocolate fountain.


    Martin listening to a fishing tabcast.


    As I mentioned previously, I had a weird glitch where the kids didn't go to school. This also meant that Lucy missed out on ballet class. Luckily she was able to practise at home.


    Mmm, fruit kebab topped with melted chocolate... *does Homer Simpson drooling impression*


    Ros couldn't be bothered with a kebab... she drank straight from the waterfall. (I'd do the same, if hygiene wasn't an issue).


    MOAR TIBERIUM! They have quite a bit of money now... I might build a few bars/lounges and get Ros to buy one. Or maybe a resort.


    Awww <3


    Lucy was hungry, and grabbed a portion of breakfast calzone. Despite being hungry, she dumped the plate on the floor and watched her mum practising martial arts. Sims are so dumb sometimes...


    I sold a bit of the tiberium, and Ros had a wish fulfilled: to be worth more than 300,000 Simoleons. She currently has a wish to be worth 500,000... which will net her 14,000 lifetime happiness points. Challenge accepted.


    Teppanyaki chicken fried rice... mmm... *more drooling*


    Apparently you need to stand *in* the sink to mend it.


    James had an opportunity to collect some gems and metal. Naturally, Ros had already collected the required emerald and ruby. The science labs were impressed that James had collected everything so fast.


    Martin really wanted to plant a flame fruit and a money tree. I finally caved and used "buydebug" to grab two flame fruit bushes and two life fruit bushes. They were already in harvest mode, so Martin replanted them.


    Ros went to the consignment store, and ended up befriending Darleen and Darren. She'd achieved the "celebrity" charisma skill challenge, which meant a starting bonus when meeting new people, so befriending them happened quickly. They're married, but the NRAAS Story Progression means that they're named Matlapin-Dreamer. I don't know if they've had kids yet.


    It was Ros's birthday. She'd invited over her boss, Romon, and Martin ended up befriending him. He is now a level 2 celebrity. Ros is level 3, and the children are all level 1.


    Sims 3 Families: Sanchezes/O'Connors, Fairy Friends, Jenningses
    Sims 4 Families: Fosters/Matsumotos/van Beerses, Harper-Joneses, Mastersons
  • jonny522jonny522 Posts: 179 Member
    Snowflake day arrives, and it's time to give the gifts with members of the family.
    Lawrence got this weird sort of lamp, it's.... cool?
    Gift giving feast, they have boiliabiase.
    Lindsey's first time being a ghost since her husband joined her.
    Spring comes to Riverview.
    Lawrence has now completed his Scouting afterschool activity. And has the badges to prove it.
    The next day both Lawrence and Ryan have a decent chunk of work.
    Lawrence has finished his home work and wants to enter his dad's study, but his father kindly told him that he has work to do and needs some quiet.
    A somewhat upset Lawrence has the situation explained to him by his mother.
    An exhausted Ryan exits his room to get a quick hug from his wife, he needs a break
    Lawrence visits a friend's house.
    Ryan sleeps in till late afternoon and Lauri teases him lightly about it and the work he has to do.
    Wray's birthday party.
    A burglar came to the house, and was caught.
    And Wray learned how to walk.
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,960 Member
    Part 1B

    Katie had a couple of other friends Louise and Jodie but they would soon be reluctant to hang out with her. She would sit with them in the canteen at school but they made it clear that they were reluctant to be seen with her.

    'You need to be careful about what you say about Lakesha,' said Louise.
    'Why what has she said?' replied Katie nervously.
    'She said that you have been saying stuff about her in those texts that you sent Reece,' said Jodie.
    'Why was she reading his texts?' asked Katie.
    'Well she was with him and she told us to warn you that she is not happy,' replied Louise.
    'And we are not too happy about either to be honest,' added Jodie 'we don't want any more hassle from her either,'
    'We did try to warn you about getting involved with Reece but you did not listen to us,' said Louise 'and we are not going to deal with whatever happens,'


    Katie felt nervous as she knew what Lakesha was like with people that she did not like but she did not expect Louise and Jodie to turn against her.

    'They are coming now,' said Louise.
    'Let's go,' said Jodie as they both got up and left Katie by herself.
    Katie noticed one of Lakesha's friends point her out but she could not hear what was being said.


    She would later see Lakesha alone when walking through the corridor and they had their first confrontation.

    'What have you been saying about me?' Lakesha asked her bluntly.
    'Nothing,' replied Katie anxiously.
    'Don't lie to me, I saw what you was saying about me in those texts!' replied Lakesha angrily.

    Katie felt frightened and started apologising.

    'A bit too late to say you are sorry now,' snapped Lakesha 'but you will be sorry soon when I catch up with you again!'


    See more:
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    Hello my friends. :)

    It's been a busy busy day! And I've got much to catch up on so I'll just get right to it while I have an hour. :lol:

    @imdragonit I love that you expressed looking forward to my next story update. <3 You're sweet.
    I dunno if you've been lurking for a while and have been able to read my Stardew Valley Fanfic from the beginning, but I have a separate thread for it in the Stories and Legacies section if you need to catch up and you can also read it on my blog HERE. :)
    Girl your Geralt is so sexy! :love: I started watching The Witcher, but I could not believe the out in the open female nudity within the first 10 minutes of it! :astonished: That kind of stuff puts me off and I don't think I'll be watching the rest. :( I grew up never watching anything above PG-13 so...
    Bummer. :pensive:

    @Turjan RPG's are my love too! <3 So I take that to mean you've played a few Final Fantasy games in your day? :blush: FF7 was always my absolute favorite and in a still is, but once FF12 came out I was like :open_mouth: This game rocks! :love: It's been a strong contender in landing the #1 spot in my favorite FF games. ;) FF9 has always been a very enjoyable one for me to play, same with FF10. I think I'm in the minority on this one, but FF8 was not my cup of tea... :confused: (I think most guys love it simply because they thought Rinoa is smokin' hot! :lol: ) As far as SNES originals, FF6 is the best one to me, with FF4 coming in second. :) Anyhoo!
    I hope you enjoyed the recent Chapter I wrote. :blush:

    @Nikkei_Simmer I commend you for being so knowledgeable (and becoming knowledgeable) about naval and other military stuff's not my cup of tea. :lol: But I'm glad it's yours and your love for it is what makes you write fantastic stories and a great JAG fanfiction! :star:
    If there’s something about writing, it’s that it provides new challenges every time one sits down at the keyboard to write or picks up a pen...
    ^Amen. <3
    That was a very sweet and awesome review that person gave you. :star: Doing research for the win!
    I've always done research too because I wanna make sure that what I'm talking about is accurate and not have some die hard shoot me a message and be like, "You don't know what the H you're talking about..." Also seeing my hubby get angry at TV shows for not getting the Army stuff down right, further makes me want to research and make sure I KNOW what I'm writing about. ;)

    @GraceyManor You're okay sweetie. :kissing_heart: I knew you weren't blatantly ignoring me, I figured something kept you busy (or you didn't get my tags). Thanks for letting me know what you do. I'm sorry about is quite hard to respond on a phone, especially at work.
    Thanks for the link to the carriage. :) I wanna say I have it in my game, but the download link makes me go through AdFly and I don't like that. :confounded: I couldn't find a way around it...
    "So I'm the bad guy now?" Sarah said, staring back at Eleana."Fine...then I'm the bad guy."
    ^Tangled reference! :mrgreen: That was my first thought reading it, and LunBeauty beat me saying something about it on here. ;)
    What a good horse Maiden is and I hope Edward can rescue Eleana. <3
    I love the "Maker's Breath" reaction! :lol:
    Gosh her sister is awful...pure evil! :angry:
    Eleana was lucky to find that Abbey, with farm produce and beds even!
    Those logs for the sims to sit on are AWESOME! :smiley: Where did you find those? Severinka?
    Edward to the rescue! :star: And not a moment too soon!
    Take THAT Sarah! :angry:
    Good answer Eleana. :smirk:
    Aww, that hug between her and the King at the end. <3

    @LunBeauty I always appreciate your reply comments to my comments. <3
    I remember seeing that babies and toddlers overhaul mod. I thought all the actions were cute, but not the toilet one. That just makes me cringe. :lol: I clean 4 toilets in this house and they are NASTY! :confounded: I always kept bathroom doors shut when daughter was a toddler.
    I can understand caving and adding all your CC hairs back in. :mrgreen: EA's are often boring, ugly, and limited.
    Oh so the Never Nauseous rewards applies to pregnancy nausea as well? :grin: Nice!

    @king_of_simcity7 It's all good, I forget names all the time. :lol:
    You have a story thread for this new story right? I need to check it out.

    emorrill Yay! You got the Epona reference. ^^ Braeburn is Applejack's cousin in MLP.
    ^Tee hee! :mrgreen:
    Oh I totally got the Braeburn reference too, but I figured you would know that since we both love MLP. ;) Now I'm wishing I said something about it though. :p
    So Twilight is your favorite from the Mane 6? :smirk: Fluttershy is mine, mostly because she is the one that best represents my personality. I'm just not THAT shy anymore... ;)

    I love your storytelling emorrill ! Shane doesn’t sound like a nice guy. Showing weakness isn’t a bad thing, dude! Leah and Elliot continue to be adorable. I’m not a fan of long hair on men, but it’s not me in that situation... if Leah doesn’t mind, that’s the main thing :D:D
    ^Thank you so much. <3
    Shane is a meanie and when I first played Stardew Valley and his character was telling mine to get out of his face I was like, "Well FINE then you butt*head!" :angry::lol: But...he has big personal struggle makes him act the way he does.
    I don't care for long hair on men either :lol: but man it sure suits Elliott. :love:

    I just finished reading the chapter. Great storytelling as always.
    I like how you get the whole group written so well.
    ^Thank you sweet lady. :kissing_heart: This means a lot coming from you who's been playing SDV MUCH longer than I have. :)
    Shane is how he is with a backstory like his its sad, but he is this snarky guy who gets nicer if someone takes the time to
    learn to know him what I know of his story at least.
    ^Yes. :star: I was extremely put off by him and his attitude towards my character, but...I've done my research on him and I know now. ;)
    LOL! Yeah Harvey's eyes wouldn't be able to unsee that! :joy:
    Oooooohhhh! :love: Max in the tub...with his beautiful face and chest sticking out... <3 Daaaang girl! *Fans self* I am pleased with your gift. :blush::p

    @HillyBeth Scott and Lily are indeed beautiful sims and you should be proud! :star:

    @bekkasan Oh my goodness I remember seeing Severinka's amazing creations over the years and now they're all on her own personal site!? :smiley: I am in Heaven! (So naughty you sent the link to me...because I have more than enough CC, but I'm not complaining. :mrgreen:<3 )
    Husband is a HUGE "Firefly" fan. :smirk: Have you seen "The Rookie" TV series with Nathan Fillion in it as a rookie cop? Oh man, it's SO good! You need to watch it if you can!
    Yes, Sebastian and Maru really needed to talk, even fight a little, to get things out in the open. ;) They are both quite young. According to many folks assumptions they are in their early 20s so for my story Maru is 22 so with Sebastian being older, and being a toddler when his mom remarried, I'm going to say he's 3 years older than her, so 25. :)
    I really enjoyed reading the bickering among the group.
    ^Hee hee, I thought you would. :smirk::lol:
    Yup, Shane says and does whatever the hey he feels like! :grin:
    Sounds like Shane is going into DT's already! He may need that sedative in Harvey's pocket and may wish Harvey brought more with him. :smirk:
    ^Did someone pick up on some foreshadowing? :smirk: I can neither confirm or deny. :p
    Thanks for the comments. <3 Glad you enjoyed it!

    Stopping here cause I gotta make dinner. I'll pick up where I left off later. :)

    Keep calm and Sim on my friends!
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    Yup, Sarah is a mean old sister.
    The Magi will definately take care of Sarah lol.

    Thanks! Its hard to make the Sims 3 Medieval.And
    I wish they would remake "The Sims Medieval" but in Sims 3 style.

    Yup, tangled reference.
    An old abbey with beds was better than a rough ruggerd terraine.
    Thanks! I'm not sure where the logs came from as I downloaded a community
    lot that all sorts of decor on it.If I find it I will link it.

    Can anyone access
  • LunBeautyLunBeauty Posts: 2,724 Member
    @GraceyManor At least Eleana has food and a place to sleep. She's not too bad off, even though cooked cabbage is really nasty and doesn't smell much better, either. But sometimes, you have to take what you can get. Hopefully the king finds her soon.

    @emorrill I have to say that I can relate to Sebastian with the whole sibling thing. I was always getting into trouble for things my sister did, even when I had nothing to do with it. :lol:
    Maru and Sebby seem close enough to not let their dad's very clear favouritism over Maru get in the way of their relationship.
    Harvey is not dumb. He knows exactly what's going on between Leah and Elliot. :joy:
    I don't think there's anything wrong with Harvey being leader. He seems like the most mature and level-headed one of the group. I think Shane's just jealous and wants to be leader.
    Yay, Leah and Elliot finally confessed to everyone about their relationship!

    @Silverofdreams30 Very nice update! :) They're such a cute couple.

    @HillyBeth Very good looking sims! :)

    @GraceyManor Sarah really is despicably evil, isn't she? Good on the King for putting his foot down and taking Eleana away from her. It seems that Sarah was always jealous of Eleana and that's a big reason why she treated her so badly and tried to hurt her so many times.

    @bekkasan I knew that about the eggs, even though I hadn't really played with them for a long time. I just never knew how to get the black egg and no matter how much I tried, I still kept getting either the red, green, or purple dragon.

    @jonny522 Very nice update!

    @Lucy_Henley Nice additions to the kitchen. :)
    Tabcast is one of my favourite features. Too bad sims can't learn more than one skill at a time before you have to reset it. I wonder if you could change that with Nraas Retuner. :thinking:
    That's a strange glitch.
    Mmmm, chocolat fruit
    Tiberium is probably the best money source in the game if you can find it.
    Sims are definitely not bright sometimes. :lol: I've had a few sims stop fulfilling their needs to do something else, and then complain. I'm just like "You're on high free will! You can take care of yourself!"
    Teppanyaki chicken is amazing!
    Everyone knows that to truly repair the sink, you must become one with the sink.
    I think one of my sims has been wanting a flame fruit. I might have to cheat and use buydebut, as I have no plans on sending my sims to any of the WA spots anytime soon. :lol:
    I don't mind the hyphenated last names too much. Plus, you can set it to where they only have one last name.

    @jonny522 Very nice update!

    @king_of_simcity7 Great story so far! :)

    @emorrill I appreciate you appreciating them! <3
    I also have a mod that allows children to pick up toddlers and put them in cribs as well as take them out. They can also put them in highchairs and take them out again, I believe. I think that the animations are pretty smooth too with none of that annoying stretching that other mods might have. But it's a useful mod and allows more interactions between child sims and toddlers. Our new house is going to have around three toilets, I think, although one is just a half bath with just the toilet and sink. I don't know if my mom ever kept the bathroom doors shut with me and my sister. :lol:
    I like some EA hairs, but they're so limited and I didn't want the sims around town to all have the same hairs.
    Yes, it does! I almost always get it whenever I get enough LTH points.
  • carlystur03carlystur03 Posts: 402 Member

    Yep. I can. For anything else like this, check
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,518 Member
    edited February 14

    Thank you, and your welcome.


    Lovely hug in the end.


    Thank you
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,060 Member

    Yep. I can. For anything else like this, check

    I had already checkered that said it was uo, but I couldn’t connect to it.but that was last night so..
  • thuggishsplicerthuggishsplicer Posts: 1,588 Member
    @LunBeauty I have to admit, the way I did was pretty annoying. I had to save the families and then, open another city to save the families again to ensure the ties are cleaned and avoid bugs in the families trees. Porter seems easier and I'll try again.

    @GraceyManor Your settings for you medieval story are amazing! I need to bookmark your tale so that I can read it at one sitting.

    @emorrill I've been pretty lax with my blog lately. Have you been posting the chapters of your current story there or to a separate forum topic? BTW Are they living in the Parrotts house? I love that house!
    -I like Twilight Sparkle because she's the nerdiest. However, she loses her sparkle on me when she becomes an alicorn. Pinky Pie used to be more annoying at the beginning, but just like Mabel, I grew fond of her. Applejack is also a favorite as I adore her accent and style.
    "Twilight Sparkle" is just a perfect name for a Unicorn, since it's all magical. Now I miss the cartoon, but I'll be strong and I'll be back to Netflix once I finish watching all my DVDs.

    @jonny522 What an impressive army of snowman! :-O
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,060 Member
    My fiance and I have a date to the state fair, so my responses will be later.Just a quick reply

    Thanks! I have it all here:
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    Happy Valentines Day! Hope you all have a great day with your loved ones!
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    Haven't been playing recently as I have been suffering from illness (I have been playing Pokemon Sword while I was ill to get my mind from my illness) plus with my laptop only updated this morning, I haven't had time to play The Sims 3. So I may have time to play sometime next week
    Currently aiming to get all harvestables produce in The Sims 3 (On the Store now)
    The Oakley Legacy. Update: Generation 1: Dennis, Iris, Bede (Teen), Rose (Teen), Marcus
    Taking a hiatus in January 2021
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    @jonny522 Thanks! <3 Here's a new update!

    Happy Valentine's Day! I'm playing in Riverview too! Scott and Lily are now married and expecting a baby! If you think I planned their pregnancy, here's a secret:
    I didn't! They autonomously tried on their own! Their daughter will be named Maeve. I also changed Scott's last name from Nichols to Delaney instead.

    (word of advice: Place the Burglar Alarm outside if you can to prevent the thief from making it inside. The second they get onto the property, the alarm will go off and they'll freak out)

    The wedding
    Origin ID
    Sims 3 Username
    The Cole Legacy Facebook Page
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    @all: Happy Valentine's Day.

    I will reply later as I got a busy day ahead of me. :)
    :) Smile!

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    Happy Valentine's Day my friends!

    I know this was always a very hard day for me when I was single so even if some of you don't have a special someone in your life right now, just know that you are loved and being thought about. If not by anyone else than by me. <3

    Anyway, little comments here:

    @jonny522 Enjoyed reading your posts. :)

    @Lucy_Henley Hey there Asquiths! :mrgreen: Long time no see! ;) Enjoyed reading your posts. :)

    Thanks! I'm not sure where the logs came from as I downloaded a community
    lot that all sorts of decor on it.If I find it I will link it.
    ^No rush, but if you could that would be great! :star:
    I was able to access the Sims 3 updates site. I don't go there hardly ever though as the search button is broken, I can't navigate that site worth a darn, and I've gotten a few bad CC from that place so download with caution. ⚠

    @LunBeauty I think most of us can relate to getting blamed for something our siblings did. ;)
    Yup, Harvey is a smart guy. <3
    I don't think there's anything wrong with Harvey being leader. He seems like the most mature and level-headed one of the group. I think Shane's just jealous and wants to be leader.
    ^Yup. :blush: And I don't think Shane is jealous so much as he doesn't care about being there, or what anyone else thinks, and he just wants to pester the one guy out of them that he doesn't like. :p
    I didn't want the sims around town to all have the same hairs.
    ^Oh my goodness AMEN to that! And for me, if I use one hairstyle on a certain sim that becomes their hairstyle so it doesn't feel right to put it on another sim. :lol: I know I'm not the only one. ;)
    Thanks for the comments. <3

    @Silverofdreams30 <3<3<3
    We're FB messaging each other right now. :mrgreen:

    @bekkasan I am totally checking out Severinka's site right now. :blush: Same as Murfeel's stuff on TSR. I blame you if my game starts lagging! :p;):kissing_heart:

    @thuggishsplicer Yes I've been posting my Stardew Valley Chapters onto my blog as soon as I post them on here. :blush: So head on over and catch up when you have some time. <3
    BTW Are they living in the Parrotts house? I love that house!
    ^Yes, they are in the Parrott's house. :smirk: Good eye!
    I know a lot of mlp fans weren't thrilled when Twilight became an alicorn (In fact M.A. Larson got a huge amount of hate mail because of it and I think someone threatened to kill him over it. :flushed: Yeah! Freaking INSANE, but such is our world today. :cry: ) but I actually squealed like a fangirl when she did. :mrgreen: Pinkie was always annoyingly funny to me and I've grown to love her more as the series went on as well. I still haven't seen Season 9...just waiting for it to hit Netflix. :p

    @HillyBeth Aww, such romantic pictures of Scott and Lily. <3

    Okay I was trying to post this and it was telling me that the post was 5 Characters too short? What!? 🤨 You're trippin' Sims forum!!
    I learned I had to get rid of some hearts at the top of the post before it would allow me to post...Weird! 🤷‍♀️
    Post edited by emorrill on
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,518 Member

    Haha, yeah :D
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,556 Member
    Hello all. I've handed out a heap of awesomes this morning. Nice posts everyone.

    Today I'm going to try to get most of my next video done. I've lost a lot of time with it over the past two days as my microphone is not working as expected. I have to turn up the volume to ridiculous levels to hear what I'm saying and then the background hiss is overwhelming. I did eventually manage to fix it so I no longer have to turn up the volume but I'm still not totally delighted with it. But I think I have something that will do a satisfactory job.

    I also have to go into the city this morning and that'll take me out of the house for 3 or 4 hours so I don't realistically expect to get much of the video done today. But I'll give it a go.

    In the meantime ...

    Happy Simming all.
  • KoumoriDiruKoumoriDiru Posts: 6,681 Member
    I've literally just started a new game but am on a break at the moment from it (mainly cos I don't really know what to do with it). I made a teen male sim named Seth. I'll take some photos later :)
  • LunBeautyLunBeauty Posts: 2,724 Member
    @thuggishsplicer Porter definitely is a much easier way to do it. Although, the families will be put into random houses when you unpack them. So, you kind of have to go around and manually evict them, then put them in the houses that you want. That's the only part I don't like.

    @HillyBeth Very nice update and lovely engagement and wedding. :)

    @emorrill I didn't get away with anything when I was a kid. It's like my parents automatically know when I did something bad...even when they couldn't see it. My sister, on the other hand, got away with so much. We're much closer now, so I'm not bitter about it.
    Harvey has a special place in my heart. <3
    Now how can Shane not like Harvey? See, I think it really is jealousy because Harvey has a lot of fangirls. :p
    I'm a little limited on male hairs, because there isn't nearly as much as there is for females, but I try my best to make it work.
  • HillyBethHillyBeth Posts: 2,754 Member
    New update!
    A few minutes after I loaded up, Lily went into labor and their daughter Maeve was born! She just became a toddler when I quit. The last picture is comical to me! After becoming a mama, Lily decided to stay home with Maeve so she became a writer. Prior to her self-employment, she'd published eight novels.

    I'll be building them a bigger house soon so they can have more kids. <3
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