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Movie Hangout or Tiny Living?



  • TodilooTodiloo Posts: 106 Member
    Movie Hangout
    Game play of movie night suits med better, and the build objects are some of my favourites. Although I like tiny livings cas more, and there is some really good build objects there aswell.
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  • summertaffy68summertaffy68 Posts: 152 Member
    Movie Hangout
    I am not a fan of really ANY CAS or BB in Movie Hangout, but in real life I'm a big movie fan so I like the gameplay that comes with watching movies and declaring a favorite genre, etc. I like the BB much more in Tiny Living.
  • lacianalaciana Posts: 29 Member
    Movie Hangout
    I like the game play that comes with Movie Hangout. I originally bought it for the furniture and female dread lock hairstyle, but I find that I'm having my Sim families watch movies and make popcorn on a frequent basis. I only used the Murphy bed once in the Sims 2, so the Murphy bed isn't a selling point for me. It really depends on what is going to fit your game play.
  • RouensimsRouensims Posts: 3,136 Member
    Movie Hangout
    You missed the "Both are great" option. :)

    I love the items in Tiny Living, but I voted for Movie Hangout because I personally get a lot of use out of its gameplay.
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  • Terpsichore_Terpsichore_ Posts: 27 Member
    Tiny Living
    I like Movie Hangout, I actually think it's great, the popcorn and the "watch a movie with..." are options I use all the time in my game, but I gotta go for Tiny Living here : the CAS is better, the game is changed simply because of the three tier challenge, and I actually think it's very in sync with the period we live in. People IRL actually choose to go tiny living...
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