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How Did YOU Discover The Sims Franchise?


  • Uzone27Uzone27 Posts: 2,808 Member
    I heard about it on a late night talk show, and found it on sale a few years later at CompUSA around 2003.
  • ApricusApricus Posts: 672 Member
    I was first introduced to the Sims Franchise from the Sims FreePlay lol. Played it years, but I could never get my hands on the actual Sim Games. I had no laptop, then I suddenly had an idea “I hAvE aN xBoX!” Then I got Sims4 for Xbox. I have only played Sims4, FreePlay, and Sims Mobile. I would love to play Sims2 simply because of those lovely cutscenes, but Sims4 is the only game for Xbox. I have a laptop now that just got from repair yesterday, but it’s still screwed up and randomly turns off sometimes, so I don’t expect to be getting Sims for laptop.
  • Maus652Maus652 Posts: 226 Member
    Through a friend
    My best friends had the base game and Livin' It Up at first and we'd play when I was at their house. Then I got them and Hot Date for my birthday. <3
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  • MidnightAuraMidnightAura Posts: 5,809 Member
    I played Sim City and I saw a trailer for the Sims 1. I was hooked instantly.
  • PatricePatrice Posts: 361 Member
    Through a a family member
    My brother he got me started on sims3 for the wii, now i play sims4 on pc :)
  • Cabbie_BaritoneCabbie_Baritone Posts: 36 Member
    I saw an ad for The Sims on the Sim City 3000 web site way back in 1999 or early 2000.
  • SkullloverSkulllover Posts: 110 Member
    Through a friend
    I heard about it through a friend at school. She told me about some babies her sim had and I was like, "You can make babies!"

    My parents got me the console version of the game because according to them, I was too young for the pc version (owning it now I can see what they meant). Even though I was disappointed about there being no babies, I am glad I got it.
  • DianesimsDianesims Posts: 2,876 Member
    I think it was through tv commercials and friends. Also I used to go to video games stores often and at the time you could still buy the Sims games second hand.
  • VailsVails Posts: 50 Member
    Through the internet
    Through a Minecraft mod, actually. There was a mod called "The Sims", and turns out it was an actual game.
  • hellokitty1496hellokitty1496 Posts: 243 Member
    I don't remember my age, but I was in elementary and I had wanted to go to Meijer's for some new YA books. While I finished browsing, I went by the electronics section and there was a basket full of PC games. No lie, the first game that showed up was The Sims. It seemed like something I'd buy, so I did.

    After leaving the store, I began to play my 1st official simulation game for HOURS. :) I've been hooked ever since. 😁
  • KatAnubisKatAnubis Posts: 3,241 Member
    I was a SimCity player from the time it was first introduced on the Amiga computer. (I've tried the PC version later and it wasn't as fun as the Amiga version.)

    In terms of the Sims, I was pre-ordering SimCity 4 and they suggested that I play The Sims. I told the clerk I wasn't interested because all I'd seen of it was Sims being mean to other Sims and I wouldn't want to play a game like that. The clerk explained that that was just marketing and that you can actually play however you want. So I bought Sims Deluxe (which was recently out and combined the original with House Party.) I was immediately hooked.

    I did go pick up my SC4 preorder when it came in, but I didn't play it for about 5 months. (And by that time, the patch had *finally* come out so that it was playable. I ended up getting Rush Hour too and played it, but not as much as I played TS1! However, it makes me really laugh when I see Simmers complain when they don't get a patch as fast as they'd like. We waited *months* just to get SC4 playable! Now they bring out patches on a monthly basis so that as soon as something if fixed, you have it.)

    Then it was time for TS2 to come out. And there started a big adventure for me. I had been very active in helping people build computers for TS2 as well as helping with other things on the forums. So EA made me a SimMaster (which were a combination of helper and hall monitor. I was SimMaster Anubis, because there was already a SimMaster Kat and they didn't want to confuse things.) In addition, I ended up doing game testing (even being included in the credits) and, just prior to University coming out, working for the ad agency Wieden and Kennedy as their "Sims gamer" on the "As played by..." campaign. And my experiences in playing in very different ways (building things, making custom content and my own preferred method of just playing nice) gave them the "hook" that they needed to make the commercial "sing." "How do you play?" became the hook for the campaign after they heard me (on a daily basis) say things like "I play like this... but so and so plays like this..." And my "satellite falling on parents/child taken away by social workers" video that I made for them was used by W&K to convince EA that that was the direction they wanted to go. And that lead me to making friends with people like Darlene Thorne (who was in the commercial showing how she built houses.) She's a friend to this day (as are many of the people I met as a SimMaster.)
  • JoAnne65JoAnne65 Posts: 22,959 Member
    edited February 2020
    We bought our first computer in 2001 and got to choose two games with it (in the store). I've never been a gamer really, nor my husband, but then I saw this disk with people on it and reading the cover, it said you'd get to play with people. That idea I absolutely loved!

    Turned out I indeed loved it, but the fact it was very focused on keeping them alive and happy (in which I failed terribly) made me never reopen the game again. I must have played it for about five hours, bonded with it immediately, but never played it after that first acquaintance.

    Eight years later my daughter got Sims 3 for Christmas and she reintroduced me to the franchise. This time I became an instant addict.
  • GordyGordy Posts: 3,019 Member
    Through a a family member
    I got into it when I was about 8? With the Sims 1. Back then, I was obsessed with doing whatever my brother did. He played Pokemon, I played Pokemon. He played paint ball, I played paint ball. He played Sims, I played Sims.
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  • AyeffenAyeffen Posts: 258 Member
    Through the internet
    I had heard of The Sims through a friend and I think I eventually saw the ad on TV. Its too long ago to remember clearly 😂📺
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  • NindigoNindigo Posts: 2,764 Member
    edited February 2020
    I don't remember. But the first Sims game I played was Bustin' Out.

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  • JodainJodain Posts: 95 Member
    when me and my siblings were in elementary, my parents would go on a date night and on those nights my grandma would take us out to get food and to blockbuster to pick a movie or game. I was looking through the games and discovered sims 2 pets for ps2 and the rest is history! I kept renewing the rental to keep playing and would get urbz, and eventually upgraded to getting my own copy, then eventually to the pc version of sims 2.
  • Javi182Javi182 Posts: 63 Member
    Through a a family member
    Watched my older brothers play them, and when they were out with friends, I would play all day!
  • sixdeadqueenssixdeadqueens Posts: 225 Member
    Through a friend
    I was hanging out with a guy friend and he had it and asked me if I'd ever played. I'd never heard of it. I decided to check it out (this was the original Sims) and knew nothing about it at all. Got a character, moved into a house and discovered that I couldn't make friends because everytime I tried socializing these ghosts would show up everywhere and start gabbing too and my company would run away. I was like "I found a haunted house for myself. Okay!" But it was so much fun I was hooked ever since.. LOL..
  • JustMe123JustMe123 Posts: 160 Member
    edited February 2020
    Through a a family member
    I played TS1 at someone else's house and I loved it! I can remember thinking 'what is that stick thing?' about the easel because I was so little (I didn't know what it was). Haha! :smiley:

    I also thought the fish tank/s were really pretty. :smile:
  • SimCaveSimCave Posts: 86 Member
    I saw The Sims (1) advertised in the front cover of the original Sim City game when that first game out. I counted the days/months until it came out. It looked really good. I've been playing ever since.
  • SquirrelTail15SquirrelTail15 Posts: 259 Member
    edited February 2020
    Through a a family member
    When I was six or seven I played one of the early Sims games with my cousin (no idea which game, it was so long ago) - later on I brought Sims FreePlay and then finally Sims 4 a couple of years ago.
  • RiverX2BananasRiverX2Bananas Posts: 58 Member
    Through a a family member
    The Sims (1) had been out maybe for six months or so when I was asking my husband and his brother if they knew a game for women? Especially my husband's brother was avid player. We got PC too and I wanted to play games, but they were all about fighting and that didn't interest me. He suggested The Sims game and I bought it and loved it! Then I had a new baby, stopped playing for some time, but when The Sims 2 came out, I was hooked even more than with The Sims. Even today I miss all the buzz and communities The Sims 2 created. It was a big part of my life for a long time. I still play periodically, like now when I'm on sick leave and have a lot of free time. My daughter plays too and so did my sons when they were growing up. I own all four games and almost all packs for them. It's been a fun journey for the whole family.
  • rudolpharudolpha Posts: 997 Member
    Through a a family member
    My ex and I were shopping in the computer store and he brought my attention to a Sims 1 game which had only been out a couple of months. I became addicted and have played ever since then.
  • DuendeDuende Posts: 175 Member
    I was about 11 when my teacher sat us down after school while we waited for our parents to arrive and let us create Sims for fun.

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