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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    During the afternoon of the same day, we had another party, although this one was a stark contrast. This was the actual birthday (no time for delays), and mom went to work, which meant the "party" was a bit sad. Not that Carla, the mom, cares much for her daughter. I guess she got that from her own mom (Jamie). However, Carlotta's relationship to her father is excellent, and the two were happy enough.
    Carlotta will now take up learning instruments though, and that should improve her relationship to Carla in no time.

    I decided to make a wedding party, although the only other time I tried one, it bugged out that much that I refrained from any such attempts further on. I guess those of you who do this more often see the fault in my setup, because I forgot that benches don't work for weddings - for "reasons". Anyway, I set the arch up at home, because, why go somewhere else if you live in this spot?
    My first attempt crashed because I made the mistake to not have Marcus near the arch when the party started, and while the resulting chaos was kind of amusing, the game wouldn't take it. On the second try, I made sure Marcus was in place, and we see here that the bride also made it. Yay!
    I decided to start although not everyone was there yet. I didn't really invite lots of people - not even all kids, and none of their spouses.JKtnBWZ.jpg
    I'm not sure who invited those Bunch's - Arlo, his nephew Rocky and his niece Felicia - but Arlo definitely delivered the best show of all, closely followed by Rocky.
    We get to the rings.
    Then Felicia asked Terrill for an autograph :rage: . She did the same later with Morgana when Morgana took her piece of cake. I nearly kicked her out.
    Rowan and his girlfriend Kyra, who have now become step-siblings.
    Here are all five kids of Marcus and Jamie from the first marriage. The young adults are Fiona, Lucas, Carla, and Paul, while Diana stands next to Arlo Bunch.
    Those Bunch's definitely were the hoot.

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    One of the guests seemed a little off. I guess inviting Terrill was a mistake - even if there never was anything official going on, not even "romantic interest".
    Well, I didn't invite Jamie, although I doubt she would have cared.
    The kids were happy though. Fiona and Lucas were the only ones to stay till next noon (that's when I closed the game, and they were still there).
    Even Lea gets emotional, at least for one moment ( to the left, a daughter of Marcus and River McIrish).
    Sorry, another image of Arlo, while Morgana tried to get to the cake...
    Morgana cut the cake.
    The crowd soon dissipated, with only Lucas and Fiona staying around.
    Morgana and Marcus changed scenery.
    I guess Lucas kept being energized this way...
    The last image I have is of Marcus and Lucas during a late breakfast (about 11:30 am :smiley: ). The kids were already at school, Fiona was berating the intelligence of the plumbot during that time, and Morgana was on the phone with a good friend.
    Now I have to think of whether to go for a honeymoon or not. Plus, the house is more than full again. But that's something for another day to think of.
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    @PalmArrow - adorable! The
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    Wow, that is strong winds.


    Haha no worries your forgiven :p
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    Sorry these are brain lately. :confounded:

    @bekkasan The guys all look handsome standing there curious about this new corridor. <3
    Ooooh! Look at those gorgeous wall maps! :open_mouth: Are those from Supernatural or are they CC items? I like!
    I wonder what those areas in red are? 🤔 Treasure troves hopefully! :p
    Tapestries generally tell stories and what stories will these tapestries teach them?
    ^I like this. :blush:
    The two dragon statues seem to guard the entrance to the large room. Magnificent vines snake up the wall forming a natural archway in the stone. They stand gazing into the adjacent room with slack jawed amazement. Rafe, with all his firsthand experience with tomb exploration in various lands has never expected to find anything quite like this.
    ^Woah... :open_mouth: They aren't the only one who's slack jawed at the moment! I see another tapestry down that hallway - once they go through the arch - but what super awesome stuff is down there!? My curiosity is piqued! :smiley: And of course that's where you end the chapter. :p
    Are you getting back at me or something? ;):kissing_heart:

    @GraceyManor Aww, so sad to see those tears in Eleana's eyes, but...I think she's a better off without her sister and maybe that sounds terrible, but...being forced to live the life of a slave in your own family is not a loving environment. :(
    Edward shows up at just the right time. :blush:
    OMGosh THIS picture!!! <3
    ^Is that a pose? Or in game animation?
    Oh he escorted her home? :confused: I was thinking with all those rooms in his castle he might offer for her to stay there. Earn her keep or something. ;) Looking forward to more. :)

    @LunBeauty Thank you for all the wonderful reply comments. <3
    You have no idea how many times I've downloaded bad CC, thinking it looked good in the pictures, then when I'd try it out in game, I felt a little ripped off. :lol:
    ^Oh my gosh right!? :lol: I've heard that's a very common tale when downloading CC from Tumblr. It's like the creators photoshop their creations to look real good when they really...aren't. :pensive: Such dishonesty in this world! (And many are from pay sites! )
    I like Ifca's hair retextures too. :)
    Ha ha! The "Ain't nobody got time for that!" bugs your boyfriend too! :joy: Where's our men's sense of humor? :p
    I should check out Simlicious' patterns. :)
    Your sister is so lucky in the pregnancy department... *sigh* I blew up all over!

    Yup, you knew I would comment on that photo after all my character is married to Alex in one file :D
    ^Yes, yes I did. :smirk:
    Haha no worries your forgiven :p
    ^Thanks sweetie. :kissing_heart:
    Sleep deprivation I tell ya. :confounded: But thankfully daughter slept all through the night last night, hopefully I've found the fix for her insomnia, but I will be taking her to the doctor soon, so I pray she sleeps just as well again tonight. 🤞

    @Turjan The wedding looks lovely. <3 And everyone is filled with joy. Just look at all those tears being shed. ;)
    Morgana and Marcus changed scenery.
    ^Hee hee. :smirk:
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    It is a pose.:)
    Like be his hand maiden? Something along those lines? Maybe...or maybe not.Time will tell.XD
    Glad you liked that photo! I had a difficult time finding a pose.
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    Lawrence becomes King, at least in his head.
    Tis the season of Halloween, and time for some confectionery treats. (Bonus points for anyone who gets that reference, hint: flaming eyebrows).
    Lauri has been feeling quite nauseous these past few days, so she visits Mona to try and get some help.
    Alex missed his old home, and as such decided to give it a visit.
    Well Lauri got some news from Mona, she's pregnant.
    And it doesn't seem like Ryan is that unhappy about the news either.
    The first day of winter, Lawrence has never seen winter before.
    Lawrence seems to be pretty good on the ice-rink.
    Some cookies for those who have come back from the cold.
    Alex being of clearer mind (debatably) decides to go for a swim in the freezing cold, it gets the heart going.
    Lawrence heads on his first field trip to the theatre, the play was interesting.
    As the pregnancy progresses Lauri comes over to just check up with Mona on its progression.
    The conversation (spoilers)
    So are you faring well? (M)
    Hmm, I've been getting an awful lot of back pain, and Ryan tries his best to soothe it, but he's got to be at work for large chunks of the day (L)
    Well, frequent back pain can occur at times, happened on your last pregnancy? (M)
    No, it was quite smooth(L)
    Well don't worry too much, what did your doctor say when you visited her? (M)
    Oh, Dr. Huddleston? She said it would be fine, and that all my tests came back normal. (L)
    Good, good(M)
    Dr. Baxter I....(L)
    Mona, please (M)
    Ok, Mona, did you get the thing that Ryan sent you? About the ultrasound? Dr. Huddleston couldn't figure out the gender of the baby, and I was wondering whether you could? (L)

    Well, I've given it several looks over, and I was able to check it up on the higher resolution screen in the morgue [Mona is a forensic pathologist], and I do know the gender.(M)
    So is it a he or a she? (L)
    Definitely a he.(M)
    And he's healthy? (L)
    Oh definitely healthy, there's no doubt about that. (M)
    I'm not disappointed, but both me and Ryan have been hoping for a girl. (L)
    That's ok, many parents have a preference for one gender or another. (M)
    Ok thank you so much Mona(L)
    Don't worry about it, take care (M).

    [After Lauri leaves the house and Mona's husband comes by]
    Dear. (M)
    Hmmm (Mona's husband)
    I need you to get me pregnant, come on.[ Says as if it's as normal as a walk down the road] (M)
    [Husband stands in total surprise and confusion, with his face indicating as much]
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    Just as Ryan returns from work, Alex suffers a cardiac arrest. Lauri, Ryan, and finally the paramedics provide prompt first aid and CPR, but after 50 minutes, he's declared dead on scene.
    Ryan calms and consoles Lawrence, and Lawrence has a bubble bath to try and clear his mind. Lawrence is only around 7 years old, so his age is both a curse and a blessing.
    As one can see Lauri is getting quite big.
    Both Ryan and Lauri cook for the funeral.
    Evelyn seems to be the most affected by her father's death, Mona and Ryan's careers have provided some buffer and protection.
    The funeral goes well enough, although these events are never really happy.
    Lauri is confused as to why she feels such a strong feeling about Alex's death, she was alright with him but they were hardly as close as she feels she's reacting.
    Ryan consoles her, and does point her pregnancy out as a possible cause.
    Lauri then asks how Ryan has reacted so well to Alex's death, and Ryan explains.
    Well dear(sigh), you have to remember that one, my job as a soldier meant that I've seen people I know get injured and I've been under threat myself. The first person I killed was only shot because she tried to kill me. (R)

    The second thing is, I do miss him, it does hurt that he's gone, and I was very surprised as to how sudden it was. But I also grew up when he would go away frequently, only in recent years of talking with him have I learnt how many times he came close to death, so as time passed, I sort of mentally prepared for the fact that after mom died, he was almost certainly going to die too.
    So I guess one of the reasons I've taken it so well is because I knew it was coming, I knew that eventually he'd die, and I was glad that there was nothing I regretted, and nothing he had to tell me.
    The day after, the baby decides that it's had enough and wants to enter the world.
    Ryan rushes back from work to take Lauri to the hospital.
    The newest member of the Baxter family, Wray.
    In the Army paper, it gives an account of Alex.
    Warrant Class Officer I Alex Baxter died 2 days ago at an age of 81.
    A 5 year veteran of the 12th Infantry Regiment, and a 35 year veteran of the LAR (special forces) his army service was one of the longest in recent times.
    He joined the Army at a mere 18 years of age, and served in numerous conflicts along with 2 peacekeeping tours in Ziwa Bonde. He served as the first person to enter the building during the Egyptian Nectary Siege.
    During Operation Lono, he received the highest reward possible for bravery after he ran straight into the line of fire to rescue a dead colleague, before taking command of the squad to complete their mission of destroying a communication device. He is survived by his 3 children and 3 grandchildren. We will never forget his service, nor the bravery that he showed during it. Rest in Peace WOI Alex Baxter.

    Also as a side note, this is the first time in The Sims 3 that a sim that I've played from birth till death, took a long time with many breaks and issues in between, but it's over.

    @emorrill Alex (Ryan's father) was taking light medication for his memory issues and slight dementia, afterwards neither problem occurred for the rest of his life.
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    Does anyone have a DIRECT link to the pose player add on? I can't get past adfly.
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    @LunBeauty That sounds interesting. Now I regret that I decided to move the IF with the Diva trait out of the household. Then again, I had the feeling the trait did nothing with him anymore after he had been brought to life, while it made him do lots of funny stuff beforehand.

    @PalmArrow This reminds me that I have never done a slumber party. There's lots of stuff I haven't done yet in this game. Having all those sleeping bags lie around sure looks funny. I certainly love the look of your home.

    @emorrill Thank you! Yeah, I liked the bachelor party better than the wedding, which was kind of weird. But funny nevertheless. It's as if the game sent me Arlo Bunch to have a little bit of entertainment. It worked :lol: .
    That's Appaloosa Plains? Well done with the beach, and the other water activities :smiley:

    @jonny522 That was a great story about death and life.

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    @ilikethesims30 I don't use the casino items very much, but those reactions definitely are hilarious. :lol:

    @PalmArrow I didn't know teens could throw slumber parties! :o It does make sense, I just never noticed the option. Haha, all those blonde boys. :lol: Awww, poor Gemma.

    @Turjan Poor Carlotta. I've had some of my sim kids parents not at their kids birthday because of work, or in some cases, they'll be at the party for a few moments, but then cancel out the celebrate interactions and go do something else.
    I wonder why benches don't work for weddings. Sims can sit on them every other time. You'd think there would be a mod to fix this.
    I hate throwing weddings in the sims 3 because, even if you do get the guests to sit down, there's always that one guest who ruins it by wearing something ridiculous and standing the whole time. :lol: Plus even if I only do exclusive access to get rid of the potential for party crashers, I still get them.

    @emorrill That's why I prefer Maxis Match CC, or the closest you can get with Sims 3. Most of the time, you get what the picture shows.
    I did use Chazybazzy for a bit, but found that her hairs take up a lot more space and sometimes looked a little odd in game.
    Simlicious has amazing patterns!
    I think my aunt blew up all over too when she was pregnant with my cousin.

    @jonny522 Very nice update and pictures!
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    This update has to be done in two parts....

    Part 1:

    "Any word on the darkspawn threat?" Edward asked Jacob, as they studied the map of Praaven.
    "Only that the bulk of the horde will appear in Ostagar....that's where this blight ends." The king sighed
    in frustration."Let's try not to cause panic.I'll throw a ball, until we know more." "Yes, sir."

    "Eleana, I'm tired of you lollygagging around.I'll be going to a ball tonight,
    I expect this lot to be in top notch condition when I return." Eleana annoyed, shouted back "
    Why can't I go as well?" "You? You're a complete mess.I'm not going to be seen with you.Now get to work."

    "I don't think so Sarah.I'll go tonight whether you like it or not." Eleana rushed inside to get
    to work on her dress.

    "I hope this looks alright, Maiden.I haven't made a dress in such a long time."
    Maiden neighed in approval of Eleana's outfit.

    Eleana mounted Maiden and headed toward the capital of Praaven.
    Admittedly she was a bit nervous about running into Sarah.But her anger
    diminished any nervousness she had.

    "This was a brilliant idea, your majesty.Everyone seems to be
    enjoying themselves." "I'm glad to hear that." Edward said, looking
    around the ballroom.

    The ball had already started when Eleana entered the ballroom.She hesitated
    a few minutes, as she looked around the room.Maybe no one will notice
    She thought to herself...but someone had noticed her.


    Part 2 in next post.

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    Part 2

    She noticed the king looking in her direction, He began his approach.

    "Good evening King Edward." Eleana said as she showed her manners.
    "Please, my lady, stand." He said offering his hand to help her up."May
    I beg a dance from you?" He asked.She agreed.

    "I feel like we've met before." Edward noted her familiarness."I fear not, your majesty.
    I don't get out often." Eleana responded."I also feel like we've had this same conversation."
    "I'm afraid it must be someone else, your highness." "I suppose so." They continued their dance.

    "This girl seems awfully familiar." Sarah said."She does doesn't she? But
    I just can't put my finger on who she is." Claire added.

    The bell tower chimed 11:45 PM."Oh, its quite late I must go home."
    She broke free from his hold.:"Oh, please stay a little longer." The king said."I'm sorry, your
    majesty.If I don't return home, I'm afraid I'll be in trouble.I'm sorry." She darted for the door.

    Edward ran after Eleana who was already mounted on her horse."Let's go Maiden,
    hurry." "Wait! come back! Don't go!"

    Edward watched as she disappeared into the night.

    "Follow her Jacob.See if you can find out who she is, or where she lives." "Yes your majesty."

    Jacob was gaining on Eleana quickly."Hurry Maiden, we'll lose him in the mountains."
    "My lady, please stop, by order of the king." "Keep going maiden."

    Tired and exhausted; Maiden threw Eleana to the ground."Maiden!" The horse
    took off, leaving Eleana alone with Jacob."Oh my lady, please allow me to help you."
    She got up and darted for the river."My lady!"

    gown and all she dove in, leaving Jacob on the edge of the shore.
    "Oh maker." Is all the good knight could say.
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    Last time my teen sim was trying to flirt with a mermaid teen boy, but that dude was not very into her and my sim got almost two sec after that caught by a police, 'cause it was 1 am.
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    I think they must have merged the threads, the general discussion is filled with old threads.
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    Finally was able to sit down properly to churn out another update! I really should stop playing the family until I get all of these updates out, but I'm just too addicted to this family and can't stop playing them long enough. :lol:
    Camilla had a job to give one of the town residents some new Athletic Wear, but she wasn't too pleased with her new outfit and claimed that Camilla didn't give her what she had asked for.
    **I get this glitch sometimes with the Stylist Career, where I'll give the sims all the outfits, accessories, etc. that they ask for and I still get a pop-up saying that I didn't complete the assignment.**

    Luca was called to the local pool to lifeguard. There were more people here than there ever were at the beaches, and quite a few who needed help. However, Luca did freeze at some point and wouldn't rescue sims, so he had to be reset, then teleported back to the pool, where he seemed to be fixed.

    Camilla managed to reach level 9 of her Stylist Career and got a fancy new work uniform!

    Rei took advantage of being home alone to catch up on her skills. She couldn't wait for this baby to come.

    Camilla had a few customers visit the salon, including Valerie Vidal, who seemed to be very happy once Camilla was done with her.

    Later that evening, Rei began to feel that it was time. Luca arrived home just in time to see his girlfriend having her contractions. After the initial freak out, he managed to call a taxi and they were off to the hospital.

    Camilla stayed behind to make dinner, but couldn't stop thinking about her niece or nephew, who she would soon meet.

    Rei was feeling like a plump duck as she waddled into the hospital, with Luca trying his best not to panic again.

    Hours later, Rei came out of the hospital, carrying a tiny baby girl in her hands. After a little bit of discussion, and even some arguing, she and Luca agreed on the name Mariella for their child. It was hard to tell who Mariella would take after, since she was still so young, but her skintone seemed to be closer to her dad's than her mom's.

    Luca and Rei claimed a taxi and couldn't wait to get home to dote on their little girl and put her to bed in her new nursery, which their Creator had furnished for them while they were at the hospital.

    Once they arrived home, Rei carried Mariella upstairs to her new room, where she stared lovingly at her daughter before putting her in her crib.

    The second Camilla got the chance, she rushed upstairs to meet her niece and it was love at first sight. Camilla was sure that she was going to resemble Luca the most, but it was hard to tell just yet.

    As Camilla had eaten earlier, she didn't join Rei and Luca as they sat down to have a late dinner. The two of them planned on going to sleep right after as they were exhausted.

    Of course, Mariella still needed to be taken care of in the middle of the night. Rei was the first one up to feed her little girl.

    Luca got a rude awakening the next morning, by Sugar coming into the room and barking, which he wasn't happy about. It was after that point, I locked the bedroom doors so that pets couldn't come in.

    Still, there would be no going back to sleep, so he took advantage of the fact that Rei was also awake and the two of them decided to take a shower together, among other things. ;)

    Everyone had PB&Js for breakfast, and even though Rei was wearing her daycare uniform, no kids appeared again today.

    Luca stayed downstairs to clean up a little bit and Rei went upstairs to take care of Mariella and give her a bath/change her diaper. She didn't like it too much and cried a little, but Rei hushed her by humming a lullaby.

    Camilla would have liked to stay home and help take care of her niece, but she had to go to work and had a number of clients. Her first was Omar Collins, who wanted a new Everyday, Formal, and Athletic outfit. That was easy enough. Camilla even fixed his hair for him and shaved his beard, but Omar complained that she didn't give him all the outfits he wanted.
    **Which she did! I swear, you make sims look fabulous and they still complain!**

    Her next client was much easier to please and only wanted a fancy formal outfit, which Camilla was happy to give her. She was also very happy with the result and paid Camilla a handsome sum of cash for her services.

    The next part will be up shortly!
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    Here's the next part!
    Even after having a child, Luca and Rei couldn't keep their hands off of each other, even in the nursery. Hopefully they wouldn't do this type of thing when they're child was older, potentially scarring her for life.

    Matthew Mango was Camilla's final house call for that day and he wanted some new swimwear. He ended up getting a pair of speedoes, which he really liked, and had the body for, so it wasn't exactly too gross.

    Rei and Luca migrated into the bedroom, where they became even more frisky.

    Teodor showed up at the salon and Camilla (and I) felt he needed a new look. He was dragged to the makeover room, where he was given a new look and a haircut. He was very pleased with the results and left with a smile on his face after paying.
    **Camilla's just eyeballing him. Then again, I would be too. :lol: The next female sim I create/play is definitely going to marry him. I'll make sure to set it in Story Progression.

    Luca wanted to teach Sugar some new tricks, so he took her up onto the roof where he began to teach her how to sit.

    It looked like Luca didn't leave after all and he and Camilla decided to go outside to have a little water balloon fight.

    Rei continued to dote on her daughter. She also knew that her daughter would be turning a year old soon and couldn't wait to start teaching her how to walk, talk, and potty train her.

    Doug Rodel came in for a makeover, and was neutral to his new look, but at least he didn't complain.

    That evening, Luca decided it would be a good idea for the family to eat outside. He grilled up some veggie burgers for everyone.

    Mariella was also brought upstairs, where she was placed in a baby swing. She was too young to eat the burgers, but she could at least be a part of meal times, still.

    She wasn't exactly the best company and fell asleep while the rest of the family enjoyed their dinner.

    After everyone ate and the dishes were washed and put away, Decker decided to claim Luca as his temporary resting spot. Luca enjoyed this while he could as it was rare.

    Rei, being the lightest sleeper in the house, woke up to Mariella crying again and got up to tend to her. She was hungry and wanted some attention, which Rei was happy to give her, despite being almost dead on her feet.

    Both Rei and Luca were woken up early by Decker coming into the room and yowling. It was definitely after this that I locked the doors to pets...I think.

    Luca went downstairs to find Sugar chewing up the furniture and scolded her firmly. She was even closer now to becoming non-destructive.

    No one felt like cooking, so they had leftover cookies for breakfast.

    Camilla had the bright idea to try and give Decker a bath, even though he had no fleas and didn't need it. This resulted in her arms getting scratched up as Decker fought her, then ran off hissing.

    She put the cat out of her mind for now and wanted to be the one to bake Mariella's birthday cake as they would be celebrating her birthday later on that evening.

    Luca continued working on his painting and Camilla focused on another concept. It was taking ages for her to reach level ten of her career and achieving her LTW.

    While surveying the beach, Luca found a message in a bottle and snagged it up. Although, he didn't see anymore, unfortunately.

    Luca had become used to having to give all sorts of people CPR, including other men, so it wasn't so weird for him anymore. What was weird was when they attempted to flirt with him afterwards.

    Luca also got to try out his slow motion Baywatch run and was convinced that he did a better job at it than David Hasselhoff.

    Back home, Rei prepared the dinner that they would be having that evening, then went upstairs for a quick drink.

    The three adults wolfed down their veggie burgers, eager to bring Mariella to her cake and see how she would turn out.

    After a final diaper change, it was time to take Mariella to the cake where both Luca and Camilla cheered her on, while Rei helped her blow out the candles.

    She was a beautiful little girl, who looked just like her dad, although did have her mom's nose and mouth.
    **I forgot to mention her traits earlier, but they're Genius and Perceptive**

    Luca got to work teaching her how to walk right away. Rei also rolled the want for another baby, which would happen when little Mariella got a little older.

    That's it for this update! Hope you all enjoyed! I'll have more at a later time/date!
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    Luckily I always go through recent pages, no notification from you
    at all. I did not play sims 3 yesterday,
    my oldest niece is visiting over the weekend ,
    but atm she is out meeting people so got time for the computer hehe.


    I see what you did there hehe.
    I love " Dragon age".


    Lucas's lifeguard job seems to go well.
    Congrats to their new baby daughter cute name <3
    Awww, she turned out such a cute toddler, Happy birthday to her.
    Teodor is one of the more handsome premade townies I swoon everytime <3
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    "Jacob, you've returned, by chance did you follow the young lady? "I did Sire, but
    I'm afraid its not much of lead.She decided to go for a swim and I couldn't follow her.
    I'm afraid I know not where she went."

    "You did your best Jacob...Another ball, perhaps she'll return.Let us set for
    a week from tonight." "Yes sir."

    The next morn,the King decided to take a ride through his kingdom in hopes
    of spotting the young maiden from the ball.

    Eleana was hard at work as usual, her sister was no where to be found.
    "My poor plants, I've neglected you, haven't I?" She took extra care of
    parsley plants.

    "Morning Eleana, how are you?" "Good morning King Edward, I'm well.I hope all is well
    with you and Jacob?" "As good as I can be.May I beg a question?" "Of course."

    "The lady from the ball last evening, by chance would you know her?" "I'm afraid, I didn't
    attend, King Edward...I had some chores to attend to for my sister." "Oh." He responded disappointed.
    "I'm sorry, I couldn't be more help." "Its quite alright about a ride?" He suggested.Eleana's
    behind was still sore from falling off her horse.But she felt obligated to say yes."Of course."

    "You handle your horse well Eleana." "A little love goes a long way yes?" The king smiled.

    Overlooking Praaven.
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    Sure was a busy week for me and got behind on comments. I caught up on one page and will catch up on the others later. I've got to get crackin' on finishing paperwork from yesterday and worked this morning too. :flushed: Happy Simming!

    page 3788

    @emorrill Kailena is her name. :smiley:

    @Lucy_Henley lol at Fred eating the pancakes!
    Congrats on Alessandra birthday. She and her new beau are cute together.

    @Turjan I laughed at Paul getting hearts for the dude in the bar, but not at the bartender who he was looking at. I guess the bartender thought it was funny too.

    @LunBeauty I enjoyed the updates. I thought it was cute that Rei had Luca practice his mouth to mouth on her.
    Glad to see the girls bonding so well.
    Sugar is a cute dog!
    Congrats to Luca and Rei. :smiley:
    Lots of fun at the festival. I love seeing those pics. I sure miss seasons in my game.
    Thanks for the comments. :smile: Yes, I love being able to say go here and they do. Just don't like it when they turn backwards and face the other way, which they do sometimes. lol

    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks for the comments. Yes, Adam is an awesome Dad.
    Congrats to Max and Jade! They make such a gorgeous couple.

    @GraceyManor Love seeing them riding the horses. I think the king is smitten!
    Yep, mean sister. :wink:
    That was nice of the King to give her a ride home.

    @PalmArrow Thanks so much for the comments! Yes, it is a bit scary having a tunnel that leads into caverns below your home!
    Gemma is so cute! Looks like she enjoyed her first day as a teen. That was nice she didn't have to go to school.
    emorrill wrote: »
    Sometimes I'll look at Stardew Valley fan art just for fun. :blush: And I stumbled upon this super cute picture someone did.


    I was totally making plans to send all of my sim versions of them to the beach one day to have a jolly good time. :) This photo gives me a hint of inspiration. :blush:

    @emorrill That is a totally awesome picture of the StarDew Valley characters as peeps.
  • PuddinroyPuddinroy Posts: 4,097 Member
    @Turjan: Great updates. Happy Birthday to all your sims.

    @LunBeauty: Welcome back. Love the updates.

    @king_of_simcity7: Hello

    @PalmArrow: Hello

    @Silverofdreams30: Love the name Jade. That was my mini schnuazers name.

    @Mikezumi: Hello.

    @emorrill: Hello. Need to read your chapters.

    @bekkasan: Oh, wonder what the maps and tapesties say.

    @GraceyManor: Pretty horses. :)

    @tallcoolone: Hello

    @Brandontaylor: Hello

    @Lucy_Henley: Hello

    @jonny522: Hello

    @Karritz: Need to watch the last two videos. My computer isn't working with sound right now.

    @all: Thanks for letting me read and comment on your stories/pictures/videos.

    :) Smile!

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    edited February 8
    bekkasan wrote: »
    @Turjan I laughed at Paul getting hearts for the dude in the bar, but not at the bartender who he was looking at. I guess the bartender thought it was funny too.
    @bekkasan Oh yes. Given Paul is married to Eddy Mullis and the other guy is also married to a guy, both families with children (Paul and Eddy via the hospital in OL, the other family by adoption via SP), I guess she may have realized something.

    @Puddinroy You are welcome :smile: .

    @LunBeauty Aww, that's such a cute baby. It looks much nicer than the usual bundles.
    Those insights into the stylist career are very funny. As is Luca being chased by his "customers".
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,060 Member
    Jade and Max look cute together!
    Looks like their having a good time.
    Wow! A whole lettuce head lol.
    Thanks! I love Dragon age as well.

    Your story keeps making me want to play
    Stardew Valley.Just haven't gotten around to it yet.
    There was no sand on appaloosa plains beach? :o well,
    that won't do.I love the sky in the first photo its so beautiful!
    (I know you're effected by the windows update, but I barely notice
    it in your photos! your game is still beautiful!) Harvey looks so content
    in the hot tub lol.

    Thanks for providing the link.I couldn't get past adfly.
    I love the home in your photos! great looking bachelor party!
    Love the sky in the wedding photo, such a perfect lighting for a
    lovely event.

    He may be, just a little bit. ;)
    What a brave group of sims! I wouldn't
    be adventuring into twisty, turny caverns.XD
    I love how you set up the paintings in the hallway,
    looks so old and ancient.

    She does feel that way, but she's loyal to her
    family.And after her grandmother died, she
    felt the need to stay with Sarah.

    I should be all caught up.
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    Hi everyone, I've really been enjoying all your updates :) I decided I wanted to play Geralt in the sims so here are a few pics from my game.
    love me a man who cooks
    had to have the bathtub scene from the tutorial >:)
    Dragon Keep
    @emorrill has anyone heard anything from craven? I sure miss his crazy wit, beautiful sims and especially his fantastic patterns.
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    Reminding myself that “I LOVE MY CATS” 🔥🤬🔥. 🐱 one of the blighters bit through my iPhone charging cord and couldn’t get a replacement one for a while (until now). So haven’t done much writing.

    Will try to get back to my legacy rewrite for FFnet but slow-going on it since the chapter deals with Satoshi and Molly rather than River and Haruo.
    Molly had oft-wondered where her life was going. She was stuck in a Pastry Chef position that seemed to rapidly be going nowhere and the opportunities that she’d hoped for her daughter Sandi had never really materialized. She wasworking six hours of paid shift along with a half hour of unpaid break as far as provincial statutes was concerned this was just barely above what would potentially bring major flak from the BC Labour Board. But as a food services worker in BC; one went where the employment was. And the fact was that Hogan’s was the best of a bad lot.

    As a pastry chef she was asked to make all sorts of dessert offerings for dining customers at Hogan’s often on short notice. Hogan’s did birthday parties as well so it wasn’t unusual that she would be asked to make three or four customized birthday cakes from ingredients up to finished decorated cake in the course of a single shift in time for the birthday party. This made time management absolutely a critical part of her employ.

    Molly was a bit of a party animal so her free-wheeling attitude did not mesh too well in such a regimented work environment such as a fast-paced low-cost dine-in restaurant such as Hogan’s. Thus she usually came home in a lousy mood and often turned up the music to relax. Which ultimately disturbed River and Fiona and usually made the two cranky in the morning; which River, being good, tried to not let it affect her interaction with Molly.
    Really missing playing my sims game and hoping to get the CPU fan fixed. Here’s where I wish I had computer tech skills so that perhaps I could remove, clean, lubricate and see if that corrected the problem before going to the trouble of having to replace a whole CPU cooling fan.

    This is the main reason why I want to build my own gaming PC; so that I can gain confidence in dealing with my own IT tech problems instead of shelling out $$$ after $$$$ for hardware fixes.

    Am also working on my continuation of my JAG fanfictions (non-Sims related JAG fanfiction)

    Settling In” (Continuation from “Beyond The Call of Duty”)
    And he was looking forward to getting to know Meg Austin…and wherever life's road led for the two of them.

    Animal sighed taking in the view around him as he gazed out at the passing scenery and the DC skyline.

    “A little overwhelming,isn’t it?” Meg’s soft voice caused him to start for a second before he realized that she was addressing him. He nodded; after all, this was the first time he’d been in DC. Most of his duty stations were on naval air stations or onboard a carrier. He’d never been assigned to DC nor had he need to come up for any reason. Most line officers tried to avoid a Pentagon assignment - it was anathema to any brown-shoe, even though most detailers were quick to recommend that one do a staff tour to enhance one’s promotion prospects.

    Chief Anders drove up to the main gate at the Washington Naval Yard. “Welcome back Sirs, Ma’am; Chief, you’re good to go; parking garage slot six near the doors.”

    “Corporal.” Chief Anders acknowledged the directions of the young Marine gate guard; the Marine corporal letting them through upon checking their ID... and drove forward after receiving the IDs back.

    Upon parking, Chief Anders looked over and grinned, “Well, sirs, ma’am. It appears as though the JAG is waiting for you.” he turned off the engine; got out and opened the door allowing Animal to get out of the vehicle, first followed by Harm and then by Meg.

    Harm sighed, “...why do I get the feeling that I’m going to be getting roasted over a pit.” he gathered his luggage out of the trunk of the Navy sedan.

    “Sir, I don’t think it will be that bad...” Meg grinned at him, “You didn’t break any Navy equipment, get shot at or annoy any superior officers.” Harm glowered at her as Harm, Meg and Animal walked up to the double doors of the parking garage leading to the elevators.

    “That’s not funny; Lieutenant JG.”grumbled Harm as the elevator doors closed. Animal and Meg stifled identical grins. When the elevator came to a stop on the fifteenth floor; got off the elevator and walked down the hallway towards the JAG office.

    This story deals with Animal and Meg’s burgeoning relationship. Writing without the aid of images is a tough slog.
    Nikkei_Simmer's Sims 3 Blog - For more Sims 3 stories...

    "The only conceivable use for a vampire is as a sharpened stick tester." ~ Haruo Chikamori, werewolf
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