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Updates to forum categories (February 2020)

EA_MaiEA_Mai Posts: 1,800 EA Staff (retired)
edited January 2020 in Forum Announcements
Hi Simmers!

The structure/categories of the forums is something we constantly think about. Having different categories on a forum provides a clear separation between the different types of topics, but when you have too many categories, navigating a forum can become overwhelming, confusing and unnecessarily difficult.

For that reason, we often review which categories here on The Sims forums are the most active ones, which ones are not that active anymore, which are causing confusion, etc. Keeping a balance between the amount of categories we have and how active these are is very important.

Through the years, we have created new categories as needed here and there. We are more prudent when it comes to making changes to existing categories, we know that can cause confusion as well. However, some tidying from time to time is essential to maintain a healthy forum structure. This is why we will be implementing some changes during the following weeks:

New categories:
  • The Sims Franchise
    A new section to chat about The Sims games in general. This will be the space to discuss different generations of the game in a single topic or for those games that don't have their own category (e.g. 'Anyone still playing The Urbz or My Sims?', 'The Sims 3 vs The Sims 4 mermaids').
  • Archive
    Categories that are 'archived' (read-only) will be moved in here. For example, 'Community Stuff Pack Project'.

Changes to existing categories:
The Sims 4:
  • 'The Sims 4 Community Blogs' will be removed.
  • 'The Sims 4 PC Game Feedback' and 'The Sims 4 Console Game feedback' will be combined into a single category - console version of the game is almost the same as PC/Mac version by now! :smiley:
  • 'Expansion Packs', 'Game Packs' and 'Stuff Packs' are mostly active when a pack is coming/just released, and will be combined into a single category: 'The Sims 4 Pack Discussion', located inside 'Discussion' section.
  • 'Game Tutorials & Helpful Hints' is no longer used, and will be archived.
  • 'Artist Haven' and 'Video Haven' will be combined into a single category 'The Sims 4 Artist + Video Haven'.
The Sims 3:
  • 'Sims 3 Help Center Bugs & Issues' and 'Sims 3 Help Center iPhone & Mobile Discussions' are no longer used, and they will be archived.
  • 'Create a World' and 'Create a Pattern' will be combined into a single category 'The Sims 3 Game Tools', which will go inside 'The Sims 3 Creative Corner'.
  • 'Store Worlds', 'Store Discussion' and 'Store Tech Discussion' will be combined into 'The Sims 3 Store Discussion'
  • 'Expansion Packs' and 'Stuff Packs' will be merged into 'The Sims 3 General Discussion'
The Sims Mobile:
  • 'News and announcements', 'Game Feedback' and 'Social corner' will be combined into 'The Sims Mobile General Discussion & Feedback'
  • All The Sims FreePlay categories will be combined into 'The Sims FreePlay'
Other The Sims Games:
  • 'The Sims 2 General Discussion' and 'The Sims 2 Creative Corner' will now be 'The Sims 2'.

We will rename some categories for clarity and make some changes to the order in which some categories show on the main page as well. To give you some examples: 'General' section (except 'Forum rules') will be moved to the bottom of the list, and 'The Sims General Discussion' will be renamed to 'The Sims (2000)'. We want to make the navigation easier for everyone.

We will start applying these changes next week - I'll let you know here once we have finished.

PS. Do you have questions about this? Join this topic!


  • EA_SpectreEA_Spectre Posts: 263 EA Administrator
    Hello everyone!

    I just implemented all the changes. If you have any questions, please post them in the thread linked by EA_Mai above.

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