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Question about spiral staircases

Ive only played sims 4 so im still pretty new to it all, i was just wondering wether the sims has ever had spiral staircases?


  • NoogsterNoogster Posts: 621 Member
    Yes! Spiral stairs have made an appearance in each generation (albeit sometimes through expansion packs and/or stuff packs.)

    Happy Simming! ;)

  • SimerbratzSimerbratz Posts: 161 Member
    Thanks Noogster i hope they give us spiral stairs for sims 4 soon its been to long :(
  • drakharisdrakharis Posts: 1,058 Member
    I miss spiral staircases too.
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  • HeyHeyyHeyHeyy Posts: 455 Member
    I always use the spiral staircases in Sims 1
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  • zero35zero35 Posts: 80 Member
    from EP5
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