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My love letter to EA/Maxis

I've played The Sims since the beginning and I must say I've been hooked for a long time ... until The Sims 4. I have to admit that I hated it at first and vowed never to play again. I even joined the 'haters' in bashing the game. However, I must say you guys have come through to the die hard fans and I appreciate it. I love the game play. Thank you for fixing the issues. The butler actually does stuff, rather than just walking around and taking up space. I love the Island Living expansion pack. After owning it forever I finally moved a family in and I must say the attention to detail is awesome. The wading in and out of the water, footsteps in the sand ... love it! And I haven't explored everything yet. Anyway, thank you for putting out a game that keeps me engaged and away from my responsibilities that have seriously been neglected. I'm a true simmer and can't wait to see what you guys do next.


  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 16,301 Member
    I've loved this game for 20 years. Every iteration. There have been times when real life intruded. There have been times when I've been distracted by other games. But The Sims has always been there. Waiting for me to once again lose myself in the crazy but comforting antics of my sims. I've seen developers come and go. Community managers come and go. And through it all one thing has remained a constant. My love for this game. So Happy Anniversary to The Sims. Thanks for 20 awesome years. ❤️
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  • MissyHissyMissyHissy Posts: 1,825 Member
    Nice thread :)

    I've been playing consistently for around ten years now. I loved all four generations of the game for different reasons. All of them hold my interest more than any other game I play. Like so many, The Sims is the one game I come back to time and time again. It's been something of a lifeline over the last few difficult years and I think it's amazing that's it has withstood everything and it still here after 20 years. Really incredible <3
  • ElliandreElliandre Posts: 291 Member
    That's how I feel too. I can't believe I've loved playing this series for 20 years. I'm really looking forward to the new expansion packs this year. I can't think of any other game I've played for so long. Even at times when I stopped playing all other computer games, I always found time to play the Sims games. They are simply the best! To me anyway <3<3<3
  • invisiblgirlinvisiblgirl Posts: 1,446 Member
    The Sims came out the same year I started my current job, so it's impossible to think back over those years without the two entwined. Other than a few casual games, like hidden object or solitaire, I don't play other games at all. I've tried a few, but nothing really gave me what I wanted from a game - a place in which I could make my own challenges, rather than have the game dictate them, and play out my own storylines.
    I just want things to match. :'(
  • KimmerKimmer Posts: 704 Member
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    I've only played Sims for 5 years and only Sims 4, so I may be a "noob", but I think I can have an opinion about the game too.
    All these 5 years I've loved Sims 4. It's helped me through a lot of difficult times, taking my mind off the sad and stressful things that have been going on in my life. Thanks for that, I appreciate it. :)
    I wish I could've been able to enjoy the earlier Sims games too, especially Sims 2, it seems incredible.
  • WHW_SimmerWHW_Simmer Posts: 18 Member
    I'm admittedly one of the more casual Sims players, mostly by circumstance. Didn't have a PC for the early Sims days, and when I saved up for a laptop, it wasn't the most powerful and is on the fritz now anyway. So console was my go to for any simming, and the early console versions of Sims games didn't hold my attention long enough due to the limitations. Sims 4 comes around, and it's a whole new ballgame as the team has worked hard to bring the console version on par with the PC version.

    And strangely enough, it's quite easy for me to play sitting on the recliner and using a PS4 controller. Although that could be why I can't build for you-know-what unless I'm making boxes and doing a basic building. :D Just to show what a lousy builder I am, I'll upload a residence I made awhile back since there was no gallery for us console players at the time I made it.

    Anywho, yes there are things I want added to the game, and I certainly wouldn't complain if the Sims team wound up doing more for the 20th anniversary. However, I'm also thankful for what they have done with this game, especially as a console player who doesn't have a PC that has recommended gaming specs. I for one will probably get a kick out of the free hot tub, and I was one of the folks who paid for Patio Party Stuff because I tend to be a completionist, and there were other items that tickled my fancy. And I couldn't look a gift horse in the mouth when I saw Discover University and Realms of Magic go on sale in the PSN store. So thank you, Sims team.

    And to those who upload your creations to the gallery, from the ones who have thousands of downloads and often post videos on Youtube, to those who may not have a ton of downloads and stay anonymous... a big thank you as well because you have helped bring my current saves to life with your various creations.
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