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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • LunBeautyLunBeauty Posts: 2,724 Member
    @Shadow_Assassin Nice update! Your sims look very unique. :) Jiuquan definitely has some very severe features. :D

    @PalmArrow You have no idea how many times I've had to change my sims' prom date's outfit because they looked ridiculous next to their date. Maybe it was a costume party and Evangeline missed the memo? :lol:
    Poor George. At least he didn't get electrocuted.
    Proms are the best times for teens to find romance. :)
    George has really bad luck!

    @ChuChuExpress Great update! All of the pink hurts my eyes, but I still love reading about your sims. :)

    @bekksan I have debug, but I'm more used to shift-clicking into build/buy. :lol:
    I tried to fix the premade mermaids using a few of the tricks I found online, but nothing I tried worked. The only mermaid I've run into so far is that Triton King fellow, though.

    @PalmArrow No matter how early it is, you always wake up for cake. :)
    Gemma turned out quite cute! Awww, look at the proud parents!

    @ilikethesims30 Very nice dance poses! It definitely felt like a dance practice! :)

    @emorrill That happened to me too! It wasn't hard to get my settings back to what I wanted, but then I noticed the pixelation issues. Although, I did notice that it's only on clothing with darker clothing pallets or cheap furniture like the base game refrigerator. At least for me.
    But it's very annoying, especially for those of us who have really good graphics cards, which are supposed to prevent this issue.

    @MKSizzle That's a really gorgeous house! It looks way better than anything I could ever build! I have seen sim houses with windows on the roof part, but I'm not sure how it's done.
    I feel your pain with the missing CC. It's a good thing you had back-ups though! Having to redownload CC is horrible and very time consuming.

    @bekkasan Nice update! It looks like the picnic was a fun one. :) I've never seen so many sims in one place! Oooh, secret corridors! :D

    @Lucy_Henley Very nice looking sims! I love Moonlight Falls even though I don't play in it very much.

    @GraceyManor Eleana's sister seems a to live with to put it nicely. The scenery looks amazing and very medieval! It's amazing what the right patterns and CC will do!

    @carlystur03 I love alien sims, but have only ever gotten them twice in my game. I also never use dressers and mirrors anymore either now that I have Master Controller.
  • rubyskywalkerrubyskywalker Posts: 681 Member
    just in case yall are wondering where I am... almost have the new computer set up and ready for TS3. I'm curious though - is it okay to leave TS3 installed on the first computer and install it in the second, so if doesn't work out I still have it on the first, then uninstall it off the old one once the other one is working? I know EA has control to shut down the game and I'm worried having it on two computers would cause issues... I'd rather "install pc1 uninstall pc2" than "install pc1 uninstall pc2 uninstall pc1 install pc2" you know what I mean...

    I'm planning on if I get it working to restart the Montoyas at when Valentina and Juliette are children or maybe babies. I have a backstory and names picked out already! (Plus poor Valentina needs a second chance... the original idea of her dating that spawned npc Clifton was a bad idea... I can think of better first dates than that...)

    I'm also eager to play the Goths, have Morty end up with Bella and continue the story...

    Anyway, I really hope it works... or I'll have to buy TS4... it doesn't look too bad but it definitely is not TS3.
    If TS3 works.... I hope I can get UL, SN and some stuff packs
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  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 622 Member
    I played the fairies for a bit yesterday, but then whilst quitting I got the “Sims 3 has stopped working” thing... hopefully it saved, otherwise I took a load of screenshots for nothing haha. Origin seems to have updated the hours played section, so it might have saved. Oh well, it’s not a major issue if I have lost my progress, I only played for a few Sim days. Maybe it’d be a good idea to get NRAAS Saver :D:D
    Also, turns out Jasmine isn’t actually a female cat... whoops! :# So I renamed him Puck. In keeping with the theme, I renamed Fred to Quince.

    I’ll probably play with the Mancinis again next, I can give Alessandra the ballet CC. I’m also tempted to get Monte Vista soon, so I can give Ros Asquith the pizza oven and expand her repertoire. Mmmmm pizza...

    To whoever mentioned it: thanks for the tip about Into the Future! I’ve not had a particular wish to get it, but the rugs sound like a good reason to.
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  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,503 Member

    I took a break from Sims 3 over the weekend,
    here are a few comments.


    Thank you, had fun reading the recent
    update. Wow everyone's costumes at the prom hilarious.


    I like Elena's hairstyle,
    the new plot seems interesting.


    Great looking house.


    Lovely picnic shot, they seemed to have a wonderful
    time there.


    When I try to use text tattoos they never show up in written style not even when choosing
    them in cas haha. I like the one he got.
    I'm glad Luca ended things with the other girl before going to see Rei.
    OH, kisses sweet kisses heh he did not wait too long there yay. <3

  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,943 Member

    @PalmArrow That was very nice of your sims to wake up and attend the birthday party!
    Cute glitch!
    Gemma is a perky teen! She's adorable.

    @ilikethesims30 Cute dancing poses. I'm sore just watching them! :lol:

    @MKSizzle I like your house. Looks great. I use moveobjects on, for some windows it works and others it doesn't.
    Glad you found the missing cc.

    @Lucy_Henley Cute fairies and great names for them. Bummer about the clown although the reactions of townies and family to the clown can be quite amusing.
    You are welcome about the ITF tip. :grin: It has some other things that are fun to use as well. I like the hover board and the flying thing too.

    @GraceyManor I sense the sister is not a very loving one, or helpful or trustworthy!
    The farmhouse looks fantastic and of course love the scenery and background. That world is beautiful.
    The King is quite charming. I'm surprised she didn't recognize him as the one who paid her bill.
    Poor Maiden getting stung. I'm sure that didn't feel very good.

    @carlystur03 She looks cute even bald. Congrats on her birthday.

    @LunBeauty Glad that Luca finally told Kaelee even though it was hard. She sure took it hard! They always do though. :wink:
    Glad to see that Rei feels the same way as Luca. Congrats to them.
    re the mermaids, @Karritz has a tutorial for fixing them on her youtube site. Works like a charm. :smiley:

    Thanks for the comments.
    It will be back to just the household members as the extended family will be going home soon. Much easier to manage them all once they are gone.

    @rubyskywalker I have the sims 3 loaded on 3 computers in some fashion. Just base and a few EP's on my oldest puter. All but Pets and Season on the puter I play on. Adding everything to the desktop and hope to be able to play on it eventually. I will leave it on the laptop to use for testing purposes. I don't play online so I've never had an issue.
    Good luck with the new puter.

    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks for the comments. :smiley:

    I took a bunch of pictures yesterday and have enough for a couple of updates. Just gotta find some time to write the update.
    Alice and Adam getting to know his Uncle Merry. Bran and Brianna are playing dominoes in the background.
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,503 Member
    edited February 3
    I will post an update later today but

    @LunBeauty save
    inspired me to go back to my Isla Paradiso save where I play with Karlie Goldberg.


    I did not edit her other than a new skin, hairstyle, change of clothes and makeup, so the update
    will be from this save, gave Jade and Max a little break.

  • LunBeautyLunBeauty Posts: 2,724 Member
    @SIlverofdreams30 Well, I learned that written tattoos don't show up well in CAS, but do show up pretty well during gameplay. What I did was increase the scaling of the tattoo and the opacity. Maybe try that, then check if you can see it when you exit CAS?
    I really didn't want him to have the Naughty reputation. I just wish Sims didn't always have the same reaction. Like, they could have different reactions depending on their traits.
    Sims 3 is the one game where you can spend can flirt with a person, ask to go steady, move them in, get engaged, married, and start on a family all in one day. :lol:

    @bekkasan I think it would have been more interesting if Sims had different reactions to the "Ask to just be friends" action depending on their traits.
    I'll take a look! I'm not too concerned with the ones that are already in the game because my sims don't run into mermaids too much.
    I like playing big households, but I agree that sometimes it can get overwhelming.

    @Silverofdreams30 Karlie Goldberg is gorgeous! In my game, Story Progression paired her with Teodor Medina and the two of them had a little girl together.
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,932 Member
    @GraceyManor , I tried installing the lot and also got the message that I need to install the latest updates and try again. I've never seen that before!
    I love your new updates - the kitchen looks beautiful, and those decor farm animals are so cute!
  • Shadow_AssassinShadow_Assassin Posts: 1,314 Member
    @LunBeauty I said he is the three person's ex associate. His name is Danqing Zuo
    Jiuquan is Ruyue's brother
    Entrance to the abyss
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,503 Member

    Thanks, I noticed she had a little girl with Teodor
    Medina in my game to obut they are not paired, the girl is with him and
    his wife whom I not remember who that is lol.

  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,745 Member
    edited February 3
    @MKSizzle The new house looks great! :star:
    I take it you got your new computer now? ;)

    @GraceyManor You should be very proud of Edward. :blush:
    Thanks for the reply comments. :)
    I really like Elena's sister's dress. :) I don't suppose you remember where you got it? ;)
    Cat fight between the two! :lol: (Sorta. :p )
    Yup. Edward is the King. I knew it! :mrgreen:
    Pretty song. So, is this story kinda loosely based on Game of Thrones stuff?

    @bekkasan This moment:
    Gardenia turns and looks at Rafe with concern in her eyes, as well as, an I'll talk to you later look. Rafe nods and smiles that hard to resist smile at her. Gardenia stares at him giving her best Mom look and he blinks, blanches and looks towards Autumn. Autumn shrugs as if to say, 'you are on your own buddy.' Gardenia always wins in a stare contest.
    ^You wrote that SO well that I could totally picture it in my head! :lol:
    As I told you my mom did "The Stare" very well. :flushed:
    Merry has arrived! :mrgreen:
    So him being a troublemaker helped keep the family close huh? ;) I guess I can see where that made sense.
    He caused no one serious harm. Mostly, a series of pranks that caused some minor inconveniences throughout the Realm and beyond. His favorite was making crop circles in the fields. Of course, his Father never knew this was his doing. The King stayed busy investigating the circles and arranging protection in case of alien invasion.
    ^HILARIOUS! :joy:
    Aww, Wisteria looks so exhausted all conked out in the rocking chair there... Glad there are babies around to give her a little practice when her own arrives. <3
    The way you described Adam in the tunnel was perfection. :star: Once again I could clearly picture it in my mind. And the way you staged the pics, awesome! :grin:
    So Rafe found a car garage that they didn't know about?
    Oooh, what did Adam find behind that secret passageway? :grin:
    I think it's kinda cute Wisteria discovered she likes horror flicks. :lol: Yeah those will never be my thing.
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this 'chapter' and I look forward to the next one. :star:

    @Lucy_Henley I very much remember the Summerdream family from Sims 2. :blush:
    Very pretty fairies you have there. :)
    The cat's hunter stance in CAS there is adorable! :lol:<3
    Enjoyed your update. :)

    But it's very annoying, especially for those of us who have really good graphics cards, which are supposed to prevent this issue.
    ^EXACTLY! You hit the nail on the head right there! I mean, look at these comparison pics I took from before the ridiculous update to now. It's like the sharpness and smoothness has been taken away from my game and I'm back to playing on low graphics when I'm NOT! :angry:
    Before (Brand new computer graphics card happiness):

    Now (After stupid and horrible Windows 10 updates! :rage: ):

    It's ridiculous!
    EDIT: It's been brought to my attention that the corrupt CC I have on the same sim - I was testing it for someone - could be the reason it looks bad (and made the hair look bad as well) so I will find a better comparison pic later.

    I'll comment on your recent story updates after lunch. :kissing_heart:
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  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,503 Member
    Here is a small update from Isla Paradiso save


    Hi, I am Karlie,
    I welcome you to my home.


    I just redecorated this nice little house, and I live on a small
    Island all alone. I have a daughter with my ex-husband she lives with him
    and is a happy little kid.


    This is my living room


    Karlie checked her online dating profile or more
    or less she browsed other people's profiles,


    since it was a hot afternoon, I sent her over to the nearest

    All for now

  • MKSizzleMKSizzle Posts: 557 Member
    @bekkasan @LunBeauty @Silverofdreams30 Thanks so much!!

    @emorrill Unfortunately, no I haven't. I have to wait for taxes to come in. Sigh. If it were up to me, they'd be here already. lol. The only thing that I can really do with TS3 right now is build. No live mode. It's ok. I am just practicing and hopefully will have a ton of new houses to choose from when I actually get to play!

    @Karritz So I started a whole new build last night to test out your dormer tutorial and I think I did pretty good!

    The Palmer Legacy -- Generation 1

    It all started with Zack & Blair....

  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,233 Member
    edited February 3
    @emorrill Thanks. Yes, Thornton was really old. Sometimes, I question my wisdom when it comes to playing on epic timescales. Sometimes :wink: .

    @LunBeauty Ah, you also have these issues with the reputation system? At least I'm not alone with that. I noticed that, sometimes, it fixes itself, if they stay in a stable relationship for a long time, but not always. If the game deleted a sim, there's some remnant data that's hard to get rid of. I also had an inappropriate sim who collected romantic interests every time I was not watching, but still got his "eternally faithful" moodlet while he was doing that. It's funny.
    I have to admit I edited Morgana slightly, although it's not much. Like with your Connor, it's the nose ;).
    I see Luca ended his relationship with Kaylee. Oh well, I have yet to see anyone take that message well. I guess that's why we got the "dump boy-/girlfriend via phone" interaction :lol: . Good luck for Luca and Rei. Let's hope they don't tread on each others' toes on the houseboat.

    @PalmArrow Yes, I use an edited version of Sunset Valley (which I further edited myself) at the moment: Sunset Valley 2020. I'm not really aware of the outdoors being edited though, but who knows. Some of the trees near the art museum are moved, because a new lot has been added. Other than that, it may just be the angle, like all palm trees on the beach lot lined up, etc. TLDR: I don't know :wink: .
    I love that, when I look at your pics, I know that those are yours without looking at the name on the post, because of all your lovely patterns. Happy Birthday, Gemma! I have to try that with the cake, as I have a double birthday waiting for me as soon as I start up my game :smile: /

    @bekkasan I gave Connor the "Lucky" trait after he had collected enough nerd points :smiley: , so hopefully, it will help a bit. The female genie is just a gender swap I think, except with fuller cheeks, as those didn't look good at all on her. I haven't looked at Retuner with regard to these specific settings yet. Maybe, I should. First I have to take care of a few birthdays and Morgana and Marcus' wedding though.
    Such a lovely family you have, and I say that as someone who never plays with fairies or werewolves :lol: . Looks like you have real labyrinth under your house. I'm looking forward to what we will be seeing next.

    @Silverofdreams30 Even if I don't say anything, I still love your pics. They are so crisp. I guess I should at least try to play on Isla Paradiso one day.

  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,014 Member
    @emorrill just the song.Its a remake of my story of a William and Claire XD the dress I believe is a store dress just recolored.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,535 Member
    edited February 3
    @Karritz So I started a whole new build last night to test out your dormer tutorial and I think I did pretty good!


    Congratulations. It looks great to me. I told you it was easy, you just have to know how to do it. It's not so easy to work out without some info on it though.
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,745 Member
    edited February 3
    Hey everyone. :)

    I'll finish the rest of my commenting this evening, but I need to get this newest Chapter posted and quit nitpicking at it. :p

    I hope that y'all will enjoy Chapter 3 and it's unexpected twist. :smirk: I would please ask that if there's something you don't care for in this chapter, or in all the ones following, kindly keep it to yourself. I've enjoyed the heck out of writing this chapter and am super proud of it, and I've been having some hard struggles in real life lately so I don't need any extra negativity. :pensive: Thank you. <3

    We left off in the last Chapter with Leah wishing a certain male friend of hers was present in this new world with her. :blush:

    Chapter 3

    Leah was forced out of her thoughts when she heard Emily cry, “Blech,” who made her way to the bar, taking a drink from one of the bottles and instantly spitting it out.
    “What’s wrong?” Leah turned to ask.
    With a sour expression on her face, Emily replied, “I dunno what this is, but it’s certainly not an alcoholic beverage!”
    Leah shook her head with a chuckle. “Maybe it’s what alcoholic drinks taste like in this world?”
    “I doubt it,” Emily replied, a little burp escaping her mouth. “Oops! Excuse me. Oh yuck! That made me taste it again!”

    Chuckling louder, Leah’s gaze returned to the front door and her body startled a bit as it burst open. In came Abigail with an unexpected familiar face accompanying her. Leah gaped.
    Even Emily gasped at his presence.

    “Surprise!” Abigail chimed, throwing her palms in the air with a cheeky grin. “The bachelors of Pelican Town are here with us too!” Five other bodies approached from behind them.

    “Which room is Penny in?” Harvey asked, not wishing to waste anymore time.
    “Oh, this one,” Leah answered, pointing behind her and Harvey hastened his step in that direction.

    “Hey guys!” Emily greeted, stepping away from the bar.
    “Hey!” they all answered in different tones of excitement.
    Once Emily saw Alex she shouted, “Haley, get over here! You won’t believe who just arrived!”
    “You ladies look positively radiant,” the man with the longest hair of the group expressed, stepping forward. When Leah’s eyes met with his, her heart skipped a beat. She prayed this wasn’t her aching heart and mind playing tricks on her.

    “ALEX!” Haley squealed with joy once she entered the main room and took notice of her friend.
    “Haley!?” Alex exclaimed. “Woah’re lookin’ HOT as usual!”
    Haley jumped right into his outstretched and muscled arms. “Why thank you! You too!”

    In that moment Leah didn’t hesitate jumping into her best friend Elliott’s arms either. “Oh Elliott you’re here,” she breathed, “oh how I missed you!”
    “Leah,” he whispered beside her ear, “you have no idea how much I was missing you too!”


    Shane stood alone behind them all, slouching, hands in his pockets and wearing that blank expression he always did. Emily hated for him to feel left out so she shot him a smile along with a little wave and he gave her a slight nod of acknowledgement. Ever the loner, she thought.

    Sebastian broke away from Abigail and Sam’s conversation to get a better look around and when he didn’t see her he turned and asked to anyone listening, “Where’s my sister?”
    Emily heard. “She’s in the bedroom with Penny, but I wouldn’t go in there now that Harvey’s there. You should wait until he’s done looking her over.”
    Sebastian shrugged in consent and took a seat at the nearest couch to wait.

    Conversation floated all around them, but Elliot and Leah heard nothing as they broke their embrace and gazed deeply into each other’s eyes.

    “Leah you look so beautiful!” Elliott remarked. “Usually I am a man of many words, but I can’t think of any right now that would adequately describe your exquisite beauty in this world.”


    Leah’s cheeks turned a dark red. “Well you don’t look half bad yourself Elliott,” she stated. “As if all your wavy locks didn’t look lovely enough,” she ran her fingers through his hair for a second. “And they’re so soft.”
    Her touch sent a pleasurable shock wave through Elliott’s body.
    “So,” she started, drawing in a breath to calm her fluttering heart, “you guys answered the Wizard’s call to his tower too I see.”
    “Yup,” came the reply. “It seemed too intriguing not to.”
    “Indeed. But sending us to a whole different world? Isn’t this the most bizarre thing ever!?”
    “VERY bizarre!”
    “And oh my gosh I thought I was never going to see you again Elliott! Or at least not for months, heaven forbid, years! I mean,” she pressed her hand to her heart, “I was dying on the inside thinking about it!”

    Elliott would never wish for Leah to feel such torment, but those words pleased him. He inched closer to her as he revealed, “Oh Leah, my heart was breaking at the thought too.”
    “Really?” she beamed.
    “Yes. So much so, I sat down and wrote a poem about it while the guys were all bickering after our arrival.” He reached into his jacket pocket.
    Leah held a hand to her heart again. “You wrote a poem about me?” That was just about the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for her.
    “Well, sorta,” he answered shyly, unfolding the paper. “Would you like to hear it?”

    Elliott lightly cleared his throat as he began to read:

    Nothing here seems good without you,
    Everything is so gloomy and blue,
    Why did this happen,
    Why are we apart?
    You are so special to me,
    You stay in my heart,
    I can't bear this distance now,
    I promise we’ll be together soon,
    If the fates will allow.

    Light tears formed in Leah’s eyes at the conclusion and her smile lit up her entire face.

    “I know it’s not that great,” Elliott blushed, tucking the paper back into his jacket pocket. “It’s just something I quickly jotted down to help calm my nerves.”
    “No,” Leah corrected, “it was absolutely beautiful and so incredibly sweet! You’ve filled my heart with so much warmth with those words.”
    “Well then, knowing that warms my heart too.” He blushed.


    For a moment their hands brushed each others and Leah didn’t hesitate taking Elliott’s into hers. Noticing, Elliott glanced back up at her with a twinkle in his eye. He’d never looked so handsome to Leah before. She was beginning to feel a vast array of intimate emotions for her best friend in this moment that she never dreamed she’d ever feel for him and found it hard to keep them contained. “Come with me,” she whispered, leading him by the hand toward the stairs. Elliott’s face beamed as he gladly followed.

    Shane watched as the two practically tripped over each other while heading up the stairs and just shook his head with his mouth set in a hard line.

    Meanwhile, when Harvey gently knocked and opened the door to the bedroom, Maru looked over her shoulder to see who entered and her mouth dropped, quickly forming into a bright grin.
    “Doctor Harvey?” she asked in surprise. “Is that really you?”

    He returned the smile. “In the flesh,” he quipped, with his hands spread apart. “It’s good to see you Maru.”
    Maru rose from the bed and came to him, the two taking each other into a hug. “Thank goodness you’re here!” she expressed. “Oh this works out perfectly!”


    When they broke their embrace, Harvey’s attention quickly returned to Penny. “Alright, bring me up to speed on everything that’s happened with Penny so far,” he said, grabbing a nearby chair and placing it beside the bed, sitting himself down. As Maru explained, he did a quick exam of the patient, taking particular notice of Penny’s shallow breathing and enlarged pupils.

    “It would appear she’s been in a state of shock ever since your arrival,” he informed, once Maru concluded speaking.
    Maru’s face instantly went pale. “Oh my gosh I didn’t even think about treating her for shock!” She slapped a hand upon her forehead, disappointed in herself. While she didn’t actually work alongside the good Doctor in the clinic, her job was in the lab and sometimes manning the front desk, she’d certainly learned a few things watching him in action. Treating for shock was always the first thing he did in most urgent cases that came through the door.
    “It can very easily be overlooked,” he said in a tone of comfort, “especially when another condition is so obviously present.”


    “Did I fail her?” she worriedly asked. “Please tell me she’s going to be alright.”
    “No you didn’t fail her,” he replied, “and yes she will be.” He pulled the afghan from the other bed over Penny’s body to warm her. “She just needs to wake to get more oxygen into her system; and I wish I could see where her blood pressure is at.” He shook his head. “I’m going to need you to elevate her legs for a bit to get the blood flowing to her brain, while I keep an eye on her pulse and do my best to carefully wake her.”
    Maru nodded and did just that, gripping Penny’s ankles, and struggling to face Harvey while trying to keep her emotions in check.

    Looking up from his stethoscope and taking notice of her distress, Harvey reassured, “It’s alright Maru. You did very well caring for her under the circumstances.”
    Maru cracked a smile at him. “Thanks. And forgive me,” she sniffed, “my strength is weakening. There’s so much I’m worried about and it’s difficult to hold it all back.”
    Harvey nodded, understanding completely, and slung the stethoscope over the back of his neck again. “Would it help you feel better to know that your brother is here too?”

    Her eyes instantly lit up. “Yes, it does!” Oh thank goodness! Now I know dad isn’t ripping into him. “Is he okay?”
    “Yeah,” he replied. “Granted we were all feeling a bit frantic when we landed in this place, but once we gained our bearings, we’ve all been faring just fine. I think it really helped Sebastian to have his best buddy here with him.”
    Sam, she thought. Perfect!
    “He’s out there with the other guys if you want to see him. I’m sure he’ll be very happy to see you.”
    “Yeah,” she nodded, “but he can wait until I’m done assisting you. I promised Penny I wouldn’t leave her side and surely she’d wake up if I went out there.” Her eyes rolled with a smile.
    “True,” he chuckled. “Well, I’m seeing a little more color in her face so hopefully she’ll wake up momentarily.” He leaned over and took Penny’s hand, gently rubbing at it while whispering her name to help the process along.

    Meanwhile, when Leah and Elliott reached the top of the stairs he found them walking into a grand room, most likely a recreational area because of the TV, treadmill, and large bookcase, with two doors in the far corner which he assumed led to another bedroom and bathroom. Leah stopped in her tracks with her back turned to him, biting at a nail for a moment. He chuckled as he asked her, “Why have you brought me up here?”

    He watched her inquisitively as she paced for a few seconds and then turned to face him with an alluring smile. In a split second she lunged towards him, planting a deep and intense kiss upon his lips, gripping his back to hold him there. Even if his lips hadn’t been occupied, Elliott was speechless.


    When she removed her lips from him she gazed into his eyes with that same alluring smile. Elliott’s mouth dropped hard like a cannonball and he just stared at her in shock.

    “L-Leah,” he stammered, “why did you...I-I thought you--”


    “Elliott,” she stopped, gently pressing her finger upon his lips. “I know what you’re thinking and I know exactly what you’re going to say…”
    Elliott froze; his eyes, and heart, begging her to go on.

    “Right before I moved to Pelican Town,” she began, “I was so lost and depressed. I didn’t even know who I was anymore. I tried to make something of myself in the city, explored many things, even had what I thought to be a strong relationship, day everything just suddenly fell apart. I needed a change of pace, a change of scenery; a place where I could really focus on me and grow in my artistic talents.” Then she chuckled, “I don’t know why I’m saying this because you know all this, but,” she paused, locking eyes with him and inching closer. “Ever since that fateful day when I arrived in town and you offered your friendship to me, you opened my eyes to the beauties of life and all its possibilities. You believed in me...when no one else in my life ever really did. Throughout our friendship many things about myself have changed. Even some...interests have changed,” she said, taking his hand and gripping it tightly. “And finding myself in this new world just a couple of hours ago, without you, I felt this gaping hole in my heart, just like I felt when I left the city. And I suddenly realized it was because I was missing the one person that completes me in my life. The missing piece to my heart's puzzle. The one I was destined to be with all those years ago, I just couldn’t see it.” She smiled with tears weighing upon her eyelids. “You.”

    Elliott’s cheeks flushed as his smile lit up in the purest of joys. “Really?” he asked, just to be sure. “You want to be with me? Romantically?”
    “Yes, silly!” she chuckled, then went back to being serious. “I love you Elliott. I’m sorry it took us being apart for me to finally see that. And that adorable little poem you wrote for me back there made me fall even harder for you.”
    “Oh Leah,” he whispered, pressing his forehead upon hers, “I have always been in love with you. Since the moment I first laid eyes on you. I never thought this would ever happen heart has had this chronic ache ever since. are my best friend and...I wanted to be respectful.”
    “Oh you were!” she expressed, gently lifting his chin. “You really were! And that’s another reason why I love you so much! Elliott, I don’t ever want to feel like I’ve lost you again!”
    “You won’t,” he promised. “Come ‘ere.” And he pulled her in close to him…


    ...and opened his mouth to hers, caressing his lips upon her lips, in a kiss he’d been practicing in his dreams for years.


    They gripped each others shoulders so as to pull the other in for another kiss after each and every breath. They drank deeply of each other, making up for lost time.


    Please continue reading the remainder of this chapter on my Blog...
    (You'll have to scroll down a bit to where I left off here...sorry about that.)

  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,014 Member
    Sarah is difficult and that is putting it nicely.XD
    Thanks! I went on a medieval shopping spree LOL

    Thanks! I love installing new hairs.
    It helps me when I decide to create a new sim to
    have choices.

    No, Sarah is not to be trusted, you're right...time will tell why.
    Thanks! the house had no CC in it at all, I added a few bits like animals
    and such.But the rest was all store content.Yeah, she didn't remember him at

    Thanks for testing.At least its not just me.
    I never seen that before.

    The dress is a recolor of "The Baker's Wife" from Tudor of Tudors store set.
    I sent you the link.Yup, Edward is King.And Eleana has no idea...XD

    I really hope windows fixes this mess.
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    The family decide to watch some TV together, gives a good time for some talking between the adults.
    Lawrence wanted a song, and so his father obliged.
    Ryan talks with his sister about his father looking after Lawrence and taking the medication.
    According to Mona the only side effect that he's going to need to worry about is possibly being tired and somewhat sluggish, but otherwise he'll be fine. Ryan thanks her.
    Time for Ryan and Lauri to go to their respective business meetings.
    Ryan reminds his father to take care of both himself and Ryan, and then wishes him farewell.
    Off they go.
    Lawrence likes rain and Alex doesn't mind it, so out to the Gazebo they go and stay.
    Evelyn comes over to check everything out, plus it's good to see one's dad.
    Ryan missed his son, and thanks his dad for taking care of Lawrence.
    Just going out together for a bit.
    Lawrence's birthday party, the entire family came.
    And Lawrence is now a child.
    Going to visit his Aunt Mona.
    And the first day of school.
  • LunBeautyLunBeauty Posts: 2,724 Member
    @emorrill I can see a definite difference. I usually play with my graphics settings on high or very high and use an HQ mod. That second sim makes me want to cry...both the hair and that seam in the neck!
    Definitely get rid of that corrupt CC as soon as you can.

    @Silverofdreams30 Great update! Karlie is beautiful

    @MKSizzle That's such a cute house!

    @Turjan Yeah, for some reason, in my IP save, Rei Matsuri will flipflop between having an Eternal Faithful reputation to a Cheater reputation, but hasn't had any romantic interactions with anyone aside from Luca since getting with him. With Luca, ever since breaking off his romantic interest with another girl and getting with Rei, he's been Eternally Faithful, even though other sims try to flirt with him all the time.
    I always edit some of the SV sims whenever I take them into CAS. Jared Frio is another one that I like to edit. In a very old save that I had, one of the kids of the founding family married Kaylynn Langerak and I ended up changing a few things about her face and making her blonde. Since, in the Sims 2, she's supposed to be naturally blonde, even though she has black hair.
    I've seen that interaction, but don't think I've ever used it. :lol: I can't bring myself to let my sims do that. Eh, maybe one day I'll let one sim use it if they have the coward trait or something.

    @emorrill This was an amazing chapter! I loved seeing everyone reuinte with each other. Why does Elliot's hair look so perfect?! I swear, it looks so soft and silky. I'm over here wondering what shampoo/conditioner exists in the sims world to make hairs like that. :lol:
    Poor Penny. She's really not having the best reaction to being in a new place/world. At least she has people around to take care of her and hopefully she feels better soon. Harvey is so cute. I just have a thing for guys with glasses. My boyfriend wears them and it's just...:love:
    It looks like Leah and Elliot have taken their friendship to the next level. ;)

    @GraceyManor Yes, she is. xD
    I did find some medieval default replacement stuff when doing some CC shopping the other day. If I ever do decide to do a medieval save, I'll definitely download it. But clothing is where I have a bit of a problem. Some of the textures just look really bad and badly photoshopped on. So, I'd probably use what I have from the Store and just various SPs.

    @jonny522 Very nice update! :)
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,953 Member
    The Sims is 20 years old today! :smiley:
  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,233 Member
    edited February 4
    @LunBeauty I have Jared in my game, too, but I guess I only edited his eyes, but yeah, he has this big drop-like nose tip. In my current game, he's with Tori Kimura. I edited Kaylynn, too, but she actually hooked up with Ethan Bunch, which is kind of predictable. SP did that on its own.
    I have never used the phone break-up in my game, either. If I really don't care because those sims hooked up off-screen and never seemed to interact thereafter, I just use MC to remove that relationship. In cases like that, I find the "break-up" drama completely out of place, because there isn't really anything of substance to break up.

    @king_of_simcity7 Cool! Not that I have much of any feelings in that regard, because I've always been more of a SimCity guy. I played that one already in the 80's though.

    @emorrill I just read your story. So you need to hook all of them up with each other? That's quite the task :lol: .
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    I switched to one of my second generation families, because it was birthday time for the twin children. First I decided to move the family out of their house on Summer Hill, because that one ran constantly above 3GB, halfway down the hill, where I had given one of the houses a second story.
    Of course, Lucas and Gwen immediately did what they always do - preferably all day long.
    Everyone went to sleep soon, and Bernard was the first of the twins to wake up, which means it was birthday time for him.
    Bianca was next.
    As the university mascot had arrived, it got a bit crowded in the kitchen, but Bianca aged up nicely.
    Her older (by only 3 days) sister Alice unfortunately had had no birthday party, as that was on the day of Thornton's death, when I had other priorities. She enjoyed herself during this birthday though.
    The three siblings enjoy their cake.
    I think Bernard got most from his mother.
    Lucas and Gwen continued with their usual program, much of it in the most inconvenient places.
    Little Power took hold of the mascot the whole time, and here it looks as if he tried to imitate his (step-)dad :lol:
    The twins were experimenting with some newfound ability.
    I would have sent them to find some birds, but alas, it was raining cats and dogs outside.
    Bernard then went on to practice how to make friends.
    All in all, it was a very pleasant birthday.
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,503 Member


    I always enjoy reading the next chapter in this story.
    and this chapter was excellent as usual.
    I love the photobombing by Alex in the Elliot/ Leah photo,
    well it is only his eyes but still. :D

    Leah/ Elliot is really cute together <3

    I love that Penny woke up as well, Harvey is a great
    doctor. <3 Great job.


    Too bad about those fake coins, an evil sister she has.
    I like how she did not recognize the king from before.


    Thank you, sometimes it makes the sims look better with only
    exchanging skin, hair, makeup and clothes.




    Luca and Rei is such a cute couple, I like the changes you did to her, she does
    not look as shy anymore.

  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,014 Member
    edited February 4
    The morning sun shined bright over Praaven this morning.Eleana
    had left to work at her sister's laundry shop, Since Sarah had decided
    she was taking the day off.Eleana was about to head inside when she heard
    a voice from behind."Good Morning Eleana, how are you?" She turned around
    to see Edward standing behind her.She recognized him from the butcher shop..
    and now she realized who he was...."Your majesty, forgive me for the other day.
    I did not recognize you as the one who had helped me." Edward smiled sweetly at
    the young maiden."There's no need to apologize Eleana...Sometimes its nice to not
    have people fussing over me." "Thank you for your kindness, sir." "May we beg a favor
    of you my lady? Our horses are rather thirsty..again.." "Oh but of course! Please do come in."

    After leading the horses to water; Eleana escorted King Edward and Sir Thomas
    into the laundry room."Please do come in, I will get some drinks." She worked
    on putting the last bit of laundry into the wash basin.And decided to let it soak
    while she spoke with his highness.

    "You've spoke of a sister Eleana.In the few times we've met, I have yet to see her?
    Does she not help with your work?" Eleana took a deep sigh."Sarah isn't the best
    of company, I'm afraid.I'm more of an indentured servant to her, than a sister." The
    king looked rather confused."Indentured servant?" "Yes..she wants meals, but won't go
    to get the supplies, so I have to walk myself, before sunrise.Its fine, I love being outside.
    but her attitude makes it difficult to want to help her." "Why do you let her treat you in such
    a way?" "She's all I got.And I'm all she's got.I may not like her much, but we're still sisters."

    After her chat with the King, Eleana ran outside to rinse off the soap and
    hang the laundry on the line.

    Edward approached maiden to greet her."Good morning maiden,looking
    just as lovely as before." The horse neighed in content."You handle horses very
    well, your majesty." Eleana spoke as she came around the corner."A little love can
    go a long way." He replied."How about going for a ride?" "I would like that." Eleana said.

    Before the King and Thomas were even mounted,Eleana was off
    like the wind."Maker! I can barely keep up with this maiden." Thomas
    shouted."Nor can I, she's very spirited."

    The King was able to reach Eleana.They decided to take a slow
    paced stroll through the woods.The sun was at its highest, with temps
    almost nearing 104, but the wind felt wonderful as it gently blown through
    the leaves.

    Roi(Horse): Maiden you have a nice back view.Care to ride beside me?(neighs)
    Maiden: How about a kick in the head with my back hoof.
    Roi: Horse like owner.You both are cheeky.

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