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Dream GP/EP/SP?



  • WhatCobblersWhatCobblers Posts: 359 Member
    Regarding Game Packs, how about being able to create Sims who are minor deities/ demigods- perhaps in the style of Ancient Greek mythology with an Atlantis style world? Or a cloud world. 😁
    The deity Sims could have different paths available for powers and could choose to make other sims' wishes come true or cause havoc.
    E.g: If a deity sim was the god/goddess of mischief, they could grant an aspiring mischief maker extra skill. Or if they fell out with a neighbour they could bring curses upon them.
    Likewise a Romance deity could literally play cupid with other sims' relationships.
    Could also have deity of partying, deity of knowledge, deity of plants (would be great to be able to command the plants in Strangerville and have them be more active).
    Fairies and fairy godparents could work in this way too.
    On a simpler note I would like occult skin colours to be available to all Sims including human ones (I can currently make purple Mermaids and purple Spellcasters but not purple Vampires?)
  • ChampandGirlieChampandGirlie Posts: 1,672 Member
    edited February 2
    Country world with horses
    I might be open to new concepts or historic themes

    A romance pack with new animations, dates, weddings and interactions. Honeymoons or romantic vacations.
    A Mediterranean destination/world
    Deeply snowy world
    I'd be willing to have a theme park or Vegas

    I'm kind of open about these. I'd like more styles. I like the direction they went in with Tiny Living.

    I'm editing this to add that I would be interested in some version of "Generations".
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  • WhatCobblersWhatCobblers Posts: 359 Member
    Other dream ideas:
    Chocolate/ Confectionery Stuff pack: Chocolatier job, home chocolatier kit, choc fountain for parties, hot chocolate machine, sweets themed wallpaper and clothes, new cooking confections (macaroons!), ability to create chocolate (or candy) sculptures, ability to fill swimming pools and fountains with chocolate as a prank?

    Kawaii, Harajuku or other Japanese fashion style Stuff pack.

    More different hair colours (Neon green, yellow, dark purple, etc).

    Another fantasy realm, e.g. a Realm of Dreams with new Dreamwalker occult? (Sort of similar to the sandman) They could have dream altering powers, or in the dream world Sims could travel there whilst asleep and live out their crazy dreams or confront their worst nightmares.

  • HayleeSimsHayleeSims Posts: 68 Member
    EP: Medieval
    GP: Hotels/Resorts
    SP: Elders
  • Utopia_SimmerUtopia_Simmer Posts: 2 New Member
    I would really like some sort of Rock Band pack! Maybe as a Stuff pack or game pack.
  • FiddelizFiddeliz Posts: 38 Member
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    EP: Generations-style pack focusing on teens and upwards! Parenthood added so much to toddler/child years. I want it to be about love, relationships, new events (prom, graduation) and such. I want them to get furious with their spouse if they are cheating, not just sad... even if they are literally kissing with someone else in front of them... saying nothing... Give me emotions that are REAL, please.

    GP: Cars! I just want them on my lot, sitting in them and woohoo-ing /making out in them... I do not care about driving the damm thing. Maybe a new mechanics-hobby and career.

    SP: Retro stuff - kind of like a granny pack (rocking chairs, aprons, etc.) But old things to put in your home like someone here said, old phones, TVs, coffee makers, lamps, kitchen counters. Vintage glamour but without the glam.
    A Vinyl Record Player and Vinyls you can put on the wall! Must have for the retro stuff.
  • Coop_myloveCoop_mylove Posts: 15 Member
    Vacation! I would love to see an EP, something more in-depth then a normal GP/SP would include. A Las Vegas themed world would be so neat. It could contain “resorts” much like in Las Vegas that are themed with casinos, hotels, restaurants, etc. it would of course have to include gambling. Which I’m assuming would mean an addition line to the T game rating. A MUST: the ability to create your own/ and possibly even own your own resort/casino/hotel.
    A winter wonderland would be another cool vacation destination. It’s something I don’t feel the previous generations even touched on. (Or even a neighborhood that is mainly winter/snow covered) Skiing would be a fun sport/Athletic excursion or even possibly include it as a branch in the athletic career too.

    Careers: I would like to see some more sports careers. I was a professional figure skater for 12 years and it was my life. I think it would be so cool if they added some more interactive careers. Slowly I feel like the sims has moved closer towards what I want. For eons your sims simply disappeared into a portal for a handful of hours, a couple of days of the week when they went to work. Once in a blue moon you may get promoted to take action regarding some problem your sim has on the job. Finally TS4 gave us jobs that actually let you GET TO WORK! Now that I got a taste I want more! Professional athletes; figure skating - interactive rink. You can click where to skate, practice crossovers, learn to skate backwards. Learn single axel. And so on. And as you learn jumps and spins you can choreograph a program and compete at arenas.
    Skiing, diving, gymnastics, tennis, along with other pro sports

    Building: It was a dream come true when they made customizable stairs! Getting to design the living space is an entirely different experience then playing. I love to build. And I love to own what I build. The neighborhoods need to be what the offspring of meshing TS3 and TS4. Open world was amazing, but it had it drawbacks. As do semi open world
    - loading screams - oops I meant screens. I was shocked when I saw how dull the neighborhoods looked when I first loaded up TS4. But on closer inspection, it looked pretty darn cool when I was actually playing. And from a sims POV their surroundings are full of life. Now I love the contrasting looks. But I can’t stand how little you can edit the towns. That is when I favor TS3. You could place a lot anywhere. Those things should all mesh together and work cohesively.

    Romance: think TS1 Hot Date but 2020 version. The social interactions in TS4 are already great when it comes to building relationships. I feel like each sim has a sexual preference pre set. Maybe they don’t, but two of the sims I’ve already played in my family clearly favor the same sex (which I love considering I’m gay). I can’t quite put my finger on what it is exactly that I would like to see added but I bet they could make going on dates and stuff like that more in-depth.

    One thing I would LOVE but I sadly never see happening is a more adult themed expansion being added. I think going as far as hoping for an M rated EP is out, but it would be awesome to see more adult themed actions.
  • cooldood555cooldood555 Posts: 80 Member
    My favorite EP from TS3 was Generations, so something similar for TS4 would be awesome; the ability to send kids away to boarding school, imaginary friends, bunk beds, more playground equipment, midlife crises for Adults, canes for elders, etc. We already have Parenthood, but I think the two could enhance one another if one was to have both. A supernatural pack adding back a lot of the occults from previous games would be great – fairies, werewolves, genies, and maybe some new ones like elves, gremlins, ogres, etc. I also absolutely loved Into the Future, and a pack like that one would be great. Seeing the future descendants of Sims was really neat, and I liked how I could basically live and work there, and change how bleak or optimistic the future became.
    I also think a pack with a cold climate world, sort of the opposite of Sulani, would be really neat. It's not something we've had since the top part of the vacation world in Vacation for TS1. Snowboarding and/or skiing, igloos, maybe even penguins like in TS2, maybe features like sledding, ice fishing and otherwise just permanent access to snow-exclusive actions. I suppose the issue would be what would happen if someone got that pack but not Seasons. I also thought it was really neat how, in TS1, if you had Unleashed installed, the vacation lots would all have pet bowls and beds added so when your pets came on vacation with you, you wouldn't have to worry about them. I don't know if it's possible, but implementing a feature like that for TS4 would be neat.
    As for stuff packs (or maybe even just free updates), I'd personally like more clothes for toddlers (I know we already have packs about them, but I still think they lack a lot of variety). A 70s-80s-90's themed pack like TS3 had would be neat, and could capitalize on the 90's nostalgia of late. A pack with farm-themed stuff like SquirrelTail15 mentioned would be awesome, too; adding more plants and maybe livestock like some of the Store items from TS3, some ways to at least partially automate really big gardens so that Sims don't spend the entire day tending it every day.
    I doubt these would be made as packs, but in free updates they'd be cool, so I'll include them. I'd also like some more religious themed things – I doubt they'd make it an actual pack, but they added some clothes for Muslims, and so adding stuff for other faiths, like kippot and tallitot for Jewish Sims and so forth, would be cool, plus objects and food for more holidays from different faiths, with maybe even some holiday traditions added for people with Seasons. Also I'd always love more pride stuff so hoping for more in June :lol:
  • OnverserOnverser Posts: 388 Member
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    EP: Something similar to Into The Future, that was my favorite Sims 3 pack, or maybe like a reverse into the past version

    GP: I know we already have Sulani which is *kind of* similar so I doubt this'd ever happen but I'd love a small Maldives-esque vacation world. Like a small over-the-water neighbourhood where you can vacation with a community of houses, free buffet restaurants, communal areas, etc and they could include owning a resort with this pack

    SP: I know they collabed with Moschino so maybe a make-up brand collab? We desperately need more makeup options, the base game ones arent that great and none have really been added since
    Sulani ooh na na, half of my heart is in Sulani ooh na na
  • KaronKaron Posts: 2,129 Member
    I love sims 3 ambitions from start to end. It has so many cool thigns to do, and I loooooove twinbrook and the feel of the world.
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